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This Honourable and Noble Cause Part 1 (State Interference in Lawful Political Parties)

By Mister Fox

A totalitarian method used by the British state is infiltrating state agents into legitimate and rival political parties to discredit and destabilise them and keep the Global elites in power.

The Express newspaper of 18th February 1999 revealed that the Security Services were going to infiltrate :

'Scotland Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organizations. The Express has learned that intelligence officers will infiltrate far Right groups such as the British National Party.”

Since Griffin became leader in 1999 the BNP has been contained when it was riding a wave and now is being destabalised. The tide turned for the BNP in 2001, due to media promotion and hard work of organisers in Olhdam and Burnley. Two areas Griffin has destroyed.

Griffin and others contained that growth by quickly undermining branches in areas that growth had taken place in by sacking organisers where it did. East London was the first, followed by Oldham and Burnley later Bradford and Birmingham. The BNPs peak was contained and undermined by state ops working within.

Around that time previous BNP leader John Tyndall was suspcious of Griffin:

"Many of us noticed that shortly before or shortly after the leadership change that took place in the BNP in 1999 a number of new figures emerged in the party, little or nothing of whom had been known previously; and many of these graduated quickly to senior positions. Where were they coming from? What was their motivation? Were they with us to help or hinder?

Absolutely certain answers to these questions cannot be supplied, but it was noticeable that virtually all of these people aligned themselves decisively with the so-called 'modernising' faction in the party which had gained the ascendancy through the leadership change." (1)

"THE SNP was spied on by British secret service agents, previously classified Government files seen by Scotland on Sunday have finally proved. "The dossiers contain first-hand accounts from numerous unnamed agents of party meetings, and also include names of SNP members and sympathisers. They also provided transcripts of speeches and give particular attention to members they believed were on the more radical and militant wing of the party. "

It is instructive to consider the 2002 trial of the German NPD which collapsed after it was revealed that 30 out of 200 party officials were on the secret service payroll.

Some senior NPD members were being paid 100k a year by the state. The NPD also made breakthroughs in elections, thus the claim Griffin cant be state, because the BNP had success is not true, the BNPs growth was contained and destabalised, like the NPD.

A new party The British Freedom Party was formed because of Griffin's behaviour on November 5th 2010 and within 24 hours their treasurer and backer had resigned and within a week another founding member had resigned alleging threatening and abusive emails sent out by a senior member and former BNP associate of Griffin. The Electoral Commission are now investigating this split. It is now two factions both calling themselves BFP!

The friendship between Simon Darby and state agent Andy Carmichael is well documented. Their party the National Democrats were scuppered just before the 1997 election when The Sunday Times and Daily Mail exposed Carmichael as an MI5 op. This also gives an insight into how the Security Services use sexual depravity. (7)

Paul Golding's article for The British Resistance: The BNP's Electoral Failure: Bad Leadership and Empty Fantasies

revealed that Darby persuaded NG practicing for Question Time so that he went on unprepared:
“When the Front National was allowed onto the French equivalent of Question Time, Jean Marie Le Pen gave an excellent performance in front of millions of Frenchmen and the fortunes of the FN rocketed! Unfortunately, Mr Griffin squandered the same chance here in Britain, and did extraordinary damage to our reputation and public appeal in the process (similar blame lies with Simon Darby, press officer at the time, who blocked or ignored all pleas by almost the entire leadership team to ensure the Chairman undertook plenty of simulation and practise for Question Time beforehand “
There is much concern that large sums of money have been collected from BNP party members but not been accounted. It is in the public interest that this is investigated. The police and fraud squad can not have the public thinking they cover up for people who run political parties as scams to make money out of the public.

Several responsible people have raised these concerns: a professional accountant, has handed in evidence as has a retired Metropolitan police inspector. Even more damning of British police is their ignoring evidence from, John Crudass, MP for Dagenham and Rainham. He tried to get the BNP finances investigated but his evidence was suppressed. The Electorall Commission notify the police if they find suspicious circumstances.

In a BBC report a former party treasurer stated illegal practices had taken place; the party's accountants often refuse to sign their accounts off, so why do the appropriate police departments and even the Fraud Squad cover this up?

It is in the public interest to investigate this but as it is now coming out anyway and this will seriously undermine the public's confidence in the nuetrality of the police.

Note that what is being done to the BNP from the top is similar to what is being done to UKIP as can be seen from the infighting on the British Democracy Forum. Furthermore, Lord Tebbit alleged that UKIP was set up by two members of the Security Services. (2)

This is a co-ordinated attack by the 'State' to destablise patriotic anti-EU and anti-immigration movements and stop professional and highly intelligent people getting interested by making the movement look thuggish and sexually perverted - to destroy faith in Nationalist parties before the economy collapses or ethnic violence breaks out. I wonder how many sleepers are in the Conservative Monday Club or The Traditional Britain Group?

The BNPs very able female candidate in the recent Barnsley by-election had excellent chances of a high protest vote which the leaders destroyed by promoting to Yorkshire Organiser Ian Kitchen whose wife is a “granny-porn star” across the internet. This is supposed to be the party of family values. His deputy was former detective Simon Goodricke, who contested a ward in Barnsley in 2008. He was sacked from West Midlands Police and jailed for 18 months for perverting the course of justice and defrauding a pensioner of £1,000. He was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court in 1998 after tipping off two businessmen who were attempting to swindle £100 million from Colombian drug barons. (3) I have no wish to attack people who have paid for their crimes but to show one of Griffin's methods of discrediting the party and preventing them being successful. Promoting people with bad pasts into the public eye whereby the media will use them to discredit the party and movement as a whole. That is a harsh fact of life.

Griffin and his “inner party” have continually expelled competent local organisers and succesful branches and promoted people not suited to their roles so that the party has never been able to function properly. It began almost as soon as he took over when he destroyed the very successful Burnley branch. The ludicrous election broadcast of 2005 wasted an opportunity to get a meaningful message to our peoplewhich featured Dave Hannam singing the sentimental tosh Corporal Fox. A song written by Griffin about homeless people. (4)

Griffin has the background for a State OP. A student at Downing College, Cambridge a well-known recruiting ground for spies. He went to Libya to meet Colonel Qaddafi in the 1980s where he would have met Libyan intelligence officers; the same intelligence officers who were meeting with and funding the IRA. Are we expected to believe the security services would not have wanted to talk to him after? This was at a time when Britain had no diplomatic relations with Libya. He was also involved with far right groups in Italy suspected of terrorist connections – the International Third Party.

Na├»ve people may think its just extremist groups the Security Services and police infiltrate but what about UKIP and the recent case about infiltration of ECO movement by Mark Kennedy? The information he gathered went straight to Tony Blair. It is clear that these infiltrations of “Right” political parties has come from the top as orders to the police to attack the EDL with truncheons but let Muslim protesters do what they like, will have come from The Home Secretary.

Griffin constantly acts to scupper the BNP vote. A notorious example was before the 2010 General Election when he boldly stated on television news that the Director of Publicity was plotting to have him murdered. Then for the Barking ward his fellow “undertaker of the NF” Patrick Harrington had masses of anti-Semitic booklets attacking Margaret Hodge printed and activists were forced by Griffin to distribute them. The State are playing a dangerous game in spreading anti-Semitism.

A variant is promoting holocaust denial and being photographed with Don Black, owner of Stormfront, and the notorious David Duke. Griffin once wrote an article for Identity defending Duke against Zionists. This was when Excalibur sold Dukes books. This is destroying the BNP from within as they did the NF and is a classic operation of state agents.

The “understakers” are destroying the BNP from within as they did the NF. Their latest rouse is supporting IRA murderers. Harrington was once photographed by a Belfast memorial to the IRA! Recently, Kevin Scott of Civil Liberty, wrote defending IRA murderer Gerry McGeough. This got newspaper coverage in Sunday World and further turned people against the cause. (5)

The BNP had a good chance in the Welsh Assembly elections till Griffin supported violent thugs against a BNP councillor and drove away the councillor. Then he had his photograph taken in Soth Wales with a Nutzi. The BNP had a good chance in the Welsh assembly but Griffin has scuppered them.

Why has dodgy accounting not been acted on when even a previous treasurer has reported it? (6)

File On 4 of 12 February 2008 interviewed former party treasurer John Brayshaw who refused to sign off the party's accounts because he claims he was not given the access to all the records he needed to see.

In 2005 he wrote to the Electoral Commission, the body which oversees political party finances, saying that he resigned as BNP treasurer. He alleged a number of irregularities had come to light including missing invoices and receipts from the Trafalgar Club.

In his letter, Mr Brayshaw said current party treasurer John Walker and his deputy David Hannam visited his home for a week to complete the accounts. He said he did not help them but claimed he witnessed some unusual activities, namely the shredding of a large number of documents and invoices.

Mr Brayshaw said he was told to burn the shredded documents, but kept them because he felt something improper had taken place.

Jon Cruddas, MP said: “What this investigation for File On 4 is identifying is much more significant that any of the charges I was laying before the Parliament, namely a systematic series of financial irregularities”

Ms Ebanks told File On 4 that the party informed her the donor's cheque was genuine and he should be made an honorary life member. The BNP strenuously denies that it has broken any rules. It claims that the cheque in fact bounced and therefore did not need to be declared.

Labour MP for Dagenham Jon Cruddas has already raised the issue of BNP finances in Parliament, and presented the Electoral Commission with a 20-page dossier just before Christmas. Nothing was done! The Electoral Commission usually pass these on to the police if they themselves can not act...

ABRAMS: Chris Makin’s a forensic accountant. We asked him to look at the BNP's accounts for us, and he was puzzled by some of what he found.

MAKIN: We do get a heading in the account which is ‘meeting collections’ and that’s £80,000. But then there’s another for the year which is ‘donation income - other’ - in other words, by definition, not at meetings, and that is a little over £62,000, and I just question how that £62,000 has been arrived at, because £62,000 is a surprisingly high amount to be other unspecified.

ABRAMS: You would expect more of those to be in the category where they would need to be declared?
MAKIN: Exactly, exactly so yes. It is surprising.

Swingers and Perverts

When the “Granny porn” scandal broke Simon Darby gave a press interview defending the Kitchens. He knows the members disapprove of them as it exacerbates discontents and causes more disruption.

Harrington belongs to a rival party the National Liberal Party (Third Way) which stood against the BNP as recently as 2007. Harrington is probably another state op and turned when he had to be escorted into his university lectures by police. Civil Liberty is what Stormfront call a "Stronghold", an organisation designed to make inroads into the public. Its s leader Kevin Scott has just published an article supporting an IRA murderer which does great damage to British nationalism. Harrington also supports the IRA and a photograph of him paying respects at a memorial exists.

Mrs.Harrington aka Mish Bondage is the BNP's highest paid member of staff. She was interviewed:

HELGE : What´s the deal behind your "Mish Bondage" image, just a seen on Just an image or is it true passion, or sheer wickedness? What´s your favourite punishment for bad nasty boys?

Moi? Wicked? hahaha.. ask Corboy

DC: Penial excoriatment or excisement

MB: I've spanked the hecklers in front with a giant rubber weiner.. thrown water or beer on the mouthy ones

I guess it would depend on what the naughty thing did..I would throw a cup of uncooked rice on a hard floor, then .make him get on his hands and knees in some pink frilly panties, kneeling in the rice and make the nasty little creature stay there for 20 minutes.. then spank his bum soundly with my 18 inch........”. (7)

Griffin's promotion of these show how is degrading the nationalist movement to stop intelligent and professional people getting involved. The BNP operates in a hostile environment and has to be run very professionally and after 30 years involvement he knows that. The Security Services strategy is to have people in senior positions who cause disruption, destabilise successful branches, get rid of successful organisers etc.

It would appear that Griffin's handlers have now told him to wind the party up completely and this is likely to be within the next 3 to 4 months. He will probably take a rump of gullible supporters with him into a civil rights movement free from The Electoral Commission where he will have the money to himself and earn a good living as his reward as indeed are his EU salary and expenses.

This is why the police wont investigate the finances.

Further,it would expose the state as undemocratic and controlling lawful parties political parties for their own interests.

But it is necessary to expose the machinations of state assets if we are to save our movement. When this is all exposed to the public as what it is - state dirty tricks - the name of nationalism becomes clean and honourable again and will inspire the public to work to save their children. Then the public will see that the thuggery, the holocaust denial and the sexual perverts were put there by state ops showing that we have a clean and honourable party made up of decent and brave British patriots willing to make noble sacrifices for their country and their people at a time when we are being replaced in our communities by immigrants imported here by the elites. It is the duty of the writers and bloggers not only to expose this but to maintain morale and try to “find the way forward. We must support the brave and noble people who go out to talk to the general public, often put at risk in dangerous immigrant areas, because of the foul and false reputation placed on them by state assets. We are entering a new era requiring honour, nobility and heroism to create a future for our dispossessed children and our people.

Reference Notes for "This Honourable and Noble Cause" by Mister Fox








This is porn so be careful


Anonymous said...

The usual rantings that can be found on the Lancaster Unity Site. This is silver foil hat conspiracy stuff

misterfox said...

Prove it dreamer! People like you have done a lot of harm to our cause by fawning on one man. You have held us back.

John B said...

Yeah right mr fox Lancaster UAF and Butler and Bennet have our interests at heart.
Tyndal was dumped because his radical in your face fourteen words crap was going no where. the man was even daft enough to publicly admire Hitler and the Nazis once even being photographed in the uniform
How about you, any "88" tattoos anywhere?
Closet Nazis everywhwere and state agents come out of the woodwork and attack Griffin because they think he is weak. He is not.
The Party did great in the 2010 electioin it would have done even better had loony Barnes and traitor Bennet not struck.

Remeber last year?? all the cranks were after Dowson who was supposed to be the right wing Ulsterman svengali who had Griffin under his sway!!
Now it is Harrington who is said to be a communist and supposedly he has convinced Griffin to go soft on the IRA.

WoW!! what an amazing switch!!

Here is a little reality The BNP did 50 % better than what the polsters predicted in the general election. The BNP right now has been the "benificiary" of a massive disinformation campaign. a twofold campaign, with one side saying the sky is falling the Party is imploding, when in fact it is not.
the other part is the well,known "we will print nothing positve about the BNP policy" of the establishment press.
The third Part is the massive decline in the BNP being invted fo TV interviews, which is deliberate and the planting of stories in the press saying the BNP is imploding. whcih generate alarm on all those who will not bother to go to the local meetings to find out for themselves.
I do not knpow who Mr Fox is but i would bet a days wages that he never showed up on the streets of Oldham or Barnsley this year, for the campaign.
There were massive turnouts in both places. The trouble is there were massive turnouts of Labour and a massive amounts of posters in every Pub. 43 thousand quid expenditure by UKIP. also.
the last two national election have shown that about 5 % of the people are with us in the westminster elections and probaly now 10% in the Euro elections.
That number reperesents 10 years of growth from the less than 1% under Tyndal.
It is not going to grow to 30 % in a year.
You don't like the plod away method but that is what will work. not some magical quick fix idea.

misterfox said...

Why do you think everyone is in some sort of cult if they say the party has taken a wrong turn? Are you sure that promoting granny porn stars, a punk rocking dominatrix and supporting the IRA is what nationalism represents?
While I would like reconciliation in Ulster supporting the IRA is inexcusable as is the undermining of stable family life in the other two cases.
The BNP has been losing its councillors for the last year and I'm not a little surprised that you see that as success.
"The Party did great in the 2010 electioin..." Is that a joke? Do you not think that Griffin's telling the nation on TV that his Director of Publicity was trying to get him murdered was good for the party image? You should have noticed that before an election Mr.Griffin does something to sabotage it.

misterfox said...

Why do you think everyone is in some sort of cult if they say the party has taken a wrong turn? Are you sure that promoting granny porn stars, a punk rocking dominatrix and supporting the IRA is what nationalism represents?
While I would like reconciliation in Ulster supporting the IRA is inexcusable as is the undermining of stable family life in the other two cases.
The BNP has been losing its councillors for the last year and I'm not a little surprised that you see that as success.
"The Party did great in the 2010 electioin..." Is that a joke? Do you not think that Griffin's telling the nation on TV that his Director of Publicity was trying to get him murdered was good for the party image? You should have noticed that before an election Mr.Griffin does something to sabotage it.

John B said...

Yeah more rantings look at the references Butlers blog and Unity.

The name of the game is disinformation there are many techniques

the one being used in the last year is called pump, pop, and dump

all the pollsters had the BNP at 3% or less for the general election Actually the BNP did 3.9% average everywhere it stood. despite the treachery of Bennet and Barnes. That is without the needed number of feet on the ground to leaflet 300 general and 700 council election locations.

But the pumpers all over the web were busy saying ( despite the polls) this is the year we are going to break through and raising false expectations of winning seats when there was realistically no chance

Then after the election they all came out and attacked Nick and Dowson how had the Party got 500 thousand in debt What had nick done wrong!!
Butler see his chance and goes for Chair when he gets less than 5% support he turns on other party members bad mouthing every one but Barnes Bennett Mackenzie and Shelley Rose!!
Then the 2009 figures come out surprise surprise Dowson did not take more than his 7.5% on the money he raised fee. the Party did raise 2 million just like Nick has said all along. No money went to Nick and big surpise the party was 275 thousand in debt going into 2009 In 2009 it spent only 56 thousand more than it raised but that was the year of the EU election ( remember??)

so staring 2010 it is in the hole by roughly 325 thousand pounds.

It is not hard to overspend 200 thousand, more when you run a thousand candidates on one day.
the election deposits,on just the parliamentary seats, most of which were lost alone total 165 thousand pounds

Do I hear a big Ohhh!?!

No I hear now the dump part of the pump and dump, I hear the sky is falling, I hear every mole on the internet putting out garbage about how the Party is falling apart and I hear some fools who thought heaven was going to open up and Nick was going to be magically annointed in 2010 throwing dirt at all the BNP leaders.

I expect it of the moles and agents provacatuer, and opportunists like Butler who openly refused to support the BNP economic program.

I don't expect nationalists to fall for it.

If you are a keyboard commando, the time is ripe to go to your local meeting and lend a hand manning stalls and leafleting. If you are a (fomerly) respected Blogger I expect you to squelch rumors and demand identities of those who publish rubbish and to support the entire leadership team, not sit back and snipe.

No one should publish a Nationalist support site unless he or she attends local regional and national BNP meetings

If you have a complaint about this or that staffer or activist not being up to snuff go there and help out

Do not repeat rumours.

cut liars and those who reprint UAF garbage off your blogs.

misterfox said...

I only used links from Lancaster Unity because I could not find the original articles in the newspapers they quoted. I wanted evidence and supplied it but sorry about the secondary sources.
Don't forget to join the British Resistance Paltalk tonight to hear Jim Dowson say the party will be bancrupt within about a month.

misterfox said...

Thank you John B but why tell me all that? What has that to do with me? My aim is to help develop a proper movement to try and help our people as my articles make clear. If I think some are damaging our cause, and I do, I attack them. I'm not involved with these myriad groupings you invoke nor do I have tattoos.

John B said...

Are you active in your local BNP group mister fox how many hours this year leafleting and tabling
Have you explained Bellocian economics on your blog?? WRe you ever even an active member or just a keyboard commando. The people who go to local meetings this year report well attended meetings and civil pleasent speaking informed leaders. Brian Mahoney is a good organizer and Adam is a much better national ,organizer than Butler ever was.

It is easy to spot the keyboard commando types, and differentiate them from the worker bees

John B said...

Precisely. Mr fox you are not involved with any local BNP unit this year nor last. Mr and Mrs granny porn were outed asked to leave and they left. your ranting about it means nothing.
activism mmenas being involved locally at the meetings and on the streets those people who do not have no right to complain about anything.
and yes the party improve its total % by 300 % and its percentage per election by 50% over 2005 despite all the negative publicity. That is why the establishment is pulling out all the stops including all the moles to destroy it. Rome was not built in a day Mr. Fox and do nothing Keyboard commandos build nothing certainly do nothing to develop a proper movement.

misterfox said...

Whats all this rubbish about "keyboard commandos"? What do you have on these wonderful leaflets of yours? Something to galvanise the masses? You have just lost your constituency to UKIP and the EDL.
You should not be in this position of imploding - You just wasted the most propitious decade ever to develop a nationalist movement in this country and you have failed. Why are your councillors resigning? I suppose they are all reds or Searchlight plants?
Incidentally, apart from trying to characterise me. What is it you disagree with about my article?

misterfox said...

An example of how these work is the case with he EHRC. Why was the case brought, then? To make NG appear a persecuted leader to keep him in place. The last thing the state wants is a competent and committed nationalist leader, they need Griffin to remain in charge of the BNP to keep it discredited and under performing.
His legacy to us is because of fighting this case instead of taking the illegal clause out: Racial Nationalism and Ethno-nationalism as political movements are now unlawful and any new movement has its constitution vetted by the EHRC . That is what Griffin has shackled us with. You will see from my article why I think this was done, although I did not use this case as supporting evidence

John B said...

Oh yes of course the EHRC was secretly in league with Griffin and Darby when it brought the case. OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME!!W hy didn't I see it my dear Mister fox I see it all now!!
Nick Griffin has plotted all his life for this moment!! deliberately given up a successful career as a solicitor with a Cambridge honors degree to live in an ancient stone hovel he rebuilt himself, all these years planning to destroy British nationalism. First he conspires to have himself prosecuted for saying nasty things about Muslims in 2004 then he conspires to have Andrew Brons elected to the EU all TO DESTROY BRITISH NATIONALISM!!!

How diabolically clever of him!!

I hope you don't mind mr fox if I spread your insight all over the various blogs. People should realize what a true genius we have amongst us. Mr. fox!!!!

now before our intrepid Mr fox says wait a minute I did not say Griffin conspired with them I said he was used by them Let me pop that bubble also. In 2007 Griifin wrote the parliament would soon make illegal for a political party to discriminate on the grounds of Race. He wrote then that the BNP would have a choice abandon the race clause for membership or go out of business.
That caused a stir in the membership but it started people thinking as Griffin had intended. When the time the EHRC case came around Nick wrote that he new the Party would be forced to drop the whites only membership but had to fight for it for political reasons.

Translation for the mentally impaired: discrimination based upon race is and always will be ruled illegal. whatever is said it is not possible to make the UK 100% racially caucasion. Or to deport people based upon their race.
That FACT Nick has known for ages but it cvould not be said openly in BNP meetings because of the strong feelings of the membership. To even further pop all your bubbles their is no legal defintion of what a race is, NOR CAN THEIR POSSIBLY BE!! physical
cHaractoristcs and skin melanine content occupy a wide and varrying range. Genetic charactoristics of races are similarly ill defined Also a huge percntage of the Huamn race is cross bred to one degree or another.

Since defining a race is legally impossible making laws based upon it is not only politically impossible but physically impossible.

In 2009 when the case was first brought he knew the EHRC would win he wrote that politically it was not possible for him to cave in without a fight.
He was right about that also for even though he had great support for his decision he was still attacked by a small group for changing the constitution.
But because he had done all that could be done the idiots in the Party could not gather the support to derail it or remove Griffin.

Thank you Mr Fox for demonstrating to one and all the thought processes of some of these idiots.

misterfox said...

John, are you his girlfriend? You have not made a sensible point yet. Isn't it time you joined the Reform movement instead of panting over your hero?

John B said...

Mr fox I have stuck to the arguements and refrained from name calling. It is your ridiculous and idiotic arguments that are held up to scorn by the light of my counter arguements which are based upon facts, facts you did not even attempt to challenge with your "girlfriend" reply.
Is it your intention by the girlfriend reference to challenge my manhood?? If not I demand an Immediate apology. If that is not forthcoming, I would like to point out several things first my name is on what I write and my details are on this blog, unlike you who hide behind a pseudonym. I am no ones girlfriend, but we could arrange a personal meeting if you would like, to see which one of us is the bitch?
Of Course rather than a man caught out making an inane and irrational argument you could simply be a mole, in which case hiding under a pseudonym makes perfect sense.

misterfox said...

I am making a sarcastic comment on your devotion to one man. With respect you have not made a serious counter argument to the points I raise but offered pigeon holes. Apparently, I am a leftie who has "88" tattoos.
Many people are now questioning the leadership we have had and it is a widely-held view that the party is being wound down(or destroyed) from within to be turned into a civil rights movement under the Solidarity union leaders.
You would do us all a great service by looking into these things instead of blindly defending something that is about to let you down.
Incidentally, I do ot hide behind a pseudonym. Everyone who uses these blogs knows who I am.

misterfox said...

John, be careful when making threats of violence. The press use such things to portray the party as thugs and knuckledraggers.

Thomas Burbank said...

What about those who have paid hundreds of pounds for Life Membership if the party is collapsed? Those responsible like Chairman Nick Griffin - if he isn't ultimately responsible then I don't know who is - have no right to collapse a political party that they have mismanaged deliberately or otherwise during their tenure, in order to create a civil rights movement. HE is the one who should be collapsed, as in made bankrupt. If HE wants to form such a movement out of a fake trades union, then fine. Resign immediately and take the debts he and others have accrued with him. The BNP belongs to the membership and supporters who have donated their time and money.

The more I read about all of this, the more it all seems deliberate and those involved in this effective fraud are being protected from prosecution by the State. Late accounts, never ending begging emails, sleaze, preposterous allegations of murder and porn revelations just before elections, people on the BNP payroll earning £30K+ wearing SLUT T-shirts and her husband/partner not a member of the party, a member of a rival party even!

I'm glad I got out of all things to do with BNP money - membership/donations when I did, at the time of the Truth Truck scandal which I donated to including joining Solidarity some months earlier. They couldn't even spell my bloody name correctly on someone's backroom/garage produced, hand written, tacky membership card which I keep for posterity and to warn me of ever being duped so easily again. The stationary and print they used for letters was the most amateurish I have ever seen. I believe it was a virtual fraud from the outset.

Few out there with even a modicum of sense believe Simon Darby is 100% who he says he is. His name is often spelt 5IMon Darby on nationalist blogs. I wouldn't know and have given up caring. The loyal and honest membership have been badly let down and even betrayed. They are probably being laughed at by State handlers and their traitorous puppets in the party whoever they are, who have made a good living from duping the membership and supporters, not to mention the electorate to whom they gave false hope.

Was nothing real? WE were real, the majority of the Membership past and present was real. The Nationalist Cause was (and is) real.
Parody from The Truman Show - Emotive Ending (8:25)

Anonymous said...

Dr Andrew Emerson...
On 8 September 2010 I published an article, entitled "Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose" on my blog, New Leadership. I'm aware, of course, that John Tyndall published his suspicions about Griffin's possible involvement with the secret state some time before he died. I wonder what he would be saying were he alive today. From what I know of him I believe he was too much of a gentleman to have been likely to say "I told you so".

The following is the most relevant extract of my article of last year.

"Let's examine Mr Griffin's background a little more shall we?

"Mr Griffin attended Cambridge University. Cambridge University was where the homosexual spies and traitors Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Blunt et al, studied. It was, and probably still is, the favourite recruiting ground of the Security Service, otherwise known as MI5, and hence also of the former KGB, now the FSB.

"Mr Griffin's father is, one understands, a senior freemason, a member of the secret society that includes in its brotherhood many senior members of the Establishment, including the police, and doubtless also the secret service. I should like to know whether Mr Nick Griffin is now, or has ever been, a freemason. Perhaps the sphinx-like Nick Griffin will be so good as to oblige me with an honest answer to this honest question.

"Following the rapid demise of the National Front under Mr Griffin's chairmanship in the 1980's, he dallied briefly with an organization glorying in the name of the International Third Position, before seemingly giving up politics as a bad job (or no doubt a job well done, in the eyes of the Establishment) and trying his hand as a property speculator - an odd choice of career for this failed 'revolutionary' nationalist. One wonders where he obtained the money to engage in such speculation. Be that as it may, this venture too turned out badly for Mr Griffin (or should that be for his creditors), ending in the public discredit of Carey Street - in other words, in bankruptcy.

"Early on in his involvement with the National Front, Mr Griffin became intimately acquainted with its national activities organizer, Martin Webster. Is this not exactly the kind of behaviour which Mr Griffin warns us to beware of in others, in his piece, "Sex, Manipulation, Lies, etc"? It's a pity Mr Webster didn't have a little of Mr Griffin's suspicious nature himself. It might have warned him before it was too late.

"Mr Griffin is clearly a paid agent of the state, in that as an MEP he is a political officer of the crown, and receives a very generous salary, and expenses, for undertaking the duties of this post. He has never had a proper job in his life. Being a first class passenger on the Brussels' gravy train scarcely counts, nor for that matter does being the autocratic and capricious leader of a small political party like the BNP.

"Is he a paid agent of the state in a more sinister sense, as well? The jury is still out on that one. However, there does appear to be some circumstantial evidence against Mr Griffin, and 'some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk' (Thoreau).

"Perhaps we shall have to await the publication of Mr Griffin's memoirs for the truth. Will the BNP be merely a footnote in the history books by then? Will Mr Griffin, the Abominable Showman, follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair, and go on the lucrative celebrity lecture circuit, finally owning himself to be the cynical puppet-master, and the betrayer, of ethno-nationalism?

"You like to point the finger of suspicion at others, Mr Griffin, who have merely sought to exercise their constitutional right. You fail to realize that it points at you more than at anyone.

"Tu quoque, Caesar."

misterfox said...

How many more branches will have to close? Its imperative now to drop the infighting and pull together to save this movement. The writers and bloggers have a big part to play in boosting morale and generating a climate of enthusiasm.

It it with great regret that we find ourselves in this position - The Beverley and Holderness British National Party has closed down until further notice.

We urge you to do the necessary research, draw your own conclusions, and cease sending any money in the form of donations, subscriptions, or membership to the party.

This is due to Nick Griffin's mismanagement of the Party as a whole and the Yorkshire region in particular. We do not want to see out own reputations tarnished by the out of touch leadership of the British National Party, and as such we will have nothing more to do with the party until Mr Griffin has resigned and we can begin to rebuild a respectable party that exists to defend the rights of the British people, instead of existing to line the pockets of Mr Griffin. The party is and always will be held back by Mr Griffin's terrible reputation and excess baggage. The task we have set ourselves as Nationalists is great enough as it is without burdening ourselves with the likes of Mr Griffin and his feckless entourage of criminals, granny porn stars, creeps, conmen, IRA sympathisers and general unsavoury characters.

For further information on our decision to leave the BNP, just do a search on google for:
british national party you do deserve an explanation
british national party fake murder plot
british national party ian kitchen granny porn
british national party patrick harrington IRA
british national party simon goodricke
british national party michaela mackenzie employment tribunal
BNP court over unpaid invoices

The list goes on, but this I hope will show the general picture as to why we want nothing more to do with the party as it stands at the moment, as our own reputations and credibility are more important.

We will keep this site updated, and in due course we will decide on what we need to do to keep nationalism alive, to give the people a nationalist party to vote for - to save our nation from the terrible state it's in because of successive Labour and Conservative governments that care only about themselves and not our nation and our people.

We still have our facebook page.

You can still contact us. Click here.

Lee John barnes said...

As for the BNP financial irregularities, I have seen the file and been in contact with Michael Barnbrook and as far as I know the police have yet, after months from him lodging the complaint, refused to confirm or deny that they will investigate the allegations he made about Griffin.

Its because either he works for the state and has done since either university or since his trial over the Rune magazine
(or why the CPS wont reveal the files to the public about his case ) or the system protects him as they realise he is such a toxic man who alienates mass support for the BNP, that they last thing they want is a decent leader who the public would vote for.
The 1976 Race Relations Act was bought in due to one reason, the incitements to murder of various nazi groups.

As a result of those groups giving the government the opportunity to pass these laws they denied free speech for all our people on the issues of our cultural destruction and the immigration invasion.

And who was leading the most extrem,e nazi groups in that area - agents of the state such as the seniro officials of the BM and NF who were expeosed as being in the pay of the state.

The most racist extremists on stormfront have been exposed as working for the canadian equalities body as agent provocateurs, whilst the NPD of Germany and their infiltration by security service agents who printed extremist literature to get the party banned via the constitutional court.
Ray Hill infiltrated and destroyed the British Movement ;

Note that Hill and his clique joined and supported the newly formed BNP.

And also the National Front was infiltrated by Michael Carmichael ;

Most damning of all, a full set of minutes of National Front Directorate meetings from late 1979 to the 1986 “Third Way” versus “Flag Group” split, deposited by former NF leader Patrick Harrington in the library of the University of Southampton, revealed that during the party’s post-1979 wilderness years they were in the habit of “tipping off the Reds” in order to give their activities greater credibility with the public by being attended by hordes of angry protestors. This fact was later confirmed by MI5 mole Andy Carmichael, who was West Midlands Regional Organiser for the NF during the 1990s.

The fact is that the state has run the British Nationalist Movement, as it has also run the Far Left, the Loyalists in NI and also the senior ranks of the IRA and Sinn Fein - shows us that extremists are used by the state as an excuse for destroying our freedoms.