Saturday, 26 November 2011

The net sum of lies

According to figures just released, despite the government's promise to reduce net immigration into Britain to a somewhat undefined figure of “tens of thousands”, last year in fact saw the highest level of net immigration ever.  In total 252,000 more people immigrated into the country than those who emigrated out of it.

Clearly, at this stage the government is not showing any signs of keeping its promise, which, I doubt has come as a huge surprise to most of us.

However, bad as this appears, if one really considers these figures they are actually worse than they seem to be.

For instance, what do they always focus on the “net” figure?  The net total only tells us the increase in numbers resulting from immigration, after deducting from the total, those, many of them native Britons who have left the country, most probably because they can no longer stand living in the Multicultural hell hole it has become.

The net figure only matters to those who care only about numbers and who don't give a damn about the ethnic, cultural and racial demographic change which is being imposed on this country.

Of course, in politically correct totalitarian Britain we are not permitted to care about that change to our country, the only sop we are allowed is a limited licence to care about the numbers, not the composition.

In fact the demographic make up of our country did not change by a mere 252,000 in 2010, it changed by at least 591,000, because that is the true “official” number of non-British immigrants who arrived in this country last year.  In terms of the destructions of this countries racial heritage that is the figure which matters, or at least it is part of it.

In terms of the “net” figure, the government could well achieve their promise by not reducing immigration at all and merely encouraging half a million native Britons to leave the country each year.  That way “net” immigration would be under 100,00 a year. (not too difficult a task given the way things are going!)

The total official immigration figure of between 500,000 and 600,000 a year has remained constant over the last 14 odd years, resulting in a demographic change of well in excess of seven million, not counting the baby bomb which explodes shortly after each year's arrival.

Another interesting feature of the figures was the number of immigrants who allegedly came to Britain to “study”, that number is quoted as 238,000 yes, that is right, 238,000!!  Is anyone really dumb enough to believe that almost a quarter of a million people came into the country to study? The government is not that thick, the media is not that stupid, nobody is that dumb!  So why do they pretend they are?

An equally interesting figure is the one left after you deduct the number of immigrants who claim they came to “study” and those who claim they came to “work” from the total who came. The figure you are then left with is 179,000 who if they didn't come work or study must presumably have come as dependants, rather like the family of this guy, who's parents are currently being paid pensions by the British tax payer!

Yeah, who's dependants?  Ours!

This. In itself, is only part of the picture, the figures relate only to those who moved here officially. Given that the authorities long ago gave up checking that those who come here on short term visas ever get round to leaving, (and just how many do you think dod so?!) we really have no idea how many people are flooding into this country each year.   One thing is for certain, it is a lot more than we are told.

We are being lied to about immigration and the effect it is having on this country. Not only are we misled over the true figures, but, despite the evidence all around us, we are also constantly told that it is doing us good.

In which case, why are we broke?

In the face of social and economic collapse, shrill voices from “industry” keep insisting that immigration “benefits” our economy, and that the government's (apparently mythical) plans to cap it will “do damage”. This is of course total codswallop (to  use a milder word than I might otherwise have) in truth what curbing immigration might do is deprive “industry” of cheap labour. 

Are they saying that all the immigrants who have come in over the last few decades have ceased to be of benefit?  Or is it just that they are no longer prepared to work for the sort of wages one can only survive on by living ten to a bedroom, or sleeping in a garden shed in Southall. Hence there is forever a need of new migrants to exploit.

There isn't a politician, commentator or journalist with the courage or the honesty to admit the truth, and while they remain silent it just gets worse. They are pathetic.

Sometimes I just get so bloody angry


alanorei said...

Keep putting the truth out, Sarah. You're doing fine. Thank you.

alanorei said...

Keep putting the truth out, Sarah. You're doing fine. Thank you.

PreatorianXVI said...

Typical of Politicians with their communist slant, always mean the opposite of what they say.

People need to understand this communist approach and start countering it, educate yourself about your enemy then you know what to expect.

Keep up the good work Sarah, see you had a good rest, although short.

misterfox said...

If this country does go under and it is on the verge of that, one class of people are especially culpable - the middle classes. If you go in a local pub and talk to the punters most are ordinary people with little education and a dependency on the media for their opinions and view of the world. The real interest of their lives is the local football team.

Most middle-class people are also ordinary under the posh accents and education. However, that education and their daily conversations gives them a better understanding of what is going on in the world yet they keep voting for the people who are destroying us and should know better. Only a few months ago I talked to several well-heeled old Etonian types at a Conservative social, who still vote Conservative. One dolt told me that the back benchers will bring Cameron to sense!!!
The one group of people they really despise is what they call "Chavs" but they have no practical understanding of the destruction multi-racialism is working on us as a whole because they disdain the people who are being destroyed..They could at least vote UKIP.
Some working-class people will go up and some middle class will come down so we are not two species, but we as a whole and immigrants are.

Anonymous said...

It is almost beyond belief that this could be happening.


Rob said...

Population figures come from census returns. What illegal immigrant is going to fill out a census form? Even those legally in the country are far less likely to do so than the indigenous population, as they feel less sense of civic responsibility, and of course many of them know no English. The sort of accomodation that they inhabit - urban, rented, overcrowded - makes it difficult or impossible to trace those who don't comply.
I read somewhere that according to some organization of food retailers, the population is at least 80 million judging by the amount of foodstuffs purchased.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment Mister Fox, this:

"...they keep voting for the people who are destroying us and should know better."

hits the nail on the head. What now passes for Britons are so hooked on their circuses and so terrified of being labelled "racist/fascist/nazi" etc., they continue to vote for the marxists, looters and parasites who are deliberately destroying our nation. And it's been going on since 1945.

Acts of war - such as mass immigration - are being waged against our people every day and our people don't have the wit to recognise what's happening.

Tragically, I see very little sign of them waking up. They're turkeys voting for Christmas and their suicidal stupidity is going to destroy us.


Anonymous said...

Nick Ferrari of LBC 97.3 presented a petition of more than 100,000 names from London alone who want a halt to immigration. He handed it to that thing that looks like the 'elephant man' with planted hair, Andrew Neil.

On Neil's show was the faggy looking Portillo with the cuckolded Alan Johnson sat next to it.

You should have seen the haughty look of slime and indignation on the faces of this UGLY white trash. The 3 of them practically rubbished it with their gloated hideous expressions.

Ferrari appeared to be put on the spot by Neil, not that Ferrari is 'right wing' by any sense of the imagination, but many beg to differ.

Anonymous said...

From Rogue Border Official

Nigerian Samuel Shoyeju, an immigration officer, was today jailed for seven years for falsely granting indefinite leave to remain to 44 non-EU residents who were not entitled to stay in the country.

Only 14 of the false letters that he issued have been recovered, meaning most of the recipients have not been identified.

Judge Christopher Mitchell said the case threatened to undermine the hard-won reputation for "probity and honesty" of British civil servants.

What was a Nigerian doing in an office giving out visas to non-nationals?

Anonymous said...

Government do what it promises? THat would be a first!

alanorei said...

Well, the MSM has had a field day on this one.

The key statement, however, is, I think, this one, evidently from an ethnic minority member.

"If we didn't come here you guys wouldn't have people to work. We have to come here and do the work for you."

Yet somebody must have done the work before the overseas people arrived. Maybe the present situation has something to do with cheap labour after all.

The DM link has this statement:

"Already 10,000 members of the public have watched the film, after it was posted on Youtube, on Sunday, by LadyK89.

"Comments by one viewer called The Specialscrew, read: 'As a white British male, I feel disgusted to even be associated with this woman by my race and nationality.'"

One such comment, out of 10,000 viewers?

Is the DM telling what used to be known as "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"?

I wonder.

I also have in mind concerning the DM's report part of Romans 13:9, cut out or disputed by the new versions:

"Thou shalt not bear false witness"

Anonymous said...

Is the Daily Mail making up for August when they were "unable" to print pictures of white looters unlike the "Guardian"?

James Mathurin said...

"The net total only tells us the increase in numbers resulting from immigration, after deducting from the total, those, many of them native Britons who have left the country, most probably because they can no longer stand living in the Multicultural hell hole it has become."

Oh, come on, they're just going overseas to countries with better employment opportunities to steal the natives' jobs, and possibly claim their benefits?


"Another interesting feature of the figures was the number of immigrants who allegedly came to Britain to “study”, that number is quoted as 238,000 yes, that is right, 238,000!! Is anyone really dumb enough to believe that almost a quarter of a million people came into the country to study?"

Yeah, it's not like we have some of the best Further and Higher education institutions in the world. I'm actually surprised to see you doing down Britain like that. Also, don't forget that there's a lot of money in bringing overseas students in for those intitutions, so they are probably doing their best to push that number up. Still, complain to their chancellors about that.

Anonymous said...

People just do not grasp the fact that multiculturalism is cultural Marxism and that cultural Marxism is an instrument or WAR. It's ONLY goal is to subvert your enemy from within.
Its purpose is to destroy nationalism and nationalism has been declared an obstacle to the creation of a one world government.


Anonymous said...

Fascism has come to the West disguised as anti-Fascism.


Anonymous said...

Not everything makes the official figures, as you will know. One off-the-record area is Mode 4 which isn't included in the official figures.

Anonymous said...

The author of the piece referenced above is a regular contributor to The Morning Star, an outgrowth of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

I mention this because of the uniqueness of someone on the left actually ably offering an analysis of foreign immigration implications on the British workforce.

The rarity of this perspective from those concerned with working class conditions is something of a shock considering how internationalist the modern class (& race/gender) analysis of our left is.
Witness another of her pieces:

Anonymous said...

Link above wrong, correct one here:

Anonymous said...

FGS.. here are the salient points:

British jobs under long-term threat
Sunday 20 November 2011 by Linda Kaucher

Crunch-time for the EU-India Free Trade Agreement - but where is the TUC information campaign?

It is now make-or-break time for the secretive agreement in which the central element is the sacrifice of British jobs to the import of cheaper Indian labour. Yet at this key moment the TUC is still failing to meet its obligations to publicise and campaign against the agreement in line with the decision of the 2011 Congress.

With Indian elections at various levels running from 2012 through to 2014, the EU trade commissioner's ultimatum to India is to complete negotiations on this agreement by mid-February or put it on "long-term pause."

This agreement rests on India's demand for Mode 4 entry - the concession allowing transnational corporations to bring in cheap labour.

The EU's offer to India will ..allow transnational corporations to bring cheap Indian workers into the EU within their own cross-border companies ..also allows Indian companies that are not established here to supply cheap labour into any firm in Britain...the trade commission now openly admits that the deal rests on the EU's response to India's Mode 4 demands .. The Indian government is reluctant to meet the transnational demands channelled through the EU negotiators for investment access to, for example, insurance, retail and public procurement..But the resistance that should be raging here against the trading of British jobs for big business investment opportunities in India is disabled by lack of information.
...It begs the question who is the TUC answerable to?