Sunday, 26 April 2009

Justice in Wonderland

Imagine if you will that there was an arson attack on a Christian church, and two white Christian boys attacked an innocent Muslim lad who they mistakenly imagined to be responsible, punching him to the ground and kicking out two front teeth.

Of the various sentence options open to the judge, just how likely do you imagine a conditional discharge world be the one he chose? What's that you say? "Snowball's chance in Hell?" yup..... "Bunnies hope in the dog pound?" even better! You are quite right, it would be unthinkable were white boys to get off that lightly.

However, when the roles are reversed and an innocent Christian boy is on the receiving end of a Muslim boot, just guess what happened.

And we are supposed to
take these evil old men who call themselves judges seriously, and pretend there is equal justice in this country? Don't make me laugh!


Anonymous said...

Yes as they say some are more equal than otehrs and the estblsihment including the judiciary put the invaders first unlike the BNP who understand fairness and put the British people First

Dr.D said...

This is yet another example of PC. The BNP needs to play up things like this, I think.

I had an interesting exchange with Abp. Cranmer on his blog today. He was posting about the fact that someone had donated to the UKIP even though he was associated with the Conservative party, and the Conservatives had thrown him out as a result. I threw in the off hand comment that it all sounded like a good reason to vote for the BNP.

Cranmer responded immediately, saying that "the BNP is political damnation and the route to political oblivion..." as well as I can recall it.

I wrote back to remind him that he had given no justification for this, and that I had given reasons for my position which I stated again, the support of the native British people. He was simply into name calling. I doubt that the Abp. is very pleased with me right now, but so be it.

I think all of these things, these injustices done to native Brits, if publicized well, should do a lot to bring votes to the BNP.

alanorei said...

After June 4th, AC may have to do what the original Thomas Cranmer did and selectively condemn his "unworthy right hand" that in the current case clicked the mouse to send the above anti-BNP smear.

Elsewhere in the world, e.g. Pakistan, Muslims attack Christians and burn down places of worship all the time and the MSM never says a proverbial dickie-bird, hardly.