Wednesday, 2 November 2011

White Genocide in southern Africa: Walkerville Massacre, October 2011

At the beginning of October I posted an update regarding the murder of the Viana family at their smallholding in Walkerville south of Johannesburg.  The story being reported at the time was gruesome enough, Mrs Viana had been raped prior to her murder while her husband and 13 year old son had been tied up and killed. The family dog had also been killed.

Brutal as the crime had been, the police and the media continued to report that the family had been shot dead.  However, as more information is coming out, it is becoming clear that, as usual in these circumstances, the police and the media lied, and in fact there was a significant degree of torture in the killings.

Piecing together the various reports, the following appears to be what actually happened.  
The family were chased around their home being hacked at with pangas (machetes) as they ran, leaving blood smears and splashes in every room of their house.

Mr Tony Viana was overcome, tied up and then hacked to bits. His 46 year old wife, Giraldine,  was raped repeatedly, before having a broken bottle inserted into her vagina.  A similar method of torture was used against 76 year old Helen Lotter in a similar killing only last year.

Their thirteen year old son, was tied with his hands behind his back, and drowned in a bath, a bath which by some accounts contained boiling hot water.

The sequence of events is not entirely clear as to whether the child died before his parents or whether he was forced to watch their fate before he too was dispatched.

The family pet was hacked to pieces.  

The suspects, are all black Africans, and one of whom is the 20 year old son on a family who had worked for the Vianas for many years.

(Many commentators at this blog are critical of white South Africans who employ black domestic staff in the current climate, however, this ignores the fact that under the racist employment laws currently in force in South Africa, it is all but impossible to employ whites in any capacity)
An equally horrific murder of a family of three was the killing of the Potgieger family back in December 40 year old Attie Potgieger had been stabbed and cut 152 times and took "many minutes to die", his wife and two year old daughter  had also been cut, the tiny child finally killed, execution style with a bullet to the back of the head. (shockingly the careless newspaper reporting appears to refer to the little girl as a son)

Massacres such as this are now commonplace in South Africa and the horrors reported here are merely the tip of a huge and bloody iceberg, yet, with a few very rare exceptions the world remains silent. The Western media remains silent, and so do most politicians. Brave Dutch politician Martin  Bosma is currently under ferocious attack by the left wing and their craven supporters in media for daring to warn that the Afrikaner people are being destroyed (is Holland the only European nation which still breeds honourable men?) but his is but one voice drowned out by the baying apologists for genocide.
By their silence the western press and our contempt worthy politicians are accessories to what is taking place, I hope they will one day be held to account.

Hat Tip: Dina


Anonymous said...

Good God! I wish White South Africans can leave, but I understand that it is not that easy.

davekennedy52 said...

I can't even begin to imagine the terror that this family went through.

Anonymous said...

Riots are taking place in rural areas in RSA, but the press never mentions anything about it.Most of our newspapers are hostile to whites and always report halftruths by not giving fact correctly or watered down information(and owned by blacks). There are quite a number of only white security movements that makes alarm via sms/ham radio/BBM messages to warn white people of possible threats. It seems that there is an awakening under White South Africans to join movements that has contacts/ spy's just about everywhere.All of them trained ex-special forces soldiers.We white people are not going anywhere.We are not being brave, but we are with our backs against the wall, and have to fight back or be wiped out.

Look what happened to Zimbabwe, all the big countries turned a blind eye to British decendants being murdered and tortured, why would they be sympathetic and do something for White South Africans, also British,French and German decendants.Poor black people. I f you have been in this country for 50 years, and knowing the black people as I do,you would have no choice than agreeing with me that black and white people is so far removed from one another,opposites like the colour white against the colour black.Dark evil forces against Forces of light.The ant and grasshopper fable is very appropriate in SA.

PS. Please pray for us,bad thing are about to happen in South Africa

Anonymous said...

Just a few weeks ago an old friend of mine who lives in SA turned up in a pub in Britain and I started asking him about the murders of whites and said that at some point they would have to fight back of be wiped out. He smiled and said tell my girl friend over there. She was black and he thought it was amusing. I just made some remark about his stupidity and walked out.

Laager said...

Anon 9:32 makes some very good points

One of the aspects that the liberal media in the west villified South Africa for was that successive white governments had deliberately segregated the races by building and housing urban black people in locations, later called townships and what should really be called suburbs.

The Group Areas Act passed by the National Party Govt in 1950 finally formalised this process.

Whilst these facts are correct what the liberal media carefully avoid telling the public in the west was the reason behind these laws.

The facts are as follows:
White settlers came to South Africa and brought their knowledge, skills and technology with them from Europe. They set about replicating the societies they had come from in Africa. Blacks (9 different tribes) were left alone to continue with their tribal lifestyle.

With the discovery of diamonds (1866) and gold (1886) South Africa began to industrialise and entrepreneurs created jobs for black people where white people were not available or unwilling to do the work. As the benefits of a western consumer cash economy became apparent to rural black people they started flocking to the cities in search of work.

In 1900 there were about 1m white people and 3m black people in South Africa. White society was simply incapable of creating enough jobs for black people - hence the pass laws. Unemployed blacks were better off in their homelands living their subsistence farming lifestyle than becoming beggars in the villages, towns and cities.

As the black population exploded between 1900 (3m) and 1990 (35m) [ whites 1m to 5m] the service delivery in the urban areas was continuously unable to cope with this flood of urbanisation.

Unauthorised, unplanned, unserviced Shanty towns/shack villages/ghettos/slums sprang up on the perimeters of all the major cities. The Governments deemed them health hazards, built the locations/townships laid out in a western model, relocated the shack dwellers and demolished the unsanitary slums.

So the progression for a black person was from mud hut in the homelands to wood & tin shack on city perimeter to a modest brick and tile house in a black township/suburb living amongst their own people.

The liberal west rounded on the SA Govt and succeeded in getting this process declared "A Crime Against Humanity" by the UN. Hugh capital was made from the fact that blacks were not allowed to move into white neighbourhoods. What the liberal media did not tell the west was that whites were not allowed to move into black neighbourhoods either.

This was really beside the point for most urban blacks were struggling to put 3 meals on the table each day and pay the nominal rental on their Govt provided (council) house. There was virtually zero possibility of them raising a mortgage to buy a house in a white suburb.

Today, in the UK you have virtually the identical process. Thanks to Labour party mass immigration policies foreigners automatically flock to their own kind. That is why we have Brixton, Peckham, Streatham, Edgeware Rd, Leeds, Bradford etc. There is no need for laws to identify residential areas automatically determined by race.

And finally liberals made a huge fuss about the size and quality of houses owned by whites compared to those occupied by blacks. Whites procured their own homes through the mortgage/building process found in the UK. Blacks were allocated council houses built by Govt. As black prosperity increased they were free to build their own homes using the western model.

Today Google Earth reveals all.
Take a look at Soweto and then Houghton - one of Johannesburg's up-market suburbs.
They are little more than 15 miles apart - crow fly.
Same soil, same rainfall, same sunshine.
Readers can draw their own conclusions.

eduard said...

Please note that there is a documentary been made about the genocide of the Boer farmers and generally of the whites. It is called "War of the Flea" and it was made by Rian van der Walt.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to emlpoy blacks.I don't want them on my property.I do the work myself,like the late Donald Woods he did not want the Afrikaner on his property in PE.I cut my own lawns.How many domestic workers or gardeners have killed white families. They know they can kill and get away with it.

Laager said...

Let me add:

"Unauthorised, unplanned, unserviced Shanty towns/shack villages/ghettos/slums sprang up on the perimeters of all the major cities."

Today in multi-culti-discrimination free - Rainbow Nation - South Africa there are more of the above residential areas than ever before in the history of the country.

The ANC Govt coyly refers to them as "informal settlements"
Peculiarly they are not seen to be "A crime Against Humanity"

Anonymous said...

James (the controversial one):

When are minority groups like yours going to protest about the persecution of whites in Southern Africa? Enough is enough surely.

Whites in Europe and South Africa lobbied white or multi racial governments in Europe and America for black causes as you well know.

It's time for you to show solidarity i.e. how genuine you are when it comes to ALL forms of racism.

I've yet to see one black or brown person living comfortably in Europe (and there are THOUSANDS) dare to say anything publicly about what's going on out there regarding whites being murdered.

Indeed I've also yet to see a black/brown person say anything publicly in support of Palestine?

They obviously know where their bread is buttered don't they.

Laager said...

@ James

There have been a two public protests in the UK - Parliament Square and from Picadilly Circus to SA House in Trafalgar Square - and one in Sweden: a march to the SA Embassy in Stockholm.

In South Africa there have been many protests addressing the issues you read of here, Censorbugbear Reports and on Mike Smith's Political Commentary, and prior to that on South Africa Sucks.

What you have to factor in is:

(1) The power of the media.
I think it is fair to say that the media in the west is controlled by left wing liberals.
I also think that it is fair to say that there is a conspiracy of silence [particularly in the UK media that I see] not to report on these issues from SA. The policy seems to be to maintain the happy-clappy-multi-racial-democratic-Rainbow Nation Illusion.

When I tell people about Mandela's involvement in the Church Street Bomb they are shocked/do not want to believe me. I tell them to check it out on the www.

If a western journalist - like Kevin Myers from Ireland - has the courage to tell it like it is, he is villified by his peers and is branded a "racist" thus effectively silencing him.

(2) Western politicians have moved on to other career building issues. SA without apartheid is not news any longer. Revealing the truth about black on white racism and violence is just not wanted in the pc world of the left wing liberal. It is a career ending cause. I regularly send Peter Hain MP news items from the blogs. So far not a reply from him and certainly not a public statement criticising the ANC Govt. In fact the last public statement from him referring to the ANC was to call them "my friends" They must know what is going on but they will have egg on their faces big time if they raise their heads above the parapet wall. They are turning "keeping their heads down" into an art form and a full time occupation.

So that leaves us with the Blogs
The media is not impartial.
We can't rely on it
The politicians just don't want know.
We need to bombard their offices with e-mails and letters containing copied examples of articles on what is going on.

So that is why concerned readers of these blogs must make the effort to spread the word to their circle of influence who in turn must do the same
using the 10x10 6 generations deep MLM model. Each reader has the power to reach 1 million people provided the process is diligently maintained

To illustrate the scale of the task:
Just take a look at the uphill struggle that the BNP has to get equal air time on radio and TV
The entire left wing media edifice is working against them when all they are doing is trying to bring the truth to the British people.

Regrettably the predicament of whites in South Africa has been filed away in the same pigeon hole.
It is up to us to use the power of the www to turn this policy of denial around

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your input.

I'm still waiting for a reply from 'James' is it Mathurin? you know the black man resident in England who comments frequently on here.

Laager said...

@ Anon 9 November 2011 01:15

James Mathurin has confirmed that he is not a 100% pure black man.

In the UK he is referred to as Mixed-Race, in the USA as Mulatto and in South Africa as Coloured

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Would the person who left a comment claiming to be a member of the Viana family please write to me at

I go to great lengths ascertain the truth of these incidents, which is not easy, given the sparce reporting of these crimes. The details given above are based on reports which have appeared on various South African websites, and I am reluctant to revise them on the basis of an anonymous comment.

However, please be assured I have no wish to cause distress to members of the victims family. My sole purpose is report what is actually happening.