Saturday, 25 April 2009

One time US Presidential candidate arrested in Prague

I see that the right wing US politician David Duke has been arrested in Prague under one of Europe's many laws suppressing free speech. I mention it here, because you probably will not hear much about it on the news. The media are likely to keep a lid on this story in case Duke says something which the authorities do not want you to hear.

Dr. Duke was in the Czech Republic to promote his autobiography "My Awakening", however, he has been accused of either denying the Holocaust or approving of it, the Czech police are not very clear on that point, and seem to think that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Although Dr. Duke once kindly published one of my articles on his website, I am not a committed supporter of all his views, for instance I do not find his belief in a World Wide Jewish conspiracy to be compelling, and I certainly view Islam as a far greater threat to all of us than Israel is, whatever the faults in her foreign policy.

However, I respect his tireless and valuable work on behalf of white Nationalism (which should never be confused with so called "White supremacism", as the media constantly do, so as to disguise its true, and far more benign, message) I also agree with Dr. Duke, that, whilst not personally denying the holocaust, any historical event in respect of which one can be sent to prison for merely questioning it, is inevitably suspicious and likely to involve details which those in power do not wish us to know.

It should be noted that David Duke is an ex-Republican representative for Louisiana and one time candidate to become the Republican Presidential nominee. In addition he was also, at one time the leader of the Klu Klux Klan. However, his involvement with the KKK was over thirty years ago, and we should not forget that some of our recent Home Secretaries were members of the Communist Party more recently than that. However, whilst John Ried's one time Communist Party membership is seldom referred to, and Barack Ombama's long term, and far more recent, membership of a racist church has been long ago forgotten by the press, it is always Dukes, log ago association with the Klan, and only that association which the Media mention in any report about him. Its as if they want to undermine what he says before he says it, which, of course, they do.

Whatever you may think of Dr Duke, it is obvious that those in control are desperate to undermine and, as in the latest incident, silence what he has to say, hence, some may conclude that some of what he has to say may have some merit.


Dr.D said...

David Duke's problem with the Klan was that he "got caught." He was not successful like Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, who was a Klan member holding the offices of Kleagle and Exhalted Cyclops (see the Wikipedia article for details).

The line between White Nationalism and so-called White Supremacism is one that must constantly be reinforced. The are most certainly different, but as you observe, those who would attack us insist that there is no difference. I think a key element in maintaining this difference is to call for separation, which cannot be construed as domination only a removal of one from the other.

Personally I have never found David Duke to be an appealing person. His doctoral degree is, I understand, from a mail order degree mill, and that really puts me off. He is a publicity seeker, as the current episode demonstrates, something else that does not impress me very well.

Sarah, you said, "...any historical event in respect of which one can be sent to prison for merely questioning it, is inevitably suspicious and likely to involve details which those in power do not wish us to know." Your statement would seem to be true, except that we see where it leads with people like Mad Jad of of Iran. We have photographic evidence of the holocaust, coming from a time well before photoshop, so denying that it happened is simply denying the truth. There will always be those among us who are more than willing to deny the truth; we see that on so many issues. The holocaust and the phenomenon of Nazism have evidently scarred the psyche of Europe in ways that are hard to understand, but that are rather clearly the basis for the laws under which it becomes a crime to deny the holocaust. What are you suggesting are these "details which those in power do not want us to know"?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I don't know, as we are prevented from questioning the historical record we can not know of there is more to it. I only know that it would never have occurred to me that there might be questions had I not discovered that there were laws preventing them.

I am also not convinced by the argument that we need such laws to prevent a repeat of the events for surely anyone who hates the Jews and would wish to do the same to them would relish what was done before.

I accept what you say about photographs, even though the Soviets had mastered forms of photo manipulation by the 1930s.

However, the photographs prove only death and incarceration, they do not prove numbers and crucially they do not prove cause.

Be assured that I am not seeking to deny the holocaust, I have insufficient knowledge to even start doing so.

However, the fact that there are people in prison in Europe in the 21st Century merely for questioning certain facts is surely wrong.

All "facts" must be subject to examination. For many years it was an established "fact" that the Nazis made lampshades and soap out of Jewish corpses. Now we all know that never happened, so what else in the historical record is false?

We look at our own history, and how it is being taught to our children, we know that most of what is taught is a pack of lies, but will a time come when we risk prison for questioning it?.

I know little about Robert C Byrd but will look him up, thanks for mentioning him.

I am certainly not claiming to be a fan of David Duke, but I oppose his arrest and support his right to free speech.

We must continue to stress the difference between white Supremacism and White Nationalism, as they are completely different things, the one ludicrous and damaging, the other surely the right and natural wish of any ethnic group, especially one under as much threat as we are.

Hope not Hate said...

You are wrong, the Lampshades may have oly been made by one woman Elma Cock, but the soap is a well recorded historical fact, atested to by numerous survivors.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Ilse Koch, The wife of the commandant of Buchenwald was accused of making lamp shades using interesting tattoos from camp inmates. However, even Wikipedia admits that there is no evidenceto support these allegations.

Koch was apparently a sexual sadist, and had been previously disciplined by the Nazi authorities for here sexual eccentricities (see Wikipedia article), so even if it were true, which as I say has not been proven, it was the action of a single perverted individual in a position of power, which can happen anywhere.

The soap from humans myth have been
completely disprovedThe Yad Vashem Memorial, the official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust has officially stated that the Nazis did not make soap from Jewish corpses.

As you can see from the Wikipedia article, similar false claims were made after World War 1.

Sadly, I have just noticed that there is a resolved "Yahoo answer" from just a year ago, where everyone who responded insisted both stories were true, which just goes to show how powerful myths can be.

Mr Cognisant said...

I fail completely to understand, why it is that Mr Duke receives such disparagement, more especially considering his work on our behalf, could it be his recognition of the disproportionate power of world Jewry. We need to get things straight, this purported holocaust has never been investigated and in any event, there is surely ambiguity in relation to events, how can it ever be right to face a prison term, for questioning an historical event, for hypothesising ones own narrative pertaining to history. Surely if it were true then it would require no law, given its elevated status and its crushing of all detractors, does this not lead one to conclude that perhaps so-called deniers have merit.

I do I am afraid question all of it, every tiny bit, as indeed I question all historical matters and I have that right, now if Jews were systematically slaughtered then it is a great evil however, I see no proof and I am it seems denied from voicing opinion. What I will say though needs saying, Jews are as alien to Europe as the Muslim and their tacky little inter-religious spate should be settled in the east ,they and others should leave us alone to govern our own affairs and continue in peace.

Anonymous said...

"What I will say though needs saying, Jews are as alien to Europe as the Muslim and their tacky little inter-religious spate should be settled in the east ,they and others should leave us alone to govern our own affairs and continue in peace."

Mr Cognisant, if the above is the case then your ancestors of the British Colinial empire should not have gone to the far east, middle east, africa, australia and america to conquer and pillage.

What is happening now is simply pay back.


Dr.D said...

Mr. Cognisant, you said, "
I do I am afraid question all of it, every tiny bit, as indeed I question all historical matters and I have that right..."

Indeed you do have that right, but it does not make you wise. It takes very little intelligence to ask endless questions, whereas those who truly seek understanding try to synthesize the information available from the best sources they can find. In the years shortly after WW II (late 1940s), the holocaust was graphically documented quite thoroughly; I recall seeing much of this myself.

You are, of course, entitled to question whether the Crusades ever occurred, whether there was a schism between the Eastern and Western parts of the Christian Church, whether Abp. Cranmer was the compiler of the Book of Common Prayer or not, whether Churchill was prime minister during WW II or not, etc. Your questioning, however changes none of these things, so by all means, do question them. Do not, however, presume to present yourself as a wiseman. That is really over reaching.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I would make a few comments about that Lilliput, firstly two wrongs do not make a right. Also, if you think that taking revenge for historical acts is okay, perhaps the British should go and invade Italy to pay back for what the Romans did, the Celts might say that why not do the same to the French, Danes and Germans!!

You also ignore one major difference difference, which is that Britain eventually gave all the countries they took over back, and there wasn't a single one which we didn't leave in a far better state than we found it in. The current hoards invading Britain are not showing any signs of doing either!

Anonymous said...

"and there wasn't a single one which we didn't leave in a far better state than we found it in."

Yes Sarah, but for whom? Certainly not the aboriginies in Australia, Moaries in New Zealand and I'm sure a few more native tribes I don't know about.

I'm not saying payback in a revenge sort of way, I'm saying that these foreigners that the British used to do business with - wether they were slaves, merchants, sailor transporters etc set up shop and stayed in Britain. They then married foreigners of their own culture and braught them to live in the UK - something that happens loads now. What about the colonialists that married and had children woth natives and then broght them back to the UK to live. Thats what I meant - its a consequence of past actions. We are constantly told that London was always a very multicultural place with people from all over the world doing business - that some of them settle there should not be a big surprise.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Ah yes, the standard diversionary tactic huh? I should have expected that, is there actually a night school where they teach trolling?

Although it would take a lot to convince me that the lot of the average Aborigine is actually "worse" than it was before the first white man arrived, just how many Aborigines and Maoris have decamped to Britain?

Diversionary tactic 427c aside, you would struggle to find a country in Africa, Asia or the Middle East who's indigenous people's lives were better before Colonialism than they were either under colonialism or when Britain handed their countries back to them. You will also have difficulty in finding any where the average citizen is not considerably worse off now than they were as a Colony. That is not the legacy of colonialism, it is the result of self rule.

As to so called "multicultural London", the people to whom you refer are a tiny minority of returning Colonials.

There is a complete myth about London and Britain in general being historically made up of Immigrants. It is true that we took in some EUROPEAN refugees, such as Huguenots from France and Jews from Poland, but they were relatively small numbers, and nothing like the invasion of Non-Europeans we are being flooded with today.

People point out that Britain has had a Jewish community for 1,000 years. however, despite that there are less Jews in Britain today than there are Somalis.

Somalia incidentally, like Algeria and many other countries from which immigrants to Britain originate were never British colonies, so how does that count as "pay back"?

Mr Cognisant said...

Thank you Dr.D for your reply, it is nice to know, that in defending another’s right to question it is implied I am without intelligence, although I have to say in passing in that regard I needn’t prove myself. Your quite wrong of course, questioning is a sign of intelligence, a sign that the mind is striving really quite earnestly for new data, new input, you state that we have all been given the information regarding this purported event however, since the late 1940s, certain aspects once taken as truth have been proven false, of course that in itself is not the issue, the issue is freedom, the right to voice opinion counter to orthodoxy.

Moreover, in a very real sense the holocaust, real or imagined is used to quell nationalist sentiment, to negate patriotic feeling and to cow dissent, it is therefore vital that the truth of this matter comes to light and if there is any discrepancy, then surely it must be resolved. As I write this, individuals are being persecuted for belief, for opinion, courts in many countries seek to persecute those who differ merely in opinion from conventional belief. We are told many things in this age, many falsehoods permeate the air, spiral round and settle in the minds of the masses, this does not make them any truer or any the less worth investigation.

I believe I may have hit a nerve, given I do not know you and your rudeness, if so that was not my intent, perhaps you should question why my rather innocent reply has you vexed. Currently we may contest Islam, disparage what is only a belief system but we must never question the holocaust, never confront Jewish power and never admit to either ourselves or others, that equality amongst the disparate races is a myth. One could say we are led, channelled, sent in given direction but that would make me a conspiracy theorist and we cannot have that, can we. ;-)

Adrian P said...

The Obama Deception :-

The Obama / Brown Deception HQ

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

Here is a little reading on the aborigenes - I'm sure there are loads more but I don't exactly know what you consider better off - but lets just start with being alive!

and about Britain's population of foreigners.

As you can see, the vast majority of foreigners are from Asia and the Caribean - undisputed colonies. With the African - its a little hard to tell exactly which countries from Africa they come from ie if from prior colonies but seeing they all originally arrived here as slaves - I don't think it much matters.

The French consider all the North African's French because they were part of their colony and if these people have French passports then they have the freedom to come and work here too don't they?

I think that there are 250 000 Somalies and 280 000 jews in Britain - where are you getting your figures from?

Irritating Troll called Lilliput

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I am not sure what you are trying to prove here Liliput, I am aware that the situation of most Aborigines is not that hot, However, although I am not sure that it is necessarily worse than going walkabout to Uluru, eating wididi grubs and to have an average life expectancy of about 19, which was rather their situation before the evil white man turned up.

However, even so I understand they are extracting payback in the traditional manner, whereby the government says "Sorry" and the Aborigines say "Give us money"

I recall seeing figures which estimate the Somali population of Britain as being in excess of 300,000, but I can't find them now. However, nobody with any sense believes the "official figures" which are laughably conservative. That said, even if your figures were correct , given that there has been a Jewish community in Britain for over 1,000 years and a Somali one for about twenty, the fact that there are is around a 30,000 difference tells you all you need to know. Give the Somalis until Wednesday week and they will have overtaken the Jews, even with the Jamaican gangs culling them!

As to the 2001 census that is totally meaningless, it is over eight years old and given the rate of change and mass immigration we have seen since then it bears no resemblance to the current situation. Also, even back then a large percentage of non-whites did not register, so it wasn't even accurate when it was taken. The white figure may have remained roughly the same, but the others will have changed beyond recognition.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

I agree with you about the 2001 figures - they must be completely outdated now - but these were 2008 figures. How will we ever get an accurate count?

Jews tend to breed very very slowly as they are more educated and urban while Somalis, used to a more rural way of life are used to having lots of children so obviously their numbers will grow quicker. If I expect the Zimbabwean white farmers to be given asylum in Britain, then I can't very well turn down the Somali's can I?

As for eating the wididi grubs - I would say that they were happier because they didn't know any better. Now all they have are wants with no means to achieve them.


Dr.D said...

Lilliput, how do you see any parallel at all between white farmers from Zimbabwe, almost all of which are of British descent, and black Somalis, all of which are entirely uncivilized and bring nothing at all of value to the UK? There is absolutely no comparison at all that I can see. You are truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

Dr D, I'm not comparing the two, I'm saying that what is good for the goose should be good for the gander. If you are going to save people from persecution then you have to do it fairly based on the level of persecution - not on what the victims can offer.

If the Zimbabwean farmers were old and disabled and could bring nothing of value to Great Britain - would you still let them in?


Dr.D said...

The white farmers of Zimbabwe are basically British, so it makes sense to allow them into Britain, no matter what their age or degree of infirmity. The somalis have never been British, come from a culture that is antithetical to everything Western, have shown a clear desire to destroy Western society, and have demonstrated an unwillingness to assimilate into any Western society. It makes no sense whatsoever to allow any of them in to Britain under any circumstances.

There are real differences between people, and if is rank foolishness to think that you can freely mix all kinds of people and that all will prosper equally. If you do, some will dominate and others will perish. The only way that white people will survive is to have a home of their own.

Lilliput said...

Dr D,

With what you wrote in mind - what do you then think about Israel?

Also, I had a thought about David Duke and the illegality of holocaust denial. We are OK with with making false advertising illegal ie someone selling a product by lying about its properties and benefits. Why should it then be legal to sell a historical idea that is a lie?


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Actually Liliput

If you had been reading, Dr D is not a supporter of Dr Duke, and was arguing against holocaust denial.

Or have I misunderstood you?

Dr.D said...

Lilliput, for what it is worth, I support the State of Israel. I can't really see what this has to do with any thing.

I support David Duke's right to say that the moon is made of green cheese, and any other inanities that may suit him. He is rather a fringe intelligence. Some of the things he says make good sense and some of them do not. We need to examine everything he says and ask, "Does this make sense? Should I believe this?" His credibility is limited.

I do not believe in locking him up for his statements. This is in the category of thought crimes, and I am strongly opposed to such things.