Friday, 10 April 2009

South African Farm murders - update

Sadly I have again had to update the running total of white South African farmers murdered in the hidden genocide following the killing of a 63 year old farmer and his 60 year old wife at their farm in Boschkop.

The total now stands at 3,043, although there may be more given the secrecy surrounding these killings.

I also have an update on the slaying of Basie and Mary Venter at their farm in Bloemfontein last week. The authorities are now saying that the killings appear to have been muti related. That is to say that human body parts were taken for us in tribal medicine.

Given that the harvesting of body parts did not disqualify victims from being counted within earlier genocides, I see no reason not to include Mr and Mrs Venter as victims of the South African genocide.

It should not be forgotten that, for the medicine to most effective, muti killings require that organs and body parts are removed whist the victim is still conscious. There is no reason to doubt that this mas the fate of this elderly couple.

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