Wednesday 30 March 2011

Eric Kaufmann, Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century - A review by Dr. Frank Ellis

The purpose of the whole evolution of a nation, in every people and at every period of its existence, is solely the pursuit of God, their God, their very own God, and faith in Him as in the only true one. God is the synthetic personality of the whole people, taken from its beginning to its end. It has never happened that all or many peoples should have one common God, but every people has always had its own special one […] If a great people does not believe that truth resides in it alone (in itself alone and in it exclusively), if it does not believe that it alone is able and has been chosen to raise up and save everything by its own truth, it is at once transformed into ethnographical material, and not into a great people.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Devils (1871-1872)

© Frank Ellis 2011

The main theme of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? consists in the empirical fact that the religious are having more children than the non-religious, the secular, and that, if this trend continues, the religious shall inherit the Earth. To quote Kaufmann: ‘Simply put, this book argues that religious fundamentalists are on course to take over the world through demography’. All the religious groups studied by him – Christians, Amish, Jews and Muslims – are having large families demonstrating an immunity to the temptations of secularism. In Israel, the rise of the ultra-Orthodox or Haredim is a remarkable and moving story in view of the fact that so many perished in the Holocaust. Kaufmann also reports that the Amish, a very impressive religious denomination, members of whom this reviewer has had the privilege to meet, are also thriving.

According to Kaufmann, ‘The most visible aspect of today’s demographic revolution is the changing ethnic composition of Western populations’ This is certainly a revolution: more accurately it is an invasion. Kaufmann’s use of ‘Western populations’ as in - ‘the changing ethnic composition of Western populations’ - is misleading since it implicitly accepts millions of Somalis, Arabs and Sub-Saharan Africans who have entered the states of Western Europe legally or in most cases illegally as belonging to Western populations. In any political, economic, cultural, racial, religious, intellectual and moral context Somalis and Arabs are not part of Western populations even if they live in Western states. Indeed, how can they be part of Western populations, when courtesy of Western taxpayers – the secular infidels whom they despise as the godless ones - they live in parallel worlds so as to isolate themselves from the white indigenous population?

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Tuesday 29 March 2011

South African Farmer shot dead

I have been notified of a South African farm murder which occurred on February 4th Maize/dairy farmer and businessman Koos van Rooyen (63) of Witfontein - also the owner of Hoofweg Feeds and Hardware outside the mining town of Randfontein - was gunned down in cold blood by two black males in front of his wife Marie-Louise.

The couple were waiting for friends to travel to a 25th-anniversary-dinner of the Randfontein Agricultural Show when attacked: he was shot dead with three bullets fired into his upper-body 'during a struggle'. His wife was tied up. The attackers fled with cash and a firearm.

Two black males aged 20 and 21 have been arrested.


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Do I Scream Alone?

By Frank Ellis

Do sufficient numbers of our English people fully grasp the terrible damage inflicted on Mother England by mass immigration legal or illegal and the vicious, anti-white racist cult of multiculturalism? Will we, as a people, find the will to act to defend ourselves from this invasion and the sickness within or will we as a people just perish in shame?

Does a nation deserve to survive if it will not take the necessary steps for its own survival? What is it about a people that were so resolute and determined to resist Hitler in the summer of the Spitfire and Hurricane yet have allowed themselves to be overrun by aliens from without and traitors from within?

There used to be men and women of honour, moral and intellectual courage in the Mother of Parliaments. What do we have now? Our political class are parasites and Quislings who have betrayed England who see no point in protecting and nurturing that which has been created and forged over the centuries. Our politicians do not serve England: they serve those who hate us and would enslave us.

My English heart beats faster, more urgently when I recall Nelson’s words before Trafalgar or Churchill’s as we bore the brunt of the Luftwaffe. Yet when I see what is happening to England I am cast into a pit of despair and loneliness. Yet in this despair and loneliness I am conscious that there is something greater than I; that England, my land, my people, my history, the shame and the glory must be defended from her violators.

The land of my birth is not a brothel for the world. She is my holy Mother. On a cold, wind-swept Yorkshire moor or in a soft Kentish meadow on a summer’s day I feel her love for me, her strength. I crave her love. I cannot live without it. I cannot bear to see her mocked, derided and treated like a whore. And through the trees and leaves, in the singing of the trout stream and in the silent frost of winter she calls out to me, her wayward son, still the little English boy, with a message for England’s men and women: “Do not abandon me to whoredom dishonour and slavery. Remember you are come of a great people. The sternest tests are still before you. So use, my sons and daughters, your hearts and minds and fight the great evil and pestilence which have fallen upon us.

And if you are true to the spirit and soul of our ancestors, victory in this struggle will be ours. God bless you”.

Run to the hills, run for your life

Run to the hills, run for your life

A poem by Pym Purnell

Black man came across the sea
He brought us pain and misery
He killed our tribes, he killed our creed
He took our game for his own need

We fought him hard we fought him well
Out on the plains we gave him hell
But many came too much for ME
Oh will we ever be set free?

Riding through dust clouds and barren wastes
Galloping hard on the plains
Chasing the Whiteskins back to their holes
Fighting them at their own game
Murder for freedom a stab in the back
Women and children and cowards attack (does this ring any bells)

Run to the hills, run for your lives
Run to the hills, run for your lives

Soldier blue in the barren wastes
Hunting and killing their game
Raping the women and wasting the men (does this)
The only good English are tame
Selling them whiskey and taking their gold
Enslaving the young and destroying the old (does this)

Run to the hills, run for your lives

Sunday 27 March 2011

World Control - a Poem by Mike Wilson


By Mike Wilson

I’m really at a loss to know
What winds the world and makes it go.
From alien minds to Zionist plots -
These thoughts of mine don’t help a lot.

I only know that what I read
Seems so clear cut and fits the deed
Of what has gone before, it’s true;
So let me try to educate you.

Now David Icke was almost right
But ‘reptilians’ seems quite a hike
From simple theories to conspire
Just to add more fuel to fire.

My theory is that world control
Is run by people with no soul.
No soul for things which we hold dear,
Which get despoiled year by year.

These people run our lives so well
But in fact it’s just a total sell.
There’s nothing we do by free will
And our conditioning goes on still.

The people who control our lives
Control the press and through that thrive
On making us do what they will -
No wonder our world is so ill!

Not only is the media theirs
But also banks and business shares.
Their cartels form to shape the world
And we, their pawns by them are hurled,

Into the next great battlefield.
We fight for one side or the other
But they support both sides to smother
Ideas that they are our brother.

So who are they, these nameless men
Who change the fate of nations then
Instill a mood of optimism
Before producing one more schism?

The countless theories that I’ve heard
Pass from sublime to just absurd.
But what most certainly fits the bill –
A covert grab that’s growing still.

These nameless men and all their tribes
Come down through history with their bribes
Of money which they made from us
By their extraordinary usuary-ness.

The protocols these men hold dear
Have been refined for year on year
And we the poor unknowing fools
Have now become their daily tools.

The Jews were thrown from Englands’ gate
By giving barons cause to hate
The way they used to rob the poor
So King John simply showed the door.

It was Cromwell with his plan for power
Allowed them back to win the hour.
And ever since, these Zionist men
Have planned to rule us once again.

They have done it skillfully year by year
Changing their identity so it wasn’t clear
That when they made it to the top
They weren’t opposed and didn’t stop.

As years went by they wound their way
Into the fabric of our day
By being teachers, judges ,cops.
A subterfuge that never stopped.

Today their Zionist plan is clear
And we the Goyim have to fear
That when they have the total hold
We’ll have no voice to shout or scold.

Their plan has been in place for years
Their God the Lucifer of all our fears.
The world is held tight in their grasp
So no more questions-don’t ask.

Just live your lives as you see fit
And don’t question any part of it.
If you do you’ll see we are in thrall-
Just read the words of Harold Wallace Rosenthal!

The Failure of Multiculturalism and How to Turn the Tide by Geert Wilders

Speech Geert Wilders, Rome, 25 March 2011

Signore e signori, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the Magna Carta Foundation, molte grazie. Thank you for inviting me to Rome. It is great to be here in this beautiful city which for many centuries was the capital and the centre of Europe’s Judeo-Christian culture.

Together with Jerusalem and Athens, Rome is the cradle of our Western civilization – the most advanced and superior civilization the world has ever known.

As Westerners, we share the same Judeo-Christian culture. I am from the Netherlands and you are from Italy. Our national cultures are branches of the same tree. We do not belong to multiple cultures, but to different branches of one single culture. This is why when we come to Rome, we all come home in a sense. We belong here, as we also belong in Athens and in Jerusalem.

It is important that we know where our roots are. If we lose them we become deracinated. We become men and women without a culture.

I am here today to talk about multiculturalism. This term has a number of different meanings. I use the term to refer to a specific political ideology. It advocates that all cultures are equal. If they are equal it follows that the state is not allowed to promote any specific cultural values as central and dominant. In other words: multiculturalism holds that the state should not promote a leitkultur, which immigrants have to accept if they want to live in our midst.

It is this ideology of cultural relativism which the German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently referred to when she said that multiculturalism has proved “an absolute failure.”

My friends, I dare say that we have known this all along. Indeed, the premise of the multiculturalist ideology is wrong. Cultures are not equal. They are different, because their roots are different. That is why the multiculturalists try to destroy our roots.

Rome is a very appropriate place to address these issues. There is an old saying which people of our Western culture are all familiar with. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” it says. This is an obvious truth: If you move somewhere, you must adapt to the laws and customs of the land.

The multicultural society has undermined this rule of common sense and decency. The multicultural society tells the newcomers who settle in our cities and villages: You are free to behave contrary to our norms and values. Because your norms and values are just as good, perhaps even better, than ours.

It is, indeed, appropriate to discuss these matters here in Rome, because the history of Rome also serves as a warning.

Will Durant, the famous 20th century American historian, wrote that “A great civilization cannot be destroyed from outside if it has not already destroyed itself from within.” This is exactly what happened here, in Rome, 16 centuries ago.

In the 5th century, the Roman Empire fell to the Germanic Barbarians. There is no doubt that the Roman civilization was far superior to that of the Barbarians. And yet, Rome fell. Rome fell because it had suffered a loss of belief in its own civilization. It had lost the will to stand up and fight for survival.

Rome did not fall overnight. Rome fell gradually. The Romans scarcely noticed what was happening. They did not perceive the immigration of the Barbarians as a threat until it was too late. For decades, Germanic Barbarians, attracted by the prosperity of the Empire, had been crossing the border.

At first, the attraction of the Empire on newcomers could be seen as a sign of the cultural, political and economic superiority of Rome. People came to find a better life which their own culture could not provide. But then, on December 31st in the year 406, the Rhine froze and tens of thousands of Germanic Barbarians, crossed the river, flooded the Empire and went on a rampage, destroying every city they passed. In 410, Rome was sacked.

The fall of Rome was a traumatic experience. Numerous books have been written about the cataclysmal event and Europeans were warned not to make the same mistake again. In 1899, in his book ‘The River War,’ Winston Churchill warned that Islam is threatening Europe in the same way as the Barbarians once threatened Rome. “Mohammedanism,” Churchill wrote – I quote – “is a militant and proselytizing faith. No stronger retrograde force exists in the World. […] The civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.” End of quote.

Churchill is right. However, if Europe falls, it will fall because, like ancient Rome, it no longer believes in the superiority of its own civilization. It will fall because it foolishly believes that all cultures are equal and that, consequently, there is no reason why we should fight for our own culture in order to preserve it.

This failure to defend our own culture has turned immigration into the most dangerous threat that can be used against the West. Multiculturalism has made us so tolerant that we tolerate the intolerant.

Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake: Our opponents are keenly aware of our weakness. They realize that the pattern which led to the fall of Rome, is at play today in the West. They are keenly aware of the importance of Rome as a symbol of the West. Over and over again they hint at the fall of Rome. Rome is constantly on their minds.

  • The former Turkish Prime Minister Erbakan said – I quote: “The whole of Europe will become Islamic. We will conquer Rome”.
  • Yunis al-Astal, a Hamas cleric and member of the Palestinian Parliament said – I quote: “Very soon Rome will be conquered.”
  • Ali Al-Faqir, the former Jordanian Minister of Religion, stated that – I quote: “Islam will conquer Rome.”
  • Sheikh Muhammad al-Arifi, imam of the mosque of the Saudi Defence Academy, said – I quote: “We will control Rome and introduce Islam in it.”

Our opponents are hoping for an event that is akin to the freezing of the Rhine in 406, when thousands of immigrants will be given an easy opportunity to cross massively into the West.
  • In a 1974 speech to the UN, the Algerian President Houari Boumédienne, said – I quote: “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” End of quote.
  • Libyan dictator Kadhafi said, I quote: “There are tens of millions of Muslims in the European continent today and their number is on the increase. This is the clear indication that the European continent will be converted into Islam. Europe will one day soon be a Muslim continent.” End of quote.
Our opponents are aiming for a repetition of the fall of Rome in the 5th century and want to use exactly the same methods. “The strategy of exporting human beings and having them breed in abundance is the simplest way to take possession of a territory,” warned the famous Italian author Oriana Fallaci.

However, the situation today could be worse than it was when the Roman Empire fell. The Germanic Barbarians who overran Rome were not driven by an ideology. After having sacked Rome, they eventually adopted the Judeo-Christian civilization of Rome. They destroyed Rome because they wanted its riches, but they realized and recognized that Roman civilization was superior to their own Barbaric culture.

Having destroyed Rome, the Germanic tribes eventually tried to rebuild it. In 800, the Frankish leader Charlemagne had himself crowned Roman Emperor. Three hundred years later, the Franks and the other Europeans would go on the Crusades in defence of their Christian culture. The Crusades were as Oriana Fallaci wrote – I quote – a “counter-offensive designed to stem Islamic expansionism in Europe.” Rome had fallen, but like a phoenix it had risen again.

Contrary to the Barbarians which confronted Rome, the followers of Muhammad are driven by an ideology which they want to impose on us.

Islam is a totalitarian ideology. Islamic Shariah law supervises every detail of life. Islam is not compatible with our Western way of life. Islam is a threat to our values. Respect for people who think otherwise, the equality of men and women, the equality of homosexuals and heterosexuals, respect for Christians, Jews, unbelievers and apostates, the separation of church and state, freedom of speech, they are all under pressure because of islamization.

Europe is islamizing at a rapid pace. Many European cities have large islamic concentrations. In some neighbourhoods, Islamic regulations are already being enforced. Women’s rights are being trampled. We are confronted with headscarves and burqa’s, polygamy, female genital mutilation, honour-killings. “In each one of our cities” says Oriana Fallaci, “there is a second city, a state within the state, a government within the government. A Muslim city, a city ruled by the Koran.” – End of quote.

Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake: The multiculturalist Left is facilitating islamization. Leftist multiculturalists are cheering for every new shariah bank, for every new islamic school, for every new mosque. Multiculturalists consider Islam as being equal to our own culture. Shariah law or democracy? Islam or freedom? It doesn’t really matter to them. But it does matter to us. The entire leftist elite is guilty of practising cultural relativism. Universities, churches, trade unions, the media, politicians. They are all betraying our hard-won liberties.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is happening in Europe today has to some extent been deliberately planned

In October 2009, Andrew Neather, the former advisor of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, confirmed that the British Government had deliberately organized mass immigration as part of a social engineering project. The Blair Government wanted to – I quote – “make the UK truly multicultural.” To achieve this end, 2.3 million foreigners were allowed to enter Britain between 2000 and 2009. Neather says this policy has “enriched” Britain.

Ordinary people, however, do not consider the decline of societal cohesion, the rise of crime, the transformation of their old neighborhoods into no-go zones, to be an “enrichment.”

Ordinary people are well aware that they are witnessing a population replacement phenomenon. Ordinary people feel attached to the civilization which their ancestors created. They do not want it to be replaced by a multicultural society where the values of the immigrants are considered as good as their own. It is not xenophobia or islamophobia to consider our Western culture as superior to other cultures – it is plain common sense.

Fortunately, we are still living in a democracy. The opinion of ordinary people still matters. I am the leader of the Dutch Party of Freedom which aims to halt the Islamization process and defend the traditional values and liberties in the Netherlands. The Party of Freedom is the fastest growing party in the Netherlands.

Because the message of my party is so important, I support initiatives to establish similar parties in other countries, such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom, where they do not yet exist. Last month, a poll in Britain showed that a staggering 48 percent of the British would consider supporting a non-fascist and non-violent party that vows to crack down on immigration and Islamic extremists and restrict the building of mosques. In October last year, I was in Berlin where I gave a keynote speech at a meeting of Die Freiheit, a newly established party led by René Stadtkewitz, a former Christian-Democrat. German polls indicate that such a party has a potential of 20 percent of the electorate.

My speech, in which I urged the Germans to stop feeling ashamed about their German identity drew a lot of media attention. Two weeks later, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that multiculturalism is “an absolute failure.” Horst Seehofer, the leader of the Bavarian Christian-Democrats, was even more outspoken. “Multiculturalism is dead,” he said.

Last month, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said: “We have been too concerned about the identity of the immigrant and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him.” – End of quote.

Five weeks ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron blamed multiculturalism for Islamic extremism. “We have allowed the weakening of our collective identity,” he said. “Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live […] apart from the mainstream.” – End of quote.

In his speech, David Cameron still makes a distinction between the Islamist ideology, which he calls extremist and dangerous, and Islam, which he says is peaceful religion. I do not share this view, and neither did Cameron’s great predecessor Winston Churchill. Stating that Islam is peaceful is a multiculturalist dogma which is contrary to the truth.

Politicians such as Merkel. Sarkozy and Cameron still do not seem to have understood what the problem really is. Nevertheless, the fact that they feel compelled to distance themselves from multiculturalism is a clear indication that they realize they need to pay lip-service to what the majority of their populations have long understood. Namely that the massive influx of immigrants from Islamic countries is the most negative development that Europe has known in the past 50 years.

Yesterday, a prestigious poll in the Netherlands revealed that 50 percent of the Dutch are of the opinion that Islam and democracy are not compatible, while 42 percent think they are. Even two thirds of the voters of the Liberal Party and of the Christian-Democrat Party are convinced that Islam and democracy are not compatible.

This, then, is the political legacy of multiculturalism. While the parties of the Left have found themselves a new electorate, the establishment parties of the Right still harbour their belief that Islam is a religion of peace on a par with peaceful religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and others.

The problem with multiculturalism is a refusal to see reality. The reality that our civilization is superior, and the reality that Islam is a dangerous ideology.

Today, we are confronted with political unrest in the Arab countries. Autocratic regimes, such as that of Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, Kadhafi in Libya, the Khalifa dynasty in Bahrain, and others, have been toppled or are under attack. The Arab peoples long for freedom. This is only natural. However, the ideology and culture of Islam is so deeply entrenched in these countries that real freedom is simply impossible. As long as Islam remains dominant there can be no real freedom.

Let us face reality. On March 8, the International Women’s Day, 300 women demonstrated on Cairo’s Tahrir Square in post-Mubarak Egypt. Within minutes, the women were charged by a group of bearded men, who beat them up and dragged them away. Some were even sexually assaulted. The police did not interfere. This is the new Egypt: On Monday, people demonstrate for freedom; on Tuesday, the same people beat up women because they, too, demand freedom.

I fear that in Islamic countries, democracy will not lead to real freedom. A survey by the American Pew Center found that 59 percent of Egyptians prefer democracy to any other form of government. However, 85 percent say that Islam’s influence on politics is good, 82 percent believe that adulterers should be stoned, 84 percent want the death penalty for apostates, and 77 percent say that thieves should be flogged or have their hands cut off.

Ronald Reagan was right when he called Kadhafi a “mad dog.” However, we should not harbor the illusion that there can be real freedom and real democracy in a country where Islam is dominant. There is no doubt that the results of the Pew survey in Egypt apply in Libya, too. It is not in our interest to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Tripoli and install a khalifate in Libya.

Of course, the world has to stop Kadhafi from killing his own people. However, as UN Resolution 1973 stated last week, this is primarily the responsibility of – I quote – “in particular [the] States of the region.” End of quote. Why does a country like the Netherlands have to contribute six F16 fighter jets to enforce the arms embargo in Libya, while Saudi Arabia does not contribute a single plane from its fleet of nearly 300 fighter jets? Arabs are dying, but the Arab countries are shirking their responsibilities.

And one of the major threats of the current crisis is not even addressed by our leaders: How are we going to prevent that thousands of economic fugitives and fortune seekers cross the Mediterranean and arrive at place like Lampedusa? Now that Tunisia is liberated, young Tunisians should help to rebuild their country instead of leaving for Lampedusa. Europe cannot afford another influx of thousands of refugees.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is time to wake up. We need to confront reality and we need to speak the truth. The truth is that Islam is evil, and the reality is that Islam is a threat to us.

Before I continue I want to make clear, however, that I do not have a problem with Muslims as such. There are many moderate Muslims. That is why I always make a clear distinction between the people and the ideology, between Muslims and Islam. There are many moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.

Islam strives for world domination. The koran commands Muslims to exercise jihad and impose shariah law.

Telling the truth about immigration and warning that Islam might not be as benevolent as the ruling elite says, has been made a hate speech crime in several EU member states. As you probably know, I have been brought to court on charges of hate speech. That is the paradox of the multicultural society. It claims to be pluralistic, but allows only one point of view of world affairs, namely that all cultures are equal and that they are all good.

The fact that we are treated as criminals for telling the truth must not, however, deter us. The truth that Islam is evil has always been obvious to our ancestors. That is why they fought. It was very clear to them that our civilization was far superior to Islam.

It is not difficult to understand why our culture is far better than Islam. We Europeans, whether we be Christians, Jews, agnostics or atheists, believe in reason. We have always known that nothing good could be expected from Islam.

While our culture is rooted in Jerusalem, Athens and Rome, Islam’s roots are the desert and the brain of Muhammad. Our ancestors understood the consequences very well. The Koran, wrote the historian Theophanes, who lived in the second half of the 8th century, is based on hallucinations.

“Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman,” the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II said in 1391, adding: “God is not pleased by blood – and not acting reasonable is contrary to God’s nature.”

For 1,400 years, Westerners have been criticizing Islam and its founder because they recognized evil when they saw it. But then, suddenly, in the last decades of the past century, especially from the 1970s onwards, Western intellectuals stopped doing so.

The moral and cultural relativism of Marxism led the West’s political and intellectual elites to adopt a utopian belief in a universal brotherhood of mankind.

Multiculturalism is a culture of repudiation of Europe’s heritage and freedoms. It weakens the West day by day. It leads to the self-censorship of the media and academia, the collapse of the education system, the emasculation of the churches, the subversion of the nation-state, the break-down of our free society.

While today – at last – our leaders seem to realize what a disastrous failure multiculturalism has been, multiculturalism is not dead yet. More is needed to defeat multiculturalism than the simple proclamations that it has been an “absolute failure.” What is needed is that we turn the tide of Islamization.

There are a few things which we can do in this regard.

One thing which we should do is to oppose the introduction of Sharia or Islamic law in our countries. In about a dozen states in the United States, legislation is currently being introduced to prevent the introduction of Sharia. In early May, I will be travelling to the U.S. to express my support to these initiatives. We should consider similar measures in Europe.

Another thing which we should do is support Muslims who want to leave Islam. An International Women’s Day is useless in the Arab world if there is no International Leave Islam Day. I propose the introduction of such a day in which we can honor the courageous men and women who want to leave Islam. Perhaps we can pick a symbolic date for such a day and establish an annual prize for an individual who has turned his back on Islam or an organization which helps people to liberate themselves from Islam. It is very easy to become a Muslim. All one has to do is to pronounce the Shahada, the Islamic creed, which says – I quote “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” It should be equally easy to leave Islam by pronouncing a counter-Shahada, which says “I leave Islam and join humankind.”

A third measure to turn the tide of Islamization is to reemphasize the sovereignty of the nation-state. The peoples of the free world will only be able to fight back against Islam if they can rally around a flag with which they can identify. This flag, symbolizing pre-political loyalty, can only be the flag of our nation. In the West, our freedoms are embodied in our nation-states. This is why the multiculturalists are hostile to the nation-state and aim to destroy it.

National identity is an inclusive identity: It welcomes everyone, whatever his religion or race, who is willing to assimilate into a nation by sharing the fate and future of a people. It ties the individual to an inheritance, a tradition, a loyalty, and a culture.

I want to elaborate a bit on this since we are gathered here today in Rome. Again, it is appropriate that we are in Rome. In this city, in 1957, and – what an ironic coincidence – on this very day, the 25th of March, the Treaty of Rome was signed. This Treaty obliges the member states of the European Union to aim for “an ever closer union.”

Unfortunately, this union, like other multinational organizations, has become one of the vehicles for the promotion of multiculturalism. The EU has fallen in the hands of a multiculturalist elite who by undermining national sovereignty destroy the capacity of the peoples of Europe to democratically decide their own future.

The new government in my country, which is supported by my party, wants to restrict immigration. That is what our voters want. But we are confronted by the fact that our policies have to a large extent been outsourced to “Europe” and that our voters no longer have a direct say over their own future.

On account of international treaties, EU legislation prevails over national legislation and cannot be reversed by national parliaments. Indeed, in 2008, the European Court of Justice, the highest court in the EU, annulled both Irish and Danish immigration legislation. The Court stated that national law is subordinate to whatever is ruled on the European level. In March 2010, the European Court of Justice annulled Dutch legislation restricting family reunification for immigrants on welfare.

The ease with which Europe’s political elite conducts an immigration policy aimed at the deracination of Europe shows the insensitivity of this elite. It willingly sacrifices its own people to its political goal, without any consideration for the people involved.

Lower class blue-collar people have been driven from their neighborhoods. There is no respect for their democratic vote. On the contrary, people who do not agree with the multiculturalist schemes are considered to be racists and xenophobes, while the undefined offence of “racism and xenophobia” has been made central to all moral pronouncements by the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations, and other supra-national organizations. This represents a systematic assault by the elite on the ordinary feelings of national loyalty.

In 2008, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe stated that the member-states must – I quote – “condemn and combat Islamophobia” and ensure “that school textbooks do not portray Islam as a hostile or threatening religion.” – end of quote.

In March 2010, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution criminalizing so-called “defamation of religions.” The resolution, authored by Pakistan, mentions only one religion by name: Islam. With its 57 member states the Organization of the Islamic Conference systematically uses its voting power in the UN to subvert the concept of freedom and human rights. In 1990, the OIC rejected the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and replaced it by the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, which states in articles 24 that – I quote – “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Sharia.” – end of quote.

This “human rights” charade has to stop if Western civilization wants to survive. Human rights exist for the protection of individuals, not religions and ideologies.

The EU’s aim, meanwhile, seems to be to destroy the old sovereign nations and replace them by new provincial identities, which are all clones of each other. Britanistan will not differ from Netherlandistan, nor Germanistan from Italiastan, or any other province of the European superstate in the making.

We must reclaim Europe. We can only do so by giving political power back to the nation-state. By defending the nation-states which we love, we defend our own identity. By defending our identity, we defend who we are and what we are against those who want to deracinate us. Against those who want to cut us from our roots, so that our culture withers away and dies.

My friends,

Twenty years after the ordinary people, Europe’s mainstream conservative leaders, such as Merkel, Sarkozy and Cameron, have finally – better late than never – come to the obvious conclusion, namely that multiculturalism is a failure. However, they do not have a plan to remedy the situation.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for change. We must make haste. Time is running out. Ronald Reagan said: “We need to act today, to preserve tomorrow”. That is why I propose the following measures in order to preserve our freedom:

First, we will have to defend freedom of speech. It is the most important of our liberties. If we are free to speak, we will be able to tell people the truth and they will realize what is at stake.

Second, we will have to end cultural relativism. To the multiculturalists, we must proudly proclaim: Our Western culture is far superior to the Islamic culture. Only when we are convinced of that, we will be willing to fight for our own identity.

Third, we will have to stop Islamization. Because more Islam means less freedom. We must stop immigration from Islamic countries, we must expel criminal immigrants, we must forbid the construction of new mosques. There is enough Islam in Europe already. Immigrants must assimilate and adapt to our values: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Fourth, we must restore the supremacy and sovereignty of the nation-state. Because we are citizens of these states, we can take pride in them. We love our nation because they are our home, because they are the legacy which our fathers bestowed on us and which we want to bestow on our children. We are not multiculturalists, we are patriots. And because we are patriots, we are willing to fight for freedom.

Let me end with a final – and a positive – remark: Though the situation is bad and multiculturalism is still predominant, we are in better shape than the Roman Empire was before its fall.

The Roman Empire was not a democracy. The Romans did not have freedom of speech. We are the free men of the West. We do not fight for an Empire, we fight for ourselves. We fight for our national republics. You fight for Italy, I fight for the Netherlands, others fight for France, Germany, Britain, Denmark or Spain. Together we stand. Together we represent the nations of Europe.

I am confident that if we can safeguard freedom of speech and democracy, our civilization will be able to survive. Europe will not fall. We, Europe’s patriots, will not allow it.

Thank you very much.

Source - Atlas Shrugs

Friday 25 March 2011

Culture not Colour?

By Tim Heydon

Oswald Spengler and the Decline of the West

Is it about culture and not colour? This is the all-important question. Oswald Spengler thought it was. For him, culture was independent of race. The foundation of his theory that the West is in decline is that cultures are free-floating. They are as it were living things; organic , with a natural life –cycle of birth, growth, decay and death. The West has reached the period in its cultural life-cycle – ‘civilisation,’ when it is naturally in decline. Such a theory runs into difficulties immediately if it is associated with race, because race is not a temporary, changing aspect of human existence.

Spengler’s Theory accords with the Realities of Life

Spengler’s theory of our decline, which is of course a denial of the inexorable march of reason towards the sunlit uplands of utopia envisaged by ‘Progressives,’ does seem to fit into the realities of the world we live in while Progressivism does not. Everything we see about us; ourselves, the plants and animals, the mountains, plains and seas on the earth, the earth itself, the sun and other stars, the galaxy we live in and the very universe itself (according to some astronomers at least ) – they are all at some stage of the same kind of cycle. So the thought arises: why on earth is human culture supposed to be different? This thought is purely intuitive, of course. Nevertheless it shouldn’t be dismissed on that account. It fits into an overwhelming pattern of reality and because it does, the onus of proof is on those who believe in Progressivism. And there is little in modern human history to give comfort to the notion that in a secular world we are all getting morally better and better. Au contraire. The idea that human beings have somehow managed to escape the bonds of the natural doesn’t seem to be scientific; It is a form of faith: it’s religious – but religion without spirituality and therefore without the necessary motivation.

There is much which appears to support the Idea that Culture is unconnected to Race

If culture is unconnected to race, which is considered to be unimportant, it is easier to be thought of as English or Scots or Welsh or Irish or whatever regardless of one’s racial origin. In support of the idea of the exclusive importance of cultures is the fact that there have for example been several civilisations /cultures in the British Isles although the racial character of its people has remained remarkably unchanged throughout recent millennia, at least until very recently. This is despite the perversion of history visited on us by those eager to deny it. These cultures have ranged from that of the shamanistic hunter –gatherers of the Palaeolithic to the paganism of the Druids and the Germanic gods and then on through the Medieval Christian civilisation to Renaissance / Reformation Christianity and so to the debased secular ‘culture’ of ‘modernity’ which is built round belief in nothing – literally.

Agriculture came from the Near East

Furthermore, the major changes in culture which have occurred in Britain have not been the result of the kind of mass invasions which some people think are the sole reason for cultural / civilisational change. As noted above, until very recently there has been little alteration in the racial makeup of the inhabitants of these islands. This is true regardless of the relatively minor influxes of other peoples (such as Germanic / Norse settlers or the Huguenots) who were mostly in any case virtually identical racially and culturally. The arrival of farming which signalled the Neolithic era, a truly momentous cultural event which radically changed the lives of humanity forever, came with a few settlers from the Continent having spread from the Near East.

‘The English have two books; Shakespeare and the Bible. England made Shakespeare, but the Bible made England’ -
Victor Hugo

Much later, Christianity, earth-shakingly important culturally as well as religiously, arrived thanks to the efforts of a few missionaries from the Continent and Ireland, also having spread from the Near East.

Classical Learning strengthened by Scholars from Byzantium.

Classical learning, the civilisation of Greece and Rome was salvaged in Europe during the so-called Dark Ages by Monks and the teaching reforms of Alcuin in the Carolingian Renaissance. Islamic Scholars contributed something to the transmission of such works as those of Aristotle. But the most significant impact of the classics on the West arose through the arrival in Italy of Christian scholars fleeing the Islamic takeover of Constantinople. This arrival proved a decisive shot in the arm for Classical learning in the West.

The Importance of Protestantism

Protestantism, which did much to shape the native British, helping to give them their once - characteristic attributes of decency (good manners, respectability), modesty (‘British understatement’), emotional restraint ( reserve, undemonstrativeness, ‘stiff upper lip’), stoicism, hard work (the Protestant work ethic) and self reliance (through the ‘priesthood of all believers,’ ‘ we are captains of our souls’ ), though it had forerunners in Britain flowered on the Continent and came here from there. These gifts of Protestant Christianity also included assumptions of individual autonomy which, together with a sturdy lack of whole-hearted reverence for power inherited from their Saxon forebears, lay behind the growth of the democratic traditions of the British. And we have all come across members of other races who, at least when they interact with the native population, seem to be just like them culturally.

Political Correctness is Foreign

This country is now dominated by Political Correctness. This ideology is a function of Continental Philosophy which arrived in Britain principally via the USA.

So those who believe that it is Culture, not Race that matters – they have strong Case, don’t they?


Culture not Colour? Part 2

Oswald Spengler: Cultures are the Products of Particular People. ‘Mankind’ has never discovered anything.

So is it culture rather than race that matters? From the foregoing, so it seems. But look a little deeper and a different picture emerges. To go back to Oswald Spengler; although he denied the role of race in the creation of cultures, he also denied the ‘Progressives’ view that the historical reality is that there is one ‘mankind’. For Spengler, ‘Mankind’ is a zoological concept. ‘Mankind’; he wrote, ‘has never discovered anything.’ History concerns only the particular; particular groups of men living at particular times in particular places. It is they who have history and produce a culture. Universal mankind does not differ and therefore does not have history. This view is in fact compatible with the proposition that race and culture are inextricably intertwined.

It’s ‘Culture’ that counts is a ‘Nurture’ Theory

The first thing to notice is that in the context of the nature / nurture debate, the idea that it is culture, not ‘skin colour’ ie race that counts is a nurture theory. Nature is more or less ignored. But why should it be? We know for example, that IQ is 83% - 8 4% heritable in European adults. The high heritability of IQ suggests that IQ is largely determined by genes. (Richard Lynn, ‘Race Differences in Intelligence’ p28 ). IQ accurately predicts socio-economic status and a swathe of behaviours such as drug addiction, crime, single parenthood and smoking. Nature is it seems highly important in determining intelligence and all that flows from it in what might be termed as personal culture in a broad sense. So why not the culture of a nation? And why not then in high culture as well as the culture of everyday living?

The Dismissal of a Red Herring: ‘Skin Colour’

But what about Races? How far are they different through genetic inheritance, and does this affect culture? First though, let’s dispose of the red herring of ‘skin colour.’ Taken at is own value, skin colour per se can’t simply be dismissed as some would like it to be. Our skin colour is a function of the latitudes we live in. It is a characteristic which marks us out as people of the North, and the North West in particular, helping to make us as much a part of the fauna and flora of these islands as any native plant or animal; a feeling which is a deep part of our culture. For here is where our ancestors had their time, here are our roots. This is where we belong and our skin colour helps to tell us that and binds us to those who share this inheritance. It is not only USA blacks coming back to Africa who need and are entitled to their roots.

Apart from this feeling which suffuses the sensibilities of the native British whether they know it or not, skin (and eye and hair colour and other aspects of our looks) is otherwise an intrinsic part of our culture. There are innumerable allusions to it in our language. In ordinary speech one can be a pink and white rose, or tall dark and handsome (meaning dark haired). One can be fair-skinned or have fair hair, but also, ‘that’s fair’ we say, meaning that it is just. In an old usage it means ‘beautiful’. ‘Fair’ in all these linked senses comes from Old English ‘faegar’ meaning ‘pleasing’ or ‘attractive’. Our skin colour too leads on to myriad other aspects of culture. For example, our paleness suits restrained colours in our clothing while the dark skins of other races are best set off by brighter colours.

Skin Colour is the Outward and Visible Sign of Interior Differences

John Baker FRS was an Oxford Biologist whose book ‘Race’ published in 1974 remains a standard work on the subject. It was praised by the Nobel Laureate Sir Peter Medawar in the following terms; ‘No Book known to me tries to encompass everything relevant to the idea of race with such thoroughness, honesty, serious and decency.’ Prof. Arthur Jensen of UCLA said of it: ‘A most impressive display of profound scholarship and vast erudition. .. As a noted biologist, Baker provides the essential basis upon which any objective, rational and scientific discussion of racial differences must proceed.’ Recent DNA and gene expression studies have confirmed the reality of race beyond all reasonable doubt.

John Baker FRS on ‘Skin Colour’ and its Link with mental / temperamental Characteristics

Here is what Baker had to say: ‘The question arises why so many people say or imply that the races differ only in skin colour, when this is obviously untrue.(Emphasis added). Those who minimize racial differences, by speaking as though the only distinction between a European and (for instance) a Chinese or a Negro were of skin colour, appear unwittingly to admit that recognition of the more fundamental differences that actually exist might affect people’s views on the ethnic problem; for it might be regarded as unlikely that such differences could co-exist with exact similarity in the parts of the body concerned with thought and feeling.’

And those physical differences and differences of thought and feeling certainly exist. ‘The idea that the existence of manifold physical differences between certain ethnic taxa makes it probable that there are also inborn differences of mental potentiality, is by no means confined to persons trained in biological science. As Professor H J Muller has written, ‘to the vast majority of geneticists it seems absurd to suppose that psychological characteristics are subject to entirely different laws of heredity or development than other biological characteristics….Psychological comparisons of fraternal and identical twins have provided one type of empirical evidence in support of this conclusion.’ (‘Race’ pp182, 183)

Baker and J Phillippe Rushton

Baker goes in to some detail on the subject of the physical and mental differences between the races, relating them to the civilisations they have respectively produced, or in the case of negrids, have not produced. So too does J Phillippe Rushton who is Professor of Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. In the latter’s book ‘Race, Evolution and Behaviour,’ (P5) we find a table in which the physical characteristics of three main racial groups are linked to their respective mental and temperamental characteristics under the heading ‘More than Skin Deep’:-

Average differences Among Blacks, Whites and Orientals

Click to enlarge

Rushton’s Newtonian synthesis and the r-K Life History Theory

It has been Rushton’s achievement to bring together various lines of thought and the results of hundreds of studies pursued by many others as well as himself into a theory of racial development in what Richard Lynn, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Ulster described as a ‘Newtonian synthesis’ worthy of a Nobel Prize. The differing data about the various races are explained by applying to them the r-K Life History Theory first promulgated by the Harvard University biologist E O Wilson. This is now ‘a basic principle of modern evolutionary biology’. Every species of plant or animal, including human beings can be placed on the r-K scale. The r-strategy (for ensuring gene survival) involves having more offspring (like frog spawn or turtles), maturing earlier, having smaller brains and providing less parental care. The K end of scale means having fewer offspring, maturing later, having larger brains and providing more parental care. Human beings are the most K species of all. Among humans, Orientals are the most K, Blacks the most r and Whites fall in between’.

Why did northern peoples develop their K strategy? As human beings spread out of Africa, ‘their bodies, brains and behaviour changed. To deal with the colder winters and scarcer food supply of Europe and North East Asia, the Oriental and White races moved away from an r-strategy towards the K- strategy. This means more parenting and social organisation which requires larger brain size and a higher IQ’ (‘Race, Evolution and Behaviour’ p 89). K –strategy has many implications for human beings. For example; larger –brained babies require wide hips to be born. So Whites cannot run as fast as Blacks with their narrower hips. Blacks have more testosterone than Whites, so they are more capable of explosive action than are Whites – hence their success in sprint running, boxing etec. And so on.

The Implications of Baker, Rushton et al for Civilisation / Culture

It should be obvious from the above that race differences will lead inexorably to differing kinds of society and levels of culture /civilisation based on the differing characteristics of the races. It comes as no surprise that Orientals – mainly the Japanese, Chinese and Koreans - have a reputation of being extremely conformist, hard –working and (compared to other races) docile and law abiding. Likewise it is no surprise that sub-Saharan Africans have never achieved any kind of higher culture. As for Whites, we are not on average as intelligent in some respects anyway as Orientals, but we can comfort ourselves with the thought that our greater individuality and dynamism combined with our still-high intelligence has led us to be the world’s great inventors, innovators and discoverers.

Conclusion: It’s not Skin Colour / Race or Culture

We have seen how this country has taken on board key cultural influences from abroad (a fact, incidentally, which negates the idea that we need to import millions of foreigners in order for our culture to be ‘enriched’). But we have also seen that white people in general (like the other races) have powerful innate characteristics. Our own race partakes of these and, it is reasonable to think, has bred its own variety in these islands. Without outside influences these characteristics would tend to produce a particular type of society and culture in the circumstances in which our race has found itself historically. So the conclusion we draw is that our present culture is the product of our own racial characteristics and cultural tendencies reacting in a unique way with cultural influences from abroad to produce a civilisation, something new, which is our own. This civilisation which we have created would not exist if we were not the people that we are. But neither would it exist without those imported cultural influences. Race has been a necessary cause although not a sufficient one in the production of our culture, just as it has been a necessary cause in the production of all civilisations.

What about the USA?

But some may point to the USA and say; ‘Here is a society which is founded, not on race, but on ideas only: it is a cultural country, a ‘credal’ nation’. Aping the supposed superiority of the USA was Gordon Brown’s idea when he tried to redefine Britain as being founded on ‘fairness’. (Hilariously, he was immediately jumped on by an Asian pressure group which accused him of ‘racism’ in suggesting that ‘fairness’ was a particularly British characteristic). It lies behind Cameron’s pushing his ‘core principles‘ of ‘Britishness’ such as freedom of speech, the rule of law and democracy. (His own version of these characteristics which excludes the BNP as far as possible, naturally.) He has not been jumped on – yet.

But no society can exist only on ‘ideas’. Gordon Brown may have a Doctorate in History (albeit on Scottish Trade Unionism) but he seems not to have realised that the USA was always far more than the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. It was from the first a North European, Christian and specifically Protestant country.

Now that it is in the process of reinventing itself away from these characteristics, it is also in the process of falling apart socially and perhaps, eventually, politically as well. The idea that it will be much the same as it always was when the White population becomes a minority in the not too distant future is a pipe dream, nothing more. The innate characteristics of its new population will determine its character in the future, not its written constitutional documents (which can be made to mean anything) or ‘culture’.

And the same is true of Britain. The USA will survive longer than this country, because it is vast and can accommodate difference better than we can. What is to become of this tiny, crowded country when the native British are a minority in it? One thing is certain. It will no longer be British in any meaningful sense. The outlook is grim. Is the best we can hope for to be another, larger Lebanon?

Thursday 24 March 2011

Imported Predators

This is Delroy Grant, probably the most prolific serial rapist ever known in this country. Unlike most rapists Grant's tastes were directed at one of the most vulnerable sections of the community, the elderly. His youngest known victim was 68, his eldest was 93, most were old women but he also included some elderly men amongst those he abused.

He was convicted today of the rape of 22 senior citizens, although he is known to have attacked at least 128, and some police suggest that his victims may total 600, or even up to 1,000, over a 17 year rape spree.

Grant's speciality was to confront his frail victims in the sanctuary of their own homes, and then to abuse them in their own beds. Known as the night stalker, he would often spend hours gaining access into homes and then awaken sleeping victims in the dead of night by shining a torch in their faces. Few of those he preyed upon ever slept peacefully in their beds again, and many have died waiting for justice.

Delroy Grant is the third mass serial rapist to be convicted in London in the last year, the others are Kirk Reed a black chief and John Warboys a white taxi driver, both of whom are believed to have attacked around 100 women.

We can be sure that despite the disproportionate over representation of blacks in this type of crime, whenever the subject of serial rapists is discussed in the media, the focus will be on Warboys, the single white man.

Monday 21 March 2011

This Honourable and Noble Cause Part 2 (Suppression and Prejudice)

By Mister Fox

"One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory."
- Houari Boumediene, President of Algeria, at the United Nations, 1974 .

This has been encouraged and facilitated by Western elites who have laws with severe penalties throughout Europe to persecute dissidents and allow Muslims to take European territory and change the culture to suit them. Don't forget the elites brought this about by deceit and we did not realise what was happening until very late but there is a resistance building in Europe as a whole and England in particular. The Muslims know the governments and police are on their side: “"You are a White man you can't do nothing"” (1)

Evil elites cover up heinous murders of innocent people like that of Charlene Downes if the perpetrators belong to the new-privileged groups. There is a noble and honourable demonstration in Blackpool on March 26th for justice for this abused young girl whose case was sabotaged by the police. This is part of a new era of nobility and heroism. It is an honourable demo for posthumous justice for this young White girl who was used for sex then allegedly chopped up and sold in kebab meat.

Homer expressed nobility in this aphorism: "I too shall lie in the dust when I am dead, but now let me win noble renown." The ancient Greeks placed great importance on personal honor. Man was nothing without honour. One type of Honor is won by a man's prowess, the ability to fight and be victorious in battle. I suggest that fighting for justice for your people and defending them from attack by rival communities is very honourable and noble.

In the sixth book of the Aeneid Oddysseus' father Anchises gives a roll call of heroes. It is their renown in battle that impresses him and by setting examples they inspire others.

Alan Clarke, the former Conservative Minister of State for Defence and famous diarist praised football fans who rose to the provocation by French gendarmes as “the British military spirit”. The Independent of 18 June 1998 reported: it was "a kind of compliment to the English martial spirit" the way other groups of supporters sought them out. (1) To the traditional aristocratic ruling, class, the EDL would have been possessed of noble virtues which are now criminalized by the new elites. The great manly values like bravery, heroism,honour, and glory have been downgraded to prepare us for the lovely new world they were building.

An intrepid crew infiltrated and secretly filmed inside the Muslim area in Rochdale on the 5th of March. As usual the police took the side of Muslim extremists. In the video, the Muslims chant ''Allahu Akbar'', the chant used in Egypt as they burnt Christian churches. About 2 minutes in you can hear territorial claims as Muslims chant ''English s*** off our streets''. Note also how the police allow the Muslims to cover their faces yet EDL supporters who wore anything over their faces had them ripped off by the police, and pushed down their tops.

The politicised police used batons and dogs on the EDL but left the Muslims to do what they wanted. These people were the backbone of our traditional military prowess and should be honoured as heroes ready to defend our country and control our borders to repel the current invasion not assaulted by the police and belittled in the media. (2)

Our wounded troops are insulted in Selly Oak hospital as well as on the streets of Wootton Bassett and Luton by a rival community while the rulers invade their countries while not even providing the troops with adequate equipment to fight in. The elites are so evil they invade sovereign nation states belonging to Muslims when it is none of their business and import millions of Muslims with grudges into Europe to destroy our communities and countries.

The BBC are campaigning to get democratic protest suppressed. Jeremy Paxman expresses a lot of opinions but has not objectively examined the facts for himself. (3) When he interviewed Tommy Robinson he sat looking at his guest with contempt but knew nothing about what is going on on the streets yet he tries to rip apart guests who do. There is a wide, yawning gap between the elites and the British people: “You have no experience of what its like out there". Telling comment by Paxman at the end: 'Aren't you frightened by what you have set off'. The elites like Paxman know its ready to blow but they persist in oppressing righteous reaction and present multi-racial Britain in a fairy-story way.

Robinson single handedly jumping a barrier into a crowd of jihadists burning poppies on Armistice Day is inspirational bravery. It is on youtube. The EDL are working class patriots trying to stop the destruction of Britain. Watch videos produced by EDL 'Divisions' and you will see the views of the vast majority of our people that the elites are trying to suppress. There are Defence Leagues spreading across the world - Europe, Canada, Australia, the US.

The problem starts when excessive numbers are allowed in and start taking over territory and changing existing communities. This threatens the indigenous population. The government has stigmatised the “far right”as bad as Islamic terrorists, So who is a Christian fundamentalist? Any believing Christian is. It is not fanciful to say persecution of Christians has begun in England such as the Christian Hoteliers were fined heavily for refusing two gay men to share a bed in their Hotel.

The Establishment have no counter argument against our new patriotic ideas and use "Nazi", "racist", "hater" labels. They make themselves feel morally superior by looking down on others who they arrogantly dismiss as “bigots” yet it is they who are prejudiced because our views are based on experience. Of course, it hasn't occurred to any of them that they are prisoners of the zeitgeist as they see themselves as "free" and "radical" they are repeating received ideology they have imbibed.

The anti-racists (note the doublespeak!) are largely made up of social workers, teachers, journalists, professional trade unionists, professional "anti fascists" and people indoctrinated with "social studies" degrees. The violent wing, Antifa, is made up of anarchists usually of middle class backgrounds often in rebellion and "anti fascism" is a means of releasing their middle class angst.

They have little social interaction with the working class and view them with the contempt as Lenin did - knuckle draggers, a lumpen proletariat. Politics is a hobby or profession but not motivated by necessity or self-defence. They are a noisy rabble, often with powerful media and political connections. They find scapegoat:s: "we are a united community", "the EDL are evil racists" - you must accept the elites ideology or be denounced as “far right” or “racist”.

Robinson has stated that Bedfordshire police have issued him with an "Osman warning". These are given by the police to advise individuals that they are at serious risk of being killed by someone who appears to have the capability to make good their threat". Robinson wears a bulletproof vest and received a text message threatening to kill his children. This is the new era of bravery, honour and nobility.

Totalitarian MPs threaten violence. Luton MP Kelvin Hopkins told demonstrators: I’ve lived in Luton for 42 years – we’ve not had trouble here. It’s a friendly town, a comradely town. Let’s chase the EDL out of town and make Luton a non-racist and equal town where we all get on in friendship and solidarity. What about the Black pensioners in Bury Park who are being ethnically cleansed? Does he approve of that or just pretend it isn't happening?

Reality was expressed at the EDL rally in Luton by a local woman who told of her daughter burned to death by Muslim in a car crash:"Waqas Arshad, 24, crashed into a tree but told emergency services there was nobody inside, despite knowing 17-year-old Emily Brady was trapped in the burning wreckage. Her mother Patricia said: 'It was despicable behaviour to make no attempt to try and pull her out of the car.' It was only as firefighters tackled the blaze that they realised the teenager was in the car, still strapped in the passenger seat".

While the MP pretends everything is lovely while threatening the EDL with violence the EDL are to fight her cause: “ If he is released early there will be major racial tension in Luton, message to the prison service -do not realise this man early or there will be serious incidents" Tommy Robinson said. (2) This is what the elites are trying to suppress: ordinary people defending their children.

Another totalitarian tries to stifle democratic protest and freedom of association. She is a lesbian and is too stupid to know what would happen to her under Sharia law. These demos only cost so much because the UAF and Muslims turn up and threaten violence.

The totalitarian wrote to a correspondent:

Thank you for getting in touch with your views on the EDL and my argument for extending Police powers to ban marches, when there is a serious and proven risk to public order, to encompass rallies and parades as well as marches.

I am arguing for a relatively small change to existing law. But I do accept you comments below from a purely libertarian perspective, which you have demonstrated with much feeling.

Thank you again for your comments, I think we shall have to agree to differ.

Kind regards,

She ignores the costs to police when the enemy within openly abuse our troops on their home coming parades and get police protection and takes their side against the EDL.

The media lie about the numbers. They claimed there were only about 1500 at Luton but this privately taken video shows about 4,500 to 5,000. (4)

BNP Scotland's meeting in a hotel near Falkirk, to launch their manifesto for the Scottish elections was been cancelled because local MP, Labour's Eric Joyce, pressed the hotel to renege on their deal. The hotel complied with the wishes of the totalitarian MP. Again local people are suppressed.

The media use class distinction to isolate defenders of the British people from the rest of polite and enlightened society by characterisations like “Banner-waving drunks”.

These are attempts to oppress their own populations to prevent a “White backlash” but people are realising what the corrupt Ideological Caste has been doing behind their backs. Deceitful MP Simon Hughes stated on television that it is not true that asylum seekers get more state benefits than indigenous people he deliberately misled the public by playing with words because he knows it is the illegal immigrants that are granted asylum that get more benefits than our own people.

But Hughes comment was not only deliberately, deceitful, he is secretive about what he really wants for White Britons: to let Muslims take over. (5)

The UAF is a state - backed terror group. Evil David Cameron who is busy having Libyan civilians humanely carpet-bombed is a signatory. His UAF apparatchiks are made up of idealistic students, old style Stalinists and nonwhites.They are subsidised and supported by MPs who also make Race Relations laws to oppress the indigenous people.

For sixty years the Global Capitalists have used weakening ideologies to get ideologically neo-Marxist elite has waged a psychological war against the British people. They have been devastating the communities of local people by imposing a myriad of different ethnic groups on them while living in good areas themselves and benefiting from cheap labour as British workers are forced to accept less.

The general population are only just realising that the rulers can do such awful things in the full knowledge that they re doing them. Yet there is an independent strand. If you look at the comments in the newspapers when race and immigration crops up There's an interesting development the main opinion pieces and comment blogs are getting many opposing views. So much so that they now have to be censored.

As they are getting stronger they have started to show their true loyalties and what they are doing to us now will increase as they grow in numbers and this is beginning to show behind the veil of the Establishment cover up.

We have had 9/11, Bali, Madrid, London, India and Russia which indicates a world wide Jihad is being enacted. Then baroness Warsi whines that we are prejudiced against them! They are carrying grudges against us and the third generation turns nasty and starts threatening us. They have been encouraged to take our territory for long by the elites. The seed of conflict is in them as it is in all peoples who have been victims of surprise invasions that kill their women and children.

The Birmingham Mail of 5/1/11 reports the growing reaction to the Muslim attack on our people and values. A former soldier, who did not wish to be identified, claimed Respect Party representatives Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq would require a round-the-clock guard unless they apologised for the snub at Birmingham City Council.

They refused to stand for Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher when he visited to highlight his work with the Royal British Legion. They are not part of our society nd do not belong here any more than we should be invading theee Muslim countries – Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. He said:

"There will be repercussions if this pair are not kicked off the council, they will need 24-hour protection," claimed the soldier, who said he was speaking for many ex-servicemen.



White man stands his ground against MDL.



This video shows a march of 4,500-5,000 EDL.
Gang raping young White girls
Alum Rock Cricket celebrations
John Berry of UAF attacks the EDL


Sunday 20 March 2011

That didn't take long

Remember when ...............?

.. Barry O popped over to Oslo to pick up his prize for high expectations?

The Egyptian Constitution

Whilst our troops, together with the Americans and French are engaged in the humanitarian bombing of their neighbour Libya, the Egyptian people have been turning out in high numbers to vote in a referendum which will impact on the presidential elections which will occur later in the year.

Many will marvel at the swiftness of this latest development, given that the spontaneous and unplanned uprising against the last president only started six to eight weeks ago.

One interesting feature to note is that, to stand for election in the forthcoming presidential election, the candidate must meet certain criteria:

  • He (it certainly will be a "he") must be over 40
  • He must be an Egyptian born in Egypt
  • Both his parents must be Egyptian born Egyptians
  • Neither he nor either of his parents can ever has been foreign citizens
  • He must not be married to a foreigner
Interestingly there has been no comment in the media, which I have seen, suggesting that such rules might be just a tad racist.

Saturday 19 March 2011

Was this what we were told?

Pilot ejects out of plunging warplane

According to tonight's Channel 4 news the warplane shot down over the Libyan town of Benghazi this morning may have been one of the rebels' own planes, accidentally shot down by friendly fire rather than rather than part of the government forces sent in by Colonel Gadaffi as first thought.

Lets rewind that for a moment, this was a rebel warplane? am I just being dumb or were you all aware that the rebels had their own war planes and the means of shooting them down? Was I not listening when the government told us that by embarking on this humanitarian intervention in Libya, where we will be bombing Libyan government forces, we would be taking sides not with unarmed civilians but with armed insurgents with their own war planes and anti-aircraft missiles?

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Selling Out to Sharia

By Stella Paul at American Thinker

To you and me, the brutal Islamic law of Shariah is a nightmare; to America's elites, it's a cutting-edge growth industry. This is a tale of three appalling twerps who sold out America's freedom, each in his or her own special way. At the apex stands Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the adenoidal Napoleon of New York, whose monumental betrayals are practically a work of art; much lower down, we find the smug little weasels, Ronnie Schiller and Betsy Liley of NPR, who, over a delicious Washington lunch with avowed Muslim Brotherhood operatives, casually agreed to a splash of treason.

Studying their stories is instructive, for we quickly see that while jobs for America's regular folks may be disappearing, for the busybody blowhards who rule our civic and cultural life, the opportunities to vacuum up cash in exchange for selling off our freedom are virtually boundless.

In case you were wondering why Mayor Bloomberg refused to meet with 9/11 families protesting the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and why he reviled them and other patriotic opponents as "un-American," the mystery is now officially solved: money. Bloomberg, the richest man in New York, has brilliantly maneuvered his position as public guardian of Ground Zero into a priceless asset for his personal fortune.

Here's the sick news, folks, about the mother of all conflicts of interest.

Bloomberg launches Islamic Finance Platform:

Bloomberg Professional® service executives have announced the launch of a Bloomberg Islamic Finance Platform (ISLM), a solution for Shariah-compliant products and services... The Islamic marketplace is growing rapidly and there is high demand for a wide range of resources," Dan Doctoroff, President of Bloomberg L.P, said from Kuala Lumpur. "Bloomberg is delighted to increase its commitment to serve this dynamic market...."

The new Bloomberg ISLM platform has resources for investing in fixed income, equities and money markets that comply with Shariah..."

Well, you get the picture. It all makes sense now, doesn't it? Bloomberg, the famous cold fish, shedding hot tears for "religious freedom" in front of the Statue of Liberty, surrounded by a pride of brain-dead rabbis -- ah, what a lovely photo op it made.

Bloomberg's tears were real, all right. He was weeping at the thought that patriotic Americans might derail his ability to close the deal on his beloved Shariah platform. Recall, if your stomach can bear it, how Imam Rauf, the project's so-called "spiritual leader," let slip that he would use the 15-story, $100 million Ground Zero Victory Mosque to house his lifelong dream -- the Shariah Index Project. There, every morning, after the Muslim call to prayer finished echoing across the 9/11 killing field, Rauf planned to calibrate the state of Shariah compliance around the globe, and diligently labor to spread it.

And how delightfully easier his task of spreading Shariah will be, thanks to Bloomberg's Islamic Finance Platform! After all, the whole point of the $1 trillion market of "Shariah-compliant products and services" is to maximize compliance with Shariah -- and not just on money matters. To understand Shariah Finance's true nature, consider that Iran is its market leader, and was the first country to adopt Shariah Finance as its financial system, back in 1978-1983 when the Ayatollah Khomeini took over. Khomeini eradicated all secular law and replaced it with Shariah law, including the banking system. Khomeini's prize creation, the Shariah police, continue to enforce Shariah in the banks and on the streets, where women are savagely beaten for showing a strand of hair and 14-year-old gays are publicly hanged.

I find it fascinating that Bloomberg's official announcement makes no attempt to disguise Shariah-Compliant Finance as "green" or "ethical", which is the current fashionable pretense of Shariah-pushing financial institutions like Citibank, Goldman Sachs and General Electric. No, Bloomberg's announcement is all about the power of his proprietary tools to speed up the harried investors' search for "fatwa endorsements," and "transparency into more than 250 Shariah scholars," so they can get on with making obscene piles of Shariah-backed money.

In case you're wondering about the tilt of these "Shariah scholars," look no further than Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood honcho dubbed "the theologian of terror" by the ADL, who just showed up in Tahrir Square, calling for "the reconquest of Jerusalem." Qaradawi is the big expert on Shariah Finance, which he cheerfully calls "jihad with money."

Now, you and I remember that 9/11 took place on the day of the mayoral primary, an election Bloomberg eventually won. We remember that he began his term in office by attending countless funerals and memorial services for New York's heroes, and we still get choked up thinking about the sacrifice they made.

But let's give credit where it's due: Bloomberg is a canny calculator. Maybe he'd already figured out back in 2001, while we were still wrapping ourselves in flags and weeping over God Bless America, that the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 would be presided over by some guy named Hussein, who bowed to the Saudi king -- so why not go for the main chance?

As for Ron Schiller and Betsy Liley of NPR, what pipsqueak, nothing-burgers these would-be destroyers of our freedom turn out to be. Invited to lunch with two men posing as operatives of a Muslim Brotherhood front group openly dedicated to spreading Shariah, they happily accepted, in hopes of snaring a $5 million donation. Schiller obligingly ranted about America's bigotry and Islamophobia and those nasty Jews who control the media, while Liley, in crisp professional mode, volunteered to provide anonymity for a Muslim Brotherhood donation. Yes, these are the people who think they're so much better than us.

Schiller's and Liley's hatred for America's ordinary citizens is so immense that they're willing to sell off our Constitution, but I'm sure they find the whole concept of treason to be laughably passé. In fact, it probably never even occurred to these two COWs (Citizens of the World) that they had a country to betray. What's the moral of the story of Bloomberg and the quislings of NPR? American leadership in every sector is in a state of massive collapse, and our future is being written by preening egotists getting rich on our destruction. Can't we do better?

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