Saturday 9 May 2009

The guilt of the silent

In an article written for the Home of the Green Arrow, I have again returned to the subject of the South Africa genocide in response to media attacks on Arthur Kemp the South African activist, who is assisting the BNP in the lead up to the European elections on June 4th.

I make no apology for returning so often to this unquestionably disturbing theme. no doubt those who hate me, and I know from my mail box that there are many, will claim I care only because the victims are whites of European origin. However, in truth it is because they are white and of European origin that the world ignores what is happening to them.

If we do not call attention to this relentless bloodshed no one will, and I intend to continue drawing attention to it, until the world turns to look.

The Guilt of the Silent

The picture above shows white crosses on a South African hillside, one for each of the white south African farmers slaughtered in the relentless genocide which has been going on since the end of Apartheid in 1994, ignored by the world's media, blanked by political leaders across the planet and thus unknown by most of the world's people. It is a genocide denied because its victims are white people and the perpetrators are black, hence it is not a truth the world allows to be told.

I have chosen a beautiful picture, dedicated to an ugly truth because I dare not show show you the pictures I would dearly like to. I dare not publish the pictures you need to see, because to do so would be to risk most search engines placing the Green Arrow blog behind a content warning, or even blocking it all together, and also because it would be unfair to force you to view horror beyond anything most of us could imagine, even though it is my duty to inform you of it.

Even the most mild of the images is too horrible to publish without a warning, for it shows a young white schoolboy, a beautiful child of around twelve or thirteen, the same age as my own son. In the picture, the boy is still wearing his school uniform, a striped blazer and tie, and he has been hanged by the neck. In the image I can't show you the child still hangs from the rope which his killers used to strangle the life our of his young body. If you wish to see the image, it is not hard to find, just type “South African Farm Murders” into any internet search engine and you will soon find it, but if you can't bare to do that, I ask you to try and imagine the scene I have just described, we surely, at least, owe the child that.

If you have imagined the scene, I regret I am now going to make it even more difficult for you, because I want you to imagine that this little boy is your own child, and that you were forced to watch him die. Worse than that, you did not just watch him die, you saw him roughly manhandled and mocked as the rope was placed round his neck, and as you watched, his boyish pride crumbled and you heard the child you had loved and nurtured cry out in terror and pain, whilst he called to you, his protector, for the help which you could not give. Then you saw him die, but die slowly, struggling, choking and gasping at the end of a rope, whilst his killers laughed at his pain, and at your distress. And, as you watched this scene from Hell, your only comfort was the knowledge that soon you too would be dispatched, albeit in an even more terrible manner.

I do not ask you to imagine that scene just so as to discomfort you, I ask it because that is what happened.

It did not just happen to one family, torturing, raping and murdering children in front their parents, before then torturing the parents to death is a popular game which the South African farm killers like to play, more popular even than raping and torturing wives in front of their castrated husbands, although that is certainly popular enough, and is recorded repeatedly amongst the thousands of such killings which have occurred in the 15 years since Nelson Mandela ascended the rainbow throne.

However, of all the attacks it seems it is the old who have suffered most frequently at the hands of the monsters responsible for the relentless bloodshed. At least one thousand of those killed were of an age, where in other societies they would have been collecting their pensions and looking forward to their well deserved retirement.

I will not ask you to imagine your own grandmother killed in any of the terrible ways in which so many elderly white South Africans have spent their last hours on earth. However, I can not, with honour, leave you in ignorance of the horrifying methods used in almost all the murders in order to heighten the torment of the victims death agony. Knives, machetes, hot electric irons, boiling water and broken glass, are just some of the weapons which have been employed, and, male, female, young and old, as it is Africa, most victims have suffered sexual violence and humiliation.

Just two months ago, in March, two women were tortured and murdered in a truly dreadful manner. Mrs. Allice Lotter (78) and her daughter Helen (57) of Allanridge in the Free State (South-Africa) were attacked with knives and pieces of glass. After the three terrorists cut the elderly women with their knives, broken glass was forced into their private parts. One of the women’s breasts were cut off, and anti-white slogans were “painted” (with the breasts) on the walls. Just months before that two other women tortured for hours on end with electric irons and boiling water before they too were killed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, with more and more killings occurring each week. As of this moment, the total number of known South African farm murder victims stands at 3,047, however, the figure may be much higher, given how hard the South African authorities and politically correct media work to suppress news of these attacks. Furthermore. This figure only includes those who have died, and not those who survived despite suffering terrible mutilation and trauma. The figure also only covers the specific category of white farmers, who have fallen victim to a an unquestionable genocide, and does not include the vast numbers of urban white South Africans who are raped and murdered each month by non-whites.

Yet, of all this horror, we read nothing in the press, hear nothing from our politicians and see nothing on our TV screens. Our media and our politicians do not acknowledge these atrocities and do no want us to know about them, because they do not sit comfortably with either their political views or their agenda, and also because, as the victims are white they do not care.

For that, history will surely hold them accountable, at very least as willing accessories to the bloodshed taking place.

I do not need to ask you to imagine how our media would react had over three thousand members of an ethnic minority been tortured to death by whites, in the same time period, in any majority white nation on earth. The media's outrage would be unconstrained, and rightly so, for this amounts to more than one violent, racially motivated, death every second day for fifteen years.

However, this time they were silent, for it seems that, as with every crime, to the fourth estate, genocide only matters when white people do it.

Whilst they remained silent about the South African genocide, just what did the effluent in human form, who's poison which they have the nerve to call 'journalism' dribbles out of those poor man's Andrex substitutes The Guardian, the independent, the Observer and the Mirror choose to write about? What was it that those, politically motivated, white guilt riddled, hacks, who view a white man with a leaflet as more dangerous than a black man with a machete considered more worthy on their newsprint?

For months now they have spent their time telling lies and spreading slander about the BNP, and now some of them have chosen as their target, Arthur Kemp, the ex-South African activist who has been assisting the BNP in the run up to the European elections on June 4th.

Deploying their usual tactics of innuendo and half truths, they seek to imply that Arthur Kemp was implicated in the killing of the South African Communist party and ANC leader Chris Hani in 1993. In Friday's Guardian, Matthew Taylor, slithers through his article, leaving a slimy trail of hints and implications that Arthur Kemp was ... “suspected of” .... “arrested and questioned” .... “a member of” ... “hiss, spit ...slither” ... etc . All designed to imply that Arthur Kemp was somehow involved in a crime for which he was never charged.

(one has to ask how Matthew Taylor or any of the others can claim to know so much so much about what goes on in South Africa, given they failed to notice over three thousand murders)

These so called journalists, who trumpet the unquestioned “innocence” of Muslim terrorist suspects, when they are acquitted by ethnically stacked juries, and who just happened to attend terrorist training camps in Tora Bora and the Brecon Beacons for their relaxation, are seeking to smear Mr. Kemp with in a crime for which he was never even charged, let alone tried, or convicted. These arrogant little demigods have spent so long in their hermetically sealed fantasy world that they actually believe they can produce this transparent propaganda in the weeks leading up to an election they fear their ideological buddies might lose, and yet assume they can retain some credibility.

However, although they may not have noticed yet, their fantasy worlds have begun to crumble , they still pump out the lies, but more and more people are prepared to shout “Liar”, and sometimes, like now, some of us will accuse them of acts far worse than mere lies.

Journalists can hint, they can imply, lie and slander, but, whilst they indulge in their dismal little hate fest what they can never do is wash their own hands clean of their own real guilt.

In Britain the media is guilty of many lies, causing untold damage for which we can hope they will one day be held accountable, yet in respect of South Africa they share the guilt for even more bloody crimes.

Most Western journalists have known about the secret genocide going on in South Africa for many years, certainly any who write or broadcast about Africa, have known what is going on for at least a decade. Yet, for the sake of their agenda they have cynically remained silent, despite the fact that, as they must have known that, had they drawn the world's attention to the horror, they might have stopped it.

For no reason other than the ethnic composition of the victims and perpetrators, of this genocidal slaughter, our media print nothing, say nothing and admit nothing. Yet, they call us racists and bigots, these people who are at a minimum guilty of lying by omission and most surely have the blood of the victims of ethnic cleansing on their hands. For, had they spoken out, as it was their duty to do, some of those lives might have been saved.

By remaining silent they covered up the crimes, assisted the offenders and enabled further crimes to be committed. By pretending it was not happening, they, the British media, were in the room when that little boy was hanged. Those who call themselves journalists share the guilt of those who pushed shards of glass in to the vaginas of elderly ladies before cutting off their breasts, and of those who poured boiling water over other women again, and again and again. Our newsmen are the allies of those who castrated men and raped their wives in front of them, or tied up parents and forced them to watch whilst their children died in agony.

It is a newsman's duty not to create fairy stories for political gain, but to reveal truth to the world . By failing to do so, our newsmen offer succour and support to genocide. Each one of them stands as an accessory who must share the guilt for every decapitation, rape, mutilation, staved in head and broken, tortured body which happened since the day they learnt of the fact and decided to suppress it.

They had the power to change things but did not. They are beyond shame which is no surprise for they do not understand the concept.

Now, these same blood spattered jackals who choose to ignore a genocide, snarl and snap at us and hope that they can bring us down. Yet they are guilty men who will, God wiling, pay for their crimes one day. They know nothing but lies, they are capable of nothing but lies. They can not win, they must not win, they shall not win.


alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah

Can only make a brief comment in passing.

But this seems like double jeopardy to me.

Although, since when did that ever bother anyone on the left?

Arthur Kemp's collection of essays in his book about Apratheid has an item on Chris Hani, which will no doubt be worth reading.

Dr.D said...

Sarah, that was a very good, if grim, article.

Alanorei, the motto of the left, is "keep trying them until we get a guilty."

Anonymous said...

hi Sarah
thks for running this. Here in South Africa there are very few whites who have not experienced what you have described, either to themselves or to family.
My son was stabbed - by 7 'brave' thugs when he went out one night. I awoke @1.15 with the need to pray urgently for him and when he got home he told me that he was attacked at that time. After the attack, when he thought they were walking away, one turned and stabbed for his heart, but he got the strength to grab the knife and twist it - with that they ran away. My nephew was attacked - by 5 'brave' thugs as he left the house to get the medicine his premature baby needed out of his car. Both these young men do not only have visible wounds, but also wounds deep down inside. Both don't even go out of a night anymore - there lives are totally ruined.
I have tried to get my children to emigrate, but they all feel, why should they leave the county of their birth? On their father's side their fore-fathers arrived in the late 1600's. Mine were 1820 settlers and again late 1800's from the UK.
Thanks for bringing what we have to live with, to the notice of the British public. Ijust hope that a lot of people will read it.
South Africa

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I do appreciate that the article was grim, it was certainly not easy to write but it had to be grim, the victims deserve honesty.

Also, I needed to make clear exactly what it is that the media is suppressing. These are not just murders, they are savage barbaric atrocities, and it is an indictment of both of our leaders and our press that they ignoring them, covering them up and, as such, to some degree complicit.

Even so, anyone who has seen the photographs and read those police reports which have got out, will know that, even in this article, I held back from describing the full horror.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Welcome Delva

I am sorry to hear what happened to your son, and I thank God he survived,it must have been very traumatic for you.

I have spent time in South Africa, and still have family contacts there, but I do not live there, so I can only start to understand what it is like for you who do.

Give how far back your family roots, far further than most black South Africans, I can understand why your you children refuse to leave their country, which their forefather's built.

They must take care, and so must you, many of us outside South Africa care deeply for you and we are all thinking about you.


alanorei said...

Thanks, Dr. D

Entirely agree

The case of Bernard Goetz comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah for your message of care. Your thoughts touch me.
I pray that eyes will open in the MSM. I have already written to BBC and I believe shortly after that they had an interview with one of the South African politicians. But of course, things are 'explained away' and nothing comes of it.
Anyhow, just knowing that we have people thinking of and praying for us is comforting.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

To read further comments on this article at the Green Arrow blog, click here

Anonymous said...

Arthur Kemp is actually Rhodesian born of british parents from Kent.
Rhodesia, that place where black Africans, for the first and only time in the history of the continent lived in peace and freedom; fat, happy, employed, educated and with free access to world class healthcare until the British installed marxist terrorist Comrade/Sir Robert Mugabe took over and proceeded immediately to massacre 25-30 000 Ethnic matabele's in southern Zimbabwe.
Mugabe then, to the hysterical adoration and ejaculatory adulation of the lunatic liberal left proceeded to wipe out 4.5 million black Zimbabweans by way of starvation and disease with many pouring into the UK as refugees from the "freedom" of Zimbabwe for which Mugabe and other communist aided black terrorist groups easily convinced the terminally spastic lunatic liberal left that he waged a "freedom struggle"
This "freedom struggle" basically amounted to subjugating the rural population by brutal night-time attacks with communist supplied weapons and raping and slaughtering innocent unarmed black civilians.
But to the Brit Liberal, Mugabe and his terrorist doyen and mentor Nelson Mandela are gods.
But then again to the liberal, who doesn't have the mental capacity for independent thought, the lifeblood of their agenda is selective journalism, or in most cases, outright journalistic lies and deception, so they will believe any trash spewed out by anybody who would manipulate their feeble collective mindset.
Of course, what has never occurred to the spastic liberal left who believe that these atrocities could never have happened under comrade/Sir/Saint Robert Gabriel Mugabe, is that after Mugabe, unlike Ian Smith's Rhodesia, Zimbabwe became a no-go area for journalists, so nobody could report on what Mugasbe was doing- and still can't.
This leaves the liberal spastics effectively blindfolded - no mainstream media information, therefore no liberal bone to chew on, so nothing could possibly be happening in Zimbabwe under that jolly good fellow Mugabe, who is after all a knight of the British Govt.
Kemp grew up in Rhodesia and then Zimbabwe, he understands, as does any southern african, the scale of developments in Southern Africa that not even the most astute liberal idiot could even begin to comprehend - they're simply too stupid and blinkered - and even moreso, he understands the implications for the UK the EU and the free west in general of the recolonisation of Southern Africa by a sino-soviet alliance that has for decades been cloaked by the "noble freedom struggles" of the likes of Mugabe, Mandela and their ilk, who, to use the phrase of some of your detractors on other sites, have been nothing but sockpuppets of their Chinese, Korean and Soviet masters who now totally control all Southern African countries that were formerly British Colonies and the fleeing inhabitants of which are now colonising Britian much to the delight of the liberal lunatics salivating at the prospect of so much black genitalia in their midsts.
What the feeble minded liberal left cannot grasp is that the vast mineral and strategic wealth of Southern Africa is now in the hands of every historic and more recent enemy of the west, liberals included and at the expense of their black african darling noble savages is generating more wealth for western enemies than the UK is spending and has spent in Iraq and afghanistan as well as daily to be part of the EU.
Lastly, what the liberal spastics don't comprehend is that blacks don't like them either because they're white, and muslim don't like them because they're not Islamic, so while they're busily creating their multi-cultural utopia, there's an ominous build up of powerful global enemies who will also destroy them without ever having given a rat's ass for their idiot liberal sentiments.
All Kemp is trying to do is make them understand this but there are none so blind as those who will not see, none so deaf as those who will not hear and nothing as stupid as a liberal who cannot think, even if he wanted to.