Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cold blooded murder in South Africa

A 50-year-old man was murdered on his farm in Limpopo, last Tuesday, bringing the number of white South African farmers assassinated since the the ANC came to power in 1994 to at least 3,155, by some estimates the number killed is in fact now closer to 4,000.

The body of Douw Brummer, a well known livestock farmer, was discovered at the farm Goedgedacht, where he reportedly lived alone, in the Dwaalboom area of Limpopo
He reportedly lived alone. He had been shot in the head.

The Transvaal Agricultural Union security representative Pieter Roets said from all the traces it appeared as if the killers were laying in ambush waiting for Brummer. "It was cold-blooded murder,' he said

In addition to the growing numbers of farm killings, it is estimated that some 35,000 south Africa whites have been murdered since the dismantling of Apartheid, however, for warped ideological reasons the Western media continue to suppress the details

Shoot the Whites: New hate Song


Anonymous said...


Completely off-topic here, so please delete this message after reading, but it concerns your blog's white-lettering on black-ground.

The SBPDL (Stuff Black People Don't Like) website recently altered from dark to light background due to complaints from his readers. "It's hard on the eyes"!

Some of the commentators tell the story HERE.

This is just a "heads-up" for your own blog's colour scheme.

Supportive reader.

malvoisin said...

I am surprised that the white farmers have not yet formed a militia to defend themselves and their properties instead of being picked off one by one. I presume they all own guns?

Anonymous said...

@ malvoisin.
Spoken like a true 1st worlder. The ANC government has made it nigh impossible for whites to own guns also if you shoot an intruder (armed) in your house a murder docket is opened against you! (If you,re white)

Celtic Warrior said...

My history studies tell me that the ancestors of the farmers now being killedwould have formed a commando and went and saw that justice was done.

In the 1830s those ancestors loaded up all their worldy goods on a trek wagon and together with their wives snd their babies and live stock they trekked into an almost unknown hinterland that had no roads or bridges, just bear velt. There really wsa nothing there. When they were attacked snd their wives sng children massacared and when they had their cattle stolen they mounted their horses and went after the wrondoers. Their families killers were broght book.

60 years later these same ancestors took on the mightiest empire known at the time and were only defeared when their women and children started dying by the thousands in their prison camps.

What I'd like to know is, where are the descendents of those great men?Names that come to mind are Smuts, Botha, De Wet, Piet Cronjé and De la Ray.

I should imagine that many of the old Boere are spinning in their graves.



Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again. South Africa's farmers should consolidate farming living areas to resemble giant versions of the Cape Castle. Bermed walls, lakes and water retention ponds in the form of moats around large multi-family community areas would go a long way to insuring security.

The haters of Whites have obvious tactics and motives, it's time to prepare and build defenses against them.

After this, any further attacks would only go to force this slow motion genocide out into the open. As Thomas Jefferson said: a due respect to the opinions of mankind demands these candid facts be known to a sceptical world.

Some people simply refuse to admit they're a target for murder because they're White. Others are slowly waking up.

Good Luck.


Laager said...

@ CW

Times have changed.

The country now has a Government, police force, judicial system with independent prosecution service and a penal system

The country supposedly has the world's best and most just constitution and is ostensibly governed by the rule of law.

There have been numerous cases in the New SA where home owners have shot dead intruders that have attacked them in their own homes. Attempted murder and murder charges have been laid against these individuals who were protecting their families and property.

The times you write of were between 1834 and c1860 when SA was no different to the wild west in the USA where it was all about survival of the fittest.

The Boere are currently mobilising to approach the World Court in The Hague to recognise their sovereignty, right to their own territory and self determination.

In the mean time the ANC is submitting their youth to military training in preparation for a civil war predicated on race. The Boere are doing the same. It remains to be seen if the rule of law or might is right will triumph.

You can follow these developments on Adriana Stuijt's blog: censorbugbear reports.

Laager said...


Many farmers are doing just that

They no longer live on their farms but have re-located to their nearest village. They commute to their farms on a daily basis. This is what happened to Eugene Terreblanche when he was taken out whilst taking a nap in the farm homestead.

Fortifications have not been erected but I'm sure contingency plans are in place.

Until the ANC took over in 1994 SA had a rural defence infrastructure known as The Kommandos.

This was seen at it's best during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. Each district was responsible for raising a Kommando (people's militia) where each man provided his own horse and weapon. Uniforms were an unnecessary luxury and ammunition was provided by the state. Food and lodging was provided by the farms as they moved about fighting a guerilla war.

In later years these Kommandos became part of the national Defence Force infrastructure similar to the US state National Guards and received Government support.

One of the first actions the ANC undertook when coming to power was to abolish this system. They fear the Boere and at the same time called for all privately owned weapons to be surrendered - under the subterfuge that this would help to curb crime.

Some whites foolishly complied with directive and now find themselves unarmed.


During WWII the British army established the fore-runner of their special forces. The officer tasked with creating this force was a South African. He was inspired by the Boer Kommando system and subsequently named his unit Commandos.

alanorei said...

This is a bit OT but it is a reminder that we have cold blooded murder in this country too, by means of the 'enrichers.'

This, too is most informative. Thank you, Sarah.

The Lord Jesus Christ warned centuries ago in Matthew 7:15 "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

Enricher strategy is typically to appear benign at first. The inner nature eventually shows, however. All their 'prophets,' or most esteemed spokespersons, are false, without exception, whether Marx, Mandela, Mohammed or Michael King (his real name, the forenames Martin Luther were an illegal alias) etc.

A veteran KJB preacher in the USA said many years ago, "Back to the Bible [KJB] or back to the jungle" i.e. revival or de-volution* are the only options.

*Darwin never could get it right.

The jungle, regrettably, seems to be gaining the edge in parts of many nations that were once relatively civilised, socially, e.g. RSA, the USA, UK and the Old Dominions.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about any of this should be a surprise. It is all happening because our "leaders" were, and remain, weak and stupid.

The solution should be obvious.


Shaunantijihad said...

I think you should be writing for the Daily Mail Sarah. Look at this:

Anonymous said...

Farmers/Whites are prohibited by law to protect them selves and their families.
If they even try and bring a group of people together who can protect themselves this group gets labeled as racist/terrorist and get prosecuted.