Friday 4 March 2011

A letter to Mohammad Sidique Khan

By Pym Purnell

So you expressed regret to your daughter that you will be leaving her. Who will look after her now you have gone, who will educate her, feed her, clothe her, treat her when she is ill, pay her bills, and look after her Mum too?

We (the British public) will contribute to this, while you do not.

Seems strange to me that a man who obviously dislikes this country so much he personally killed 6 people, and himself, trusts us enough to look after his most prized possession.


Nota reargunner said...

I owe no allegiance to any immigrant, murderers child or not. I do to my countrymen, those who fought along side of me.
Send them back to their wonderful mountain reserves and let their own people pay for their future, not me.

FreeThinker said...

Yet another piece of the flawed "religion of peace" puzzle.

Like John of The Right Perspective said: "Islam is not a religion, but an anti-white political movement to destroy the west".

When will people wake up?

Pat H. said...

Only a daughter, just a piece of property to him.