Thursday, 13 October 2011

Response to Cameron's October (2011) Immigration Speech

To: Mr David Cameron, Prime Minister MP
Date: 12th October 2011 A.D.
Re: The Prime Minister’s Speech on Immigration delivered to the Institute of Government 10th October 2011

Dear Mr Cameron

Mass immigration is not a natural disaster akin to some tsunami, drought or earthquake that periodically and unpredictably overwhelms a country. Mass immigration is a purely man-made phenomenon which is encouraged openly or covertly by people who benefit from it economically or by people who for ideological reasons wish to see England looking like some failed Third-World state, Pakistan, for example.

Mass immigration, especially mass non-white immigration, poses real dangers for the future of England. The idea that England can survive the mass, continual influx of hundreds of thousands of non-white immigrants is hideously naïve. As the white indigenous people of England are relentlessly displaced by the rapid and aggressive breeding of non-whites, the whole texture and nature of our towns and cities will be changed forever, is already changing, and, in some places, Bradford, Birmingham, whole swathes of London, have already changed for the worse.

I do not regard these huge, unprecedented changes, changes which were imposed on the white indigenous English without any consultation or any regard for England’s future, with no regard for the links to our past and heritage, as in any way beneficial. In every possible regard they are disastrous. As I have made clear to you before the changes brought about by mass, non-white immigration represent the racial, cultural, physical and psychological dispossession of the white indigenous English.

In what way, pray tell, do the indigenous English, especially those left in London, benefit from having their capital, my capital, overrun with non-whites? The short answer is that they do not benefit from being overrun by non-whites. They suffer from overcrowding, reduced quality in public services, noise, freakish behaviour, poor education provision as a consequence of schools overrun with immigrants, exceptionally high levels of crime and corruption and high taxes to pay for foreigners. Moreover, they are daily bombarded with BBC and other state-sponsored propaganda that they should actually be grateful for all these non-white immigrants being here. Furthermore, should the white indigenous English protest about what is happening to their country, they will be vilified as something monstrous when in fact their opposition to being dispossessed is entirely rational and moral, in every way normal. What is not normal, what is perverse, what is most decidedly unnatural is that white politicians such as you Mr Cameron are actively encouraging hordes of non-whites currently resident in England, and others swarming across our borders, to overwhelm our country. Mass, non-white immigration has not delivered a single benefit at all to the white indigenous English.

Your portrayal of the immigration debate as one dominated by extremes is itself extreme (and wrong) and designed to show you as the conciliator, the moderate with sensible proposals when in fact you have a long record of colluding with those who have sponsored mass non-white immigration. Some form of immigration subject to exceptionally tough controls is acceptable but the numbers involved should be very small indeed and it should be made clear that employment in England does not in any way imply a right to permanent residence. There are absolutely no benefits to be derived from the mass influx of unemployable Third-World immigrants. One of the main problems, especially with regard to Indian and Pakistani immigrants is the reliability of any qualifications. In the NHS this can literally be a matter of life and death or lead to operations which are bungled because they are carried out by incompetents. Remember Daniel Ubani, the Nigerian with a German passport? Ever heard of the Indian, Manjit Bhamra?

One of the weak links in your immigration proposal is that you show no understanding of the race factor. Race and race differences matter and they cannot be made not to matter by government diktat. Nor can endless race relations laws and amendments deny the basic consequences of race and race differences. Large numbers of non-whites in a white country will always be a permanent source of tension and very often violence. We see the evidence for this all over the world. That for most of her history our England has been racially homogenous has been a great blessing. Racial diversity is a curse. As the number of non-whites increases, as it has done grotesquely over the last 30 years, so the racial, social and economic stresses become ever harder to hide or to deny. Blacks engaging in looting and rapine are just obvious and visible examples of how mass, non-white immigration has failed and how the white population bears the costs, economic, cultural and psychological.

Immigration is not just about the on-going immigrant threat to England it must also face the problem of those who have come here in large numbers and who have managed to secure a British passport. They have come here and wish to stay because they enjoy a standard of living in a First-World economy that would be impossible in Pakistan or Africa. If the numbers involved were exiguous and all further non-white immigration was almost impossible except for a highly-qualified and suitable few then all the legitimate fears and worries about immigration would disappear. That the rational, logical, healthy and morally reasonable fears of the white English indigenous people with regard to mass, non-white immigration show no sign whatsoever of abating is because the problems associated with mass, non-white immigration – crime, corruption, child abuse, depraved honour killings and forced marriages violence, physical dispossession and overcrowding/overpopulation – are getting worse. On these trends the English will be reduced to a racial minority in their own country some time in this century. Do you really want that outcome for your children Mr Cameron? Immigration policy must therefore deal with two problems: one immediate; the other long term.

The threat posed to England by mass, non-white immigration is largely a consequence of immigrants exploiting legal instruments which oblige us to accept them. The obvious first step is to rescind all legislation that prevents or hinders the expulsion of immigrants. Your view, Mr Cameron, that ‘Britain will always be open to those who are seeking asylum from persecution’ is an outrageous proposition and one that has done so much to make it possible for immigrants to enter England under false pretences. It leaves us permanently vulnerable to events in other parts of the world over which we have no control but which when they lead to political collapse mean that we are obliged to permit hordes of so-called asylum seekers (criminals and illegal immigrants) to enter England and “enrich” us. This is something that must change if we are to have any chance of saving England. Leaving the EU must also be a very high priority.

The immediate problem is to prevent all further immigration. It must be a matter of the highest priority to hunt down, round up and to deport all illegal immigrants. If they have assets these can be seized to cover the costs of deportation. The next step is make it clear to non-whites currently resident in this country, especially blacks, that they shall not be permitted to enjoy any special status merely because they are non-whites. If large numbers of blacks are incarcerated, having been subjected to the due process of English law then that must be seen as an indication of a black predisposition to commit crime not some insidious racist plot as in the Marxist slander of institutional racism. Again, black educational failure reflects low mean black IQ – well documented – not a white conspiracy. Blacks will have to learn to live with their limitations. Whites are not responsible for black failure and the psychological terror aimed at whites, often by other whites, to make white society feel guilty for black failure should be dismissed out of hand.

The next step is to recognise that the welfare state has created a massive parasitic underclass. People who refuse to provide services in return for welfare handouts should be denied any money at all and housed in government hostels where they will receive basic survival provision and no more. This means a bed, basic food and a roof. For those who show willing there will be firmness but fairness and maybe at times some warmth. Those that riot can expect ruthless counter measures to restore order and discipline. Respect, dignity, status, self-esteem, a sense of achievement cannot be donated by charity: they have to be earned. The only politician in England who grasps these facts of life is Frank Field, a very honourable and decent man.

Other measures some of which I noted earlier this year can also be taken. First, long term, every effort must be made to encourage large numbers of non-whites to return to their own countries. Generous financial benefits and inducements can be made to encourage repatriation. Second, under no circumstances must there ever be an amnesty for illegal immigrants. Third, under no circumstances will the creation of an independent Islamic/Muslim state ever be permitted within the territory of the United Kingdom. Fourth, the provisions of Sharia are grossly incompatible with the legal, political and cultural traditions of England and shall not be permitted. Fifth, family migration cannot be used as an excuse to bring relatives to this country. People who cannot bear to be separated from their families should not separate themselves from their wife (wives) in Pakistan. That these individuals are allegedly in search of a better life is an irrelevance, an emotional red herring, and imposes no obligation, moral or legal, on England to end this self-induced separation.

When you say - ‘immigration is not just about people coming to live here for a while. Some will want to settle and then join us as fellow British citizens…’- you ignore one very important consideration. Do I, as a white Englishman, want these people to join me? What happens when I emphatically do not want these people to join me? How can millions of non-white immigrants just ‘join me’? The answer is they cannot and they must not be encouraged to believe that they are welcome to ‘join us’. I do not want to have to endure the psychologically distressing sight of English cities overrun with immigrants. And it is not just the cities that face invasion. The next attack wave to hit white England, currently being planned by your government, is the calculated destruction and concreting of the countryside, including the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and National Parks. The aim here is to impose thousands of non-white immigrants on areas which have so far escaped them. And when your party has managed to tear up the planning laws – not a perfect legal instrument by any means – and given the red light to rapacious developers, what will be the result? The result will be hundreds of thousands of shoddy, high-density, anti-social housing units in the countryside. For the first time there is now the real risk that mosques, hitherto confined to cities, will appear in the countryside. It is a truly dreadful thought. The long term problems will be racial tension, soaring council taxes, more crime, certainly more violent crime and Third-World squalor in England’s ancient shires. And when hordes of blacks imported to Ludlow, Ripon, and why not Witney, as part of government policy, start to engage in a bit of looting and violence, because that is what they do in the hood, the liberals will explain this degenerate behaviour as arising from a lack of opportunities for ‘young black people’ in a market town: the rioters were alienated and misunderstood; it’s not the fault of the ‘young black people’. The final result of permitting the developers to run riot and to build these shanty towns will be the destruction of a priceless asset.

So Mr Cameron: it really is time to stop the talking, posing, the endless consulting and act.

Yours sincerely

Frank Ellis


alanorei said...

Thank you, Dr Ellis and Sarah, an excellent analysis

It is certainly the case that any benefits of mass immigration for this country's population as a whole have yet to be identified.

Mr Griffin's recent speech provides good insights as well.

The evil of genocide goes way back, as is reported in Psalm 83:4, my emphases:

"They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance."

The above statement has historical, contemporary and prophetic application and, in principle, it extends beyond the nation of Israel.

That is plain from the context that identifies the would-be genocidists.

They are all either black or, at this time, Mohammedan nations.

It's therefore easy to identify another of the target nations. For example, its native inhabitants are light-skinned, like ancient Israelites such as Solomon, who is described historically as "white and ruddy" Song of Solomon 5:10.

Mianwil said...

This is a magnificent essay on the ills affecting Britain. Although it is addressed to Mr. Cameron it should be circulated to every council in the country so that no-one is in doubt as to the thoughts of the British people. Unfortunately, as we have seen in the past it is an opportunity to let off steam with no real expectation that anything will happen as a result. Like so many articles on the internet opinions expressed are unlikely to carry any weight with the politicians as their masters work to a different agenda. Until such time as Britain makes a determined attempt to escape from European clutches then essays like this will continue to identify the problems with little likelihood that anything concrete will ever come from it.
However we must keep trying although the fate of Britain is irrevocably signed and sealed.
There are none so deaf as those who will not hear nor none so blind as those who will not see.

Celtic Warrior said...

Another brilliant and insightful letter from the pen of Dr. Ellis.

What a pity that there are so few like Dr. Ellis, who are willing to stand up in public and speak out about the bleak future that faces England if nothing is done, first to limit or even halt immigration and then to begin reversing the previous uncontrolled inflows. And this applies not only to England but also to Scotland, Wales and Ireland (North and South).

Why, oh why, are there so few like him? As a student of history, I know only too well that Britain has produced more than its fair share of outstanding political and military leaders, especially when times are desperate, as they now seem to be.

cyclops said...

Will Mr. Cameron read it?

Anonymous said...

Never thought there would ever come a time when the obvious had to be defended but as it’s come to that Dr. Ellis makes a formidable defender.

George Pal

Beverley said...

So well expressed, Dr. Ellis. Bravo.
The way to get it to Cameron, surely, is to deliver this letter to the chairperson of every Conservative group in Britain including the Young Conservatives.
Some senior officials can be expected to hide the document from their membership. But if widely enough circulated it will become known to the ordinary members of Conservative groups that they are being kept in the dark.
Would you, Dr Ellis, be prepared to run a PayPal to collect contributions to this publicity campaign? You have done so well, this far, in addressing some conservative groups. Let’s take it a stage further!
For my part, this letter will be delivered, registered post, to any Conservative that I can find in my area.

Laager said...

I disagree with Dr Ellis on the following point:

"They have come here and wish to stay because they enjoy a standard of living in a First-World economy that would be impossible in Pakistan or Africa."

A First-World standard of living is possible in Africa.(cannot comment on Pakistan) This has been conclusively proven in South Africa and to a lesser extent in Rhodesia. The reason it happened is because white caucasians were the driving force and the managers.

Now that the liberal left in Europe, Scandinavia and the USA forced the whites to relinquish control the inevitable has happened - Africa is going back to the bush.

The fall out from this is two fold:
(1) With majority rule in South Africa an open gates "immigration policy" came into being. It is guesstimated that there are between 4 and 6 million illegal immigrants from Africa north of the Limpopo now residing in SA. Post 1994 they flooded in to get a slice of the pie of the best economy in Africa - created and managed by white caucasian settlers using exactly the same resources that have been available to local blacks since the beginning of time.
How long the white minority of 4 million can withstand this parasitical onslaught on their economy remains to be seen.

Britain would be wise to learn from this living case study.

(2) Now that the whites are being expelled and exterminated in Africa and the continent is going back to the bush, the destitute who do not head south are heading north. It seems that once in Europe the preferred destination is the UK with it's soft touch benefit system.

For any liberals reading this, the reason that Africans do not perform in the UK has absolutely nothing to do with:
"a lack of opportunities for ‘young black people’ in a market town: the rioters were alienated and misunderstood; it’s not the fault of the ‘young black people"
and the reason they do not perform in Africa has absolutely nothing to do with :
"the legacy of slavery, colonialism and apartheid"

As Dr Ellis points out it has everything to do with God given intellectual capability/capacity, work ethic and civilised standards of behaviour.

For the rest of Dr Ellis' article the comments are identical to those of the defunct National Party in South Africa. Dr Ellis' solutions are exactly the same as the Separate Development policies of that party.

What the National Party and Dr Ellis are saying is not new. Segregation of the races began with legislation passed by the Cape Colonial Govt post 1806.

You can follow the whole legislative trail on:
O'Malley - The Heart of Hope"

I was born and raised in South Africa and listened to this dialogue for the 40 years. The liberal English universities in South Africa and international liberal pressure caused a lot of people to change their thinking resulting in the mess that is South Africa today.

Dr Ellis' article is a timely warning that the conditions once only found in the colonies are now coming home to roost in the mother country.

For Britons who value their traditional values and way of life the time has come to support the Nationalist political parties. The liberals in the main three are not going to listen to you or act on your concerns.

Anonymous said...

Winston Churchill alluded to all this before in 1955, and then again, Enoch Powell was warning parliament in 1968.

Alas, no appeals have worked and absolutely nothing has changed after all these years.

The NON-white immigration "invasion" continues to escalate, no matter what is said or done...

7,000,000,000 people occupy this planet and NON-whites account for 92% of that figure against our tiny 8% White minority status.

I have no solutions to offer.

alanorei said...

A further comment applicable to Dr Ellis's article:

"When you discriminate, you're always RIGHT!" - Dr Peter S. Ruckman, Pensacola Bible Institute.

"But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil" Hebrews 5:14, my emphases.

Cameron is "a babe" Hebrews 5:13.

He can't "discern both good and evil." Neither can his political cronies.

They are also no more open to reason than a squalling infant.

That's the problem.

The country needs "them that are of full age" to run it right.

Mike Wilson said...

In Frank Ellis’s magnificent reply to David Cameron’s talk on immigration I would expect that some 95% of the English population would agree with him.

David Cameron can wax lyrical about the benefits of immigration when all he is really saying is that he has to do the bidding of his European masters from Brussels.

This article from Frank Ellis should be sent to every council in England so that it has as wide a readership as possible. I believe that a large part of the population will not be aware of the ongoing debates on these matters other than what is read in the press and since newspapers are seriously censored the views of the general public are therefore not presented to the world at large.

Unless the general public make a habit of judiciously exploring the internet to find out what is going on they are in the main kept largely in the dark. Media commentators make sure that the population is not exposed to the full debate on immigration knowing full well that the average person is too busy trying to make a living and support his family than to take part in debates affecting the future of his country.

I just wonder how many average white people in England bother to keep themselves up to date with current events.

It is this example that the media exploits by publishing only part of the story or only publishing that which they want the public to hear. A typical example is the BBC interviewer during the recent riots trying hard to get agreement that rioters were white when the opposite was the case.

So, not only are the politicians actively pursuing the Brussels agenda but so too is the media and nothing which is written or espoused on TV can be taken at face value.

This then brings us to the problem of how to get the message out to the white population that their country is being usurped by the nameless masters in Brussels whose only agenda is to make Britain just another subservient European country devoid of nationalism and a dumping ground for coloured people, in order to change our national identity.

Due to the censored media both written and broadcast it is probably impossible to ensure that the average British person is properly informed, other than by internet sites or local groups of nationalists. In the old days we relied on pirate radio stations to give us music that we couldn’t get elsewhere and now today there is a similar need for radio to again come to the fore and keep us up to date with current events. Trouble is that whatever is said on air is probably covered by some agreement with Brussels that renders the broadcaster liable to prosecution if he tells the truth.

This being the case it seems unlikely that there will be a general awakening of the British public to what is going on around them and unless there is some other way of making them aware then their political masters in Brussels have won the country.

Laager said...

@ Anon 05:54

The solution is:

All white caucasians retreat to a defendable territory and as far as immigration from the third world is concerned pull up the drawbridge

Stop aid to the third world.
Africa now controls its own resources.
It is a wealthy place.
They can pay their own way from here on

Continue to trade with the rest of the world and be as self reliant as possible.
If this means doing menial work, so be it, but pay people a decent living wage for doing that type of work.

Put a cap on property rentals/mortgage payments so that everyone can afford a decent home

This should deliver a fairly contented society and curb greed which normally drives dissatisfaction and upsets the status quo.

Adit said...

"As I have made clear to you before the changes brought about by mass, non-white immigration represent the racial, cultural, physical and psychological dispossession of the white indigenous English."

It's called Genocide. You can't let them get off easily. You have to hammer that point home again and again and NEVER LET UP. The future of the entire English people are at stake. The same is happening in all the Western nations so we're all in the same boat. It's GENOCIDE. Never let them forget!

misterfox said...

The European Freedom parties are really defenders of Liberal values against Islam. There are many in Britain who want to imitate Wilders but he is only anti-Islam and does not promote the essential requirement – a party representing White interests.
The debate about whether to start a new party or not and many want to follow Wilder’s way but I think they are wrong. The usual response is ” Oh that old-guard racism turns people off.” But I am not advocating that.
I suggest we position ourselves as a patriotic Conservative movement. That way we have a long tradition of conserving our homogeneity to tap into and many great historical figures as role models.
Queen Elizabeth 1 repatriated Blackamores, Churchill tried to introduce a Bill to control immigraytion and Disraeli talked of racial inequality.

alanorei said...

More 'enrichment' most likely headed this way.

alanorei said...

No free speech on immigration in the 'Free State,' so-called.

Be thankful for Sarah's blog while you still have it.

Anonymous said...

'I have no solutions to offer' .You do and we all know what we have to do. It's unfortunate but we all know what we have to do in the, possibly, vane hope we can secure our survival.

misterfox said...

PJB is easily the most brilliant Conservative in the West. I sent him some research for his book on
he did not credit me. I wrote objecting,. I received a very gracious hand written response. What a gentleman: This is the best patriot in the West. Absolutely brilliant. Those who want to follow Wilders need to wake up

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"All white caucasians retreat to a defendable territory and as far as immigration from the third world is concerned pull up the drawbridge"

Why should we retreat? The third world should retreat, not us. This is backwards thinking. A retreating army never achieves victory, retreat emboldens the opposing side. Never surrender your lands.

Laager said...

@ anon 23:45

Retreat - because white caucasians represent about 10% of the global population

By retreat I mean Europe, Scandinavia and the UK.

I also mean provide a refuge for white Africans - Rhodesians, English and Afrikaans South Africans alike.

Alternatively come to their defence politically, economically and militarily.

And stop and think about your kin folk in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. When they are outnumbered and facing genocide - as white South Africans are - what are you going to do?

Anonymous said...

"Now that the liberal left in Europe, Scandinavia and the USA forced the whites to relinquish control the inevitable has happened - Africa is going back to the bush."

Not quite... it's being cynically mined, ravaged and exploited by Chinese businessmen with the strong arm of (Voitinsky's)Jewish communism to guide them. They practically own Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania already.

They're doing the same in South America and have the USA by the short and curlies financially.

It's pointless whining about white 'genocide' Britain and Europe. Our own kind in our revered institutions - treacherous vermin that they are... are complicit in this game plan. Do something about them or shut up!

It was over for the west after the second world war and it's still got a way to go yet. London will look and feel like Rio in the not too distant future. Already does in many parts where rich and poor are living cheek by jowl. Scum in equal proportion... money doesn't buy class or breeding.

Learn CHINESE and marry a good one if you want a reasonable future for your offspring and your legacy.

It's the only logical option imho unless we collectively exterminate the capitalist whores in Brussels, Berlin, New York, Paris and London.

Mammon is their god.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ellis I think you mean "Green" light not Red light... "Red" light is what we want :)

Adit said...

Anonymous said: "Learn CHINESE and marry a good one if you want a reasonable future for your offspring and your legacy."

What legacy if they aren't white? Things are grim and it looks like we might lose so let's commit suicide now? What kind of bloody plan is that? I sure hope you're never an officer in command of troops.

"It's the only logical option imho unless we collectively exterminate the capitalist whores in Brussels, Berlin, New York, Paris and London."

It's not logical because as a race we would be dead! I'd rather the white race went out fighting, even if chances were slim, than just commit suicide before the first battle is even fought. At least fighting offers some hope. Your plan is guaranteed racial death. Heck, even slowly dying out would be preferable to what you're suggesting.

Anonymous said...

"It's not logical because as a race we would be dead! I'd rather the white race went out fighting, even if chances were slim, than just commit suicide before the first battle is even fought. At least fighting offers some hope. Your plan is guaranteed racial death. Heck, even slowly dying out would be preferable to what you're suggesting."

Exactly!!!! We all WISH we could DO SOMETHING but we can't can we?

White nationalist blogs and fringe parties have been ranting for years and years and NOTHING comes of it.

Nobody cares least of all the white younger generation who know nothing other than miscegenation fed to them by ELDERS in schools (the scum embedded in our institutions - white scum at that!) and constantly embrace it despite the contrary logic.

How will they possibly change whilst they have 'just enough' to to eat and a roof over their heads?
They daren't say anything for fear of being ostracised.

"IF"... you or anyone else can turn that around..... and by the time you do under the present rate of immigration and breeding levels it will already be too late.

It happened to the Mayans its happening to us. DO something RADICAL or get over it.

An IRA style campaign is the ONLY recourse. Talking is POINTLESS and God only helps those who HELP THEMSELVES!

You cannot reason with Marxist/communists if you disagree with them, you have to exterminate them at their own game or they will destroy YOU at yours..

Communist China is doing that right now.

Anonymous said...


What's your solution? What realistic sure footed game plan, hopefully with no blood letting can YOU come up with to save what's left of us?

Laager said...

Bombard your MPs with the real news and not the happy-clappy-pc-dross that the liberal media churns out.

Stop watching left wing brainwashing TV and let their ratings plummet. Stop buying loonie left newspapers. Let the media get the message that the public has had enough. Spread the word through the www

Start voting against the incumbent MPs so that they get the message that their jobs are on the line.

It is a long, slow uphill struggle but the BNP are proving that it can be done.

Change the will of the people - many of whom are alert to what is going on - and gain ground in Parliament. Represent the will of the majority in parliament and implement the necessary changes

Adit said...

First off, may I make a suggestion to fellow posters here? Please pick some kind of screen name or something since if there are multiple people posting as 'Anonymous' it becomes hard to tell who is who and causes confusion.

Anonymous said:
"What's your solution? What realistic sure footed game plan, hopefully with no blood letting can YOU come up with to save what's left of us?"

Who said I had all the answers? Where did I ever even imply that? You think intermarriage with other races is some kind of solution? Race is genetics, not culture. The children of these mixed marriages are NOT White, ergo death of the White race. I mean really, why would anyone seriously even suggest such a thing?
If you're looking for some ultimate plan to save everyone, I don't have it. If I do figure something out I'll let everyone know pronto!

I fid the assessment of the political class spot on, but I do find this whole Occupy Wall Street Phenomenon interesting. It looks like there is in-fighing among the power elite and I think some group is going to get thrown under the bus sooner than later. These SOBs are incredibly greedy, not all knowing and all powerful. They could lose control of the entire thing and start to kill each other off, saving us the trouble.

No resistance can work (political or otherwise) anywhere without a backing from a sizable portion of the population. People are beginning to ask questions tho, which is always good, and many, while not necessarily nationalists, are moving in that direction. As things get worse, they may be finally forced to choose. Only then will things start to happen. The stakes for the white race have never been higher, so let's hope that we can pull it together in time.

Anonymous said...

Radicalise the EDL and form links with others in sister European countries.

Mobilise with pirate radio stations spitting out the truth of what's happening to us and WHO exactly is behind it.

Out the TRAITORS of our people!

They are the scum along with their Asian handlers which include Jews I hasten to add must be publicly outed and berated.

Our judicial system and so called 'human rights' lobby is RIDDLED with them.

Radical but simple

You could not imagine how many people would love to listen to another LORD Haw Haw right now.

That's why they HANGED the original one. He harmed nobody and ironically neither did his Jewish colleague John Amery.

They were arrested and hanged by institutional Marxist scum in the Media and the Judiciary for telling the truth!

Are we BRAVE enough yet? NO! Ony when food gets scarce on the table then maybe something might kick off. But by then Europe and especially the UK's indigenous populations will be so overwhelmed they could lose...

Adit.. what you said earlier reminds me of this.

"If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves. "

Winston Churchill

We are slaves already! - TAXES going to the coffers of IMMIGRANT and mostly non white parasites to enrich the other established immigrant filth with local accents and a veneer of "white skin" you know who I mean. :)

Anonymous said...

Must READ!

Anonymous said...

This is the form of delusional white trash ruining the country.

Anonymous said...

Well said... please keep writing! The both of you.- Expat, Cali.