Thursday, 16 April 2009

The rape of innocence

My good friend Misterfox has written an excellent, well researched and very disturbing article over at the Green Arrow blog, exposing the hidden secret of Muslim gangs and groups who are grooming and abusing white children in cities across Britain. What he has written will make you angry, and it may make you cry, however, it is also something you must read, because this horror is a growing problem, which is blighting the lives of our children. Yet it is ignored by the police, and covered up by the politicians and a dishonest media.

Child Rape - The Spoils of War

By Mister Fox

Edmund Burke believed that politics should be based on human nature. The dominant ideologies today go against that and stifle natural expressions of common sense.

In his greatest speech made in response to calls for him to be prosecuted under the 1976 Race Relations Act, “The Uniform of Colour”, Enoch Powell gave an insight into how human nature operates:
In understanding this matter, the beginning of wisdom is to grasp the law that in human societies power is never left unclaimed and unused. It does not blow about, like wastepaper on the streets, ownerless and inert. Men’s nature is not only, as Thucydides long ago asserted, to exert power where they have it; men cannot help themselves from exerting power where they have it, whether they want to or not. The coloured population of over two million in England, a population which grows at the rate of nearly 100,000 a year while the remainder diminishes, a population which is predominantly concentrated in the central areas of the metropolis and other key urban and industrial centers of England, does possess—simply by reason of segregation and differentiation—a power which would not accrue to a mere random sample of two million persons similarly located but not perceived or perceiving themselves as distinct from the rest”.
The Sun of 10 November 2006 quoted Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller quoted as predicting waves of terrorist bombings, with possibly chemical and biological devices.
“At this moment, at least 30 attacks are being actively planned and 1,600 suicidal young terrorists are under surveillance. Round-the-clock vigilance by security services has thwarted five major conspiracies and saved countless lives. There are plenty more outrages being planned.”
There have been warnings from the Home Secretary and her predecessor John Reid. The US classes London as a centre of terrorism! There are so many Muslims militantly opposed to us that it is attempting to live in a fantasy of multi-racial harmony to pretend that we are in anything but an early stage of undeclared war.

But there is another aspect of the war being waged against us in our own country by people the elites who are bringing here which is not admitted by our complicit authorities.

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Lilliput said...

Hi Sarah

The author of the article refers to a Panorama programme - is that available to view and if so - can I see it?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I don't know, I will find out for you.

alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah, grim but necessary reading. It does appear, though, that many of the young victims are vulnerable indivduals, from 'dysfunctional' households that have not inculcated any behavioural virtues into their offspring. This feature of the problem I think gets back to some of your earlier posts about traditional nuclear family breakdown, accelerating since the 60s.

The police response, or lack of, is a national disgrace. Although Mr Fox quotes the late Colin Cramphorn as warning against "jihadists", I recall Nick Griffin once saying that Cramphorn told a meeting of concerned parents that "Grooming is a way of life, get used to it." With law enforcement sending out that kind of mixed message, I am not surprised that little effective action is being taken.

While not wishing to tar all BME males with the same brush, I note from Genesis 34:2 how a light-skinned Israelite (Shemite) girl (Dinah, daughter of Jacob and Leah), who was at the time no more than a young teen, was allured and then assaulted by a significantly older, dark-skinned Hivite (Hamitic) male. (The racial complexions of these individuals may be derived from various other passages, including Genesis 10:17 and Song of Solomon 5:10, Ham means "burnt i.e. black one" and Shemites, from hence the Semitic peoples, are "white and ruddy.")

All of which indicates that the safest policy is to keep young white or light-skinned girls separate from dark, or darker-skinned males.

Simple, really.

Though our 5th columnists in power have a different agenda, the destruction of the British nation, as the article indicates.

I'm sure South Africa now has the same problem (as the US has had for a long time), though in a different form. Islam merely serves to bring out the worst of what is already there.

P.S. I may, reluctantly, disappear from your facebook soon. I am informed that details including even thumbnail photos, may be pirated from f'book and misused, so I have terminated my f'book account. Apologies for my sudden disappearance if it happens. I will, of course continue regularly checking your blog.

P.P.S. I used to visit the blog of 21st Century Police Officer, certainly in 2007, when many of these grooming outrages took place. I never saw one post on that blog about concern for targeted young white girls. Either the blogger didn't care about them or her mentors wanted all such items suppressed, which is worse.

mister fox said...

Sorry to be late. I thought I had answered. There was a download facility -

There are clops on yourube -