Friday, 25 November 2011

The views of Sandy Walkington

Sandy Walkington (right) pictured with Business Minister Vince Cable

Sandy Walkington, liberal democrat candidate for St Albans has said, “We are all mongrels.  I mean this country is the most mongrelled (sic) country in the world.  In 200 years we will all be coffee-coloured – and I have got no problem with that”.
This grandiloquence and cultured bravado is na├»ve.  Underlying this man’s thesis is a peculiar (in the sense that it is not consistent with the views of humans for millennia past) implied undercurrent of contentment.  This contentment seems to arise from the illusion that if there is genetic homogeneity, there will be less strife and consequently the population will be safer, more content, and “happier”.

He is mistaken in believing that stirring genes in a pot of miscegenation will produce a uniform product. At a genetic science level she is wrong, because there will still not be a homogeneity. This is because the different expressions of various gene pools in mulattos will repeatedly force out differences. 

Be that as it may, where Walkington’s true innocence lies is that he does not, perhaps cannot, understand that humans slowly acquire the equilibrium necessary for their contentment, dependent upon the context in which they live. 

Given similar genetics the prime facilitator to this is the culture that humans evolve around themselves. These are patterns of behaviour of exquisite finesse, which evolve, not over decades and not even over two centuries, but over millennia.  It is this common culture, which allows the harmony of understanding within homogenous groups, which permits common perceptions and establishes equilibriums of values. Some groups are highly successful in this cultural evolution. Others fail 

What heterogeneous immigration brings is not additional culture, but a vacuum, a tear and hiatus in the existing highly sophisticated and tightly woven culture of the host country.

The world is awash with conflicts; almost all are conflicts of culture, immiscible and unsolvable because each of those cultures has its own strengths, profundity and deeply ingrained evolution.  Juxtapose different cultures and conflict is inevitable.

Therefore if this man seeks a peaceful Britain he should be seek to preserve the unitary culture with which the British have been blessed. He should not be preaching a perfidy, and betraying the cultural about which he claims to proudly boast.

As the creators of the greatest empire the world has ever known, the sub-group of Europeans genetically and culturally isolated in their British island, had perfected a homogeneity which allowed them this extraordinary creativity. 

What earlier immigrants there were, for by far the greater part, were Europeans with a very similar gene stock.  Their ingress into Britain brought with them only a marginally different gene stock and culture, which was proximal enough to the British to harmonise.

The earlier European immigrants were very different from the current Negro and Asiatic immigrants into Britain. The new aliens’ gene pools and cultures are widely divergent from the consistent genotype and coherent culture which is (or was) the British.  That these immigrants come with an inherent inability to merge into a stable and successful society is there for all who wish to see.  Even the immigrants will be aware of this, which is why they are fleeing from failed nations and patently unsuccessful cultures

The very word homogeneity is derived from genetic consistency.  In advocating “multi-culturism” (whatever that might mean, perhaps apartheid?) these political quasi scientists/philosophers run an impoverished, simplified intellect.  Sandy Walkington’s intellectual subtlety sits at the level of the pre-school child, who has learned only that mixing all colours together consistently makes a dirty brown.

What bitter irony that the homogenous genetic and cultural equilibrium which was Britain’s is being destroyed by people of his limited insight, and inappropriate power. What an extraordinary, irreversible, experiment he is predicting. What a calamitous failure he is promoting.


The Dragon said...

Another traitor! This country seems to produce them by the shipload nowadays. Are these people mutations caused by nuclear and thermonuclear atmospheric tests? How can they speak such nonsense and get away with it? And just look at the fool standing alongside him. If these are the best leaders we can produce, we are doomed. But what is perhaps more worrying is that people still appear to vote for them. Where are we going?

Celtic Warrior said...

The Dragon wrote;

"But what is perhaps more worrying is that people still appear to vote for them".

Agreed but why? There is no such thing as bad government there are only stupid people who vote liars into power and expect unrealistic benefits.

There was a time when I was proud to claim that I was British (I was in the RAF). But now I would be ashamed to do so and instead revert to being a Citizen of the Republic of Ireland.

Recent DNA research into the history of the Isles has proved that our prehistoric past is somewhat at odds with what we were led to believe.

The people of the Isles, Irish, Scots, Welsh and even the English are one of the most homogeneous groups of people in the world. Our line of descent is primarily from two groups of people who started arriving here after the ice began at the end of the last ice age which began about 15000 years ago

The first group, who make up about 60%of our genetic inheritance, arrived after the retreat of the ice about 14000 years ago. The second group, who make up about 30% of our genetic inheritance, arrived some 8000 or 9000years ago from north western Europe now known as Scandanavia.

The remaining 10% is made up of; Celts, a small aristocratic group from western and central Europe; Anglo Saxons from north western Europe, mainly to eastern England before spreading out to the rest of the Isles; Vikings, also from Scandanavia; Normans, who as they originated were originally from the north and would have a similar genetic make up.

Scientific DNA evidence disproves that there was a massive Celtic invasion, as it also proves at the Anglo Saxon invasion was also less of a wipe out than previously thought.

It would seem that the Venerable Bede was told a few porkies.

Anonymous said...

Who in bloody hell wants to be "coffee colored"

BNP Debate Management said...

What a hate filled way of thinking calling your own people a set of mongrels. They have been brainwashed into hating their own people. Traitor Clegg is just the same, did anyone listen to his speech yesterday?

Anonymous said...

This man is a danger to himself and to the indigenous people of Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, wanting to exterminate an entire race of people who are deemed racially inferior, in this case "mongrols", and replace them with a superior race.

Have we not heard this before or have we forgotten the events that took place less than a century ago?

It beggars belief that abhorrent views like this can be expressed in Britain quite freely and be widely accepted. Have we gone mad?

The biggest mistake we have made is to think that the fascists/nazis were defeated in WWII. They weren't and they're in power now and they're driven by the same Marxist ideology.


Anonymous said...

Walker has a big nose for Briton