Wednesday 30 November 2011

A crime against the state

My friend the Green Arrow and others have written a number of articles on The British Resistance Site regarding the recent Internet sensation featuring a young mother secretly filmed on a South London tube expressing her views on issues of immigration and nationality.  Links to the various articles at the British Resistance  can be found at the bottom of this posting.

The woman in question has been charged with an extraordinarily Orwellian sounding “racially aggravated public order offence” and has been remanded in custody without bail pending psychiatric reports.

This event and the reactions to it both by the police, the judiciary and the general public tell us a great deal about the country we are living in.

One of the things which we in the West once found most frightening about the Old Soviet Union, about Nazi Germany before that and indeed of some of the worst third world dictatorships, was that people could be locked up for expressing the wrong views.  That now happens here.

It was once considered noble to state that "I may detest what you say, but would defend to the death your right to say it". Today just to express such a view renders one subject to the suspicion of holding unacceptable views.

We now live in a country where someone can be imprisoned for saying stuff.

Worse than that, all the little Twitter-Nazis on the internet are cheering. 

Meanwhile, there isn't a journalist or a mainstream politician with the guts or the honour to speak out against our slide into totalitarianism.

As a society, whatever our politics, we should all find this very frightening.


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South African farmer killed for a cellphone

Thomas Ferreira

A Free State family is shattered after their husband and father was shot through the kitchen door of the farm where he grew up.

Mr. Thomas Ferreira (54) owner of the Shell Filling station at Tom's Place outside Bloemfontein and a Bonsmara farmer on the farm Riversford, managed, in his wounded condition to repel his attackers.  However he sadly succumbed whilst making a a desperate attempt to get help.

Apparently Mr. Ferreira was killed for the sake of a cellphone, which was the only property stolen.

Miss Michelle Ferreira, the deceased's sister, she came across her brother's body, covered in blood and lying on a pathway, where he had collapsed about 10 metres from his farm workers' dwellings.  Despite having been shot three times in his upper body resulting in the loss of a lot of blood, he had managed to negotiate the approximate 500 metres to these dwellings.

His wife, Dr. Marita Ferreira, a lecturer and his daughter Roux-Cil were not on the farm as they spend the week in Bloemfontein.  As Mr. Ferreira regularly phoned his wife each night at 8.30 she became worried when he didn't phone and she discovered his phone was off.  That was when asked Michelle to go and check up.

Michelle Ferreira said that you could gauge, from the blood-spattered section outside the kitchen door, that her brother had wrestled with the attackers.

Mr. Colin Vorster, a neighbour of Mr. Ferreira's for the past 16 years, saw two unknown men running across his farm and contacted the police, little knowing his neighbour had been murdered.  He later praised the quick reaction and help from the Tierpoort police.

So far no arrests have been made.
Thanks to H for the translation


Screwdriver attack

 In a separate farm attack Near Cape Town an elderly farmer and his wife survived an attack by a group of men with knives and screwdrivers who broke into their home in the early hours of last Friday morning.

After tying up the 84 year old woman and injuring the 86 year old man with a screwdriver, the attackers stole a firearm and an amount of cash before fleeing the scene.

The couple received medical attention at the scene.

News report
Hat tip: Heather, Mulder and Macaw

Saturday 26 November 2011

The net sum of lies

According to figures just released, despite the government's promise to reduce net immigration into Britain to a somewhat undefined figure of “tens of thousands”, last year in fact saw the highest level of net immigration ever.  In total 252,000 more people immigrated into the country than those who emigrated out of it.

Clearly, at this stage the government is not showing any signs of keeping its promise, which, I doubt has come as a huge surprise to most of us.

However, bad as this appears, if one really considers these figures they are actually worse than they seem to be.

For instance, what do they always focus on the “net” figure?  The net total only tells us the increase in numbers resulting from immigration, after deducting from the total, those, many of them native Britons who have left the country, most probably because they can no longer stand living in the Multicultural hell hole it has become.

The net figure only matters to those who care only about numbers and who don't give a damn about the ethnic, cultural and racial demographic change which is being imposed on this country.

Of course, in politically correct totalitarian Britain we are not permitted to care about that change to our country, the only sop we are allowed is a limited licence to care about the numbers, not the composition.

In fact the demographic make up of our country did not change by a mere 252,000 in 2010, it changed by at least 591,000, because that is the true “official” number of non-British immigrants who arrived in this country last year.  In terms of the destructions of this countries racial heritage that is the figure which matters, or at least it is part of it.

In terms of the “net” figure, the government could well achieve their promise by not reducing immigration at all and merely encouraging half a million native Britons to leave the country each year.  That way “net” immigration would be under 100,00 a year. (not too difficult a task given the way things are going!)

The total official immigration figure of between 500,000 and 600,000 a year has remained constant over the last 14 odd years, resulting in a demographic change of well in excess of seven million, not counting the baby bomb which explodes shortly after each year's arrival.

Another interesting feature of the figures was the number of immigrants who allegedly came to Britain to “study”, that number is quoted as 238,000 yes, that is right, 238,000!!  Is anyone really dumb enough to believe that almost a quarter of a million people came into the country to study? The government is not that thick, the media is not that stupid, nobody is that dumb!  So why do they pretend they are?

An equally interesting figure is the one left after you deduct the number of immigrants who claim they came to “study” and those who claim they came to “work” from the total who came. The figure you are then left with is 179,000 who if they didn't come work or study must presumably have come as dependants, rather like the family of this guy, who's parents are currently being paid pensions by the British tax payer!

Yeah, who's dependants?  Ours!

This. In itself, is only part of the picture, the figures relate only to those who moved here officially. Given that the authorities long ago gave up checking that those who come here on short term visas ever get round to leaving, (and just how many do you think dod so?!) we really have no idea how many people are flooding into this country each year.   One thing is for certain, it is a lot more than we are told.

We are being lied to about immigration and the effect it is having on this country. Not only are we misled over the true figures, but, despite the evidence all around us, we are also constantly told that it is doing us good.

In which case, why are we broke?

In the face of social and economic collapse, shrill voices from “industry” keep insisting that immigration “benefits” our economy, and that the government's (apparently mythical) plans to cap it will “do damage”. This is of course total codswallop (to  use a milder word than I might otherwise have) in truth what curbing immigration might do is deprive “industry” of cheap labour. 

Are they saying that all the immigrants who have come in over the last few decades have ceased to be of benefit?  Or is it just that they are no longer prepared to work for the sort of wages one can only survive on by living ten to a bedroom, or sleeping in a garden shed in Southall. Hence there is forever a need of new migrants to exploit.

There isn't a politician, commentator or journalist with the courage or the honesty to admit the truth, and while they remain silent it just gets worse. They are pathetic.

Sometimes I just get so bloody angry

Friday 25 November 2011

mongrel Island?

As a postscript to August’s excellent article on Liberal democrat candidate Sandy Walkington's deeply bigoted and ignorant comments about Britain, which was posted earlier, I think it is important to make clear that not only are Mr. Walkington’s views flawed and misguided for the reasons which August highlighted so well, but that Walkington's basic premise, that we, the British, are a nation of mongrels is blatantly untrue.

This claim is, of course, made frequently by liberals and multicultural zealots, but it is a lie based on ideological wish fulfillment and pure fantasy exposing a total ignorance of history.

Prior to 1950, Britain was, in fact, one of the most racially homogeneous nations on Earth, even today over 80% of the native population are able to trace their genetic ancestry back by means of DNA at least 15 thousand years, that is to say some sixteen times longer than the indigenous  Maori people of New Zealand and roughly as long as the Clovis people of North America.

The “mongrel claim” depends on the hypothesis that previous influxes of immigrants and refugees changed the ethnic make up of the British people.  This hypothesis if frankly incorrect.  In the main the groups involved were so small in number that they had no perceptible impact on the indigenous population.  For example, the very largest group, the French Huguenots, amounted in number to less than a fifth of the current Somali population and there are currently over one hundred times as many people originating from the Indian sub continent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) living in Britain today than all the Huguenots who came here in the 16th and 17th centuries. 

As the two main invasions of Britain, at least those which occurred prior to the second half of the 20th Century, these did not have the effect the multicultural fairy tale tellers would have us believe. Following the Norman conquest most Norman troops returned home and the only significant interbreeding with our ethnically identical kin the Normans was primarily restricted to our aristocracy.

Some limited interbreeding unquestionably took place following the Roman conquest  thousand years before, however, again, unlike today, this was insufficient to have any impact on the native population.

One can dismiss Bonnie Greer’s fanciful claims on the infamous Question Time edition with Nick Griffin, about platoons of Africans arriving with the Roman troops, this is the sort of dubious “history” which usually appears in books with large print, lots of colours and repeated references to “diversity”.

There is no firm historical evidence that African troops accompanied the Roman invaders in any significant numbers if any did at all. If such Africans actually existed, there is no evidence they were not castrated, as was the general fate of freed slaves in ancient Rome, or that they were “Africans” as we would understand the description today, the demographics of much of North Africa were very different than it is in our time. 

Finally, there is certainly no evidence any African were “left behind" to mate with the flan haired natives as the disingenuous Miss Greer whimsically suggests.

To be blunt Greer’s claims were laughable and devoid of any historical substance. It is a shameful indictment of our times that no mainstream historian had the guts or the honesty to challenge her.  

It may be true that over any milenia Britain became the home of a small number of other Northern European tribes  such as Angles, Saxons and Vikings but they were ethnically identical to the Picts and Celts who were before them.  Sharing the blood of a small number of identical Northern European tribes does not make us mixed race and most definitely does not make us “mongrels”.

The politically correct Mr.Walkington should remember that the population of Ethiopia, for instance is made up of no less than eighty North African tribes, meanwhile the people of Kenya include some forty ethnically identical East African tribes. If this hypocrite calls us mongrels on the basis that we are made up of half a dozen Nothern European tribes, he is clearly implying that Ethiopians and Kenyans are far more "mongrels" than we are.

How many times would hell have to freeze over before Walkington could bring himself to use a term, which trips so easily off his narrow lips in relation to white Europeans, when describing an African or Asian people?.

Lies such as those parroted by the unpleasant Mr. Walkington are repeated over and over again for ideological reasons, and in order to achieve a political goal. That goal is the destruction of Western Nations states by imposing an alien culture and finally an alien ethnicity upon once homogenous peoples.  They form part of an act of deliberate genocide by stealth, which I have described here before, and must be challenged every time they are told..

Walkington lies also when he says he has “no problem” with what he calls “the fact” that in 200 years we will all be coffee coloured.  In fact he glories in the prospect, as it is after all the outcome which the political masters he serves are determined to achieve.        

But a lie is a lie is a lie. Goebbels may have been correct that if you tell a lie often enough people will come to believe it, however, a lie can never become a truth no matter how often our enemies repeat it.        

The views of Sandy Walkington

Sandy Walkington (right) pictured with Business Minister Vince Cable

Sandy Walkington, liberal democrat candidate for St Albans has said, “We are all mongrels.  I mean this country is the most mongrelled (sic) country in the world.  In 200 years we will all be coffee-coloured – and I have got no problem with that”.
This grandiloquence and cultured bravado is naïve.  Underlying this man’s thesis is a peculiar (in the sense that it is not consistent with the views of humans for millennia past) implied undercurrent of contentment.  This contentment seems to arise from the illusion that if there is genetic homogeneity, there will be less strife and consequently the population will be safer, more content, and “happier”.

He is mistaken in believing that stirring genes in a pot of miscegenation will produce a uniform product. At a genetic science level she is wrong, because there will still not be a homogeneity. This is because the different expressions of various gene pools in mulattos will repeatedly force out differences. 

Be that as it may, where Walkington’s true innocence lies is that he does not, perhaps cannot, understand that humans slowly acquire the equilibrium necessary for their contentment, dependent upon the context in which they live. 

Given similar genetics the prime facilitator to this is the culture that humans evolve around themselves. These are patterns of behaviour of exquisite finesse, which evolve, not over decades and not even over two centuries, but over millennia.  It is this common culture, which allows the harmony of understanding within homogenous groups, which permits common perceptions and establishes equilibriums of values. Some groups are highly successful in this cultural evolution. Others fail 

What heterogeneous immigration brings is not additional culture, but a vacuum, a tear and hiatus in the existing highly sophisticated and tightly woven culture of the host country.

The world is awash with conflicts; almost all are conflicts of culture, immiscible and unsolvable because each of those cultures has its own strengths, profundity and deeply ingrained evolution.  Juxtapose different cultures and conflict is inevitable.

Therefore if this man seeks a peaceful Britain he should be seek to preserve the unitary culture with which the British have been blessed. He should not be preaching a perfidy, and betraying the cultural about which he claims to proudly boast.

As the creators of the greatest empire the world has ever known, the sub-group of Europeans genetically and culturally isolated in their British island, had perfected a homogeneity which allowed them this extraordinary creativity. 

What earlier immigrants there were, for by far the greater part, were Europeans with a very similar gene stock.  Their ingress into Britain brought with them only a marginally different gene stock and culture, which was proximal enough to the British to harmonise.

The earlier European immigrants were very different from the current Negro and Asiatic immigrants into Britain. The new aliens’ gene pools and cultures are widely divergent from the consistent genotype and coherent culture which is (or was) the British.  That these immigrants come with an inherent inability to merge into a stable and successful society is there for all who wish to see.  Even the immigrants will be aware of this, which is why they are fleeing from failed nations and patently unsuccessful cultures

The very word homogeneity is derived from genetic consistency.  In advocating “multi-culturism” (whatever that might mean, perhaps apartheid?) these political quasi scientists/philosophers run an impoverished, simplified intellect.  Sandy Walkington’s intellectual subtlety sits at the level of the pre-school child, who has learned only that mixing all colours together consistently makes a dirty brown.

What bitter irony that the homogenous genetic and cultural equilibrium which was Britain’s is being destroyed by people of his limited insight, and inappropriate power. What an extraordinary, irreversible, experiment he is predicting. What a calamitous failure he is promoting.

Thursday 24 November 2011

The enemies amongst us

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through...all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
- Marcus Tullius Cicero January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC

Those words, first spoken more that twenty one centuries ago have been quoted often during the ensuing millennia, and are repeated frequently by nationalists in our own time. We need not question their longevity, for they remain as relevant and as apt today as they did when Cicero spoke them in the first century BC. In fact they are words never more pertinent than today, for our modern society has so blurred the line between honour and betrayal, between truth and between lies that traitors can move more freely, can spread their poison more widely and can have a more devastating effect than at almost any previous time in our history.

It was the traitor who told us we must question our old certainties, but he did so not for the sake of enlightenment but to undermine the bedrock and mortar which maintained our unity and our resolve. With those certainties went our beliefs and our values leaving us adrift and exposed to the dark shapes circling around us, and it was then that the traitor began his real work.

I speak of “the traitor” but he is, in fact legion and has swiftly infected almost every corner of our once great societies.  He comes in many forms, ranging from the true believer determined to destroy Western man for the sake of an ever evolving ideology, they are fanatics yet capable of changing their modus but not their aims following the collapse of the Soviet Union.  At the other end of the scale are effectively, drones, brainwashed into doing what they have been taught to believe is right.  

Between those two extremes are the cynics including politicians and the very rich who gain short term material gain from the joint enterprise, the third world racists who are doing it out of hate, and the white inverted racists, whom Pat Buchanan refers to as "ethno-masochist", people who delight in inflicting harm on their own ethnic group so as to earn what they view as moral credits.     

They are in our police forces, they proliferate in our judiciary and in our institutions, they sit in parliament and they dominate our schools and places of education where they teach lies and half truths in place of history and tell our children to feel shame for their race.

In this article I plan to focus of one of their most deadly manifestations the manner in which they have captured and transformed the Western media and imposed their deformed narrative upon all mainstream sources of information to the point where the media in all its mainstream forms has become one of the most deadly enemies of the West.  Deadly because it is they who inject the poisons and administer the sedatives which render us unable and unwilling to resist what is being done to use.

They are with us twenty four hours a day, creating false realities, forming out opinions and telling us what to think, whilst stealthily terrorizing and intimidating us until we become ashamed and frightened of our natural instincts and progressively secret views and anything which, in another age would have given us courage and prompted us to resist their campaign against us.

Our news men have long ago given up reporting the facts with anything approaching balance , they no longer inform, they indoctrinate.  They have ceased to be reporters and have become propagandists and even more so they have become censors.  Facts and events which if reported could undermine the official message are suppressed, silenced and hurled into the great silent shredder where uncomfortable truths now go to die.

Those events which can not be buried and hidden away are presented as something other than what they are, as with the true nature of the so called Arab “spring” the real ethnic make up of the “English” rioters or the reality of underage sexual grooming in Britain.

A few generations before our own, journalism could still be viewed as an honourable trade, when reporter still viewed their roles as seekers of truth and exposers of wrong doing. There is now no honour left in their murky trade. The truth is now the very last thing they seek and facts are not exposed, they are spun to suit an agenda or to act as modern fables essential to the ongoing indoctrination.

It has reached the point that there is no benefit to be gained from watching a television news broadcast or reading a newspaper unless you accept that a significant part of what is being laid before you is pure fiction and the rest, unless it is ideologically neutral, which very little is, will feature half truths and distortions.  

Briefly we are seeing a shadow of these liars true nature.  This very week the Leveson Inquiry into abuses by the media are beginning to expose the total contempt and disregard for the public endemic within the culture of our newsrooms, however, this is only scratching at the surface of the true iniquity and inherent treachery within the fourth estate.   

The inquiry will not go further than exposing phone hacking and lying about individual victims, it will not examine the role of these creatures in what has been done to our society.  We are only able to read about it because one section of the media are enjoying undermining Rupert Murdoch, who's Fox News organisation is likely to be the only section of the US media to oppose Obama's reelection in 2012.   In any event news reporting is only part of the brainwashing, and in many ways not the most insidious.

Although the vast majority of those reading at this site take an interest in news and current affairs, and many of us spend hours tracking down the truth behind news stories we are a tiny minority. Most of the public, especially the young, take little if any interest in “the news”, however, the media have other and far more powerful means of lying to them, through entertainment and popular drama.

Through TV screens, cinemas, DVDs even the music they listen to and the “popular” internet sites they visit an alternative reality is projected to them which complements and bolsters the fake reality which was taught to them in school.

The alternative reality is effectively a reverse reality where multicultural diversity is cool, desirable and benign, whereas nationalism and any opposition to the third world colonisation of the West is evil, malevolent and ugly.

Non-whites are eternally intelligent. honourable and desirable, or the innocent victims of European prejudice.  If they are not victims they doctors, teachers, scientists, policemen or in other ways heroic, whereas all paedophiles, rapists, serial killers bigots and, of course, all racists are white.

Then we have advertising which is beginning to take on a surreal element reminiscent of 1930’s style soviet Union style propaganda. For instance when happy white families spread Clover butter substitute on their sandwiches while gleefully applauding benign and elderly black musicians and when virtually every commercial for beauty products shampoo or slimming aids, as if by mandate have to feature three females “best friends” of politically correct differing ethnic shades, how do these differ from the images of happy peasants waving their scythes and sickles over a plentiful harvest, which were used by Russian propagandist to disguise a very different and far less attractive reality?.     

Beyond brainwashing the media has a more sinister role in spreading terror and encouraging obedience they do this by ensuring that any transgressors, and any who dare question the new orthodoxy are punished severely, humiliatingly and in public.  When the modern media exposes alleged “ra##ists” like Tiger Woods ex-caddy, or, they hope, John Terry, they are performing the same function as the stocks in medieval town squares, or the show trials behind the old Iron Curtain, their purpose being to scare the public into acquiescence.

To a monumental degree they have been extraordinarily successful in their malevolent scheme.

It has long been clear that the western media are among the greatest enemies of Western society, they are the traitors within our walls, it is they who are beaming their poison and their lies into our homes day after days, brainwashing, and terrorizing us, creating a false reality and hiding the truth from us.

Mass media has the means to create great good, however, it is being use to achieve great evil.

It is the agent which has brought us to where we are and it is the poison which will kill us.  We will not succeed, we will not survive unless be can break its deadly grip on our crippled and dying countries and expose the monsters lurking behind the toxic smokescreen they have created.           

Saturday 19 November 2011

Archbishop John Sentamu’s Misconceptions about the Nature of Western Economies

© Frank Ellis 2011

John Sentamu’s article in the Yorkshire Pos (online 5th November 2011) in which he attacks the inequalities of wealth generated by an economic system largely based on the private ownership of the means of production reveals him to be a woefully ignorant commentator, and one who fails to grasp the reasons for the West’s astonishing intellectual and economic achievements. The substance of Sentamu’s article, such as it is, also confirms the sharp decline in the intellectual core of the Church of England’s leadership.

Social, intellectual and economic inequalities that arise from hard work, self-discipline and superior IQ are everywhere to be seen. They are a natural state whereby those endowed with such qualities will rise in social status, if they so wish, and to whom the benefits of wealth will accrue. Nature provides no evidence that all men were created equal or that all men will achieve the same things and reach the same goals. In what is still a largely white country, though mass, non-white immigration is set to reduce whites to a minority in their own country, black failure in education, employment and high levels of representation in crime, confirm that the qualities required for even modest levels of success are largely absent among blacks resident in Britain. Is it this, I wonder, that serves to fuel Sentamu’s resentment of England?  Does his apparent concern for the well-being of lower-paid workers mask a racist resentment of conspicuously successful whites?  Bear in mind that Sentamu was one of those fellow-travelling, useful idiots who lent his name to the viciously anti-white racist Macpherson Report (1999). Macpherson, Sentamu and all the others involved in the preparation of this hate tract, which had very little to do with a bungled murder inquiry and everything to do with attacking and undermining the institutions of a white nation, bear a large share of the responsibility for the degenerate behaviour of blacks that struck English cities in August 2011.

It does not occur to Sentamu that companies and businesses are founded by ambitious and private individuals whose intention is to create a successful business not a charity. Some of these companies generate huge wealth and their products have immeasurably improved the living standards of millions of people. They exist to make money and profit so that they can meet the demands of investors and so that they can reinvest capital to make more products. A privately owned company that is conspicuously profitable and handsomely rewards its shareholders and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) will generate envy and resentment, especially among those who regard themselves as the intellectual and moral arbiters of our society.  Privately run companies do not have to answer to the outpourings of Sentamu’s poisonous envy presented as concern for the less economically successful.

Sentamu concludes that in those instances in a company where CEOs are paid 300 times more than the least well paid employees  - no company is actually cited by Sentamu – that this tells these employees ‘that they are of little value’. It tells employees no such thing. However much he might like to enjoy the same salary and benefits of the CEO the security guard knows that he is incapable of running a major company. If he is convinced that he is as good as his master he can start a business and prove it. Otherwise he must earn his living as an employee. Where large numbers of people come together, as in the workplace, inequalities between and among individuals will be apparent. No employee works to improve the position of others (or of starving Somalis and Kenyans). He strives towards his own ends and from this basic fact of human nature arises, inevitably and desirably, economic and social inequalities and the economic and intellectual progress associated therewith.

Sentamu tells us that: ‘Top pay has been found to bear little or no relation to company performance, but even if it did, isn’t the performance of a company dependent on the work and well-being of all its staff?’ It is obvious that the performance of a company depends, in part, on the work and well-being of employees. Sentamu implies without any evidence that when the gap between senior personnel and junior personnel is large or very large that the morale and well-being of junior staff in some unspecified way suffers. I suggest it does not. It is the nature of envy to which Sentamu implicitly appeals that differences in pay and privileges are most painfully felt among workers and staff of comparable levels. The worker on the factory-floor does not envy the stratospheric pay of the CEO: he envies the slight increase in pay which his more able fellow worker enjoys by virtue of his better and more efficient work rate and ethic. That difference may only be small but it gnaws away at the less well remunerated worker’s sense of self-esteem. This is why unions attract mediocrities who wish to see all the stupid, the able, the lazy and industrious held to the same standard. None must be permitted to shine since this will make the bad and stupid workers confront their inadequacies.

Companies that pay top staff high salaries regardless of results are not necessarily wasting money. CEOs have a symbolic, propagandistic function that companies use to promote themselves. This is especially the case where senior appointments are not made on merit but on considerations of equal opportunities and affirmative action which is then used by the company to trumpet its commitment to racial and sex diversity. Such appointees will be very well paid for doing very little. They are simply window dressing and public relations puppets. Moreover, paying the CEO a vast salary which may or may not be related to his performance signals the power and status of the company itself: it is a message of corporate dominance and power. There is no difference at all between a wealthy individual donating millions of dollars to feed the starving, AIDS-ridden hordes of Africa and a top-listed company paying a CEO a large salary. Both are gestures of power and status designed to impress. 

Sentamu worries about the effects of high levels of CEO pay on the morale of lower paid employees. He should ask himself what it must be like for a high-IQ and capable white employee in a top-rated Western company to be passed over for promotion in favour of a low-IQ incompetent black, all done in the name of the false god of diversity. Moreover, if Sentamu is indeed concerned by the lack of any link between pay for CEOs and performance he might like to consider the beam in his own eye. Where, pray tell, is the link between the performance of the Church of England’s leadership, its CEOs, as it were, and the salaries, fringe benefits and pensions that Rowan Williams and Sentamu enjoy? It is quite clear to me, sinner and lover of money that I am that the Church of England has succumbed to heresy. The Church of England openly promotes homosexuality and the ordination of women priests. It does not accept the teachings of Christ and has, on so many indicators, succumbed to the Satanic creed of “do what thou will shall be the whole of the law”. When the Church of England teaches that there are no privileged perspectives it destroys its own authority. If there are no privileged perspectives then sin cannot be condemned, the sinners cannot be punished; there is nothing to worry about when Christians are persecuted by all those nice Muslims or when Muslims try to establish no-go areas in England. Why should any Englishman accept anything said in the name of the Church of England when the church itself rejects Holy Scripture and openly colludes with its enemies and the enemies of England?
Again, and given Sentamu’s concern for what he considers to be the high pay enjoyed by CEOs, I find it strange that he has nothing to say about the grotesque mismatch between the rates of pay enjoyed by senior figures in the public sector and their generally shoddy performance: university vice-chancellors are overpaid bureaucrats and have inflicted long-term damage on their institutions by permitting reckless expansion; social services consistently fail to protect little boys and girls from sub-human perverts and the violently retarded; those charged with securing our borders let criminals and illegal immigrants come and go at their will; and the police are too frightened to act against non-white criminals; NHS hospitals resemble death camps where the old, weak and vulnerable are subjected to selections based on indifference, where they are abused, starved, mocked, dehydrated and, where, far too often, they are exposed to the not so tender mercies of Third Worlders masquerading as doctors and nurses. Local government is yet another example of public sector incompetence. The monopoly enjoyed by local government means that these bodies can impose confiscatory and rapacious levels of council tax regardless of their sub-standard performance and, of course, these councils pay themselves all kinds of bonuses for meeting spurious government targets.  If thousands of welfare parasites and immigrants who live on the backs of others live in a particular local authority there is very little chance that those in work and who pay for the flat-screen televisions and trainers coveted by the feckless can change this state of affairs through the ballot box: parasites simply outnumber the responsible hosts; indigenous whites – who supposedly do not exist - have effectively been disenfranchised by immigration. One of the worst examples of overpaid public employees is the BBC. As a body funded by a license fee, a viewing tax, and one that can levy a tax even if you do not watch the BBC, there is an exceptionally powerful case for mandating that the full salary, privileges, pension provisions and any other benefits enjoyed by its senior personnel be published in full every year. Were the BBC a privately funded entity there would be no grounds for such disclosure.

Sentamu’s exploitation of poverty to attack successful companies is the standard method used by Marxist agitators and those who are determined to ignore human nature. People who choose not to eat properly, who smoke, who consider a subscription to satellite television to be an essential item of expenditure rather than proper clothing for their children, women who have child after child to different fathers, who buy expensive consumer trash on a credit card, do not live in poverty: they are stupid, feckless and incompetent. They know that no matter how depraved and reckless their behaviour that welfare payments paid by people in work will secure them a roof over their heads and the misguided sympathy from people like Sentamu. The person who is quite able to survive on a modest income but cannot afford a Mercedes or a long-haul holiday is not poor. It is not a matter of any moral, social or religious concern that that he must do without high-status and conspicuous consumption which others can afford. Third-World immigrants who have entered Britain and who exploit the welfare generosity of this country are not poor. In this country they enjoy a standard of living which would be impossible in the failed Third-World states whence they come. This is why they come here of course. Sentamu, an African, is well aware of this state of affairs.  Rather than attacking British companies he should turn his attention to the race war being waged by his fellow Africans against whites in South Africa. Why does the Church of England remain so silent about this genocide by stealthy instalments?

In a still relatively free country, such as England, inequalities of income and social status are inevitable and desirable. Those who have the talents to succeed have a good chance of succeeding. This is why Sentamu hates the Western free market economies since it rewards some and ignores others, highlighting these innate differences. In this world opportunities are never equal and never can be. People who are differentiated by innately superior and inferior levels of intelligence, knowledge and the all-important work ethic will not produce the same outcomes. The more conditions are rendered equal the greater the role played by innate factors. Social mobility cannot be open to all since not all will be able to exploit the available opportunities. Those that can enjoy greater socio-economic status will achieve the rewards which go with such status. Divisions by class and status are normal. If Sentamu wishes to remove these differentiated outcomes he must be party to the destruction of a society which rewards individual achievement.

Sentamu’s vision of a more caring and equal society is one of compulsory equality and even higher levels of taxation to support an ever growing welfare parasite class. I take it for granted that Sentamu’s hideous vision for my country means that immigration controls shall be formally abolished so that millions more indigent and unemployable Africans can overwhelm us. Naturally the indigenous population shall be expected to care for these immigrants and make them feel needed and place them on an equal footing with the English. If we English do make theme feel welcome then obviously we are somehow evil, racist and so on, (→ ∞).

Sentamu states that: ‘Great wealth has for so long been seen as a mark of status’ and that we have to change this state of affairs.  To this end, Sentamu proposes two changes. First, those who in his words ‘who have already rewarded themselves most handsomely’ would not be acknowledged in the Queen’s Honours List. Second, he suggest that in order to put a stop to tax avoidance people should be encouraged to tick a box on their tax returns indicating that they have no objection to having the amount they have paid in tax made public.

Sentamu’s first proposal confirms his pitiful understanding of wealth and wealth creation. Wealth creation is inextricably linked to innovation and technological success. It is right and proper that we recognise and reward innovation. Why should a highly successful inventor – there are no highly successful inventors in Uganda – who makes vast sums of money be excluded from being honoured by my Queen? The second proposal has nothing to do with tax avoidance (Sentamu does not seem to grasp the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion) and everything to do with arousing envy and resentment against those who are successful. Were Sentamu’s proposals to be taken seriously they would lead to a society in which all innovation would cease, or all the innovators would be driven away, and one which would regress to social and economic stagnation and thence to decline. The green pus of envy, the resentment of the successful, which is the hallmark of the social leveller, oozes from Sentamu’s proposals. Sentamu should begin his quest inside the institution that employs him. If he is so concerned about the connection between wealth and status what does he propose to do to reduce the wealth of the Church of England and its drive to maintain its undeserved status, a status based on its loyalty to England which it has now cast aside? Sentamu, the Ugandan, should bear in mind that the Church of England is a Church of England and a Church for England. The Church of England was not intended to minister to the spiritual needs, whatever they are, of the Third World. In any case, Africans prefer sangomas, muti, killing albinos and cannibalism. If that suits them, fine. Just stay in Africa where they and their mumbo-jumbo belong.

Instead of berating his white hosts for their success and wealth, I suggest that Sentamu returns to his native Africa and preaches the gospel of wealth creation to his fellow Africans instructing them that it is a sin to live as international-aid parasites on the donations of the white man. Africans must learn to stand alone or perish. Sentamu should also lecture his fellow Africans that they must put a stop to their selfish and destructive breeding otherwise they will all starve to death. The time will come when even the white man’s agricultural prowess will not be able to feed the billions of clamouring, voracious, black mouths never mind the seething masses of India, Pakistan, China, Central and South America. Sentamu should also start to lecture Mugabe and his fellow Marxist savages, Mandela et al, that dispossessing and murdering successful white farmers is not a very smart move in a continent threatened by the spectre of mass starvation.

Frank Ellis, 13th November 2011

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Immigration- now it’s the elderly who are expected to pay the price!

By Richard Barnbrook

An shock report issued by the newly formed, left-wing pressure group the Intergenerational Foundation, is out to make war on one of society’s softest targets: the elderly.

In their unashamedly ageist attack on senior citizens, whom they consider to be fair game, the Foundation, launched by Labour’s Tessa Jowell, has issued a report that is blatantly draconian and hostile to the interests and well-being of the elderly- all in the name of ’fairness’, of course. The proposal is that because of the current housing shortage, older people should be taxed out of their family homes in order to make room for younger families.

On the surface this might seem to be a sensible suggestion, but when seen in the light of the fact of the net figure of over a quarter of a million immigrants entering the country last year, the implications become far more sinister.

As I have been saying for a long time, large numbers of newcomers need to be both serviced and accommodated somewhere- because it’s a fact of life that you can’t squeeze a quart into a pint pot. (And I make no apologies for using imperial measurement!) So, where shall we put them all? Where indeed! According to the Intergenerational Foundation, the answer’s quite simple- turf out all those lonely oldies living in three bedroom houses and push them into accommodation that is ‘more suited to their needs,’ to make way for younger families! So much for the age-old saying ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’!

When, oh when will the British public wake up? How much longer will they be prepared to sit back and watch their birthright being stolen before their eyes? Our national sovereignty has been hijacked by Brussels so that we can’t even make our own laws any more. Our politicians ignore our wishes, even though we elected them to represent our interests. Our children are being sold short in the education system, health tourists from abroad exploit our already over-stretched NHS, and our own people can’t get jobs, which are being given to foreign nationals. And now, senior members of society, who deserve respect and the dignity of some space in their declining years, having worked all their lives to earn it, are blatantly being told to move over because they are in the way! Even to make such a pointed and offensive suggestion is indicative of how far some politicians are prepared to go in this full-scale attack on the interests of the people of this country.

The only comfort that I can draw from this disgusting and shameful attack on the elderly is the fact that Tessa Jowell herself is clearly no spring-chicken! In the not too distant future, she may live to rue the day that she affiliated herself with such a barbarous bunch of ageist bigots!

Sunday 6 November 2011

Why the West is Broke?

Those still baffled as to why the West is sinking into financial crisis, and how it came to pass that all the the nations which were great and rich world powers just a few decades ago are now either bankrupt or deeply in debt to the likes of China, may find an answer in the screen shots below.  All of which I took this morning after entering the words "Sending Money Home" into the Google search engine:

Yes that really does say 979 Million results

Given the large number of immigrants who have difficulty with written English, I tried a further experiment.

The second screen shot shows the numbers of results I obtained when I reentered the same words with the assistance of the Google translate facility: 
  Could this be an answer which the politicians and economists have missed?

Saturday 5 November 2011

The War of the Flea

Further details at the Internet Movie Database here

Note: I have not seen this movie, so I can't comment on its quality,  and am a little concerned by the statement that it "links what is happening with events in the past", a common ploy for blaming the victim for their own slaughter.  However, any movie which addresses the ongoing genocide of white South Africans is important.  

South African Farm manager shot dead brother seriously wounded

Sean Schutte's wounded brother Louis Schutte is transported to hospital by air ambulance after being shot three times by farm attackers.

Earlier this week farm attackers shot a young South African farm manager dead and seriously wounded his brother on a farm near Witsieshoek, close to the border with Lesotho .

Sean Schutte (36) was shot in the heart when he and his brother, Louis, confronted two intruders.

The Schutte brothers pursued them to the Caledon River, where Sean was shot dead and Louis was shot three times in his upper body.  The badly wounded Louis was taken to Mediclinic, Bloemfontein, accompanied by his wife Roné.

Mr. Bernard Maree, regional manager and member of the Free State Agricultural Union, said the attackers arrived early in the afternoon on the Alpha Estate owved Mr. Bernard Amm.  A domestic worker summoned help.

The Schutte brothers, farm managers on the Estate,  followed the men to the river where one of them took out the pistol and fired shots.  Maree said the heavily wounded Louis tried in vain to save his brother's life.  The attackers fled into nabouring Lesotho.

Miss Roline Pretorius, a long time friend of the Schutte brothers and their family, said it is a tremendous shock for the whole community.  Sean graduated Agricultural High School in Jacobsdal.  "He was at his happiest on a horse.  He was mad about outdoor living and his two children."

Louis Schutte is reported to be in a serious condition.

Hat tip: Heather

News report in Afrikaans 

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Why I have been so quiet

I am sorry this blog has been so quiet recently, this has been primarily due to my mood and the fact that I have simply not felt inspired to write for quite some time.

Writing does not always come naturally and I need to feel motivated, which I have been for much of the time since I set this blog up in 2008, but less so in recent months, indeed I am not convinced I have written much of any value since the “Genocide by Stealth “ articles I wrote in the early part of this year.

Since then I have begun to find our predicament progressively more depressing.

Perhaps my lowest point was when that lunatic in Norway went on the rampage and did more damage to our cause than anything since the Oklahoma bombing in 1995, an event, which is to this day a trophy cherished by our enemies as proof, to their minds, that white terrorists can be every bit as blood thirsty and vile as any Islamic Jihadi (worse indeed because they are white).

The murderous monster Breivik has now joined the deluded Timothy McVeigh as a further example to be forever used against us and as means of undermining anyone who opposes the forcible invasion of our homelands, as Breivik has already been used to terrorise and silence the brilliant and vitally important writer Fjordman.

It is difficult to express my dismay at last July’s events, not only for the innocent young live so cruelly cut short by an act of insanity, but also how that insanity will be exploited by those who hate us in order to spur on their genocidal aims.

Why did he do it? Will there always be lunatics like that primed and ready to undermine any good we have achieved?

When we count the enemies of our people, there, at their head must be the likes of McVeigh, Breivik and that senile old idiot who attacked the Washington Holocaust museum in 2009, for all three gave great gits to those who hate us.

Also depressing has been the total disarray into which Nationalism in this country has descended in the last year with the bickering and infighting between different factions. Given that, at the end of it all the status quo seems to be blooded but little changed, it seems all the strife achieved nothing other than to do further damage to our cause.

I don’t believe Nationalism can be unique in attracting people who place greater value on their own trumped up little egos than they do on the future survival of our people, but it often seems that way. There are certainly many who will devote far greater levels of time and effort to fighting fellow nationalists than they ever expend on fighting for our survival.

If we could ever achieve unity we would be formidable.  However, could that ever be possible considering the inflated egos, the special interest groups and basic downright stupidity of so many who claim to share our aims?

As I recently commented on another forum, I have a horrible image of the last two white men on earth fighting between themselves, as the dark hoards silently close in around them.

I have also been disheartened by the responses to some of my postings, not so much here, but certainly when I have reposted some articles to sites such as the British Resistance, where, like on so many nationalist blogs, there are a group of commentators who loudly attack any poster who fails to blame every ill which befalls the West upon Israel and the Jews.

One particularly depressing example was when I posted an article about Ilana Mercer’s brave and important book “Into the Cannibal’s pot” exploring the warnings to America which can be seen in the fate of post Apartheid South Africa and exposing the current plight of South Africa's whites. Despite an avalanche of comments almost nobody commented in the book itself but instead commentators indulged in an orgy of Jew bashing all  because Ilana Mercer is Jewish.

This knee jerk anti Semitism is so deeply frustrating.  Don't these people realise that when they start wittering on about Zogs and goys and Zionist plots they just make us look like cranks and give our enemies wonderful weapons to use against us?  

There is merit to the claim that Jews feature strongly among the ranks of our worst enemies, they are disproportionately represented in the areas within education and the media which conspire against the white race and certainly within Marxism, one of the greatest scourges we have faced.

However, it is maddness to suggest that Jews, and only Jews, are behind every ill which befalls us, or that no Jews can be our friend. Furthermore, those who take the side of Islam on the grounds that our enemy's enemy must automatically be our fried, are dangerously deluded.

Likewsie when great and brave men such as Geert Wilders are derided and condemned by Nationalists, simply because he supports Israel, we are rejecting one of the few politicians who are brave enough to literally put their lives on the line for our sake and we need such men

The threats against us are far greater than Israel, George Soros or even some mouldy old protocols, and the ranks of our enemies are much greater than just the Jews.  Meanwhile there are many Jews who are our friends, Ilana Mercer is our friend.

It sometimes seems that too many Nationalists allow ideological barriers to blind them to the truth and that in itself could well lead to our destruction.

The reaction to the Canibal's Pot post really made me wonder whether it was worth carrying on and whether the white race actually has a death wish.

However, that is merely one of many issues which have come in the last few month which have left me disillusioned and depressed.  Hence I have stopped writing for a while.

I will be back, because I care deeply for this cause, but right now I just don't feel motivated to do so.  Sorry

White Genocide in southern Africa: Walkerville Massacre, October 2011

At the beginning of October I posted an update regarding the murder of the Viana family at their smallholding in Walkerville south of Johannesburg.  The story being reported at the time was gruesome enough, Mrs Viana had been raped prior to her murder while her husband and 13 year old son had been tied up and killed. The family dog had also been killed.

Brutal as the crime had been, the police and the media continued to report that the family had been shot dead.  However, as more information is coming out, it is becoming clear that, as usual in these circumstances, the police and the media lied, and in fact there was a significant degree of torture in the killings.

Piecing together the various reports, the following appears to be what actually happened.  
The family were chased around their home being hacked at with pangas (machetes) as they ran, leaving blood smears and splashes in every room of their house.

Mr Tony Viana was overcome, tied up and then hacked to bits. His 46 year old wife, Giraldine,  was raped repeatedly, before having a broken bottle inserted into her vagina.  A similar method of torture was used against 76 year old Helen Lotter in a similar killing only last year.

Their thirteen year old son, was tied with his hands behind his back, and drowned in a bath, a bath which by some accounts contained boiling hot water.

The sequence of events is not entirely clear as to whether the child died before his parents or whether he was forced to watch their fate before he too was dispatched.

The family pet was hacked to pieces.  

The suspects, are all black Africans, and one of whom is the 20 year old son on a family who had worked for the Vianas for many years.

(Many commentators at this blog are critical of white South Africans who employ black domestic staff in the current climate, however, this ignores the fact that under the racist employment laws currently in force in South Africa, it is all but impossible to employ whites in any capacity)
An equally horrific murder of a family of three was the killing of the Potgieger family back in December 40 year old Attie Potgieger had been stabbed and cut 152 times and took "many minutes to die", his wife and two year old daughter  had also been cut, the tiny child finally killed, execution style with a bullet to the back of the head. (shockingly the careless newspaper reporting appears to refer to the little girl as a son)

Massacres such as this are now commonplace in South Africa and the horrors reported here are merely the tip of a huge and bloody iceberg, yet, with a few very rare exceptions the world remains silent. The Western media remains silent, and so do most politicians. Brave Dutch politician Martin  Bosma is currently under ferocious attack by the left wing and their craven supporters in media for daring to warn that the Afrikaner people are being destroyed (is Holland the only European nation which still breeds honourable men?) but his is but one voice drowned out by the baying apologists for genocide.
By their silence the western press and our contempt worthy politicians are accessories to what is taking place, I hope they will one day be held to account.

Hat Tip: Dina