Thursday 30 September 2010

Shane McClellan Hate Crime - an Update

Shane McClellan

Earlier this year I posted an article regarding anti-white hate crimes including the horrific attack on 16 year old Seattle teenager Shane McClellan. The article was entitled Victims of the Silence and addressed how the Mainstream media continues to suppress all news of these crimes. The US media remains silent about the attack on McClellan despite the quite amazing fact that Seattle police have actually brought hate crime charges against his attackers.

Black Conservative commentator Eric Rush addresses this case and the wider topic of the reporting of race issues in America in the following excellent article:

Race and the final conflict

By Eric Rush

WND ran a news piece last week titled "'Hate crime' charges filed over heinous attack," which referenced the case of 16-year-old Seattle resident Shane McClellan, who was abducted by two men on May 25 after one of them asked him for a lighter.

The lighter was a pretext, of course. McClellan was robbed and beaten over the course of several hours, whipped with his own belt, burned with a lit cigarette, doused with a beverage and urinated upon. During the ordeal, the two assailants, members of ethnic minorities, hurled racial epithets at McClellan and taunted him, making it "very clear," as the youth later recounted, that they had attacked him because he was white. One of the assailants was Asian, the other, black.

The WND piece, which also carried my comments, contained several links about the story to local news outlets that cover the Seattle area, but there has not, to date, been one story in the national press regarding the case.

Not one.

Imagine, if you will, the thermonuclear reaction that would have resulted in the national press had this been a young black man who'd had the same thing done to him by two white men. There is simply no disputing that the story would have been national news for months. The Rev. Al Sharpton (whose claim to fame is having been involved in a case in which just such an occurrence was staged) would have jetted to Seattle within hours, as would Rev. Jesse Jackson. They, as well as dozens of other activists and civil rights organizations would, as I said when interviewed by WND, be screaming for the death penalty.

I also believe it bears mentioning, given the current state of affairs, that one of the assailants bears a Muslim name. Whether or not Ahmed Mohamed, who is black, is a practicing Muslim, it is a fair bet that he has at least had some education in traditional Islamic doctrine; more likely, he has been exposed to Nation of Islam dogma, which is fiercely anti-white.

And speaking of anti-white: Another news story that has cyberspace abuzz is that of the Nation of Islam's clown kahuna Louis Farrakhan and members of the New Black Panther Party attending a secret meeting with Iran's President Mahmoud "the missing link" Ahmadinejad in New York last week. It is a sad state of affairs when the black equivalents of the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan feel comfortable meeting with one of America's sworn enemies on our own soil.

A sad state indeed …

Continue reading Rush's analysis by clicking here

Mexican Logic

A coalition of Mexican mayors has asked the United States to stop deporting illegal immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes in the U.S. to Mexican border cities, saying the deportations are contributing to Mexican border violence.

The request was made at a recent San Diego conference in which the mayors of four Mexican border cities and one U.S. mayor, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, gathered to discuss cross-border issues.

Ciudad Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes blamed U.S. deportation policy for contributing to his city's violence, saying that of the 80,000 people deported to Juarez in the past three years, 28,000 had U.S. criminal records -- including 7,000 convicted rapists and 2,000 convicted murderers.

Effectively the mayors are blaming Mexican crime levels on the fact that America is sending a few of the vast numbers of Mexican criminals illegally entering America back home.

Quite incredible!

Full news report

Ancient Britons

From National Geographic News
July 19, 2005

Despite invasions by Saxons, Romans, Vikings, Normans, and others, the genetic makeup of today's white Britons is much the same as it was 12,000 ago, a new book claims.

In The Tribes of Britain, archaeologist David Miles says around 80 percent of the genetic characteristics of most white Britons have been passed down from a few thousand Ice Age hunters.

Miles, research fellow at the Institute of Archaeology in Oxford, England, says recent genetic and archaeological evidence puts a new perspective on the history of the British people.

"There's been a lot of arguing over the last ten years, but it's now more or less agreed that about 80 percent of Britons' genes come from hunter-gatherers who came in immediately after the Ice Age," Miles said.

These nomadic tribes people followed herds of reindeer and wild horses northward to Britain as the climate warmed.

"Numbers were probably quite small—just a few thousand people," Miles added.

These earliest settlers were later cut off as rising sea levels isolated Britain from mainland Europe.

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Hat tip: Runic

Note: 12,000 years is 11,100 years longer than the Maoris of New Zealand required to be granted the status of indigenous people

La Belle France

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Tuesday 28 September 2010

The new Leaders

Scary! (has anyone seen them in the same room at the same time?)

Monday 27 September 2010

They Never Asked Us!

Click on the image above (or here) to watch a very powerful video posted to her blog by the excellent Vanishing American . I can't recall the actor's name and I am not sure what movie this scene comes from. No doubt and seen in context the monologue is probably intended to be perceived as evil. (After all the LiberNazis currently running the West view all patriotic sentiment as evil)

However, if that was their intention, then they have failed because the actor's words go a long way towards reflecting how many of us feel about the crime which has been committed against our country and our people.
Hat Tip: Anonymous

Sunday 26 September 2010


Letter to the editor,

By Snowy Smith


2010 corruption World Soccer South Africa.

I have just read the excellent book by Andrew Jennings all about FIFA soccer.“The Secret World of FIFA”. Bribery, Vote Rigging, Ticket Scandals, Theft, Fraud and Corruption.

This excellent book exposes the corrupt world of soccer, FIFA President Sepp Blatter and his corrupt friends. We all know that the corrupt African National Congress, South African Government and families are all involved in inflated tenders, Kickbacks, bribery, massive fraud, theft and corruption.

After reading this book I cannot decide who is the most corrupt.

Both parties had their hands up to their elbows in the cookie jar.

This whole FIFA Soccer is just a massive rip-off of the South African tax and rates payers’ money.

Another well planned golden opportunity for these corrupt people to hide more stolen money in overseas banking accounts.

The ANC lied to the South African Public concerning the costs of the 2010 soccer.

The South African “BID BOOK” to FIFA World Cup detailed a TOTAL Cost of R3 BILLION.

The actual cost spent was more than R40 BILLION.

That is R37 Billion over budget.

Furthermore over R100 Million was spent on our useless South African Soccer team who were knocked out in the first round.

More than R120 MILLION of South African tax and rates payers’ money spent on buying tickets for ANC family and friends.

Only 20% of tickets were actually sold to overseas tourists therefore the 2010 soccer was a massive flop putting tax and rates payers’ in DEBT for the next 20 years.

I also heard there was massive corruption at the Nelspruit Soccer Stadium.

Whistle blowers getting assassinated.

The so called “Beautiful Game” was definitely not beautiful.

Very few goals, dozens of yellow and red cards, deliberately playing the man instead of the ball, arguing and fighting, definitely NOT beautiful.

Almost every ANC Municipality in South Africa was already Bankrupt in debt to more than R50 BILLION before this soccer and here the ANC spend a further R40 BILLION on this soccer rip-off.

The Tax payers insist on an official independent AUDIT of all the 2010 soccer expenditure.


I think it is a Photo Finish it is too close to call.

Zuma and Blatter will have to have a penalty shoot out.

Saturday 25 September 2010

The Persecution of Thought Criminals by the Tolerant

By Mister Fox

Western Liberal Democracies have been transformed into police states like Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China to manage immigration or the importation of cheap labour for the elites. The persecution has been going on for over 50 years and did not begin with Political Correctness but is part of the multi-racialists outlook. It got much worse from the 1960s when the new elites have formed an “Ideological Caste” - membership depends not on blood, birth, or class, but holding the right opinions, and to rise in life one has to conform to their ideology.

What is important to look for in these few examples is how the “Caste” gang up on their victims and the Gestapo – KGB style methods they use.

They try to restructure people's thinking. A television programme “Gypsy Wars” contrasted a local woman and tinkers who had invaded her land reversing the roles as we experience them. They think our traditional view of the world is pathological until they correct it for us. They show us or a representative, in the role of what they think are our stereotypes - we are cast as the tinkers - to mould our views and change our attitudes. Of the Gypsies there were no young men shown, because they would be aggressive and they do not want to show them as a threat; village life was not shown because that is appealing and viewers would sympathise with the woman. The woman was selected because she is not typical of rural people but a bit eccentric and could be set up as the aggressor when she was the victim. This is Television re-structuring our thoughts in accordance with their ideology. It is Frankfurt School television. For years vacancies in television were only advertised in the Guardian to filter out the applicants with the wrong attitude. (1)

Dr James Watson 79-year-old geneticist who, with Francis Crick, had discovered the structure of DNA, who is regarded as one of the great scientists of his time, was persecuted for telling the Sunday Times that he was "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really". He said there was a natural desire that all human beings should be equal but "people who have to deal with black employees find this not true". The British establishment's agency of Inquistion the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said it was studying Dr Watson's remarks "in full". Politicians moved in to persecute him: 'It is a shame that a man with a record of scientific distinction should see his work overshadowed by his own irrational prejudices,' said David Lammy, the Skills Minister. London mayor Ken Livingstone: 'Such ignorant comments...are utterly offensive and give succour to the most backward in our society.' The Science Museum cancelled a sell-out meeting it had planned to hold to honour 79-year-old Watson on the grounds that his remarks had gone 'beyond the point of acceptable debate'. Several other centres scheduled to host his talks followed suit. What a scientific argument! His employers, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Long Island suspended him as Chancellor. (2)

In the Commons debate of Notting Hill race battles of August 1958. A local Labour M.P. Frank Tomney made an honourable and noble speech the House of Commons in defence of his young constituents to show they had been stitched up by police and lawyers. Here is a precis:

“Nine young men were arrested. No one in the constituency takes the view that what they did was not severely wrong, but the sentences of 4 years imprisonment for boys of 17 - even coloured people are going round organizing petitions on their behalf. I wrote to the Home Secretary asking him to see me about this but he declined as it is sub judice. The case was subject to appeal a week ago and the sentences confirmed. I made sure none of these boys had a previous conviction. “When people read about comparable cases and find variations in the sentences they come to think that our law does not provide justice. In one case of alleged rioting which concerned coloured people, one man was sentenced to prison for a year and others were fined. The man who was sentenced to a year had a former conviction in 1948 for shooting a policeman which is a crime with intent to kill. Yet these boys with no convictions got 4 years. “I have here a letter from the Union of Post Office workers about a boy from Ellingham Road. It tells of his having just returned from serving in Cyprus yet he was taken from his bed at 2.a.m. and charged with rioting. He only pleaded guilty because he was foolishly advised to. Contrary to the bias of police evidence, he was in possession of no weapon, though he admits to being an occupant in the car that toured the district shouting slogans. A petition to me is in responsible language and from people I have known for nine years” (3)

The 1964 election in Smethwick shows where the persecutions can lead. An offensive slogan had been used during the election campaign and posted on walls “If you want a N***** for a neighbour, vote Labour”. Harold Wilson attributed this to Conservative candidate Peter Griffiths, when being interviewed by Robin Day on Panorama of 9th March 1964. After the Election, now Prime Minister, Wilson broke from his address on the Queen's speech to insult the victorious Griffiths by calling him a “Parliamentary Leper”, who would be shunned in the House. This breached the convention that new members be protected until after their Maiden speech. Just two weeks before polling Griffiths was de-humanised in the Birmingham Post, and the Times whose Midland correspondent wrote, ”It is abhorrent to all Conservatives and officials of stature to whom I have talked.” He did not say to whom he had talked! He headed his column of the 12th, “Vile – it's all in Black and White.” As the election result was announced the Marxist Bishop of Southwark, called the electorate “unchristian”, and the Bishop of Chelmsford attacked local voters yet this was a model of democracy - a local man fighting on a local issue elected by local people. The unelected Bishops lived far away in fabulous palaces insulted them on a priori ideological grounds. State broadcaster the BBC took American Black Power leader Malcolm X to Smethwick for current affairs programme “Tonight”. He told the world’s media,” I have come here because I am disturbed by reports that coloured people in Smethwick are being badly treated. I have heard they are being treated as the Jews under Hitler. I would not wait for the Fascist element in Smethwick to erect gas ovens.” That was what the BBC had told him! They denied having taken him there but Mayor C V Williams investigated: “I was most amazed at the finesse shown by the BBC. I was told the car was not a BBC car but it was owned by one of the directors.” Malcolm X told the Times that the BBC had taken him. This led to a bomb being planted outside Mr.Griffiths’ home on 26th October 1965. (4)

The persecution in 1984 of Ray Honeyford a head teacher at Manningham Middle School in Bradford shows the depths of intolerance for those who diverge even slightly from the orthodoxy because Mr Honeyford supported multi-racialism but warned of multi-culturalism. Just consider the Gestapo – Stasi style methods the tolerant ones used on him. The local education authority tried to have him removed from his school, and when he wrote about his efforts in the Salisbury Review he was de-humanised by the media, had a “rent a mob” screaming ‘Racist’ outside the school gates, the local education authority sent a psychiatrist to see him, and the Department for Education had Helena Kennedy QC subject him to an Inquisition and school inspectors persecuted him. He had to retire at 52! (5)

In May 2002 a Tory councillor was persecuted by Government minister Peter Hain who did so much to bring genocide on White South African farmers. Professor Geoffrey Samspon's website stated, 'There is overwhelming scientific evidence that races differ to some extent in their average intelligence levels - yellow-skinned Orientals tend to be rather brighter than whites, negroes tend to be rather less bright.” Hain, a founder member of the Anti Nazi League, raved on Breakfast with Frost, “Sampson is proud to be racist”. Prof Sampson was only given right to reply on Radio 4’s Today programme which is heard less than television. He explained Hain’s statement was untrue and “as far as I am concerned it would be daft to be proud of racism — what is there to be proud of?” But this was ignored in subsequent TV news broadcasts, which kept repeating Hain’s distortion. Special Branch warned him he was a marked man and advised him on safety precautions to reduce the risk of harm to him or his family. He was advised to look under his car before driving to check that nothing was attached - the result of a Labour government minister publicly persecuting him. (6)

In April 2006, Leeds university authorities subjected Dr Frank Ellis to an Inquisition after he had an interview published in “Leeds Student". Dr Ellis was sought out for the interview with political bias in mind because of his “peculiar and extreme views". He and his interviewer ranged over many topics but what ignited prejudice against him were his remarks that the average black has a lower IQ than the average white or Asian; that he believed we need to introduce a policy of humane repatriation. There were the usual demonstrations by Unite Against Fascism. The University's decision was purely to persecute a man for holding the wrong opinion: he treated his students fairly and impartially as the interviewer acknowledged Dr Ellis’s “excellent rapport with his students and colleagues". Further, Leeds have a system to prevent unfair marking as the candidate's paper is anonymous and each is marked by 3 different tutors. He was investigated by the West Yorkshire police for incitement to racial hatred. So what is the problem? Dr Ellis was not disciplined for his conduct towards his students, which was exemplary, but persecuted for not expressing the right thoughts on race. In an interview on Talk Sport Ian Collins screamed at Ellis, ”You're mad!” (7)

Robert Henderson was persecuted in July 1995, over an article in Wisden Cricket Monthly. He wrote that a reason for the bad performances of England’s cricket team was the mix of foreign and native players. However talented they lack the commitment to their side on which team success depends. He explains: “The common experience of mixed groups makes it immensely difficult to accept that a changing room comprised of say six Englishmen, two West Indians, two Southern Africans and a New Zealander is going to develop the same camaraderie as eleven unequivocal Englishmen". This was not racism as his example had two blacks and five people who are not English, three of whom are certainly white.

The media held an Inquisition. The journalists and public figures who denounced him did not attack what he had written but responded out of ideological correctness against what they thought his views were. Two of the black players, Devon Malcolm and Philip De Freitas, sued Wisden for libel but not him, which is unusual because the author is usually included in the suit. Malcolm and De Freitas had sought the advice of the Professional Cricketer's Association who took counsel's opinion which was that no libel existed.

Telegraph newspapers gave clues to his home address and refused to print an unedited reply. He was then turned on by Wisden whose following issue had five pages of vitriolic attack on him even though they printed the original article. Editor Mr Firth would not print a reply.

Mr Henderson contacted his M.P. Frank Dobson to complain of the way the media had treated him, and asked for an intervention on his behalf. On 3rd August 1995, Mr Henderson received a letter from the black Labour politician Diane Abbott, telling him he had "no appreciation of acceptable terminology. As an ex-journalist, and someone who still dabbles, I believe that we have a duty to write on subjects we know about". Later Ms Abbott objected to "blue-eyed blonde" nurses from Finland tending coloured patients in her East London constituency!

Mr Henderson wrote to Tony Blair about Mr Dobson. Mr Henderson wrote thirteen letters to the Blairs between March 1996 and February 1997. Finally, Blair summoned the Police to his Westminster office. The Police considered charging Mr Henderson with Common Assault and offences under the Malicious Communications and Race Relations Acts. They took the letters for examination by the Crown Prosecution Service. It was decided that the correspondence "fell short" of any criminal offence. But Blair was advised that the "sheer volume" of continued letters could justify criminal prosecution in the future.

The media de-humanised him but refused him right of reply. An interview he gave to the BBC was edited by splicing together different parts of his interview to produce the opposite of what he had said. The interview was 30 minutes but only 93 seconds were used.

To see how the BBC edits to destroy those who say the wrong things.

Mr Henderson actually said in the interview: “I take the Matthew Paris line on this. Matthew, says “that part of being an Englishman is being white. Now I think that's reasonable, not just from my own experience, but it seems to me that you don't get someone taking on the whole of a new culture when they come to a country. That doesn't of course mean that they cannot be British and of course if they are representing Britain there may not be the same problem that you've got if they are representing England, but if they are representing England they've got to feel that there isn't anything which spurns them, which thrusts them out from society, which I am absolutely certain that the majority of blacks and Asians do feel. I can sympathise with them because any minority anywhere is going to feel under stress.”

This is what the BBC broadcast after editing:

“...part of being an Englishman is being white. Now I think that's reasonable, not just from my own experience, but it seems to me you don't get someone taking on the whole of a new culture when they come to a country.” (8)

Famous journalist Mark Steyn was persecuted by the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2006 after two complaints by the Islamic Congress against Maclean's magazine and its editor-in-chief, Kenneth Whyte for printing a chapter from his book: "America Alone”. The complainants said: “the article subjects Canadian Muslims to hatred and contempt". He had written: “The Muslim world has youth, numbers and global ambitions. The West is growing old and enfeebled, and lacks the will to rebuff those who would supplant it. It's the end of the world as we've known it. Sept. 11, 2001, was not 'the day everything changed,' but the day that revealed how much had already changed. On Sept. 10, how many journalists had the Council of American-Islamic Relations or the Canadian Islamic Congress or the Muslim Council of Britain in their Rolodexes? … the larger forces at play in the developed world that have left Europe too enfeebled to resist its remorseless transformation into Eurabia and that call into question the future of much of the rest of the world. The key factors are: demographic decline; the unsustainability of the social democratic state; and civilizational exhaustion." (9)

That we have been dragged down to the level of persecutory states rather than bastions of freedom look at the state persecution of Catholic priest Father Samuel. He had fled to Belgium to escape Muslim persecution of Christians in Turkey and was then persecuted by the Belgian state for “incitement to racist hatred” : the Government’s Inquisition agency, the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR). He said in a 2002 television interview: “Every thoroughly Islamized Muslim child that is born in Europe is a time bomb for Western children in the future. The latter will be persecuted when they have become a minority".

The Belgian judiciary decided to try him before the penal court in Charleroi. He repeated his statement and that he would be honoured to go to jail for this. He added that Jesus too had been persecuted! In a sermon he called upon the faithful to accompany him to court. “We will turn this into an excursion, driving there in full buses.” The Aramaics are a Catholic minority in Syria and Turkey and speak an old Semitic language, which Jesus and the apostles used and so are a link with Christ. Mel Gibson used the language in “The Passion of the Christ". On his website and in sermons Father Samuel warns of “the islamic invasion” of the West and that Muslims are invading Europe and we face impending civil war. According to Father Samuel “so-called moderate Muslims do not exist". (10)

What we know as Eurabia is EU elites surrendering us to Islam by passing laws to oppress our attempts to defend our women and children, and allowing open immigration and making large donations to Palestinian groups like Hamas.



(3) Commons Hansard. The debate was in October 1958.


A Question of Colour. 1966. Peter Griffiths.(Leslie Frewin).


(6) ),9061,714247,00.html





Wednesday 22 September 2010

Lights across Europe

It is easy sometimes to feel that it is all too late, that the assault on our country, on our people and upon out heritage has been too huge and too successful for it ever to be put right.

Sometimes it doesn't take much to bring one to that frame of mind, a trip to Croydon can do it, watching too much TV will also have that effect. More so if if you have been unlucky enough to turn to Channel 4 this week and been confronted with another of the incessantly repeated trailers for the new reality show “Seven days” set in Notting Hill and touted with the headline “Welcome to the New Reality”. These trailers take multi-cult propaganda to a new level with the screen split into four six or eight parts, each part containing a portion of a face from a variety of genders and ethnicities, all put together to form a multi-racial talking head.

One can only despair that the brainwashed automaton who came up with the idea is probably incapable of realising quite how visually repulsive the image they have created is. No doubt in their induced delusion they actually believe the brown nosed, black chinned, white cheeked, yellow foreheaded and multi-colour eyed monster they have created is an ideal human being and something society should aspire to.

Notting Hill is of course the location of the first real race riots in this country in1958 and again in 1976, and is now viewed as a show place for Multi-culturalism, like so many areas from which the original pre-mass immigration population has been driven out.

There is a lot in modern Britain which can depress, and just as much which can make one despair.

However, even in the darkest night there can still be a glimmer of light although sometimes one must look quite far afield to find it.

If we look to counties which have gone further into the darkness even than we, there, sometimes faintly but progressively less so, amongst the gloom something bright is beginning to stir.

Those countries which spent so long beneath the Marxist boot now stamping down on us, such as Poland and Hungary are demonstrating significant resistance to the forced imposition of the sort of politically correct orthodoxies which are deliberately stifling our own nation. Even the Czech Republic, for all its social liberalism, persistently re-elects Vaclav Klaus, one the most Euro-sceptic and certainly most honourable statesmen in Europe, as its president.

Beyond those countries which were once behind the Iron curtain, the light twinkles in some of the most Western and progressive parts of Europe.

The right is in the ascendant in Italy, a country which has for 50 years been beset Communist governments and socialist corruption.

A recent referendum in Switzerland resulted in the building of any further Islamic minarets being banned.

In Belgium, at the centre of the EU's dark heart, the anti-Immigration Vlaams Blok is growing in strength, whilst in “tolerant”, progressive and Liberal Holland the heroically brave Geert Wilder's Freedom party is now a significant political force, which effectively holds the balance of power.

Just this weekend we saw a remarkable event when the so called “far right” anti-Islamic Sweden Democrats won twenty seats in Sunday's election, depriving the governing “Moderate alliance” of a majority and resulting in a hung parliament.

It would be hard to over-estimate the significance of the Sweden Democrats election success. Sweden is one of the most extreme examples of multicultural fanaticism in the world. It is a country which exchanged a once widely admired truly liberal tolerance for an almost maniacally intolerant totalitarianism, where any dissent from the politically correct orthodoxy is suppressed, sometimes violently, and any facts which cast doubt on the fantasy of a multicultural utopia are ruthlessly censored.

Sweden is the European state which effectively banned its own history and has gleefully allowed itself to become the rape capital of Europe (most victims ethnic Swedes, most perpetrators not) and its cities, such as Malmo to become Muslim ghettos.

The Sweden Democrats fought the election whilst being reviled and slandered, they were denied participation in election debates (sound familiar?) their election advertisement was banned and the media portrayed them as racists and fascists. Yet the politically correct and obedient Swedes voted them 20 seats in parliament.

We have not yet seen similar results in Britain, the British people still behave like an alcoholic who has not yet hit lowest point, which they must reach to make them realise what they are doing to themselves. We are still moving into the darkness, and that is a depressing and hopeless place to be.

However, there is hope.

Lights are going on all over Europe, sometimes they flicker and go out, but each time they come back, and they come back stronger.

Meanwhile in America the Tea Party movement is the first positive manifestation of a fight back which that nation has seen in decades.

It is very late in the day, terrible damage has been done, some of it irreparable and we face a ruthless and ferocious enemy. However, out there something is beginning to stir, and that still gives us hope, no matter how dark it may become.

Monday 20 September 2010

A Basis for a Conservative Challenge to Progressives

By Mister Fox

We must understand the difference between a patriotic way of thinking and that of “Progressives” and “Internationalists.” Their ideological view is often based on a book and people are expected to refer to it and divergence from orthodoxy leads to being denounced or given correctional training. This happened in the Soviet Union, Mao's China, Cambodia under Pol Pot and in the West now under Political Correctness. This is a Marxist strain but it came in with the New Left under the guise of a new Liberalism. Even now well-meaning liberals promote PC without understanding its totalitarian nature.

This debate is contemporary Metaphysics, the branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality. It includes the relationship between mind and matter, essence and attribute and fact and value. Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing. What is real, what is illusion; what is actually happening and what are political myths.

Progressivism encompasses Liberalism through to Marxism. They believe in abstract universals, we believe in concrete “particulars.” These type of Universals are abstract terms like humanity whereas a specific people is a particular. Abstract universalist thinking leads to intervention in the internal policies of other sovereign states. We concrete particularists are concerned with our own nation. We do believe in substantial universals which I will come to later.

Progressives erect a set of idealisations – what we are becoming, what we should think and how we should behave. Our human nature is fixed in the sense that we inherit genes, which give us our essence, but how we act it out or think is given form by our cultures and communities which themselves grew out of our collective psyches. We can not step outside what we are and where we belong. We are part of it and it is what makes us social beings .

The great Daily Telegraph satirist Michael Wharton aka Peter Simple used fictional figures to satirise this trait in his column. Dr. Heinz Kiosk embodied guilt: ”We are all guilty; Dr Spacely-Trellis “go-ahead” Bishop of Bevindon in the Stretchford Conurbation, progressive’s; Dorothy Dutt-Pauker “the Hampstead thinker,” who lived at Marxmount, embodied Bourgoise Socialism.

Wharton used to enjoy going for a drink in an ordinary pub which is “being” as opposed to “becoming.” It is contentment in one's culture and community not a constant striving to adopt a role created for us by progressives. We are social beings and it is the everyday pleasures in our communities in which we belong, that give us happiness. This respect for our everyday life leads to our duty to our families and responsibility for them, not to outsiders like the elites.

The word Progressive encapsulates the intellectual movement from the Enlightenment that led to the orthodoxy of the current elite. It has some common dogmas – like change being better than conservation and the belief that we are progressing to a Utopian future – The Brotherhood of Man, a classless society etc It originated with the Enlightenment idea of Progress which is related to the classical liberal belief in the “perfectibility of man” and a supposed God-like ability to transcend nature including their own human nature.

Continue reading at National Conservatism

Sunday 19 September 2010

Swedish "far" Right win first election seats

Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson

News report (Sorry it on the BBC so it will be distorted, but it is still good news)

Saturday 11 September 2010

The Reality of September 11th

They came from a cloudless azure sky, nineteen hate bred messengers of a warrior creed, and they brought America a taste of Hell. For it was Hell we saw unfold before us on that day as its gates opened as if to welcome the perpetrators of an act so huge and so awful it has few which rival it in the history of our world.

Some, for the sake of their political cause, have sought to downplay the magnitude of what occurred on that September day nine years ago today. “More have died elsewhere” they say, and it is true that there was greater loss of life in Nagasaki, Hiroshima and in Dresden, there were single days in Rwanda which saw greater carnage and it is also true that many more die in earthquakes and other natural disasters. However, there is a context to these things, and it was the context of 09/11 which sets it apart from acts of God and from the crimes of other men.

09/11 came unprovoked and without warning, its aim was not to end a war, but to start one and the deaths of those who died were its purpose. More than anything it was an act of hate, pure, unadulterated and visceral hatred, frighteningly a hatred which has not abated but one which has grown. It is the hatred which inspired the attacks on America in 2001, and what they tell us about where we are in history which make them stand out from so many of the other horrors our world has seen

The acts could be compared to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 or the Massacre of St Bartholomew in 1572 in terms of the the unprovoked and unexpected nature of the attacks, yet even those monstrous crimes had a political purpose beyond the glorified indulgence in carnage for its own sake. To find real equivalence we need to go further back, back to the second half of the first millennium following the birth of Christ, and it is there, again, that we find Islam.

We are told that the brutal mass-murderers who hijacked those four planes that day, intent on slaughter few can bring themselves to contemplate, do not represent the real Islam. However, to believe that it is necessary to shield one's eyes from the truth. Even if we ignore the joyful dancing Muslims in the streets we all saw that day, we need only visit Jihadi websites or listen honestly to the words on Imams preaching in Damascus, Iran and Yemen to hear the hatred for us and to see how the murderers of September 2001 are celebrated, to understand how those events were then, and are still now, perceived in those parts of the world from where they sprang.

Less clear however, is how we now perceive it for that has taken many forms, and the event has been moulded by many to fit more comfortably with their prejudices and agendas. It is actually easier than one might imagine to project ones own storyline onto the events of 09/11 in part because the events involved were so spectacular, so surreal they feel unreal. Often when I watch film of the attack I have to pull myself up and remind myself that “this really happened”.

It seems that not everyone is capable of doing that. So the cold blooded murder of so many has become the stuff of a thousand fantasies.

There are, of course the conspiracy theories, we have all heard them “the US government was behind it”, “MOSSAD was behind it”, “the buildings were brought down by controlled explosions”, “all the Jews working in the World Trade Centre were told to stay home that day!” and, of course, “The Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a plane”, on and on they go, the truth hijacked in order to blame a favourite villain or group by those incapable of saying to themselves “hold in, this really happened”.

Worse than the conspiracy theorists are those who have come to resent the victims because of what they stand for. Like a defence lawyer desperate to exonerate his guilty client, it is necessary to present those who suffered at his hand as less worthy, less deserving and less real. The apologists for these killers have done the same to their victims.

In the weeks following 09/11 I recall reading a letter to a newspaper in which those who perished in the twin towers were referred to as “3,000 plump Westerners”. Most likely the line was written by someone who was themselves a plump westerner and it is hard to contemplate the degree of self hatred which it required to write such an ugly line. The purpose, of course, was to suggest that those who lost their lives in the attacks were somehow less deserving or worthy than thin people from the third world, for whose plight we are all, including the victims of 09/11, as Westerners held equally culpable.

This, of course, leads us to the “We brought it on ourselves” accusation. This argument, as we all know is based on the idea that America's support for Israel, America's general foreign policy and our insufficient respect for Islam effectively provoked supporters of Islam into attacking America.

This accusation, of course, ignores the fact that one of America's main acts of foreign policy prior to 09/11 was to bomb European Christians in support of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, and begs the question as to what previous victims of murderous Islam, such as Kenya and Tanzania, had done to piss off the Mullahs.

Those making such allegations, mostly academics, historians and media hacks, might wish to consider their own culpability when they actively reinvented a false history and deliberately provoked resentment against the “Great Satan” for the furtherance of their political ideology.

What happened in New York nine years ago today, should be seen what it was, a clash of cultures and an attack upon the west by a culture which hates us, not for what we have done, but for what we are and for what we have always been. We were attacked by a culture which has been at war with us for fourteen hundred years and which hates us now no more and no less than when Muhammad wrote "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them" (Koran 8:12) and "So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them”

Islam has been at war with us since the seventh century and it is only just over three hundred years since we confronted them at the gates of Vienna. Our cultures are entirely incompatible, however, this time we have ignored history and allowed our enemy to come amongst us. They have come amongst us in their millions, and used the trappings of our society against us.

Yes we did bring the attack on our society upon ourselves, but not in the way our critics claim. We have allowed our enemies to live amongst us and plot against us from within. We have allowed those who hate us to come close enough to strike us. Could, for instance planes hijacked in Kabul or Mogadishu have attacked New York and Virginia with the same ease as flights from Newark or Boston?.

It was Islamic Terrorists who attacked America in September 2001, theirs was an act of dreadful brutality, cruelty and mass murder. More than that, it was almost certainly a warning of what is to come. If it was, as I believe it was, then we are now well beyond the point where we can keep preventing the next attack.

Thursday 9 September 2010

EU Speak - The Orwellian Road to Hell

The future's Europeans

This needs to be circulated to as many intelligent people as possible

By Martin Wingfield

WHEN the European Commission dodged answering a Written Question on mass immigration leading to people becoming an ethnic minority in their own country, Nick Griffin MEP sought clarification by asking a supplementary question.

"I refer to the answer to my earlier question E-2056/10.

"The Commission did not respond to my question beneath:

"Does the Commission also welcome the prospect of the indigenous peoples of the nation states becoming minorities in their ancestral homelands, outnumbered by the sum of newcomers who are not native to such lands?’

"The Commission will be aware that the indigenous peoples of the nation states are forecast to become minorities in their own ancestral homelands at various dates well within the current century. Is it that the Commission has failed to answer these questions accurately because of the controversial nature of the answers?"

The Commission responded and this was the answer given by Ms Vassiliou on behalf of the Commission.

"In reply to the written question E-4895/10, the Commission would like to inform the Honourable Member that the 2005 UNESCO Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions mainly aims to reaffirm the sovereign right of States to draw up cultural policies and to recognize the specific nature of cultural goods and services as vehicles of identity, values and meaning. It is therefore a tool to preserve cultural identities, rather than to dilute them as the Honourable Member fears.

"Framework Decision 2008/913/JHA on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law aims at penalising, inter alia, the intentional public incitement to violence or hatred directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin. The European Court of Human Rights has declared that it may be considered necessary in democratic societies to sanction all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred based on intolerance.

"As regards the written question E-4896/10, the Commission refers the Honourable Member to its reply to his question E-2056/10 which summarized its view on the subject.

"The Commission would like to conclude that it does not make value judgements on minority and majority cultures and identities, but seeks to support understanding and tolerance between people. It promotes the integration of migrants for the well being of both migrants and the rest of the population and intercultural dialogue as a means to increase understanding and respect between individuals and groups. Fostering peace, tolerance and understanding between people from diverse cultural backgrounds is one of the fundamental goals of the European Union. The Commission is committed to support and defend such values."


Translation: "Yes we are deliberately ethnically cleansing Europe, but it would be racist to say that's a bad thing"

Folly in Gainsville

Pastor Terry Jones

In a nicely written article today entitled “Bonfire of the Insanities” the devastatingly astringent Ann Coulter skilfully skewers the hypocrisy of so many of politicians who only days ago were championing the democratic rights of those seeking to cause deep offence, by building an “Islamic centre” and mosque on the site of buildings damaged in the September 11 2001 terrorist attack on Manhattan, but who are now condemning as “dangerous and disrespectful” Florida Pastor Terry Jones's plans to charcoal grill a few copies of the koran this coming Saturday.

Under the fist amendment of the US constitution Pastor Jones has every right to express his views about the Koran, or any other political tome, in any manner he sees fit. That right is vital to the freedom and health of a democracy, and the American people must resist all attempts by the current administration to take it away from the, which it will do if it is given the chance.

As a resident of Britain, a country where free speech is a limited right and any speech which threatens the establishment's plans to impose a multi-racial society on an unwilling population was prohibited over 30 years ago, I am jealous of that first amendment and I urge our trans-Atlantic friends to treasure and protect it.

However, although I doubt he reads this blog, I also urge Pastor Jones to reconsider his ill-conceived plans.

In doing so I am not concerned that this act of book burning is likely to incite Muslims to violence, which is the disingenuous reason given by everyone from the Pope to Barrack Obama via Tony Blair, General Petraeus, Mike the moron Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton. The fact is that whatever we in the west do, Muslims will find an excuse to be incited to violence by it.

There is an endless list of activities that enable us to protect ourselves, our society andor our way of life which we are now warned will “act as a recruiting sergeant for al Quada”. Merely writing books, drawing cartoons or legislating against the wearing of face masks in public places are enough to send the adherents of Islam into a murderous rage and provoke them into acts of violence. Only today, we were told by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf that were he now not to build his provocative Manhattan mosque, that in itself would "provoke militant Muslims".

We can not live our lives in fear of provoking people who will be provoked by whatever we do.

No, I am not suggesting that Pastor Jones rethink his book burning plans for fear of offending the cult of the perpetually offended. Instead I suggest that he rethinks his plans because of the way that the left, and in particular the left wing media will exploit his unwise act and the lies it will enable them to tell.

If that little church in Gainsville so much as burn a single Koran on Saturday, that act will be used to excuse and justify any number of violent atrocities committed by the hate fuelled followers of the bloodstained cult of Islam.

You can be sure that were Islamic fanatics to set off a bomb in the paediatric ward of a hospital in any American or European city, killing and maiming a hundred Western infants, CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, the Guardian and the rest, together with our craven political leaders, would present it as the entirely reasonable response to an act of Islamophobic intolerance.

Pastor Jonse's plans play right into the hands of the apologists for terror, and they will use it to excuse their darlings for whatever horror they commit.

Islam deserves to carry the responsibility for their own bloodthirsty acts. This plan will give them the fig leaf they will use as fake mitigation and the excuse to portray themselves as victims. We must not give them that excuse.

They, not we, must carry the blame for what they do


Related: This story didn't seem to make the news earlier this year, certainly there were no reports of Christians threatening to kill anyone over it!!

Hat Tip: Alanorei


UPDATE: It seems that Pastor Jones has rethought the idea

Thilo Sarrazin. A Case study into truth and when white people get fed up.

Thilo Sarrazin

I recommend this excellent article by Mike Smith on South Africa Sucks


Thilo Sarrazin. A Case study into truth and when white people get fed up.

By Mike Smith
8th of September 2010

An earthquake has hit Germany in the form of Thilo Sarrazin’s book, “Deutschland Shafft sich ab”. After two weeks, the sixth print has already been sold out. I am currently reading this work and following the reaction of ordinary Germans and the politicians in their local media.

But why the controversy? Well, for that, one has to understand a bit of the German psyche.

First of all Germans are for the most part an intelligent people. Their leadership in Scientific and technological advances is well known. Something made in Germany is synonymous with quality as opposed to something made in China that is synonymous with poor quality.

Germans are very proud and hard-working. Their country has been destroyed through war twice in the last century and they rebuilt it twice. Germans are punctual, focused and have a work ethic that is probably the highest in the world that I have seen…

However, the Germans also suffer from a tremendous guilt complex that has been brainwashed into their minds since a young age over the Jewish holocaust. Most Germans today, were not even born until after the Second World War, never had anything to do with anti Semitism, but have been brainwashed to believe that they are collectively responsible and guilty of the holocaust.

Germany has strict laws against anti Semitism. They also have strict laws against racism, but they still pride themselves in the fact that they are a “Rechtsstaat” with certain freedoms contained in their constitution such as the freedom of speech.

Along comes Thilo Sarrazin and says what is on the minds of 90% of Germans, but what they are all too scared to admit in company lest they be branded as evil racists.

Sarrazin was the correct man of the moment to say it. If it was anybody from the right, like the NPD (Nationalists), the Germans and the world would have dismissed it as Neo-Nazi junk and it would have been forgotten in a few days.

Sarrazin however has excellent credentials. He has been a loyal civil servant for most of his life. He was the former finance minister for Berlin (a City state), he is the current head of the German Reserve Bank and he is a Liberal politician belonging to the Social Democratic Party or SPD.

Sarrazin is the latest voice to see the writing on the wall for Europe, to see the dangers of encroaching Islamification of Europe. Recently we have seen a tendency in Europe to vote RIGHT. After the death (probably an assassination) of Nationalist leader Jörg Haider in Austria, Austria voted RIGHT.

Earlier this year in Hungary, we have seen the Christian Nationalist Party for a better Hungary, Jobik, making massive inroads and becoming the third largest party in Hungary…not only that, they won three seats in the European parliament. Hungary during the middle ages have always been a bulwark against the Ottoman Turks and have on several occasions saved Europe from being overrun by the Muslims.

Nevertheless we have seen in the Netherlands how Geert Wilders of the (Nationalist) Party for Freedom earlier this year became the third largest party in the Netherlands. In the European Parliament election of 2009, it won 4 out of 25 seats. The British National Party won two seats.

So what we are observing in Europe is a move to the RIGHT. Leftwing, socialist, feel good, Lala-land politics have been weighed and found wanting. You simply cannot argue with facts.

And so Thilo Sarrazin, as a leftist Liberal, as I was once before, also came to see the light.

The issues that Sarrazin mentions in his book are only discussed behind closed doors and at private barbeques amongst close friends in Germany. What Sarrazin did was to put the discussion in the open. He created a “Stimmungsbarometer”, a gauge to see where the German people stand at this stage of the fight.

Needless to say, the left was quite perturbed to find out that 90% of Germans supported everything Sarrazin said. They thought that their decades of socialist brainwashing would be enough to change the minds of the Germans, but they finally got a wake-up call. Nationalism cannot be suppressed. It is the strongest natural force inside of us and the harder you try to suppress it the stronger it comes out.

Continue reading at South Africa Sucks

Diversity is Strength?

"We benefit so greatly from diversity" squawk the multi-cultural zealots as they seek to impose more of their unnatural diversity upon us. "Our diversity is our strength!"

""Strength"? not if you are a native western European shrimp being literally eaten alive by immigrants arriving from the East.

As this news story shows, as American gray squirrels, Japanese Knotweed, spider crabs wild mink and numerous other imported alien species before them bad demonstrated, thoughout nature unnatural imported diversity causes untold devastation.

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Rhino Revenge

The following story has been going round the blogs and websites. According to Hoax Slayer it is as yet "unsubstantiated" but they don't say it is actually untrue.

Although we do not wish death on anybody, it would be nice to believe that there was a way of bringing to an end the barbaric trade in rhino horn.

Thanks to Karen for the following story:

Now the first poisoned rhino horn funeral !!

A woman mourns over the body of her deceased husband after he had purchased apparently purposely contaminated Rhino horn on the open market in Bangkok. The source of the contamination is still to be verified but it is thought to be from a private game farm somewhere in Southern Africa.

Officials in Thailand are frantic to identify the source, as the powdered horn is sold in miniscule amounts and they have no idea how much has already been distributed throughout Bangkok. Local hospitals are on standby for an unprecedented influx of new cases.

Officials are unable get information as the rhino horn dealers in Bangkok are being unco-operative. They neither want to be fingered as being the provider of the poisoned horn, not do they want to reveal their illegal international sources. It is believed that private game farm owners in southern Africa are colluding between themselves to distribute an effective poison that is harmless to the animals but harmful, or even fatal as in this case, to those that ingest the contaminated horn.

A game farm owner from the North West Province who obviously wishes to remain anonymous, has admitted to using the poison on 4 of his animals. Three of them have shown no side-effects whatsoever 2 months after the poison was injected into the horns. However the 4th rhino was slaughtered and de-horned on a remote part of his farm in the last week of July. When asked to comment on the death in Thailand from suspect poisoned rhino horn, he refused to be drawn into the morals of the farmers joint action. He said that there would be many more cases in the near future as he was personally aware of at least another 5 slaughters of contaminated rhinos in the North West Province alone.

Authorities in South Africa are unable to comment on the "poison" collusion among the game farm owners nor are they able to verify the source of the contaminated horn.

Tuesday 7 September 2010

More South African farm attacks

Couple who fled Zim attacked on farm

Kimberley - A 78-year-old man was murdered and his 72-year-old wife tied up and assaulted in their house on a farm in the Philipstown district over the weekend.

A police spokesperson said Jakobus Cornelius Wartington and his wife, Anna Maria, were attacked in their house on the farm Disselskuil on Saturday night, between 20:00 and midnight.

Apparently Wartington had gone out to check why their electricity had failed. The generator is in a room outside the house. He was then overpowered by the two suspects.

They viciously assaulted him before going into the house where they attacked and tied up his wife before fleeing in the couple's Bakkie truck

Crawled to telephone

A family member who prefers to remain anonymous said Mrs Wartington "crawled" to the telephone after the attack to phone her son on a nearby farm.

"She has had a hip replacement. I don't know how she managed to reach the telephone. It was pitch dark and she was tied up with shoelaces."

According to the family member, Mrs Wartington said the robbers wanted money from her.

"She didn't have any money. She's an elderly lady, why did they have to beat her like that?"

A doctor at the Central Karoo Hospital in De Aar said Mrs Wartington's condition is stable. She sustained a head injury and a fracture to her forearm.

The couple have been living on the farm for the past three years. They are South African citizens, but formerly lived in Zimbabwe. After being forced to leave Zimbabwe they returned to South Africa.


Woman killed in third attack

Nelspruit - A 64-year-old woman, who refused to move from her smallholding near Nelspruit because her parents' ashes were strewn there, was murdered in her dilapidated house on Thursday morning.

Elizabeth Dorey's hands were tied behind her back, a piece of cloth was stuffed in her mouth and she was strangled with an electrical cable.

It was the third time in seven years that Dorey was attacked in her house on her Hilltop smallholding.

The murderers attacked Dorey in the neglected house early on Wednesday night after they were able to get into the house by breaking a window near the front stoep and completely removing the frame.


A worker arrived at the house at about 07:00 and became suspicious when he noticed the broken window.

He went to fetch help from neighbours about 300m away.

They found her body in the hallway of her house.


Asian Farmer Killed

After years of silence by the South African Government regarding the murders of over 3,100 white farmers, it took the murder of an Asian farmer to unspire a member of the government to acknowledge the killings.

The government did not have a practical rural safety programme to stop the killing of farmers, the Democratic Alliance said in a statement on Monday.

"It is increasingly clear that our farming communities are in dire need of protection and that government has no viable rural safety programme," said Makhosazana Mdlalose, the DA member in the KwaZulu-Natal legislature.

She was commenting on the killing of KwaZulu-Natal Midlands farmer Radash Anandlali, 51, on Sunday.

He was shot, allegedly with his own gun, and stabbed to death in Cramond, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Monday.

Radash Anandlali, 51, was found by his workers at his farm-house.

Full Story

From Dina

Friday 3 September 2010

The Lakin Case - Update

Unsurprisingly an army judge has refused the defence request for sight of documentation which might reveal evidence or otherwise of President Obama's eligibility in the court martial of Lieutenant Colonel Terrance Lakin. As I explained in a previous posting Lakin has refused to obey orders to deploy to Afghanistan until President Obama proves that he is eligible to serve as President.

Lakin's defence had asked to see copies of Obama's school records, which are amongst the library of documentation which the president is withholding abd also a deposition from Officials in Hawaii who claim to have seen Obama's original birth Certificate.

The judge in a judgment so disingenuous it would be laughable were it not so contemptible stated that the eligibility of Lakin's commander in chief is irrelevant to Lakin's court martial.

This is despite the fact that retired Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney sent a sworn affidavit to the Court Martial supporting Lakin’s motions that seek the president’s birth and school records.

The judgment was not surprising as it is becoming clear that there is no judge in America with the honour or courage to allow any defendant or plaintive to require the US president to prove his eligibility.

The dishonesty of the reporting of this case continues in this MSNBC report which includes the lie that "Hawaiian officials say they have records proving Obama was born there". Hawaiian officials have said no such thing, they have only stated that there is a birth certificate on file, they have NOT stated what it proves.

However, only a fool would expect honest reporting of this case in the Believer Media.

Thursday 2 September 2010

The Bees Roux case

Apart from the ongoing public Sector strikes a major news story in South Africa at the moment involves white Blue Bulls Rugby player, Bees Roux, who has been arrested and charged with murdering a Black traffic policeman

I have posted some links to news stories regarding the case at South of the Zambezi Click here to read them

Odyssey from received Ideology into Reality.

By Mister Fox

In the Odyssey of Homer, the hero Odysseus wandered for ten years as he struggled to return to his family from the war with Troy. Homer is one of the greatest Dead White Males, a fount of our literature, which held ideas for subjects, quotations and a form of literature for succeeding writers for centuries to come. It was a spring to the greatest literary tradition in human history, English Literature, that is now a drying river. It was a blending of myths and legends organised into the form of a lofty Epic - the story of a hero. In his novel “Rassellas” Dr. Johnson's hero went on an adventure from the Happy Valley into the real world to make “the choice of life”. We are not offered ”a choice of life”: our lives are circumscribed by totalitarian elites.

There are personal Odysseys' when young people go out into the world or complete their rites of passage. They learn about life - they learn how people treat one another, how bad they can be and this gives them a gravitas and a serious appreciation of life.

A variant of this is an odyssey from the enclosed world of received opinions created by the ruling elite, to the separate reality of what is really happening in the country.

One of the first things the ingenu learns is that it is not only “Whites” who are racist. We are supposed to think we are and that we are the cause of the failure of the Multi-Racial dream to materialise, because we are essentially evil (racist). We realise that other ethnic groups are racist towards us and have hatreds of other ethnic groups different from, or rival to, themselves. The animosity between Muslims and Sikhs is very fierce indeed. Asylum seekers have fought gun battles in quiet formerly Ashford, Kent. The world around us is not as we were told it is. (1)

The re-education of Germany after the war by America was headed by Frankfurt School guru Theodor Adorno , with such as philosopher John Dewey and Major-General Robert McClure. Similar methods have since been used to re-educate Europe and the Anglosphere.(1) The new ideology was formed by followers of Freud and Marx and set the standard whereby dissidents were classed as Nazis or Fascists(later racists), the negative part of the dominant multi-racial ideology; it is the yardstick for everything to be avoided like sinning in religion; and the pathologising of the recalcitrant as having mental problems(prejudice) rather than a different point of view.

In this looking glass world we are the innocent victims of a fanatic Ideology called Multi-Racialism. It is the inverse of Nazism with we “whites” as the scapegoat group replacing Jews or the Bourgeoisie. Instead of the thousand year Reich of the Master Race, they are aiming for a Multi-Racial utopia of coffee-coloured persons. The groups Hitler hated, homosexuals, Gypsies and other racial groups are now privileged and almost sacred. Jews were almost deified for a time, but are falling from fashion. We are untermenschs and the inverse lebensraum is the importation of immigrants to replace us.

Public workers are trained to perceive reality in the way approved by the elites. Local councils send employees on a Soviet-style training to teach them they are uniquely racist - Racial Awareness Training, or RAT. If you convince another that they are always wrong then even when you yourself are wrong it looks as if you are right! It is how our negative self-image has been brainwashed into our consciousness. Well, stop! Think! That is dehumanisation. Just sit back and ponder this: You, gentle reader, are being de-humanised to make you feel guilty for things you have not done and to prepare you for dispossession. It is to demoralise you, to sap your spirit, so that you move out of your community without a protest.

As a little vignette of modern evil - RAT. The basis of this was a book by one Judith Katz which stated that racism is inherent only in whites. All other ethnic groups are pure and untainted by sin. The Whites are labelled racist and in a perverse racial persecution are reviled and abused in a sadistic ritual to drive out their racism and to punish them for imagined sins. In these sessions on video, a white blonde-haired woman would be verbally abused until she wept. Is that to promote racial harmony? No: it is a racist attack on us Whites.

It is the masochistic confessional that police officers do. For years Teacher Training colleges have imparted the racist slur that only those with power can be racists. The idea is to stigmatise only Whites but stop! Throughout the Western world people of Jewish origin hold much power – the banks, Hollywood, Western media, so the Neo-Marxists are inculcating anti-Semitism in the masses!

Many Multi-Racial myths propagandised as truth melt into air when tested against reality. It is said that Muslims have a superior morality. In Balsall Heath, Birmingham there was a famous street named Cheddar Road. For years it had been a red-light area until the Muslims drove the tarts out. They were driven out by intimidation and harassment not harmonious race- relations. The last one to go was jeered and abused by children and repeatedly had fireworks pushed through her letterbox.

It is a process of ethnic cleansing to make territory suitable for their women and children. Vigilante groups drive round surrounding areas in widening circles harassing women whom they take to be tarts and street drinkers to drive them out. They make places safe for their own wives and children but to them we are “other” and they have no moral sense towards us. They repeatedly capture our young girls in bonds of drink and drugs and gang-rape them. (2)

I remember a simple, unworldly middle-class woman from Oxford Road, Moseley pontificating on how nice to see young Muslim men and White women in Cannon Hill Park “coming together”. Well, they were certainly doing that! She still trusts the elites and thinks they are looking after our interests. What the bourgoise gull did not know was that the White girls get gang-banged until the time comes for the young men to enter into arranged marriages, then they are dropped. This is what young British women have been delivered into by the evil elites; is this all our young women are worth?

The Soviets used to direct labour: our elites direct immigrants into our communities. Like the Soviets they live in special areas themselves: Mrs.Thatcher and John Major for example, live in gated communities, low hypocrites like TV interviewer Jeremy Paxman, beautiful rural villages where they employ immigrants as cheap labour!. (3) This is why he is so aggressive with interviewees he smugly labels racist – his own self-interest.

Hoist by their own petard: Pakistan was the source of hard drugs for years and now many young Muslim men have fallen prey to heroine and crack cocaine. I can imagine people being surprised at this revelation, which clashes so mightily with the received prejudices. To those unworldly doubters I say: “Go round the hostels and the Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the inner cities and look!

Here is a practical example of how totalitarianism works. When I wrote “men” I froze momentarily, as I realised that describing them as “men” is no longer permitted. I should have said “persons”. The reason why I chose and used the word “men” was because in my experience the Asians who are addicted to heroine and crack cocaine have all been young men and to say “person” would be to implicate women in something that I have no evidence for and that would be unjust.

We are politically programmed by received ideology not experience. Ideology is a system of abstract ideas aimed towards a future system of perfection that we call Utopias. There is no learning by experience involved just surrendering to the orthodox views of the time. It is a type of arrested mental development. It is a secular religion and needs an enemy in opposition like religion needs a evil; we Whites are the enemy to the ideology of multi-racialism and used as culprits and scapegoats.

Near Craven Arms in Shropshire there is a folly that is (or was) owned by the Film actress Julie Christy. There is always something quaint and humorous about these idiosyncratic buildings. The locals tell of how the owner built it to see his ships returning through the Bristol Channel in the far distance! This folly is well named. It is also innocent.

But if one goes to the hideously desecrated Dover beach one will see folly that is most certainly not innocent! This is the Channel Tunnel, or Mrs. Thatcher’s Folly. Its mouth, like a satanic gargoyle, spews forth those who are coming to take our homes, Communities and destroy our environment. A historical precedent: In 409 A.D. As Rome was overrun St. Jerome wrote some moving lines:” I shall now say a few words of our present miseries…savage tribes in countless numbers have overrun all parts…The once noble city of Mainz has been captured and destroyed. In its Church many thousands have been massacred.” (Epistle 125)

When I was young, I did an a-level in Sociology and we were trained in the Levi-Strauss folly that we are just another culture like primitive tribes somewhere up the Amazon. I suggest that that comparing us with undeveloped tribes is inaccurate. For a nation that is declining from being a world empire the realistic comparison is with previous great empires, which also collapsed. The most obvious is the fall of Rome, but there many others, the Greeks; Egyptians, Hittites; Babylonians; Sumerians. Like us Rome rose from a smaller core area, hit a peak then went into decline. It is idle to look for exact recurrence in history but there is a similarity of symptoms. In the 345AD Barbarians were pouring over the Danube and into Rome as they are now coming out of Mrs. Thatcher’s Folly.

David Shayler the former MI5 spy revealed that in the 1990’s MI5 allowed thousands of members of al-Queda into this country despite repeated warnings from the French secret services and that many of these can no longer be removed because they have been given British citizenship! There are laws of Islamaphobia. At the same time we are told that terrorist attacks on us by Muslim extremists are inevitable. So now you know. Sit and wait to be blown up but if you are rude about the terrorists the British police will arrest you! (4)

It is a combination of Politically Correct ideology and emasculation in our rulers. Those who negotiate the world by common sense can not understand why Taliban fighters who fought against our soldiers are given asylum or why we are sued by people shot by our forces in the theatre of war.

I wish here to sound a warning to Jewish people: like black racist attacks on whites, which are kept secret, another hidden reality is racial attacks on Jewish people by Muslims.

When William Hague was leader of the Conservative party, he was to attend a function with the Jewish Board of Deputies. Some refused to attend because of his outspoken attacks on asylum seekers. I assume that his words raised the awful spectre of the gas chambers, but wait! This looking back to the past for the danger is not to face the future. Do Brits want to harm the Jewish community? Throughout Europe ordinary Jews are being persecuted by the Muslims their leaders helped import. For their own safety ordinary Jews must rebel against their leaders who are leading them into another persecution at the hands of Muslims.

Why should we want to imitate Hitler, a foreign failure? Churchill tried to have a Bill introduced to control immigration in 1955. He had to stand down because of ill health – one of the greatest tragedies in modern history because his successor Anthony Eden shelved it. All across the country “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is on sale in Muslim shops!

It is customary for the promoters of decadence to attribute evil intentions to nationalists, to allege that we are actively going about the world seeking to harm those who are different from ourselves. But the Multi-Racial totalitarianism was imposed on us and is having us driven out of our communities. The East End of London, famous for cockneys is almost entirely ethnically cleansed. It is mind-expanding to realise that the elites are what thy accuse us of: They are Racists and White supremacists in the back of their minds but because they have to deny it it is projected on to us. Which see: they assume that the immigrants want to be like us which shows a sense of superiority. They deny the reality of changes made to our lives which are harmful to us: the scam of crashing cars, honour killings, forced marriages and producing idiots by first cousins marrying. Rather than proscribe such vile, savage practices the elites force us to accept them.

In the innocent days of the fifties these developments were unforeseeable but more uncivilised consequences of multi-racialism will occur. We need to be armed against these evils and had we kept the defence of our traditional prejudices none of this would have come to pass.

We are tarred with the brush of harbouring evil in our hearts against the incomers but it is reactive not innate. We did not ask for this. I am part of a reaction to try and save our people and communities from an unwarranted attack and if I were not morally obliged to do my duty, I would have stayed behind my plough! The whole Multi-Racial idea was forced on us by deceitful Governments who convinced us that we were in a democracy and as our elected representatives they were acting in our interests. We are living through a great historical phenomenon for it falls to few to live through the destruction of their civilisation in what is one of the most evil attacks on innocent, ordinary, people by their own rulers in the history of the human race.

(1) Paul Gottfried. The Strange Death of Marxism.(2005); Tomislav Sunic. Homo Americanus: Child of the PostModern Age(2007). There are many books on this often from the victors point of view and often in German.

(2) ;

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Blurring the truth - Part 1

Some while ago I posted a video of Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin explaining his reasons for refusing to be deployed to Afghanistan until US President Barrack Obama provide proof that he is eligible to serve in the role of president. That is to say, proves that he is a natural born citizen of America, as required by the US Constitution.

Lakin contends that, if Obama is not eligible to be president, then he does not have the legal authority to order soldiers to go to war, and in all likelihood kill people.

If that were the case then he, Lakin could be guilty of a criminal act, arguably a war crime in breach of international law were he to obey those orders.

A hearing is scheduled in Lakin's court-martial case this Thursday at which a ruling is expected on defense requests for the release of some of the documents which the president has so far withheld.

When posting the video, I did not express any personal view as to the merits of Lt. Col Lakin's argument, other than to say that he was a brave and honourable man, and certainly a bigger man than the rag taggle troop of media whores and pundits who are currently attacking him on tawdry, pretend news, sites such as the congenitally dishonest CNN and the progressively unwatchable MSNBC.

The posting received quite a lively response, including a number of comments from from people who took the view that Lt. Col Lakin's case had no merit, he was either deluded, racist or a coward, that Obama had already proved he was born in the US state of Hawaii and therefore had no case to answer.

The comments can be read by clicking here, and hope I am not misquoting anyone, however, as I read it the arguments were widely as follows:
  • Obama has produced an official and legally binding document confirming that he was born in Hawaii
  • Hawaiian officials have verified Obama was born in Hawaii
  • This document has been verified by various independent non-political websites, such as and
  • In 1961, two Hawaiian newspapers carried announcements of baby Obama's birth
  • A conspiracy of the type suggested would require too many people to be in on it for it to work
  • If there was evidence that Obama was not eligible the Clinton team would have found it and exposed it.
  • And (as of last month) the Whitehouse have issued a copy of Obama’s passport, showing he was born in Hawaii.

Most of these points (apart from the passport image, which has only just appeared) are addressed in a lengthy analysis of Obama's claims to eligibility by Douglas J Hagmann of NorthEast Intelligence Network these are compiled into two reports which are available in the following PDFs:

Investigative Report Part 1

Investigative Report Part 2

I fully acknowledge that Mr Hagmann is not an unbiased source, however, when you look into this matter it becomes clear that very few of the sources on either side are unbiased, including those who claim to be “independent”. Therefore, so as to judge this issue, one has to rely on the quality of the analysis, rather than any claimed neutrality on the part of the analyst.

This is not difficult, given that there is very little attempt at analysis on the part of Obama's defenders, (or the “believers" as one might call them) just a lot of arrogant jeering and name calling, whereas Douglas Hagman makes some very telling points and raises issues, especially in part 2, which have not been satisfactorily answered. Hagmann's reports make interesting reading, and I urge you to read them, whatever your take on this issue.

At this point I would like to make clear that I have no idea where Obama was born, he may well have been born in Hawaii as he claims, however, the fact remains that, despite claims to the contrary, this has not been conclusively proved.

A significant number of questions have been raised which cast doubt on Obama’s claims, and these questions have not been satisfactorily answered. In addition to this, there is some evidence that Obama and his supporters may have deliberately sought to mislead the public over this issue, which in itself is troubling. Meanwhile the president has spent at least one million dollars, some estimate the figure as two million, in efforts to prevent the release of documents which would answer the question.

This inevitably raises the suspicion that something is being hidden, and it is something which the president of America does not want the American people to know.

Why does this matter?

It matters because the person involved has been placed in the position of being the most powerful human being on the planet. He has at his disposal one of the mightiest arsenals of weapons ever assembled, weapons which destroy planet Earth many times over, and he has the power to order their use against any nation he chooses to. He is at the head of the worlds only current super-power and has at his command the means of impacting upon the well being, or otherwise of every nation and every individual alive today and upon their descendents .

Furthermore, the truth or otherwise of this matter reflects directly on the integrity of the leader of the free world, and surely that matters to us all.

To grant one man such power it is essential to at least know who he is. A few bits of circumstantial evidence suggesting he may be who he says he is are not good enough.

As Douglas Hagmann points out there is a difference between evidence and proof. What has been produced is evidence, what is in short supply is proof.

For instance, in a murder trial, evidence could be that you own a shoe with an imprint similar to the footprint left in blood a murder scene.

Proof on the other hand is demonstrating that the mark was left by your shoe and that your foot was in it at the time.

Obama's supporters point arrogantly at the shoe print, they have not, however, put Obama in the shoe.

According to Hagmann, Obama's refusal to produce the documents asked of him, would automatically exclude him from becoming the head of any major business corporation, do we really require less of the leader of the free world?

In the remaining part of this article I will comment on the various arguments in support of President Obama’s eligibility. As this runs to some length, the article continues on Sarah Maid of Albion II.