Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The forthcoming Panorama documentary- why I have refused to give an interview

By Richard Barnbrook

From what I hear, the documentary about the BNP is going to be damning, with the emphasis being on the financial irregularities that have been going on at Head Office.

I understand that a number of high-ranking ex-personnel have given interviews. I myself have been approached by the BBC on several occasions, but I have declined to comment.

The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, any issues arising specifically from the unpaid printing bills in Barking are ‘sub judice.’ I made my position wholly clear when I submitted my application to the High Court earlier this year. My statement fully outlining the circumstances has been well-documented on the web and I have nothing further to add.

Secondly, regardless of the rights and wrongs committed by the current leadership, (and make no mistake, the wrongs if they are as alleged, can never be justified), the end result of the programme can only be bad in the long term, in so far as the overall impression gained by the public will be a negative one. As far as the casual viewer is concerned, we will all be tarred with the same brush.

Given what would seem to have been a deliberate and indefensible and attempt to bankrupt me, I have no regard left for the current Chairman. On the other hand, I do not wish to actively cause anyone affiliated with the nationalist cause harm. If the Chairman is as culpable as they say, then it is only a question of time. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

I hope that eventually, nationalists will each come to realise that all this negativity and feuding, however justified it may seem in the current circumstances, is only causing harm in the public’s perception and will make the come back, when it happens, that much harder. And I certainly don’t wish to be a part of anything that could hinder that.


alanorei said...

Quite a good letter from The Chairman, I think.

I suggest read it before the Party implodes over its financial problems as it is confidently predicted to do and the site vanishes into the ether.

One commentator said "God bless Great Britain and all who sink in her."

That is a distinct possibility, as the latest e-copy of the Christian Watch newsletter that I regularly receive indicates. CW did not even try to suggest that the news about the spiritual, ethical and moral state of the nation was anything but bad.

God's mercy in the event of national collapse, however it is manifested, will then be both highly desired and highly desirable.

Two other organisations that monitor the national life, The Christian Institute and Christian Concern for Our Nation, are in essential agreement with CW with their latest e-news bulletins.

Naturally the BBC is doing everything it can to degenerate the state of the nation even further, especially with its current mixed-race propaganda series.

That Nick Griffin most likely won't get any kind of coherent reply to his letter will at least highlight the hypocrisy of the corporation.

Mr Barnbrook is probably quite right to distance himself from it.

Anonymous said...

BBC to do hatchet job on BNP.
Would they do one on Crédit Lyonnais ?