Friday 26 February 2010

The deadly dream of Uhuru

In the 1950's the word Uhuru, meaning “Freedom” in Swahili, became synonymous with what is still portrayed as the Mau Mau struggle against white Colonial rule in Kenya. Meanwhile, in the present day the Uhuru movement is a black power movement in America, whilst Black Uhuru is a Jamaican reggae band.

Uhuru is a word which the liberals like to associate with black freedom fighters rising up against white oppression, or which they use to evoke images of a rich African culture usually to the backing chants of village children or some lilting and sanitised voice of ethnic African revolution, such as the late Miriam Makeba

However, for anyone who has studied the so called struggle for freedom in Kenya and the activities of the Communist inspired Mau Mau the word has far more sinister connotations. The barbarity and cruelty practised by the Mau Mau was an early example of the daily routine sadism and savagery we now see across Africa and reveal quite how outrageous and dishonest the case currently being brought by one-time Mau Mau terrorists against the British government, over alleged torture, actually is.

As with the so called anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa the Mau Mau killed, maimed and tortured many hundreds and possibly thousands more Africans than they did whites. Estimates vary as to how many of the peaceful majority of black Africans were killed by the mau mau between the official figure of 1,800 and up to 30,000, most of the killings being marked by the extreme levels of violence and cruelty involved. In particular the wives and children of non mau mau linked Kikuyu who were serving in the army or police force were targeted and slaughtered in significant numbers.

Only 32 white settlers were killed by the terrorists, however, many of these murders were extraordinarily cruel and violent.

The Ruck family, including their six year old son Michael, being a horrific example, the little boy was dispatched in his bedroom, amongst his toys, by a group of men wielding machetes. His pregnant mother Dr. Esmee Ruck, who had spent years nursing African children, had the unborn foetus literally ripped from her belly, whilst Roger Ruck was hacked to bits attempting to defend his wife and son.

Neither sex nor age led anyone to be spared the killing of Dorothy Bruxner-Randall in March 1954 was followed swiftly by that of four year old Andrew Stephens, hacked to death with a panga in April 1954 and 83 year old Dr Charles Pentreath who died in a similar manner a fortnight later.

Another truly horrific killing was that of Arundell Gray Leakey, brother of Victoria Cross recipient Nigel Gray Leakey, and cousin of anthropologist Louis Leakey, who, after being forced to watch the murder of his wife Mary, was taken on a forced march to the foot of Mount Kenya, where the Kikuyu believe their god Ngai lives, disembowelled and then burred upside down and alive. The killing was allegedly ordered by a witch doctor on the grounds that the gods required the blood of a White man.

The cruelty and blood lust of the mau mau, and that which occurred in the Belgian Congo a decade later, were a foretaste of the horrors which have been visited upon the white population of South Africa in the 15 years since the end of the much reviled but, by comparison, relatively bloodless Apartheid. An aptitude for cruelty is nothing new in Africa, it has lurked at its dark heart for many centuries.

However, have we in fact only seen the beginning of the horror in store for Africa, and beyond. There are rumours that there is far more to come, and again that blood stained word, Uhuru, makes its unwelcome appearance.

Many people in the white SA community believe Uhuru to be a codename for a plan to commit mass genocide against whites when Mandela dies. In part this belief is due to the fact that in 1990. when Nelson Mandela was set free the liberal's favourite ethnic songbird Miriam Makeba released a song titled "Not yet Uhuru". What did she mean and when will be Uhuru?

In 2004, when rumours spread that Mandela was in poor health, following the sudden cancellation of a scheduled meeting between him and the then German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, reports claimed that plans are being made by the nation's Communist Party to slaughter all whites in the country in the event that the old man died.

Further reports at the time claimed that that thousands of armed black men were prepared to descend on the main cities such as Johannesburg and Durban to attack whites.

In addition to Uhuru, the alleged plans are variously dubbed "Operation Vula," "Night of the Long Knives," "Operation White Clean-up," "Operation Iron Eagle" and even bizarrely enough "Red October campaign."

It was said that under a further name Operation "Our Rainy Day" was to be carried out after the death of Nelson Mandela and would involve a "take over" of fuel points and various strategic locations and the wholesale massacre of whites. The attacks would lead to a coup and the forming of an all black South Africa.

Of course Mandela did not die and, for his age remains surprisingly robust. However, the rumour persists that the plan is still in place, and that most blacks in the country are aware of that plan. I am told that when racial disputes occur, blacks often tell whites, "Wait until Mandela dies.” and they mean it

So what are we to make of this? Does Operation Uhuru exist only in the understandably paranoid nightmares of South African whites, or is there really a plan in place for the day when that most beatified of retired terrorists has his final meeting with Beelzebub?

In the last few days an event occurred which will remind many of the whisperings of Uhuru. As reported on My South Africa Sucks, the Johannesburg based political party the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) has come under fire after messages urging the killing of whites were posted on its Facebook site. (Read the story by clicking here)

The content of one message, posted by an Ahmed El Saud was as follows:

“Kill the f***ing whites now!!! If you afraid of them, let’s do it for you. In return, you can pay us after the job has been done… text us… we are not afraid for the whites like your own people… it’s a disgrace … he asked you and you don’t want to… we will do it, Mandela!”

In another posting he said: “Mandela asked so nice, start at home with food poison, gas leaks, cut the phone lines, kill the babies in the pool, be creative or if you have no nerve, call me and my team … we have 3 000 on standby and can be ready with in 24 hours… think about it now or good luck.”

PAC representatives have sought to distance themselves from the posting, claiming that the Facebook page did not belong to the party, but to “a senior PAC member”, which, no doubt the f***king whites, who's slaughter the poster was calling for, will find very reassuring.

One single event, even if amongst many single events, proves nothing. It may well be that there is no coherent plan to massacre the the white population of South Africa, or any other country. However, that does not mean it will not happen, or, at least, that it will not be attempted. The acts of barbarity which followed hurricane Katrina were not the result of a plan, there was no serious plot to cause the Broadwater farm riots in the 1980's, during which Police Constable Keith Blakelock was hacked to bits. In fact it could be argued that there was no serious, grown up or coherent plan behind what happened in Rwanda, but it still happened.

All that is required is a set of circumstances and a population with a propensity to act. There may be no organisation, there may be no strategy but only a fool doubts that, at the very least, a dream of Uhuru lurks in the shadowy hearts of many black South Africans. That dream was planted many years ago by malevolent men, and its flames have been stoked over the decades since once by Slovo and Tambo by Mandela and his gore stained ex-wife, then by the likes of Zuma, Julius Malema and so many others, including many, many, thousands of white liberals.

The ANC have not stopped singing its songs of war, and the words written in Helen and Alice Lotter's blood were "Kill the Boer". The evil dream is still alive. Bloody genocide of whites is the flame at the centre of that dream and it takes only the right set of circumstances, or a single event, for such a carefully nurtured flame to ignite into an inferno.

That event could be the death of Mandela. An event which must almost certainly occur this decade. When that happens South Africa's whites will face a great danger, and they must be prepared.

Sadly, they must also be prepared to face whatever comes alone for, to its great shame, the West will not stand by them.

Yet the West faces the same danger. That same dream of Uhuru has been planted in the hearts of Non-whites across the world. As I write evil men are stoking that dream in the hearts of America's non-white population, of Britain's and of Europe's. We no longer live in 1954, when Mau Mau terrorism could only touch a tiny corner of Empire, now in 2010 their grandchildren live amongst us.

Unlike in South Africa, they are not yet the majority, but their numbers grow every day, there are certainly more of them than our government admit, and they are not here out of love for us.

Just what would it take to ignite here in Europe the dream of Uhuru which academics, cynical politicians and Trotskyites have been nurturing in the hearts of black and brown men since the 1950's?

In America, what would happen if Obama fell? I mean not through an assassin's bullet, what if he fell politically, through impeachment or just by being booted out? Could America guarantee the safety of its white population then? I doubt anyone is sure.

That may sound crazy, but although Western media refuses to admit it, anti-white hatred hatred is growing, and it is being encouraged.

In Britain the non-white population is growing at a rate never seen before, and in the same way that the Kikuyu were stirred up to become the Mau Mau, and the ANC driven to fire necklacing fury, our schools, our politicians and our media are at work encouraging, within the new arrivals and their British born offspring, a sense of grievance and a resentment for an imaginary past and non-existent crimes which we are supposed to have committed against them. At the same time, while our children are taught guilt, theirs are taught entitlement, a dream of Uhuru before which we are the only obstacle.

Who knows what horrors are brewing for our grandchildren?

The West will betray the whites of South Africa, we will stand by and let them face what they must face alone, but we will confront the same fight as them in a few short decades.

It was 56 years ago and many thousand miles away that little Michael Ruck was hacked to pieces amongst his toys and Arundell Gray Leakey was buried alive on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya, they seem far away, but we may soon find they have never been so close.

Hat Tip: Tricia and Proudmary


Anonymous said...

reports claimed that plans are being made by the nation's Communist Party to slaughter all whites in the country

oh see nothing to do with the communist sympathizers the labour government in the UK /

and their massive immigration welcome AIDS infected Africans ?

so as what as occurred to white SA so far been a rehearsal or practice run?

And its funny, there was notice eon the local rags billboards saying about a stalker facebook, why didnt Labour Party supporting Manchester Evening News report on this little gem. . .

“Kill the f***ing whites now!!! If you afraid of them, let’s do it for you.

Was he reported or is that sort of incitement OK, as long it isn’t white on black

But this IS happening

‘’our politicians and our media are at work encouraging, within the new arrivals and their British born offspring, a sense of grievance and a resentment for an imaginary past and non-existent crimes which we are supposed to have committed against them. At the same time, while our children are taught guilt, theirs are taught entitlement, a dream of Uhuru before which we are the only obstacle.

…….See Woolas outburst inciting street violence against the BNP by saying that is what the BNP wanted

Anonymous said...

Your account of the mau mau emergency in Kenya is absolutely accurate. The Mau Mau did not represent the majority African population most of whom were fiercely loyal.

The Mau Mau were a band of communist led terrorists and their methods were terribly cruel. You don't mention the oath taking ceremonies, where for instance they ate an eye gouged from a live prisoner and other unspeakable things.

We lived n Kenya from 1949 to 1960, and I knew the Rucks. Their deaths were as you describe them.

It was very sad, as they were such kind people, who lived in a very isolate area providing medical treatment to the local tribes.

Another victim we knew was Rita Critchley she was horribly mutilated. There were also two little boys, but I forget their names.

It is half a century ago, but I remember it very clearly, and, as you say the mau mau killed many more Africans than they did whites.

My husband, who died in 1997 would have been outraged by these allegations about the British soldiers, that did not happen.

People were tried and some were executed, but they had done very terrible things.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Dr. D

I am not entirely sure why the Death of Mandela would would be the cue for the killing, but that is what the rumour claims.

I imagine the view is that a massacre whilst Mandela lives would spoil his image, given that presents himself as a unifier


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Good evening Anonymous 14:03

It is an honour to hear from someone who lived through the period.

I think the young boys you are thinking of were Geoffrey Danby and Christopher Robin Twohey. They were not "little boys" they were 13 and 15, and I recall reading that they were tortured to death, but I can't find that source right now.

It is some time since I researched the Mau Mau but as I recall killing a young white male was viewed as powerful magic, certainly there were at least five young boys killed, Mario Meloncelli, Andrew Stephens (4) and of course Michael Ruck who was six. There was also a little girl Maria Meloncelli (Mario's sister)

I am not sure how old the Meloncelli children were, but the record refers to them as children and states they were killed with their mother just days after they had arrived in Kenya.

Everything I read about Kenya suggests that despite the emergency it was a wonderful place to live prior to independence, nothing like the violent slum it has become.


misterfox said...


That is an outstanding srticle and very well written. You have a real tslent for explicating things, you open them up any lay bare the truth and this is very important as so many know nothing of what really happenened in our recent history.

Dmitri said...

Uhuru has already started here in SA with the killing of white farmers. Very subtle, but when the terrorist Mandela dies, it will be full scale.

As with Rhodesia, the West will turn a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Kenya was a wonderful place to live fifty years ago, both for Europeans and for Africans, it was very clean and very smart. Nairobi was like a modern European city then, and it was very very safe. We had the emergency of course, but that only lasted two to three years, it was largely over by '55 and apart from that, and a few wild animals, it was very civilised.

The crime rate was very low up until the end. I felt safer there than I have in England for years.

We went back in the 1980's, I couldn't go back now, I am in my eighties myself, but even then I was horrified to see how much it had changed in just over 20 years. I hate to imagine what it is like now, Young people think it was always like that, but it wasn't. It was not the dirty, broken and dangerous country it is now. The natives are much worse off now than they were before independence, but nobody will admit it except a few old African people who remember how it was and wish we were still in control there.

Those names sound correct for the boys, when you say Christopher Robin (as with the A.A. Milne character) I am sure that was his name. You are quite correct, the two little boys, were tortured I remember that caused quite an outcry at the time, it was a horrible thing, they did not die easily.

There was another young man who was killed terribly cruelly, when the facts got out people were really shocked.

However, most of the killing was natives killing other natives, between tribes, or Mau Mau Kikuyu killing those we called Christian Kikuyu. When I saw what happened in Rwanda, which is very close to western Kenya I was reminded of what happened in Kenya during the emergency, parts of it were very like that, whole loyal villages being massacred, although, of course, Rwanda was on a far larger scale.

Forgive me for rambling on, but it is quite strange to talk about it now, almost everyone who remembers Kenya in the 1950's is now dead, and the modern generation think we were cruel slave owners, which is so very far from the truth.

My husband used to get angry when people said such things, he died in 1997, and I know he still missed Africa, but a white person can't live there safely now. It is very sad.

From an old white woman

Rubin said...

This is a remarkable piece of writing. You have the ability to take us on a journey through almost sixty years of our history, link it all together and make it relevant to today.

There is a greatness to your writing Sarah Maid of Albion

Bantu Education said...

Very powerful article Sarah - and extremely well written and researched - forgive me for asking, but is it your original?

Anyway, your response to DrD´s query is no doubt correct. Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in part for "reconciliation" (???) and "preventing a CIVIL WAR" and/or a "black uprising and wholesale slaughter of whites".

In fact, if you were to ask any one of Mandela´s blinkered worshippers what Mandela has actually achieved and exactly what whites have to be thankful for in the New! Improved! S.Africa, they will automatically respond with such mindless cliches and say whites should be grateful they weren´t all butchered in 1994.

Of course, any thinking person (a category which would automatically exclude Mandela´s swooning groupies) knows that the possibility of that any such thing could have happened back then is an absurdity given that police and army were still in white control and a large % of whites were armed and had years of military training.

All of that has now disappeared.

Another reason why whites can expect NO help coming from the West WHEN this happens - and it is a WHEN not an IF - is Rwanda.

Have you noticed how black politicians have been gradually upping the level of blame on whitey for not INTERVENING to save the Tutsis from slaughter? The implication being....guess? Yep, white inaction was entirely due to whites considering black lives not worthy of saving.

And the same blacks then go on to say that if the Tutsis had been white they would have been saved.

In a word it was RACISM!!!

And of course this is having its desired effect - whites of a certain political hue have been made to feel (entirely unjustifiably so) guilty about Rwanda with many liberal politicians announcing that "such a thing cannot be allowed to happen again!"

So the West has more or less guaranteed that the next time an African genocide breaks out they will quickly send in white troops to save the Africans from their own savagery.

But - and this is a very important but - although they haven´t said so, it is 99% certain that the same degree of help will NOT be offered to whites. Because - if they do they will be accused of...wait for it..RACISM..!!!

And I further believe that the manipulative black politicians who have been upping the guilt level on Rwanda have an ulterior motive in doing so. That motive is partly the usual one - MONEY - but also it is a cynical and egregious plot to ensure that when the promised day arrives - blacks can proceed with the wholesale slaughter of South African whites WITHOUT ANY CHANCE of the West intervening to save them..!

And if the West were to send help? You see, just as we told you ALL WHITES ARE RACISTS..!!


Sarah Maid of Albion said...


Thank you very much, that is a huge compliment


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hello Bantu Education

Thank you for your kind comments. Yes the article is my own. Colonial East Africa, particularly Kenya and what was the East African Protectorate is a subject which interests me a lot, and into which I have done a lot of research.

It is not easy, as there are so many lies now told about it, and various contemporary reports, such as the official HM Government report into the Mau Mau emergency has vanished into the ether, they bluntly deny it ever existed.

As to your analysis of what is happening now with the build up of guilt over Rwanda in order to prevent action to defend South Africa's whites from genocide is frighteningly plausible.

I hope you are wrong, but fear you are right.

misterfox said...

I agree with Rubin and add that this needs developing into an E - book. Intelligent young people should take up the study of our modern history as writing an honest version is much needed and it is virgin territory and if they can take some initial flak offers a real career.
Otherwise I urge people with first-hand experience of what really happened in African countries during de-colonisation to write articles and contribute them to the excellent blogs we have.
I have written about modern history from a British situation and can say that while these atrocitiies were going on Ian Macleod was publishing "One World" through the Conservative party, opposing heroic Conservative MP Norman Pannell, who had spent years in Nigeria at the 1961 conference, proclaiming "I believe in the Brotherhood of Man". Salmon Socialist Harold Macmillan was crowing about The Winds of Change in SA itself!

Anonymous said...

From M.L.New Zealand:
I found and have been reading it.A quote from its pages:'The online voice of the international African Revolution.It is dedicated to giving voice to the struggles of the African working class from around the world through its programming in an effort to unite and forward the International African Revolution'
It seems,Sarah,that your forebodings of a bloody revolution have considerable substance.It is there in their own words.

evl said...

Wow. Brilliantly written

Anonymous said...

I also lived through this period in central, then southern Africa.
It never leaves me, not for a day, even now.

The current attitude of craven defeatism in the UK can be traced back to the capitulation of the British Govt in Africa in the 1960's.

In fact a few-a very few- perceptive people like Enoch Powell could extrapolate from our colonial retreat to the eventual demise of the West; and which is now well under way.

I think the future is perhaps not as bleak as we fear. There will be a turning point, when the present Western leadership is forced out by, shall we say, "events"; perhaps of the sort you describe, but more likely the gradual collapse of standards, BUT THIS TIME WITH NOWHERE TO RETREAT. At that time the hard men (and women) will wake up, and the rest of us will find our courage.


Donatello said...

Great article Sarah. I am a South African who have experienced crime and corruption first hand and on various levels. With no means to leave the country I have accepted the fact that the Western world will stand by as the white folks in South Africa are slowly eliminated one family at a time.

Apparently we fully deserve our fate and are being told that on a daily basis by both locals and the rest of the world. We are also being told how lucky we are for being spared when our country was handed over to people who were considered terrorists back then.

I can't say whether Uhuru will take place and whether we will be killed in one big swoop or just slowly killed off as is happening right now. To me, there is not much difference.

It may sound like a defeatist attitude but I hope that by some miracle the rest of the white Western world will learn from all of this in the end and take a stand against their own elimination and defeatist attitude. If I and many others have to die for that purpose then it will be worth it I hope.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Donatello

You make some very thought provoking comments, it can not be easy for any of you.

I sometimes fear that what I write about Africa may cause fear and distress amongst people living there, especially those who do not have the opportunity to leave.

Indeed I have been loudly accused of exploiting misery.

However, I feel I have to continue to speak the truth, and, at the very least, acknowledge what is happening.

Take care, and make sure you and your family are as secure as you can be.


Anonymous said...

The fundamental problem is the corruption of our "leaders", who have, in a move unparalleled in history, abandoned their own people, and for what: money? stupidity? the desire to appear "progressive"? All of the above?

If we can understand this, we will be en route to solving the immense problems they have created.

They need to be held responsible, and we need to take our country-correction, countries-back.


mikej said...

Excellent article. I expect that Western whites will not come to the aid of South African whites, perhaps because we'll have our own hands full. Your speculation on the fall of Obama was particularly interesting, or should I say alarming?

Christiaan Roos said...

Dear Sarah, thank you for this post and for trying to spread the word on the plight of white South Africans.

I can answer your speculation as to why the death of Mandela is seen as a trigger for uhuru in SA. In the black african culture (bantu speaking peoples) there is a tremendous and very deeply set respect for the venerable old leader.

An analogy that captures the nature of this would be a grandfather with a whole host of children and grandchildren. No matter what infighting or animosity there may be between the offspring they will hold back all conflict out of repect for the old man. They will also not transgress against the principles and rules he has set up.

That is why for example almost no African leaders will critize Mugabe - he is the eldest, longest serving and most senior African leader.

When Mandela dies (and there are rumours that he in fact has died but the fact is being held secret untill after the WC in SA)infighting amongst the ANC alliance will break out in the light of day. In fact things are slipping since Mandela is not any longer appearing as a public figure and conflict within the ANC alliance is rife. This will in all likelihood expode after Mandela's death and burial and quite possibly in the form of a purge of moderate black leaders. (See - 8 phases of genocide).

It is also purported that an Afrikaner phsychic known as "Siener van Rensburg" who saved many Boer commandos during the Anglo-Boer war through his visions, has foreseen the death of The Great Black Leader - his lying in state for 7 days and his burial. The burial itself, according to this vision, is the actual trigger for uhuru. There are a number of Youtube video's on "Siener".

So the trigger for uhuru is said, speculated and believed by many to be Mandela's death and burial. With him will be buried the vision of the rainbow nation, a non-racial society and racial tollerance in SA.

Christiaan Roos said...

As a follow-up to my description on the trigger to uhuru i would like to shed some light on the political developments in SA anno 2010.

Some of the commentaries here see the Communists in the ANC alliance to be those behind the explosion of the ongoing genocide against white South Africans that will come as uhuru.

This is in fact very far from the truth. As things stand now the SACP (communist party) and COSATU (confederation of black trade unions) are the moderates in the ANC alliance. The still stand for non-racialism and an African Nationalism (i.e. all who live in the country are citizens).

Those behind the ongoing genocide and behind the likely mass slaughter to come have ideologically moved from African Nationalism to Black Consciousness (BC). In this ideology "Africa for the Africans" is the battle cry and "Africans" are black people. These are the forces behind uhuru and their understanding of the Swahili word uhuru (freedom) is freedom FROM all "colonialists" and "settlers" - read whites.

Within the ANC alliance this split is becoming more obvious with each passing day. The real moderates were driven out of the ANC and formed an opposition party COPE. That meant that the racially fixated radicals became numerically relatively strengthened within the ANC alliance. They have become more vocal and more openly racist since.

The main element of this faction is the ANC Youth League (ANCYL)supported closely by the ANC Womens League (anyone remember Winnie Mandela and her strategy of putting car tyres around a victims neck, filling it with motor fuel and then burning them alive. It is called a "necklace"). She remains the spiritual leader of the WL.

They are in open opposition to the SACP and COSATU - accusing white members of the CP for being racist and trying to remove officers of those 2 organizations from all offices of power in the ANC. The radicals have 2 very strong cards to play.

Firstly, the majority of blacks in SA have not benefitted at all during the 16 years of democratic ANC government. Loads of fat cats have become rich blacks but the majority received next to nothing and the services like water and electricity they had under apartheid are functioning worse and worse an often not at all. This has lead to 100s of protest marches many turning violent. The radicals preach to these masses that the whites are the reason they got nothing.

Secondly, the demographics of SA means that blacks males less than 25 years of age are a growing part of the population – in the area of 20%. These people are mostly badly educated, unemployed with no real possibilities of getting any work. They were mostly born or at least grew up after the end of Apartheid in 1994. They grew up in squalid overcrowded shanty towns rife with crime and violence. These are the “angry young lions” which the radicals are promising a brighter future simply by them killing whites and immediately thereby taking over the house, car and other material goods of the white family they murdered.

And the economy? Nothing a few million Chinese immigrants cannot fix. There are close links between China and the radical elements, they are likely supplying them with Chinese produced automatic weapons paid for in kind with Zimbabwean blood diamonds. See China wants access to SA’s raw materials especially uranium, platinum, gold, diamonds and coal. The radicals want Chinese to come and make the economy in a “purged” South Africa/Azania work.

The people behind uhuru are African racists with a vision of SA without any Europeans settlers.