Monday, 3 October 2011

South African Family of Three Executed

A 20 year black man has been  arrested for the murder of a white South African  couple and their 13 year old son. All the victims, whose bodies were found at their house on a Walkerville smallholding on Sunday afternoon had all been shot dead.

According to a police spokesman "The security door was opened. There was blood on the floor in almost all the rooms."

The body of Giraldine Viana, 46, was found in the main bedroom, she had been raped before being shot dead.

Her husband Tony, 50, was shot dead in the lounge. He was found on his stomach with his hands tied behind his back.

The body of their 13-year-old son Amaro was found in the bath with his hands tied behind his back. He was a Grade 7 pupil at Linmeyer Primary School.

Police believed they were killed on Saturday night.

The suspect is believed to be the son of a domestic worker employed by the Viana family.

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Brock Townsend said...

Thanks and posted.

Anonymous said...

Do your own work...

Anonymous said...

This was posted on News 24 after the incident. The savageness is mindnumbing...

Lions Man - October 3, 2011 at 14:44 Report comment This happened next door to my wife's parents place in Walkerville. The little boy was drowned in a bath of boiling hot water (from the police on the scene) and they have linked the garden boy at the property and my parents in laws domestic workers son to the crime through finger prints lifted at the scene. The police have said they will shoot them on site. I was there on Saturday afternoon when the incident happened and we had no idea what was going on a couple of 100 meters away. The property where this happened has an 8 foot high electrified fence around it but obviously because this was an inside job the fence meant nothing. It has been proven that 8 out 10 of these crimes are inside jobs. This is now too close to home and we have decided to emigrate from South Africa, bare in mind my wife has a Doctorate in Science and I have a Masters degree in Science. So Julius you are achieving what you have set out to achieve.

PreatorianXVI said...

With confirmed news like this, I would rest my case and just say in science every action causes and equal but opposite reaction [in some a bit more], it is only the time factor that is the variable.

Beverley said...

Black Africa has been schooled to believe the White man is their enemy. To kill a white is now seen as admirable, to be encouraged and applauded. Prison (currently) offers only benefits with food shelter, and drugs.

Prime responsibility, via their anti-apartheid meddlesomeness, lies with the British, Australasians and Canadians with the United States, a close second.

Poor fools, the white Commonwealth, which has brought impoverishment, disease, social chaos and early death onto Black Africa.

Poor fools, too, that they continue to pat their own backs as "moralists triumphant". Look at this red on your hands now, you who proclaim your righteousness.

Poor fools, too, who cannot see their own destruction as the eventual consequence.

Poor fools, the Black Africans, who cannot see that their greatest asset was white expertise.

Shaunantijihad said...

All Negroes and Muslims of breeding age or under, say 50 years old or less, must leave the UK, before we become an Islamic Pakistan/Zimbabwe. It is the inevitable consequence of demography.

All white people in Africa should simultaneously be given citizenship in Britain if they want, as the houses emptied by the enforced exodus will need occupying to prevent financial meltdown.

Otherwise it is over for the Britons.

Anonymous said...

6 whites have been killed this weekend in South Africa by blacks.
here are more reports...

Elderly German man (75) skull bashed in with pipe by blacks in SA

Is it open season on elderly whites?

Laager said...

It is estimated that for every professional that leaves South Africa about 6 to 8 blue collar workers loose their jobs

Anon @ 21:51 says it all

That is at least 2 jobs gone in their household - maid and gardener (and 8 to 10 dependent mouths to feed)
What happens now at their place of work where less support staff is required, and then further down the line in production processes where there is possibly a declining demand for products?

The ANCYL have a genius in Malema who no doubt will dance with joy that another family has been wiped out and that at least another family has decided to quit. No doubt he will assure his entourage that his song "Kill The Boer" is working.

In the comments thread attached to this article on News 24 one correspondent wrote that he has decided to shut his factory down and quit the country. He stated that he is looking forward to the day when he makes the announcement to his 40 odd (black) staff and sees their reaction.(The post was swiftly removed by News 24)

He will encourage them to contact President Zuma for jobs. Remember he was the economic wizard who stated in his opening of parliament speech in January that he would create 1/2 million jobs this year.

What a complete bunch of idiotic, useless and incompetent fools the all are ably supported by the lunatic liberals in the west.

For the last two years I have regularly copied articles like this to Peter Hain MP pointing out the consequence of his actions and if he has any plans to remedy the situation. I also ask if the UK parliament has any intention to speak out against these atrocities given that liberal Britain was in the frontline to dismantle apartheid whilst at the same time financially benefitting handsomely from it.

So far not a word from Mr Hain.
He is doing a remarkably good job at keeping his head down (and his mouth closed) as are all the acolytes he influenced.

May I refer readers to the latest public statement by John Kane-Berman the Executive Director of the South African Institute of Race Relations.

It makes disturbing reading

Please copy it to your MP, The Church of England, The UK Catholic Church and The UK Methodist Church. Don't bother about Amnesty International. They are in denial. Their recent report on South Africa says nothing about the white genocide nor does it say anything about the approx 800, 000 white (mainly Afrikaners) that have been legislated into poverty through AA and BEE.

Spread the word. Even if their is no reaction they will never be able to say "we did not know"

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Laager

I assume this must be the comment to which you refer?

Laager said...

Thanks Sarah

That is the article.
A long read but worth following through

Anonymous said...

Hi Laager, Peter Haine wanted majority rule in South Africa,He has got it,why has he not returned,what a slimy creep.



It is time to change the home routine: weapons nearby, children made aware of 'bad people' and finding the nerve within ourselves to react with violence when threatened. In The American South we call it "Dont tread on me", I imagine in South Africa it goes "Dont Fok mit Boer"

At the risk of repeating myself, let me repeat: All good and honest people should have pistols on their hip and cellphones in their pocket when at home or at work 24/7/365. Surprise is the thug's advantage, we must surprise them first.

Self-defense is not against The Ten Commandments. Murder is.


Anonymous said...

Anon 4 October 2011 11:28

Well said! You'd think that thing on 100s of thousands of pounds per annum Jon Snow would do the same i.e. piss off to Zimbabwe with his young black Zimbabwean wife.

Contemptible slime to say the least - they ALL are in the MSM of British media and no different in the US Canada or the Antipodes.

My dad always said to me forget about the Bible... "Man" (of the white race that is) will destroy himself.

Nobody has the power it seems to reverse the tide. The BNP and other right wing parties are pissing in the wind.

We delude ourselves with "self" (looking after number one) and materialism... hiding behind the door of the castle.

I hate to admit I'm one of them but what else is there?

God knows what I'll do if it gets to the stage where I can't put food on the table.

The 'system' in the UK has reduced the poor to get 'just enough' to sustain themselves with the basics and no more.

The rich profit out of it using the working class who pay the taxes.

And NOBODY is going to do anything about it

Jolly John Voster said...

One more time: White SA's need to ween themselves off their addiction to having black servants own them.

Surely your life is worth more than having a tribe of high-risk, high-cost hangers-on to do simple and routine household chores? Seriously, you really can make your beds, empty your ashtrays, do your laundry and ironing, break your lawnmowers, clean your cars and wash your dishes without the need to delegate this to someone with an interesting network of "friends".

Anonymous said...

When I was in Joburg in the 70's my boss lived in Walkerville. First time I have ever heard it mentioned.
Drowned in a bath of boiling water, what kind of mentality is this.
Peter Hain please speak up.
But if 80% are inside jobs, then Jolly John is right--get rid of the servants. The rest of the world manages without them.

Beverley said...

Why do I have servants?
Because I feel so damn sorry for them.
When, daily, people, with no skills, beg at my door and plead their desperation for employment, then I wilt and employ them.
Why do I pay low wages? Because (1) I cannot afford more - I regard their wages as a charitable contribution. (2) Because I can give what I can afford to two people, rather than more money to one only. Robinhoodism.
Of course socialist-liberals come down on me for "exploitation".
That is because they do not live in the real (and sometimes compassionate) world of Dark Africa.

Anonymous said...

Why don`t the police take DNA and seaman samples and why don't the farmers organize rapid response with helicopters with night vision if the police won't do their job.I think there is some dark sinister force behind these murders.The ANC has made it clear they want the White farms.

spiritual warrior said...

and what about what whites have done to blacks over the years ...with slavery and exploitation....the way they treated them under aparthied like second class people......evil is evil and good is matter what colour or creed...

Anonymous said...

"and what about what whites have done to blacks over the years ...with slavery and exploitation....the way they treated them under aparthied like second class people......evil is evil and good is matter what colour or creed..."

Blah blah blah !! p off with that bleeding heart mantra!

Slavery was in existence LONG BEFORE unscrupulous whites came along and took advantage of it. Of those "whites" many were Jewish and Muslim incidentally but dare you say a word about them the former in particular.

Slavery is STILL in existence today in Islamic East Africa but that doesn't matter to bleeding heart anti-white wretches like you.

What have you got to say about the whites (Wilberforce) who ENDED slavery?!? No Blacks NOR Muslims ended it as we know it, did they ignoramus?!?

Laager said...

@ spiritual warrior

Aaaah! That classic old chetsnut - the legacy of slavery, colonialism and apartheid.

Here is my take on this worn out cliche'

Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Little Stevie Winder, Michael Jackson, Linford Christie, Muhummad Ali, Jusaine Bolt etc. etc. all owe their success to the fact that their ancestors were forcibly removed from Africa and that they were able to achieve huge celebrity and financial success in the white man's world on the other side of the planet.

What I have witnessed with my own eyes in South Africa is the following:
Christianity, reading and writing, harbours, roads, railways, air travel, educational institutions, health care, western housing, democracy, private ownership of land, western apparel, motor cars.

Building on colonialism - jobs, jobs and more jobs, population growth from 3m to 35m [whites 1m to 5m in the same time frame] the opportunity to progress from herd boy or miner to lawyer and president, [Mandela] and to teacher and cleric [Tutu]
plus international celebrity and Nobel Prizes; to be gifted a country with a fully operational first world infrastructure without having contributed to it through taxes and intellectual capability; housing, education, health care.

Please tell me if I am wrong or list what benefits would have accrued to African societies without these movements using Haiti, Liberia and Sierra Leone as your benchmarks.