Sunday 28 February 2010

The rising crescent

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Saturday 27 February 2010

The 50 most Racist movies

Number One "Breakfast at Tiffany's" click here to find out why and to check out the other 49 most racist movies ever (and guess what, Birth of a Nation ain't one of them!- I guess whoever compiled the list doesn't do black and white)

I know it is not just me, this obsession with that piddling, vindictive little word has gone beyond tedious. When you read garbage like this you realise quite how meaningless and downright silly the whole thing is.

It is time someone set up a Facebook group called "Call me racist I don't f*****g care" I am sure it would get plenty of members, except that Facebook would shut it down for being racist.

Friday 26 February 2010

The deadly dream of Uhuru

In the 1950's the word Uhuru, meaning “Freedom” in Swahili, became synonymous with what is still portrayed as the Mau Mau struggle against white Colonial rule in Kenya. Meanwhile, in the present day the Uhuru movement is a black power movement in America, whilst Black Uhuru is a Jamaican reggae band.

Uhuru is a word which the liberals like to associate with black freedom fighters rising up against white oppression, or which they use to evoke images of a rich African culture usually to the backing chants of village children or some lilting and sanitised voice of ethnic African revolution, such as the late Miriam Makeba

However, for anyone who has studied the so called struggle for freedom in Kenya and the activities of the Communist inspired Mau Mau the word has far more sinister connotations. The barbarity and cruelty practised by the Mau Mau was an early example of the daily routine sadism and savagery we now see across Africa and reveal quite how outrageous and dishonest the case currently being brought by one-time Mau Mau terrorists against the British government, over alleged torture, actually is.

As with the so called anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa the Mau Mau killed, maimed and tortured many hundreds and possibly thousands more Africans than they did whites. Estimates vary as to how many of the peaceful majority of black Africans were killed by the mau mau between the official figure of 1,800 and up to 30,000, most of the killings being marked by the extreme levels of violence and cruelty involved. In particular the wives and children of non mau mau linked Kikuyu who were serving in the army or police force were targeted and slaughtered in significant numbers.

Only 32 white settlers were killed by the terrorists, however, many of these murders were extraordinarily cruel and violent.

The Ruck family, including their six year old son Michael, being a horrific example, the little boy was dispatched in his bedroom, amongst his toys, by a group of men wielding machetes. His pregnant mother Dr. Esmee Ruck, who had spent years nursing African children, had the unborn foetus literally ripped from her belly, whilst Roger Ruck was hacked to bits attempting to defend his wife and son.

Neither sex nor age led anyone to be spared the killing of Dorothy Bruxner-Randall in March 1954 was followed swiftly by that of four year old Andrew Stephens, hacked to death with a panga in April 1954 and 83 year old Dr Charles Pentreath who died in a similar manner a fortnight later.

Another truly horrific killing was that of Arundell Gray Leakey, brother of Victoria Cross recipient Nigel Gray Leakey, and cousin of anthropologist Louis Leakey, who, after being forced to watch the murder of his wife Mary, was taken on a forced march to the foot of Mount Kenya, where the Kikuyu believe their god Ngai lives, disembowelled and then burred upside down and alive. The killing was allegedly ordered by a witch doctor on the grounds that the gods required the blood of a White man.

The cruelty and blood lust of the mau mau, and that which occurred in the Belgian Congo a decade later, were a foretaste of the horrors which have been visited upon the white population of South Africa in the 15 years since the end of the much reviled but, by comparison, relatively bloodless Apartheid. An aptitude for cruelty is nothing new in Africa, it has lurked at its dark heart for many centuries.

However, have we in fact only seen the beginning of the horror in store for Africa, and beyond. There are rumours that there is far more to come, and again that blood stained word, Uhuru, makes its unwelcome appearance.

Many people in the white SA community believe Uhuru to be a codename for a plan to commit mass genocide against whites when Mandela dies. In part this belief is due to the fact that in 1990. when Nelson Mandela was set free the liberal's favourite ethnic songbird Miriam Makeba released a song titled "Not yet Uhuru". What did she mean and when will be Uhuru?

In 2004, when rumours spread that Mandela was in poor health, following the sudden cancellation of a scheduled meeting between him and the then German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, reports claimed that plans are being made by the nation's Communist Party to slaughter all whites in the country in the event that the old man died.

Further reports at the time claimed that that thousands of armed black men were prepared to descend on the main cities such as Johannesburg and Durban to attack whites.

In addition to Uhuru, the alleged plans are variously dubbed "Operation Vula," "Night of the Long Knives," "Operation White Clean-up," "Operation Iron Eagle" and even bizarrely enough "Red October campaign."

It was said that under a further name Operation "Our Rainy Day" was to be carried out after the death of Nelson Mandela and would involve a "take over" of fuel points and various strategic locations and the wholesale massacre of whites. The attacks would lead to a coup and the forming of an all black South Africa.

Of course Mandela did not die and, for his age remains surprisingly robust. However, the rumour persists that the plan is still in place, and that most blacks in the country are aware of that plan. I am told that when racial disputes occur, blacks often tell whites, "Wait until Mandela dies.” and they mean it

So what are we to make of this? Does Operation Uhuru exist only in the understandably paranoid nightmares of South African whites, or is there really a plan in place for the day when that most beatified of retired terrorists has his final meeting with Beelzebub?

In the last few days an event occurred which will remind many of the whisperings of Uhuru. As reported on My South Africa Sucks, the Johannesburg based political party the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) has come under fire after messages urging the killing of whites were posted on its Facebook site. (Read the story by clicking here)

The content of one message, posted by an Ahmed El Saud was as follows:

“Kill the f***ing whites now!!! If you afraid of them, let’s do it for you. In return, you can pay us after the job has been done… text us… we are not afraid for the whites like your own people… it’s a disgrace … he asked you and you don’t want to… we will do it, Mandela!”

In another posting he said: “Mandela asked so nice, start at home with food poison, gas leaks, cut the phone lines, kill the babies in the pool, be creative or if you have no nerve, call me and my team … we have 3 000 on standby and can be ready with in 24 hours… think about it now or good luck.”

PAC representatives have sought to distance themselves from the posting, claiming that the Facebook page did not belong to the party, but to “a senior PAC member”, which, no doubt the f***king whites, who's slaughter the poster was calling for, will find very reassuring.

One single event, even if amongst many single events, proves nothing. It may well be that there is no coherent plan to massacre the the white population of South Africa, or any other country. However, that does not mean it will not happen, or, at least, that it will not be attempted. The acts of barbarity which followed hurricane Katrina were not the result of a plan, there was no serious plot to cause the Broadwater farm riots in the 1980's, during which Police Constable Keith Blakelock was hacked to bits. In fact it could be argued that there was no serious, grown up or coherent plan behind what happened in Rwanda, but it still happened.

All that is required is a set of circumstances and a population with a propensity to act. There may be no organisation, there may be no strategy but only a fool doubts that, at the very least, a dream of Uhuru lurks in the shadowy hearts of many black South Africans. That dream was planted many years ago by malevolent men, and its flames have been stoked over the decades since once by Slovo and Tambo by Mandela and his gore stained ex-wife, then by the likes of Zuma, Julius Malema and so many others, including many, many, thousands of white liberals.

The ANC have not stopped singing its songs of war, and the words written in Helen and Alice Lotter's blood were "Kill the Boer". The evil dream is still alive. Bloody genocide of whites is the flame at the centre of that dream and it takes only the right set of circumstances, or a single event, for such a carefully nurtured flame to ignite into an inferno.

That event could be the death of Mandela. An event which must almost certainly occur this decade. When that happens South Africa's whites will face a great danger, and they must be prepared.

Sadly, they must also be prepared to face whatever comes alone for, to its great shame, the West will not stand by them.

Yet the West faces the same danger. That same dream of Uhuru has been planted in the hearts of Non-whites across the world. As I write evil men are stoking that dream in the hearts of America's non-white population, of Britain's and of Europe's. We no longer live in 1954, when Mau Mau terrorism could only touch a tiny corner of Empire, now in 2010 their grandchildren live amongst us.

Unlike in South Africa, they are not yet the majority, but their numbers grow every day, there are certainly more of them than our government admit, and they are not here out of love for us.

Just what would it take to ignite here in Europe the dream of Uhuru which academics, cynical politicians and Trotskyites have been nurturing in the hearts of black and brown men since the 1950's?

In America, what would happen if Obama fell? I mean not through an assassin's bullet, what if he fell politically, through impeachment or just by being booted out? Could America guarantee the safety of its white population then? I doubt anyone is sure.

That may sound crazy, but although Western media refuses to admit it, anti-white hatred hatred is growing, and it is being encouraged.

In Britain the non-white population is growing at a rate never seen before, and in the same way that the Kikuyu were stirred up to become the Mau Mau, and the ANC driven to fire necklacing fury, our schools, our politicians and our media are at work encouraging, within the new arrivals and their British born offspring, a sense of grievance and a resentment for an imaginary past and non-existent crimes which we are supposed to have committed against them. At the same time, while our children are taught guilt, theirs are taught entitlement, a dream of Uhuru before which we are the only obstacle.

Who knows what horrors are brewing for our grandchildren?

The West will betray the whites of South Africa, we will stand by and let them face what they must face alone, but we will confront the same fight as them in a few short decades.

It was 56 years ago and many thousand miles away that little Michael Ruck was hacked to pieces amongst his toys and Arundell Gray Leakey was buried alive on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya, they seem far away, but we may soon find they have never been so close.

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Thursday 25 February 2010

Strapping Structures

I see that Tower Hamlets are still determined to go ahead with the plan to erect the controversial planned gates at either end of London's heavily colonised Brick Lane. This is despite the fact that they have received 158 objections from the public and no votes in favour.

The proposed gates are viewed as a tribute to the large local Muslim community, and will form part of a £2 million “Heritage Trail”, which seems an odd choice given that the only impact which Islam has had on British or English Heritage is being one of the forces most likely to end it.

Bizarre looking white structures, the arches have have been widely named “The Hijab Gates” on account of their alleged resemblance to the headscarf worn by Muslim women, however I am not so sure.

Please don't ask me how I know this, however, whenever I look at the proposed design for the Brick Lane gates I am irresistibly reminded of a male athletic support. It really looks to me as if one of London's most politically correct councils are planning to erect structures at either end of Brick Lane resembling something a cricket player might put in his "box" or which an American football player might push down the front of his Spandex in order to protect the family trinkets.

One has to wonder exactly what message Tower Hamlets council are seeking to send out.

In the event that these ludicrous structures are ever erected, I hope you will join me in christening them Jock-Strap Arches.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Leeds University: A Curriculum of Errors - By Frank Ellis

Since our inception in 1997, we have broadened our intellectual framework and built on our existing specialisms within gender relations. We now incorporate ‘race’, masculinities, sexualities, queer and trans- theories into our research work which has a core focus on the body. (Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, Leeds University)

Please mark for content only – Do not penalise for errors of spelling, grammar or punctuation (written instructions given to Dr Frank Ellis at the University of Leeds before marking a 2nd year grammar exam, 2004-2005)

The University of Leeds has aspirations to world class status (University and College Union, Leeds University)

© Frank Ellis 2010

The financial crisis which now confronts Leeds University (and other universities) has its origins in the egalitarianism of both New Labour and, it must be said, the Conservative Party. It was after all a Tory government that abandoned the distinction between polytechnics and universities, so imposing unitary status and preparing the way for the influx of large numbers of poorly qualified students into tertiary education. Inflaming this expansionist fever was also an assumption, encouraged by politicians and academics, that all who wanted to go to university, should be able to do so; that, indeed, going to university was akin to a human right. It is no such thing. Potential students have the right to pursue access to a university place, subject to their meeting the academic requirements for entry and being able to secure the necessary funding. If they are unable to meet the entrance requirements, they must seek other avenues of personal advancement. The huge increase in the numbers of students that started to overwhelm universities from the mid 1990s onwards inevitably resulted in course requirements being watered down to accommodate students who earlier would have been rejected. Too many students were granted access to courses for which they were ill prepared and for which they were intellectually unsuited. At the same time, they will have incurred large debts. Even worse, they soon discover in the world of mortgages and council tax that the much vaunted degree in gender studies or film studies does not impress a hard-headed employer. Over the last fourteen years the governing bodies of British universities have behaved in way which bears more than a passing resemblance to those other would-be masters of the universe, the banks, now rightly castigated for their incompetence. For their part, and in pursuit of a sub-prime clientele, the universities encouraged a reckless increase in student numbers regardless of academic ability. In the process they cruelly deceived many applicants about the benefits and costs of higher education, lied to the British taxpayer and will almost certainly have inflicted severe long-term damage on higher education itself. As regards Leeds University, I am bound to ask whether Michael Arthur, the vice chancellor of Leeds University and chairman of the Russell Group of universities, who presided over this porcine rush after fool’s gold, is competent to deal with his own local crisis and the national one that he and his fellow vice chancellors have done so much to create.

Russian Language and Literature at the University of Leeds

Between 1992 and 2006 I taught in the Department of Russian Studies, part of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC), at Leeds University. In addition to my specialist Russian media course, based on a study of Marxist-Leninist ideology, censorship and post-Soviet media law, I used to teach two general courses on nineteenth century and twentieth century Russian literature, courses running over the academic year based on the novels of Dostoevsky, the twentieth century Russian novel, and one on Solzhenitsyn, as well as language teaching at all levels. I also prepared a special subject course on Russian war literature. Over this period expansion was primarily driven by egalitarian considerations, referred to in educational bureaucratese as ‘widening participation initiatives’, and pushed hard by ambitious senior university figures anxious to ingratiate themselves with their political masters. I was able to witness first hand the consequences of this expansion on academic standards and to gain some insights into its impact on financial planning in the SMLC.

Continue reading Frank Ellis's analysis of the declining standards in further education at Sarah Maid of Albion II by clicking here

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Spot the victim

These two people met up and moved in together, guess which one is now dead

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Sunday 21 February 2010

And so it begins?

EDL Leaders arrested. Homes searched by gun waving police

UPDATE 22/02/2010: So far the state controlled media has remained silent about this, and the only evidence that this has actually happened is the statement on the EDL Website.

Whatever the truth nationalists and BNP supporters should not get involved. It remains unclear exactly who the EDL are, and what their real motives are. There is a suspicion they are a honey trap designed to lure Nationalists into street protest which the Government sponsored UAF thugs will immediately stir into violence enabling the police to clamp down on Nationalist groups.

Whatever the truth, the only way to effect change is through the voting booth and not on the streets. We may deplore what is happening but we must not get dragged into what could be a trap.

Who's listening now?

Duke University - Durham North Carolina

I am not sure if many of you managed to read my posting about the Duke Lacrosse case, it was particularly long, but I had a lot to say about the subject. In this respect, I make no apology for repeating below some points which I have made a number of times before, these are important facts which need to be repeated and remembered,

I take the view that the Duke Lacrosse case, or the Duke Lacrosse Hoax as it came to be known, gives us a very important warning of what is actually happening in Western society, where our media and the academics who teach our children are conspiring to create a completely false world view where the politically correct lies they tell in the pages of their news papers and in our nations class rooms become accepted as reality.

They seek to create an illusion, a parallel world, populated by evil, racist, white criminals and innocent, honourable, black victims in order to promote their own political agenda. In fairness, they have been very successful and there are many people who genuinely believe the lies they are told despite the evidence of their own eyes. They have achieved this by seizing upon “examples” which support their argument then they inflate them out of all proportion and repeat them over and over again, year after year after year in order to obscure all the other examples which do not support their agenda.

In Britain, we have their cherished example of the unsolved murder, seventeen years ago this April, of Stephen Lawrence, killed by a single stab wound at a South London bus stop, allegedly by a gang of white youths. As with all murders Stephen Lawrence's killing was a tragedy, and if his killers are the white youths accused of murder by a national newspaper, but never convicted by a court, they deserve to be punished.

However, the Lawrence killing, which is in fact the exception from the norm, has been exploited relentlessly over the last seventeen years in an attempt to prove that an aberration is representative of a wider truth. Stephen Lawrence who's behaviour in life does not bear comfortable close scrutiny, has been transformed Mandela like, into a sainted martyr with repeated memorials to him, great glass fronted tax-payer funded shrines have been erected in his name and now I find there is even a Stephen Lawrence prize for Architecture

Let us not forget the Stalinist MacPhearson report resulting from Lawrence's death which Frank Ellis analysed on this blog earlier this month

Meanwhile far more numerous and vicious murders, such as that of Charlene Downes, who's body was almost certainly fed to the people of Preston as kebab meat, and the indescribably horrible killing of 14 year old Kriss Donald, terrorised, stabbed, blinded, castrated and finally set on fire whilst still alive, after having been snatched at random from the street by an Asian gang in search of a white boy to torture and kill, are deliberately erased from the public memory.

This does not just happen in Britain, across the world single white crimes are used to hide the truth of mass black or brown crime. An example being South Africa, where the world knows that a group of white boys filmed themselves pretending to urinate into a stew later fed to elderly black women, but almost nobody knows of the elderly white women, Alice and Helen Lotter, who died after slow and terrible torture, during which shards of broken glass were forced into their vaginas and their breasts were cut off and used to write anti white slogans on the walls in blood.

In America, where horrific hate crimes against whites are, as with South Africa, routine events, there are far more such events which need to be erased from the public memory, and they too have their tiny collection of much cherished specimen cases, which they use, together with text books full of legends, to deliberately obscure the appalling truth of white victimisation by non-whites which is the reality of modern urban America.

The most treasured of these is the truly horrific killing of James Byrd Jnr., when three white men, one of whom had been repeatedly raped by black men in prison, tied him to the back of their car and dragged him to his death. It is a truly horrible case.

However it was no more horrible than the crimes committed by the Carr Brothers in Wichita the killings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom or the Pearcy Massacre .... you hadn't heard of that one? Its the latest black on white atrocity which the media are trying to hide from the world. In any event a single act of white violence can not indefinitely cover up the fact that more white Americans have died at the hands of blacks since the end of the civil rights movement than were victims of the Korean war, hence the endless hunt for the great white race crime continues.

Even more than murder the left need to counterbalance the fact that around 100 white women are raped by black men for every one black women raped by whites. That's in a good year, in 2005 Department of Justice report on Criminal Victimization in the United States showed that 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, that year while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

That was why when in March 2006 a black stripper accused three members of the very white North Carolina Duke University Lacrosse team of raping here at a party attended by most of the 99% white players the Liberal left wing went into a frenzy of delight.

I will not revisit the details of the Duke Lacrosse Hoax here, readers with an hour or so to kill can read the facts in my overly long posting from last year.

Instead I will focus on the behaviour of one group. Amongst the shrill guilt presuming mob of bigots baying for the blood of three innocent white boys were 88 members of the Duke University faculty who must have thought all their Christmases had come at once. This group, primarily made up from the Departments such as African American studies or Women's studies, who have a vested interest in portraying white males as oppressors, got together and issued what they called “The Listening Statement” which was published on the Duke University African American Studies Website. Although the statement was later taken down when the player's innocence became more obvious, a copy was taken and can be viewed on the Johnsville News website, by clicking here

The statement was a clear statement of the players presumed guilt and of alleged white power and racism. It thanked those (presumably the mobs of radical feminists and white hating black racists who laid siege to the Lacrosse team campus house) who did not wait for evidence before assuming guilt, for “not waiting” and included various anonymous and unattributed statements allegedly made by unnamed non-white students bewailing the white racism they faced every day.

These students are shouting and whispering about what happened to this young woman and to themselves.

. . .We want the absence of terror. But we don’t really know what that means . . . We can’t think. That’s why we’re so silent; we can’t think about what’s on the other side of this. Terror robs you of language and you need language for the healing to begin.

This is not a different experience for us here at DukeUniversity. We go to class with racist classmates, we go to gym with people who are racists....It’s part of the experience.
(you get the picture?)

The listening statement was nothing less than a head on attack by a group of hate fuelled and agenda driven professors against their own students. Clearly the Stripper's allegations had pressed every button and blown every whistle in left wing academia's toy box.

True to the complete lack of courage or integrity which personifies such people, with a few honourable exceptions, virtually none of the faculty lynch mob have ever apologised for the Listening Statement even when it became clear that no rape had ever taken place, and the players were publicly declared innocent.

The latest developments in the case took place last week when the stripper who made the allegations was arrested following a domestic incident resulting in her facing charges of child abuse, arson and attempted murder. Details of the arrest can be read here and here although seemingly not on CNN despite the ferocity with which they, and in particular their resident inquisitor, the rottweiler like Nancy Grace pursued the case when there was still hope that an innocent player might be convicted,

I will not presume to judge the guilt or innocence of the one time Duke lacrosse accuser, however. Let us hope that this dangerous and deeply damaged woman now receives the medical help she so clearly needs, and that she is not allowed back into the community until she can no longer do such great harm to so many people.

Following the stripper's arrest, Joan Foster, one of the writers from LieStoppers a website which faithfully followed the case has issued her own version of the Listening Statement in response to the Duke University faculty 88 which I have taken the liberty of reproducing below:

The LieStoppers Listening Statement
By Joan Foster

To the Gang of 88....

It is WE who are listening now.

We are listening to the fear in the voice of a nine year old child. We are listening to the rage of a 32 year old woman...who has in the past attempted to run down a police officer with a stolen vehicle, jail three innocent young men for 30-40 years with her lies, and has now set an apartment on fire and threatened a lover in the presence of her children. She has never been held accountable. We are listening to the ranting of an untreated custodial parent of three minor children. We are listening to the Durham community, to Duke, and to all who may be unfortunate enough to someday be the target of her rage and/or reckless accusations. Her volatility and the deliberate avoidance by those in power to impose ANY treatment and or accountability is a social disaster.

But we know it isn't just Ms. Magnum who created this situation.. It isn't just the disbarred "rogue prosecutor" Nifong. It is ALL of you enablers that allow her to endanger her children, our children and even yourselves.

YOU are the authors, implementers and high priests of this outrage. You created a pious cloud of historical racial "payment-due"... to enshroud from Magnum from her present day crimes and consequences. You shifted the responsibility for her lies to her victims because of their color and their class. You intentionally imbued Mangum with some mythical righteousness. You left the truth and true justice behind in your quest to further your own funding, importance and world view.

That is a true SOCIAL DISASTER.

You are too morally ignorant to acknowledge it...But it is a disaster nonetheless.

Many, many people all over the world are reading the news this week and once again, shouting and whispering about what happened to Collin , Reade, and Dave almost four years ago...and to Crystal's young children and the man she attacked IN THEIR PRESENCE this week. We hear her child on the 9-11 call begging for police intervention. We hear unmitigated insanity in the background. We read of fires set while her minor children are watching and at risk. We wonder what kind of daily Hell the political entities in Durham and North Carolina... under the influence of your over-reaching PC mindset.... have imposed upon these young children?

That fear in that little girl's voice is not from any unpleasant encounter on a college campus or at a fraternity party....the only incidents your listening ears or "sensitive" minds seem capable of absorbing. That fear is from being the forgotten victims in the most horrific example of your warped Universe of political correctness and unending racial hyperbole: the Duke Lacrosse Frame. You put yourselves out there, immediately...before you had any information or knowledge other than an accusation and the color of the accuser's skin. Immediately, you risked the reputations and even the very real legal jeopardy of your own students, to pimp a racial fairy tale. We listened to you, in many venues...over and over and over for months. You hectored our children in class. You harangued about white privilege in every medium. Yet Mangum stands as an undeniable example of political Black privilege. Her False accusations, her crimes have had no accountability. The false persona you created for her of the brilliant Magna Cum Laude student , shy, resilient, "new to dancing"...allows her to write books and perpetuate falsehoods...but also prevents her from getting the real mental and medical help ahe needs.

Her children bear the real burden of this.

The centerpiece of the fairy tale was that Crystal Mangum was not only the Lacrosse team's victim, but a victim of all the ills of society as well. Therefore, Mangum's lifestyle, her choices, her criminal record, her substance abuse, her mental illness...were not relevant or to be factored into the adjudication of the Hoax. Immediately and in your writings and statements afterward, you demanded legal and political entities likewise shroud Sister Survivor in your sympathetic bias. You silenced reality and therefore you attempted to hijack justice. You failed in regard to the Lacrosse team. But you tragically regard to Mangum's minor children. They stay in what passes for her "care." They live in a state of daily perpetual risk because the self-enriching PC metanarrative of people like the 88 of YOU.. demands society create some special racial nobility for their Mother that negates her having any accountability or even self-respect.

What do we want? . . .We want the absence of terror for Crystal's children. AND we DO really know what that means . . . We can remember the terror of the Lacrosse families. That’s why we’re CANNOT be silent and allow your guilt to fade; we cannot ever allow to be forgotten the absurd metanarrative you Listeners spun about the Lacrosse case in your public statements, your op-eds, your letters to the Editor. YOUR mythology about Crystal Mangum is the lie that enables Crystal , the magna cum laude graduate of NCCU, to present to her children , day after day, her personal example of how to "get by" and know that "scholars" like you deem that past societal ills make Mangum forever entitled to be society's burden. For her children, left in her care, your mythology may well rob them of REALITY of her illness and understanding of her crimes and mistakes...and they need that understanding to protect themselves, respect themselves and for "the healing to begin. "1

You never "listened.

You SAW.

You saw her color.

You wrote: "We go to class with racist classmates, we go to gym with people who are racists....It’s part of the experience."

You might well have included ""We teach with fellow racists"...because by pre-judging (as in "prejudice"), by "not waiting", by insisting a troubled woman be made into a obscene Myth of Black personified racism in a way that will reverberate wherever the story of the Duke Lacrosse Frame is told.

You wrote in despair of your students, not "finding a voice" One of your lot called these innocent young men "farm animals" in an email to one of their Mothers. His shame is shared equally by every one of you...who could not "find a voice" to condemn him or even mildly critique him. Your own fear of showing too much integrity in the presence of your peers rendered you mute before an amazed and disgusted world.

You wrote this:

"If it turns out that these students are guilty, I want them expelled. But their expulsion will only bring resolution to this case and not the bigger problem. This is much bigger than them and throwing them out will not solve the problem. I want the administration to acknowledge what is going on and how bad it is. "

"These students" were NOT guilty but none of you ever had the grace or moral fortitude to apologize. But now it's past time for all of you to admit "how bad it is." at Duke. Your stampede to judgment, your closed-mind-angry-studies, crying-in-your-imported-beer perpetuate-the-problem-for-job-security mindset....keeps all of us from the post-racial era we deserve. It almost cost three innocent kids their lifetime in jail. It is surely costing Mangum's innocent offspring any chance at normal, safe, un-chaotic childhoods. It's past time for the 88 of you to man up and demand that Durham revoke Mangum's racial free pass...her unending "get-out-of-jail-free card. It's time you demanded that Duke and Durham and all the rest of those young minds ... that YOU indoctrinated... understand it's time to move past the bitter cornerstone of your "profession."

Get over the past. Get over yourselves.

We left our white guilt at the courtroom door "LISTENING" to the Black Panthers screaming "Die Racist!" at Reade Seligman. It is our mindset, not yours, that is most aligned with President Obama's post-racial goals. Teach the accomplishments, the glory, every piece of history that gratifies your race...but stop perpetuating bitterness. Stop dividing us. Your Listening Ad was the penultimate example of your selective sensitivity, your bias, your concrete hard "identity-blinders" that see ONLY skin hue first.

YOU are the today's archetypical pot-bellied Sheriff of the Old South: Crystal's color was the only "evidence" you needed to give absolute credence to her lies.

That is the instantaneous racial bigotry that caused you to rush to print and thank others "for not waiting."

Now, it's time YOU "listened" to that 911 call and DEMANDED a safe living environment, not for your coddled tenured carcasses, but for the most vulnerable of all...Mangum's children.

You wrote, and published and advocated for "Sister Survivor." We saw and heard from you constantly, on NPR, Nancy Grace...any venue you could find, as you sought to hold the "Farm Animals" accountable.

It's time to hold Crystal Gayle Mangum accountable. If any one of you have a conscience, speak out, buy another ad with Duke funds. Send your lackey Brodhead out to apologize for your past mistakes and his own.

Ask yourselves...will Mangum's children survive in the political legal SOCIAL DISASTER you helped create.... and perpetuate in your classrooms every day?

We're listening.

Are you?

Farmers wife murdered in Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape farming community has expressed shock and anger over the murder of Uitenhage businesswoman Rene Slater, whose body was found buried under a pile of branches.

The wife of Angora goat farmer Desmond Slater, Rene, 52, who ran a diet clinic in Kirkwood, was reported missing on Monday after leaving their farm outside Uitenhage. Her body was found on Tuesday near where her vehicle had been found in a ditch on the gravel road to Kleinpoort.

Agri Eastern Cape president Cerneels Pietersen dubbed the murder “nonsensical” yesterday, saying farm murders, like any other, “are completely unacceptable, especially their brutality”.

“It goes directly against the grain of job security and investment confidence in the rural community,” said Pietersen. “Agri Eastern Cape, my family and I, would like to express sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Slater family.”

He hoped the family would find “the strength and courage to come to terms with their sudden loss”.

Source Afrikaner Genocide Archives

NUJ (P?) instruct their members to attack the BNP

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ), hereafter to be known as the National Union of Propagandists (NUP) have instructed their members to attack the BNP in the lead up to the forthcoming election. Full details can be read at the London Patriot. Anyone who still believes that we have a free or honest press in this country requires an urgent psychiatric evaluation.

Saturday 20 February 2010

Banned in Sheffield

Sheffield Library doors - closed to me

I am frequently informed by readers that access to the Sarah: Maid of Albion has been banned in various libraries and community centres across the nation. The latest to ban me is the august Library of Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

They excuse this action by accusing my blog of spreading hatred.

This is totally unfair, I do not spread hatred against any race or any group. This blog highlights the plight of white people across the world and the forces which currently threaten and conspire against them. When those forces are our governments I will say so, when they are judges or church leaders I will say so and when they are immigrants or non-whites I will also say so. However, I have never endorsed hatred or violence against any group.

I have no idea how I can go about challenging this unfair ban, does anyone have any suggestions?

Transferring Power

By Mister Fox

We are living under in a tyranny and those with power and treat White Britons as something potentially dangerous and therefore in need of oppression, even dispossession. The attack on working class people for example is cultural as they financially propped up by welfare benefits; their mental needs with laid on entertainments – but there is a constant message that they are no good. The important thing is to learn who they are and where they belong and to value themselves. This is what has been called The Culture wars. It is the destruction of our traditional society for a plan of a global utopia. Its promoters see it as progress, liberation from past prejudices and restraints.

The fact is, this nation is being changed. It is becoming more Asian, West Indian, African etc. If the self-declared 'libertarians' and democracy lovers really think this country will be a pleasant place to live under these circumstances they are seriously deluded. All the evidence is there: inter-ethnic violence, voting fraud and commitment to political parties that look after their ethnic interests.

The selfish middle classes who adopted a morally superior attitude when the working classes were being pushed out now find their own children beginning to lose. Former Conservative MP George Walden wrote of how we are being replaced in “Immigration is Fine For the Rich”(Times of 5th November 2006):” We hadn’t got far in a Today programme discussion of my new book “Time to Emigrate?” … Slurs about racism I expected. Instead I was accused of favouring eugenics, a more original interpretation of my thesis, for which there is no evidence in the book… hinting that you are a neo-Nazi for raising the issue of excessive immigration is pushing it.

The previous day the Office for National Statistics (ONS) had announced some startling new figures: Britain was taking in 1,500 immigrants a day, while 1,000 Brits left. Which rather confirmed the central premise of my book: that more people were moving out as well as in, and that a growing number of emigrants — by no means necessarily racists — were quitting because of the numbers coming in.”

Migration Watch has had the truth revealed released official documentation. Whitehall has had to release papers revealing that labour implemented a secret plan to relax border controls to change Britain. A memo written for Blair in 2000, shows that the Government’s strategy was to “open up migration” so they could achieve “social objectives.” Ministers kept this hidden from the public.

Weakness and sentimentality got us in this mess. The young don't know it but they have been corrupted and weakened by emasculate talk of compassion and tolerance.

The new elites promote a version of progress and see the past as obsolete. Edmund Burke accurately summed these dreamers up: “ You think you are combating prejudice but you are at war with nature.”

The attitude of the current batch of moral and intellectual inferiors who control public life is to transfer power away from their descendents to rival communities.

To try and understand the mentality of the new elites who are having their own people pushed out look at Roy Hattersley’s article in The Guardian of 8 April 2005: “I took the votes of Birmingham Muslims for granted.” … But if, at any time between 1964 and 1997 I heard of a Khan, Saleem or Iqbal who did not support Labour I was both outraged and astonished. My presumption was justified. It was the Muslim vote - increased by an influx of families from Kashmir, the Punjab and other parts of Birmingham - which expanded my majority from barely 1,200 to more than 12,000.

... Back in Birmingham this week it was clear that the Khans, Saleems and Iqbals have developed a new - and more healthy - attitude towards politics... The change has not produced quite the results which the pundits anticipated. When I represented Sparkbrook, Mustaq's was a corner grocery shop. Now it is a huge glass and stainless steel emporium owned by Mustaq Food Machinery Limited - an international company which exports throughout Europe from its showroom on the other side of the road.

... Nobody to whom I spoke during my visit to Birmingham chose to talk about the postal vote rigging which had been exposed and condemned the previous day. Reaction to my own inquiries confirmed the reason for their reticence. The six corrupt councillors happened to be Muslim“. This is an aspect of “progressive” thinking. They split subject and form. In this case religion is separated from behaviour and work from worker. Work here is part of our inheritance as our ancestors created the industries and should be indivisible from British workers not treat the global populations as interchangeable.

That is a mix of self-interest and a failure to understand human nature. The ethnic minorities are not just abstract categories to be sentimentally labelled as “Victims” to be empowerd they are loyal to their people and are here to make it. What they do used to be done by our people. The authorities act as if the two are interchangeable. Why are we no longer doing it? We are losing our skills because the elites are selling our industries to foreign countries who when have our technology and will not want us.

When we inherited England we inherited the obligations and responsibilities not just the benefits and it is reprehensible to invite outsiders in to empower them while passing Race Laws to oppress White Britons. This deprives our descendents and leaves them without.

This involves deculturation which causes depression and a sense of futility. Nothing is worth doing. It turns the victim against his own people to get what they want that way instead of earning it because of the loss of self worth. We don’t belong, are out of place and fail to re-produce as we see no future. There are several ways this is effected – encouraging homosexuality, abortion and careerism. Nothing to strive for and this is happening increasingly to young people who have imported cheap labour to compete with and now the young middle classes as half the medical school graduates are Asian. It is the loss of energy and interest in life from the destruction of community and traditional roots.

It leads to escape in drink where they can feel important and fantasies compensate for our dispossession and reduced status and drugs to create an artificial refuge to numb reality. It is like a permanent state of dehumanisation as they feel unreal and need substances to give a sense of reality. Almost every day on public transport you can smell skunk wafting down from upstairs and see youngsters on recreation and waste ground drinking liquor bought from off licenses. There are not enough cultural links left to anchor people in their communities which they are being pushed out of by the attempt to destroy what we are. Immigration benefits those at the top who justify it with utopian ideals but destroys everyone else. Andrew Neather revealed that the elites did this deliberately and Cameron wants us to bring in Africans with aids! How they must hate White Britons to want to destroy them and put them t risk of killer diseases when there is no need. Cameron also wants indigenous people to adopt immigrants ways!

The immigrants have left their own countries and are replicating their culture here and our young are assimilating to it. They don’t know who or what they are and although most will grow out of it they have no real cultural community where they belong.

We have become preoccupied with diversion – non-stop entertainment all laid on an involving no personal creativity, inability to sustain relationships. The elites have introduced 24 hour drinking and super casinos to divert us and destroy us. The spiritual life has been replaced by abstract political ideologies; our way of life by artificial substitutes

We have basic needs like food, drink, air, shelter, but there are also emotional needs like secure bonds of affection and esteem within either immediate relationships and spiritual needs, the deep need to belong to a particular people sharing inherited genetic patterning of the mind which both produces a culture and needs it for sustenance. We live in it and it lives in us. This is known as a culture or civilisation and if deprived of this one becomes listless, aimless or hyperactive in the search for diversion

We are the products of this evolution in not only our own being but all around are extensions of us. Our towns, cities, villages and the countryside we visit. We are part of the same arrangement as the locals in those places. It is produced by our genes and then moulds the newborn giving them something of their own and somewhere to belong.

In cities like Birmingham and London indigenous people have no sense of community and seek substitutes in small groups in pubs which peer suspiciously at those they do not know. They have taken refuge in small groups of people who know each other. This is matched by the destruction of the family. For years the elites through both ruling parties have socially engineered this by such as tax incentives to single parents.

Young people form communities of type and this is encouraged by their favourite type of music to give them substitute identities because they don’t now what they are

The elites’ belief in Nazis is part of the moral understucture of the ruling ideology. It is how they soften us up to be taken over by immigrants. Our moral core is that we inherited a natural way of life and it has only been changed because it has been corrupted. Our strength is that this is ours by natural descent and was bequeathed to us naturally. This our tradition - not weakness in the face of danger excused as tolerance. It is our duty to maintain it - not a right or privilege.

We owe it to our ancestors out of reverence and owe it to future generations out of duty. Even if we do not personally like something such as folk music, we have a duty to preserve them. It is for each to do according to their capacities. It does not need justifying it is our natural birthright. We must not let others encroach upon our proprietorship as the weak are always overtaken by the strong. It is morally bad to willingly default on one’s duty to the descendents.

These are first principles and trump the liberal empiricism of letting anyone have a go as if they are interchangeable with us. This is alright in industry when they just want “hands” to do a job; but society is an organic growth not a utilitarian system. The organic society recognises other aspects of our natures not just “getting and spending.”

On 27 July 2005, BBC reporter Phil Mackie admitted on Radio 5 Brian Hayes 10 pm programme that the BBC censors the truth about Muslims and that the BBC is selective in its broadcasting of Muslim statements. The function of the media is to prepare the public for whatever measures the establishment plan to further the Muslim extremists’ interests.

The default position is anti-British and what was normal, healthy patriotism is now demonised as “far-right” and patriots are subject to slander and discrimination.

Home Secretary Roy Jenkins introduced race laws and the Soviet style agency of Inquisition, the forunner to The Equalities Commission, the Commission for Racial Equality to ensure preferential treatment for other racial groups over whites. Biographer John Campbell revealed that Jenkins believed: “That immigration was good for Britain and if people resisted they should be socially engineered into accepting it.”

Home Office minister Beverley Hughes was found to be approving visa claims from Eastern Europe despite warnings they were using forged documents. Lin Homer was chief executive of Birmingham city council and presided over what investigator Judge Mawrey called “massive, systematic and organised fraud” in an election campaign. It made a mockery of the election and he ruled that not less than
1,500 votes had been cast fraudulently in the city. She was later appointed chief of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate.

The Government advertise in terrorist countries like Pakistan for immigrants to come here. In November 2006 a Foreign Office pamphlet advertised: “Multicultural Britain — A Land of Immigrants.” It stated that immigrants should immigrate here because of the Human Rights Act would protect them and well-paid jobs were available for them. The Foreign Office put the document “Ethnic Diversity” in British embassies across the world.

We have to get involved in every aspect of life - local organisations, folk societies, school governors and home schooling and start our own credit unions. We need to form committees like alternative councils with proper banking and verified officers and proper banking to counter having our communities taken off us.

Gypsies buy a field from a farmer, descend on it, get the concrete down then move in. It is a fait accompli. An idea was put forward in The Spectator of 17th December 2005 by conservative philosopher Roger Scruton: “Neighbours should club together to buy small parcels of land from any desperate farming neighbour, thereafter renting it back to him at a peppercorn rent. This we have done in our neighbourhood, so saving ourselves both from travellers and agribusiness, by injecting needed capital into a family farm… If we wish to retain our countryside, it is up to us who live there to make the necessary sacrifices.” This applies to forming collectives to buy property in our towns and cities.

The ownership of land gives power to these rival communities. When the authorities bend he rules to allow them to take things off us they are allowing new people to take over. This is clearly shown in the territorial claim involved in building “Islamic Communities” as in Dudley and London. The authorities over ride local communities to give power and influence over them to immigrants by granting planning permission

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Reconquista's latest article

Click on the image to read Part one of Reconquists's superb new series

Marxism Exposed: How Labour And The Tories Are Destroying Britain

posted today at the Home of the Green Arrow and Friends.

I highly recommend it


A regular reader at this blog has written to me asking if I would add a link to the Website for the Village of Orania in South Africa's Northern Cape. I was delighted to do so, and the link can be found about a third of the way down the right hand side bar. Most of the text is in Afrikaans but non Afrikaans readers can make some sense of it by using Google's Dutch to English translationm facility.

Wikipedia describes Orania as a separatist, self-governing, Afrikaner Volkstaat. However, the blog reader describes it as follows:

he town was started by SA dept. of water affairs in the 1960’s to house workers to build the Vanderkloof -dam but after the dam was finished the town ran empty and stood empty and destroyed for nearly 20 years until 1991. When some right-wingers knowing that apartheid would not hold bought it. Until that time because of the abundance of cheap black labour, most manual work was done by blacks, dependence and segregation can not exist simultaneously (and it was the reason apartheid was unworkable). In 1992 the first Afrikaners moved into Orania, everyone thought they were nuts, racist extremist/radicals/Nazis, liberal journalists had a field day of insulting them.

It went very slow at first at first, the town has a policy of Volkseiearbeid (own labour) all work is to be done by whites, The town grew steadily to a population of around 350 and the uncertainty around 1994 did help of course. The first 10 years was harsh, new people came and many left again with population remaining around 400, I must quantify this by stating that the town is in semi-desert area with summer temperature reaching 40 C and winter -7C (unforgiving) and creating infrastructure and a economy from nothing and without any government help (while having to pay taxes) is near impossible. To most Boer-Afrikaners own labour also represented a bit of a cultural revolution, they understood that the use of foreign labour is what cost them there land and independence but change is never easy.

Since about 2001 the town started picking up slowly but surly, more and more outside supporters started joining there movement, better informed settlers and more capital investments started poring in and today it is a thriving little white community making the desert bloom with a population of about 750 and growing. How big they eventually will grow and how far they will be able to take there independence, only time will tell but with so many whites fleeing Africa this might one day become the only place in Sub-Sahara Africa where whites are found.

Here is also a link to some videos of Orania:

Monday 15 February 2010

Experimentation on humans

By August Pointneuf

In the hope of attaining therapeutic advantages, experimentation on humans occurs. But the outcome of all experiments is unknown. Consequently, in the 21st century, it is expected that experimentation on humans be approached with extreme caution under carefully defined, and strict, conditions. Such experiments are invariably preceded by theoretical modelling and animal studies. Tentative experiments on the smallest possible groups precede any thought of extension to larger groups. Independent and objective appraisers rule on the morality and ethics. The cost-benefits of the outcome are predetermined and potential benefits are carefully weighed against risk. Potential risks are assessed in terms of both long and short term hazard, with scrupulous consideration of unexpected and unintended outcomes. Experiments are controlled to ensure the validity of hypothesised conclusions and are reviewed frequently to ensure that adverse complications are discovered early. If so the experiment is stopped.

However, in the early 21st century so unfettered was the power of British politicians (or the power allowed to those politicians) that they were able to undertake unprecedented experimentation on a huge human society. The equilibrium of an entire nation was put at risk, by the cavalier experiments based on the whim of a few.

There will be some who argue that "society" is not "human". They are wrong. Societies are the ultimate evolutionary expression of all human endeavours. Societies are the complex capacitor within which all human activity exists, in an intricate behavioural construct. Without a context-structured society individual humans cannot survive. Therefore damaging a society inflicts direct damage upon the individual people who comprise that society.

By encouraging the immigration of alien races the Labour government began a massive, irreversible, uncontrolled, experiment on a homogenous people. There was no modelling; there was no tentative trial on small groups and no monitoring for adversity. These are not scientists and these were not people who had any experience of experimentation. These people had no training in psychology, sociology or any of the other biological sciences. They were rank amateurs who had been given too much power. Their experiment was forcefully imposed, without specific mandate, on an entire nation.

Nazi experimentation on humans was confined to a small proportion of a large population. The Labour government, in crass abuse of their authority, experimented upon a complete population.

The execution of alien ingress forced differing races and varied behaviours into Britain. Inevitably those races would interbreed. The unsupported assumption was made that race and behaviour have no relationship to one another, and that people were uncomplainingly malleable. This was a blind guess by the arrogant and assumptive, whose judgements were intoxicated by power. It therefore became an experiment in the genetics of miscegenation, and experimental manipulation of human behavioural patterns.

If Tony Blair and his cronies are held to task for contriving the invasion of Iraq, so much more so should they be held to task for allowing the experimental invasion of Britain.

August Pointneuf

Sunday 14 February 2010

BNP Vote to change constitution

The BNP have voted to change the party's constitution in order to allow non-whites to join the party - further details can be read at the home of the Green Arrow

Although some will see this as a sad day, and it is certainly true that the change is not one I welcome without reservation, this vote was a victory for common sense.

Right now our country is run by a totalitarian group of anti white bigots who's instincts and methods are akin to that which ran Eastern Germany in the cold war years. They have put what remains of the resorces of the state behind the vile and agenda driven Equality and Human Rights Commission (the name shrieks Stasi doesn't it?) who are intent on destroying the party and at this present time the BNP does not have the means of defeating them. It would be madness to bankrupt the party, or risk being declared illegal for the sake of a principle and a battle which can not be won at this time.

The BNP is the last hope this country has, it can save the country, but it must remain in existence to do so.

This is not defeat, it is pragmatism. People forget that Margaret Thatcher conceded to the miner's union in 1980 because she could not defeat them then, she bided her time, she prepared and when she was ready she crushed them in 1984. Some of you will cringe at that analogy, however, successful politics is the art of the possible.

Our time will come, and then things can be put right, until then we must not risk our future when the cards are in our enemy's hands.

Many will feel sad at today's vote but it was the right one.


Foot note:

I note that times reporter and compulsive liar Dominic Kennedy left the meeting in rather a hurry!!

The tip of a blood stained iceberg

Something which people may not realise with regard to the record I keep in relation to the killings of white farmers in South Africa, is that these killings account for only a fraction of the many thousands of white people who have been murdered in South Africa in a 16 year massacre which has been hidden from the western world by its media.

The farm murders stand out because they are a particular type of killing, typified by truly horrific degrees of torture and cruelty, they involve a vulnerable and isolated group of people who are deliberately targeted because of who they are. The farm murders are without question hate crimes, more often than not no property is taken because theft is not the motive, these murders are orgies of killing for the sake of killing, and the torture for its own sake. The farm murders are racial by nature and genocide by any definition.

They are, however, only a tip of a blood spattered iceberg. Each year hundreds of urban whites are also murdered and many more are the victims of, sometimes horrific, violence.

Given the level of violent crime in South Africa as a whole it less easy to categorise these crimes as genocide in the way that the farm killings so clearly are. These killings and injuries result during the course of carjackings, mugging, home invasions, and of course rape. Some may even involve the harvesting of body parts for use in traditional medicine, due to the widely held belief that medicine will be more potent if the body part is taken from a conscious victim at the point of a traumatic and painful death.

However, the outcome remains the same, an innocent white minority victim of black majority violence. There are very many such victims, and, although it is less easy to prove as it is with the farm murders, it is my belief that the majority of these crimes are at the very least motivated by racial hatred if not deliberate genocide.

This month alone six pensioners have been murdered in Pretoria, the latest being Theuns Venter - who celebrated his 85th birthday last week - and his wife Suzie, 83, both of whom were discovered by their grandson when he returned from his night shift job last Thursday morning. Investigations are being carried out to determine where Suzie Venter had been raped before she was killed.

Such horrors are now so commonplace in the nation which the Western media is celebrating this week, on the 20th anniversary of an aged terrorist's release from prison, that I am unable to even estimate the numbers involved, it is, at the very least, double that of the Farm killings, some claim that the real figure is considerably higher.

I often hear people say why do whites stay in a country where they are at such high risk of being the victims of violence. The answer of course is that a significant number of them have no option. Many are the direct descendants of the early Dutch settlers, who arrived there in the sixteen hundreds, and have no remaining connection with any other land. How many Americans would be able find sanctuary in the Europe their ancestors came from when the day comes that they face a similar threat in their homeland? A day which may not be as far away as some may believe.

Also, do not forget that South Africa's own version of affirmative action, known as black economic empowerment, has cast at least half a million whites into abject, tin shack level, poverty, such people do not have the financial means to escape their fate, let alone the fact that a brain washed, self loathing world, which has been taught to believe that all white South Africans, even the children born after the end of Apartheid deserve every ill which befalls them will not take them in.

In any event, for how long will Europe remain safe given the invasion it now meekly tolerates.

Remember that when, as I do almost weekly, I publish the name of the latest victim of the farm genocide, I am merely scratching the surface of South Africa's blood stained reality. The frightening truth is that the farm killings are only a part of what is actually going on.

More terrifying still is the fact that today's reality may no more than hint at the nightmare which is to come.

Thursday 11 February 2010

A glimmer of hope?

The Following article actually appeared on the editorial page of today's Daily Express. Sadly, the Express only has a daily circulation of around 700,000, but it is a national Newspaper and does count as the mainstream media hence it is still quite significant.


By Leo McKinstry

OF All Labour’s many crimes against the British public, the worst has been the destruction of our national identity. Since coming to power in 1997 the Government has engaged in a gigantic conspiracy to refashion society, using mass immigration and state ideology to transform us into a multicultural country.

Labour has always denied the charges of social engineering. When former Downing Street aide Andrew Neather revealed last autumn that the Government had deliberately promoted immigration as a means of diversifying Britain, ministers carried on their deceit.

But now the truth has been revealed in official documentation. Thanks to diligent campaigning by the independent pressure group Migration Watch, Whitehall has been forced to release papers clearly showing that labour did indeed have a secret plan to relax border controls in order to promote its goal of changing Britain. One of the reports, a memo written for Tony Blair in 2000, shows that the Government’s strategy was to “open up migration” so that labour could achieve its “social objectives”. Tellingly, Ministers instructed that statements like this be hidden from the public.

EVEN now, in the face of this incontrovertible evidence, Government policy remains cloaked in dishonesty. The Immigration Minister Phil Woolas had the nerve to claim that the Government had actually “tightened immigration rules” a decade ago. It was a patently absurd boast given that 2000 was pre-cisely when the Home Office began to dish out passports, work permits and student visas like confetti, while making little effort to tackle illegal immigration.

In the same vein, the Home Secretary Alan Johnson yesterday performed another of his fraudulent populist routines, trumpeting Labour’s supposed toughness on border controls, this from a man who said only last year he was “not losing sleep” over rising migrant numbers and was “happy to live in a multicultural society”.

But all the Labour lies can-not hide the revolution brought about by the open-door policy. In recent years, gross immigration has been running at 500,000 people a year and the Home Office admits it “doesn’t have a clue” how many illegal migrants are here. Many parts of our towns and cities no longer resemble Britain. All sense of social cohesion has been lost. We no longer have a common culture, shared heritage or even universal language.

Continue reading at the Daily Express

Poor little Janey

A conversation by Robin Hind

"I am worried, Marge. I don't know what it is. Worried, really worried. Perhaps more than that even. Yes, frightened -- it's frightening; I feel really frightened."

"How is that?"

"It's Elizabeth. That's why am worried and frightened and both of them together. All mixed up in me."

"How old is she now?"

"Just six, but it's the girls that she is mixing with. She gets invited out, you know. I am worried about some of these girls, or perhaps I should say I am worried about where they go. The girls in her class, and that's why it's so difficult. I just can't say "no", because I get such backtalk from her. Perhaps I'm unreasonable. I don't know any more. I suppose she could have friends with the other people that she meets. Victoria's mother was telling how she went to this party, which she thought was just an ordinary children's party, but they were lots of these older boys. They all seem to have money and smoked, and heaven knows what else. I just do not know these people. They're not my kind of people. I feel I can't make any decisions any more. I didn't grow up with people like this. I don't want to be unfair to them, but they’re so different. So different. I don't how to relate to them. This is all really my fault? Things keep changing. But I suppose the worst is that I can't talk to anybody about it -- at least anybody other than you. But one doesn't feel safe any more, talking about these things. You never know what could happen with talking. Oh my goodness, I don't know what to do."

"What don't you like?

"She is mixing with girls from families which seem to have a bad omen about them. But her friends are invited to parties, and I noticed that her friends go to parties where there are lots of older boys. There is drink.

The sleepovers are a problem too -- there are girls that I don't like with behaviours that frightened me, and which are quite contrary to the way I would like to bring up my girl. I just don't like it. But I have to invite them, I'm afraid not to. I'm afraid to not let her go to the parties that she's been invited to. She puts pressure on me."

"You have an obligation to be selective about the children that come to your daughter sleepovers, for that matter you have an obligation to highly select all your daughter's friends. It is your responsibility to protect her from people outside the domain of your approval. You have a responsibility to stamp your authority on her now, to make her understand that your family has a pattern of selection, and that her mother is acting as her protector and in her best interests. Although she is only five -- no, it's six isn't it? -- these patterns must be established now. This business begins now. It begins with the selection of her friends at this early age. You must simply determine, forthwith, which stream of friends are appropriate. If you don't do it now then in five or so years those improper associations will still be there, but amplified and by then well beyond your influence and control. Leading to who knows where."

"Look what happened to poor little Janey, poor little mite. We always think it'll be someone else, but when it's someone you know so well... O heavens!"

"It is the unimaginable. That this could have been done to her. But you can trace it back. We should have said something at the time. We always think that things will work out. Actually, I suppose this is happening to all of us. Without us really realising it."

"There are people in the community that I don't like, and I feel bad about it. You know, I feel as though I should get to like them. I should like them, shouldn't I? I'm supposed to like them, aren't I? I'm also frightened to talk about it. In fact I don't talk about it."

"What are you going to do then? Be hypocritically friendly to everyone? You can't do that nowadays, it's too complicated. In the early days you could, but then the neighbours were people like you, who understood you, and that you understood. Are you going to lie down and let them tramp all over? If you become a doormat people walk all over you."

“I suppose so. I suppose I do. What else can I do? You can’t talk to anybody about it now in England. I'm afraid. I don't even know what I'm afraid of."

"Are you supporting people in your community who you don't like, for reasons of your own convenience?"

"What you mean by that?"

"Do they have businesses?"

"Oh yes, there is the shop, and of course the bistro and the Post Office"

"If you are supporting these people economically you are indicating that their presence is needed. You are condoning them. Do not see how distastefully hypocritical you are being? Do you not see how dishonest you are being towards yourself and your community generally?"

"Well what do I do?"

"If there are people in your community that you choose not to deal with, just don't deal with them. Go somewhere else, even if it is out of the way."

"I suppose you are right. It would be awkward of course. Wouldn't people start to ask about it? Am I allowed to do it? In law that is? I don't understand all these laws. It seems people get into trouble all the time about all these things."

"You have the most powerful vote of all. It is a silent and anonymous vote. It is a vote that is supremely democratic. It is the vote of your purchasing power. You can't have it both ways, you can't say on one hand that you do not want some people in your community and yet on the other hand depend on them and bless them with your custom. You get what you buy. If you pay people that you don’t like, of course they will continue to be there.

You don’t have much time. Elizabeth will get into a pattern. She is probably in it or almost in it already. You can think of it like railway tracks. If the children get on the wrong tracks even so young, if it is the wrong track it can lead into heaven knows where as they get older. Once they get towards the teens there won't be any switch points which you will be able to control. You'll find that you're standing there, hating it all, knowing this will be catastrophic and yet not being able to do anything. We have to set up our children early. Much earlier than you think. They must be set in the right way and with the right people, and with the right values. The time is now."

"You know, you're right about voting with your purchases. Me old mum used to tell me about it. During the war they had something called "Buy British". It was written on all the things that were made in England. "Buy British". My mum said it saved Britain. She said it saved the Empire. Supporting those who are like you. Giving them the work. Buying their products, perhaps straight off of the farm. Was it during the war? Perhaps it was after the war? I don't know really. I just remember me old mum talking about it. She said it saved the peace. Whatever that meant. Sometimes I am glad she is not here. It would be awful for her to see what these politicians have done. Lining their egos, that’s them.

But what about being a Christian, I'm supposed to help people. I'm supposed to turn the other cheek, they always say. What does the Bible say?"

"I don’t suggest, not for one second, that you behave in any way that is not totally the Christian way. Consideration, charity and compassion are all so important in our society. More so, as we begin building a better society. I don’t know the Scriptures all that well. But I am sure that Christianity approves of supporting fellow Christians"


Robin Hind