Sunday 2 October 2011

The jobs white folk won't do

One of the great myths of our age, one repeated constantly in every white Western nation, is that immigrants do the jobs which natives of the particular nation, in our case, the English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish, will not do. As such, the implication is given, is that immigrants are essential to the continued well being of the host  nation.

What must things have been like before we lazy, work shy, Brits opened our doors and started ushering all these millions of willing dirty job doers in?

Here in Britain, of course, the older readers amongst us will doubtless recall how difficult and unpleasant it was to walk down the pavement during the great street sweeper shortage of 1964. Their parents before them lived for years without tasting a gooseberry or a Cox's pippin during the fruit picker famine in the 1930's 

Of course in the early 1950's, most families lost poorly loved ones when thousands of hospital patients died unnecessarily from starvation and neglect, just because there were no nurses to take care of them before the immigrants arrived.

Another thing which I find completely amazing is that there were so many more public toilets in our cities back in the days when nobody was prepared to clean them! Gosh life must have been unpleasant when our grandfathers got caught short!

Of course, as we all know the “jobs white folk won't do” claim is another of the huge lies like “the economic benefits of immigration” and “only white people can be racist” which the promoters of multiculturalism have managed  to insert into our folklore.

The fact is that, for a short while after they arrive, some immigrants are forced to do the jobs which:

a) employers don't want to pay a living wage for
b) nobody can afford to do at the salary offered unless they are prepared to live nine people to a bedsit. (or moonlight at Uncle Raj's convenience store)
The other claim, of course, is that immigrants bring skills which the locals don't have. This is an even more dubious claim and often quite a dangerous one, particularly when it comes to the health service, where political correctness requires that we pretend to treat medical qualifications obtained in Kampala or Islamabad as if they are worth more than a diploma in woodwork. Meanwhile the government save money by not having to train our own doctors, as its  ministers quietly pay their BUPA subscription, and pray they never get treated by a doctor who qualified in Kampala.

Some of the claims have more merit, such as in relation to the indisputably invaluable Polish plumbers. However, this is only because they possess skills which we have given up teaching our  own youngsters.  A situation which could be turned round in a year if the government wanted to do so.

As for Indian trained IT workers being better qualified than their UK counterparts is concerned, as anyone who has spent an hour on the phone to Bangalore attempting to solve a Broadband problem knows, that's a joke, they're just  a lot cheaper.

In any event as mass immigration has shown us, soon after arrival, far from doing the jobs English workers wont do, immigrants quickly end up doing the vast majority of the new jobs which the growing numbers of Unemployed UK workers would dearly love to do!


alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

This is a timely and necessary article.

Though I must admit, I'm not altogether convinced about the skills of EEuropean tradespeople. One local joiner once told me unequivocally after having viewed the handiwork of his Polish counterparts that "They're all wood butchers."

However, as you point out, they come cheap.

It also appears that there's plenty of jobs that black folks won't do, if they have a choice, like clean up the debris of 'white-flighted' downtown Joburg, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St Louis and any number of 'enriched' US city centres.

The point being that work-shyness appears to be endemic among non-whites, rather than the other way round.

(The excuse that is given for Detroit aka 'Motown,' (and which does not apply elsewhere in any case) is that the dereliction resulted from the decline in the auto industry but evidently the white folks who moved out said that they left on account of the massive increase in crime, i.e. they got tired of being mugged, raped and murdered by the incoming 'enrichers' (of a different ethnicity, needless to say).)

Harsh though it sounds, the necessary exodus of foreign imported cheap (not to the tax payer) labour would have to be accompanied by a sufficient decrease in unemployment benefit (which would help eject the foreign imported cheap (not to the tax payer) non-labour, which I still believe makes up by far the bulk of the present contingent of foreign imported cheap (not to the tax payer) anything, especially when offspring are accounted for).

Going to work, even in a low-paid menial job, has to be made more economically attractive than not going to work.

As St Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, emphases added:

"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat."

The Dragon said...

Just another myth conjured up by the "control team", they do the jobs white folk won't do. That is absolute rubbish. I worked in mining for over twenty years and did not once see a non European person anywhere near the sharp end. I think they were also pretty thin on the ground in the steel industry. But I do remember many of these immigrants claiming all the benefits they could as soon as their ship docked and also ensuring their families abroad claimed as well. Those are facts I know of, not theory or supposition.

Sue said...


I have been a cleaner, a carer, a barmaid, a waitress, a chambermaid, worked on a factory production line and fruit picker. All when I was a youngster under 20.

We have a huge pool of Britons under 20 unemployed, many of them would love to earn minimum wage doing these jobs. It's miles better than Job Seekers Allowance.

Perhaps they're neglecting to mention that these imported workers probably get paid a pittance?

Dr.D said...

In the US, we have raised the minimum wage so high, that many employers cannot afford to hire marginally productive teenagers, high school dropouts, and others who once would have worked at relatively low wages. Now everyone must be paid a living wage with benefits, and when the employee's performance does not justify that, he simply cannot be hired at all. Previously, he could be hired and at least partially earn his keep; now he is a 100% burden on society.

When I worked in the steel mill, and also in various manufacturing industries, I saw very few blacks there. They are simply too slow witted to keep up the pace to be productive and not get killed.

eduard said...

In the Afrikaans language there is a saying: " 'n Volk wat nie sy eie vuilwerk doen nie, het nie bestaansreg nie"
Translated: A people who does not perform it's own dirty work, has no right to exist.
The white mans' downfall is precisely just this: I am too good to do such dirty work.
Hendrik Verwoerd said that we must automate and mechanize as to make ourselves independant of the dark races.

Beverley said...

Spot on Sarah, on every count!

Jolly John Voster said...

Minimum wage legislation is the fastest way of creating youth unemployment. A youth wage rate for 15-18 year olds set at 20-24% below an adult rate would be a game changer.

What's the story these days with SA Whites and black servants? In my time in SA, it seemed that just about every White household had a garden boy, a housemaid to clean and do the ironing, and another one to cook and take care of the children.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

With respect Jolly John, it strikes me that giving 9 out of every 10 jobs to immigrants is an even quicker way of creating youth unemployment amongst the native population.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

That should have said 9 out of 10 new jobs

Rob said...

If you want to see a historical precedent for this mendacity about employment, look at the labour reforms of the nineteenth century.

Employers assured the legislators that they'd be ruined if deprived of seven-year-olds working twelve-hour days for them. But the world didn't end when this became illegal.

Deprive people of something and you give them an incentive to provide an alernative.

Beverley said...

Rob, I do not understand your point. Please explain.

Jolly John Voster said...

My point is that if there is a "youth rate" for teenagers, then there is good incentive for employers to give a keen youngster a part-time job after school. In the absence of such a wage/cost break, then entry level jobs for this cohort vanish overnight.

The whole question of the effect of minimum wages on employment levels is a contentious one among economic pundits. In my view, such legislation drives up unemployment levels since employers at the margin [especially in SME's] will decide that it's cheaper not to create a job or fill a vacant one.

Agreed. It was always a mystery to me why White SA households were [and seemingly are] obsessed with having at least one black "servant" to fetch and carry for them. This was true even of bottom tier railway workers - it was almost literally a status symbol. This ego stroke was [and is] comes with a high price!

Sample of one -when our family lived in S Africa we never had servants and - surprise - we never had any break-ins or associated bothers whatsoever. Bringing these traitors inside the gates is both silly and creates all manner of uncomfortable social risks and experiences.

misterfox said...

I wonder if any have listened to the paranoid twaddle from Brian Gerrish on the sister bolg the British Resistance? I have just tried to post a comment there:

Multi-racialist propaganda. Do Common Purpose train any "Coloured people"? My god they are all Nazis! What a pro immigration man Gerrish is. Our defence of our country against Muslims is "fighting amongst ourselves"! You are being led astray by these politically correct, multi-racialists. We are supposed to be saving our country not getting paranoia. I am glad GA brought that important point up but he soon distacted us with "This is not a Muslim issue" and got back to blaming the social services for "abusing and drugging" youngsters in care.
That is the friction point - Muslims raping our young girls, being attacked in the street and having our territory taken is reality not paranoia. I would rather get malaria than support these loons!

Rob said...

I mean that importing cheap Third World labour is an easy option for employers, just as child labour was in the past, and no doubt their lobbying has much to do with government inaction on immigration. But if immigration is cut off they'll be forced to find alternatives.

misterfox said...

Immigration, The Reserve Army Of Capitalism

In 1973, shortly before his death, the French President Georges Pompidou admitted to opened the floodgates of immigration, at a request of a number of big businessmen, such as Francis Bouygues, who was eager to take advantage of docile and cheap labor devoid of class consciousness and of any tradition of social struggle. This move was meant to exert downward pressure on the wages of French workers, reduce their protesting zeal, and in addition, break up the unity of the labor movement. Big bosses, he said, “always want more.”

Forty years later nothing has changed. At a time when no political party would dare to ask for further acceleration of the pace of immigration, only big employers seem to be in favor of it — simply because it is in their interest........

Anonymous said...

My recent article "It isn't a crisis of capitalism but a crisis of globalism" which backs up what you are saying. The full article can be found at

It isn’t a crisis of capitalism but a crisis of globalism

Robert Henderson


1. Turning a blind eye

2. What is capitalism?

3. Globalisation and the developed world

4. The suppression of dissent

5. The developing world

6. The loss of national control

7. The undeveloping world

8. Supra-national politics

9. Just another outbreak of an old disease

10. Unemployment as a barometer of an economic system

11. Capitalism in a protected domestic economy

SEctions 3 and 10 refer

Anonymous said...

Zambia elects white vice president?