Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A crime against the state

My friend the Green Arrow and others have written a number of articles on The British Resistance Site regarding the recent Internet sensation featuring a young mother secretly filmed on a South London tube expressing her views on issues of immigration and nationality.  Links to the various articles at the British Resistance  can be found at the bottom of this posting.

The woman in question has been charged with an extraordinarily Orwellian sounding “racially aggravated public order offence” and has been remanded in custody without bail pending psychiatric reports.

This event and the reactions to it both by the police, the judiciary and the general public tell us a great deal about the country we are living in.

One of the things which we in the West once found most frightening about the Old Soviet Union, about Nazi Germany before that and indeed of some of the worst third world dictatorships, was that people could be locked up for expressing the wrong views.  That now happens here.

It was once considered noble to state that "I may detest what you say, but would defend to the death your right to say it". Today just to express such a view renders one subject to the suspicion of holding unacceptable views.

We now live in a country where someone can be imprisoned for saying stuff.

Worse than that, all the little Twitter-Nazis on the internet are cheering. 

Meanwhile, there isn't a journalist or a mainstream politician with the guts or the honour to speak out against our slide into totalitarianism.

As a society, whatever our politics, we should all find this very frightening.


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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you Sarah that people have the right to protest.

Having travelled on such buses in London, the amount of foreign-born welfare-subsidized people is absolutely astounding. What this lady's tirade did was express her disgust very indelicately which I assume from the pressure of constantly being marginalized because she is English and White and it had got to her. Public Jobs in London always declare they prefer a person to have two languages. A British Person would not have this ability. Positive Discrimination at work.

I disagree with her however, that a non-white person is not British. Britishness is a character, not an ethnicity. This is why my government is not British. There is no nobility among them, only hiding behind grand titles.

I do not blame any people who come to the country to work, adapt and improve the nation and customs that welcomed them, but sadly many people come for the welfare freely offered, (antenatal treatment, childcare, subsidised housing, Income Support etc.) as they could not get the same level of benefits for not working in their own countries.
Driving across London you enter in and out ghettos of single ethnics, the English where you relax, the non-English where you check you car locks. From the intelligent to the unintelligent trash their own countries did not want.

I therefore blame the many traitors of our own government who let them in without discerning the thief from the noble in return for their vote.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything that can be done to help this mother? Sarah please let us know. I am sick to my stomach. If there is a petition or defense fun let us know. I will pass it on.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I understand Britain First may trying to help her, I suggest you read the various messages on the British Resistance site:

If there is an appeal to raise funds for her legal defence or to help pay a fine I will publish details

Anonymous said...

This is the twitter account of the person who claims to have posted the video!/kellysw9

Andy Cooper said...

This woman has stood her ground and said what many believe but fear to say in todays PC Britain.

My only concern is how the media and government will twist anything they can dig up about her in the attempt to undermine her argument.

John CLeese in a visit to London said it was no longer English.

David Starkey said the white youths had adopted black culture.

England is losing its sense of being English, this will only continue as over two thirds of future population growth will be from immigration.

Today people are voicing their concerns but unless the government act how long will it be before we see nationalists physically defending their homeland?

Is it racist to fight to defend your country, culture and identity?

Laager said...

And here is incident No2 by a different woman

Once again the language leaves a lot to be desired but, the common denominator is there: British people at grass roots level are aware that they are becoming a minority in the land of their birth

An interesting aside to both incidents is that some black rap "artists" in the USA use the same language, and in some cases similar racial invective to produce CDs which makes them very rich. They sell this trash to their own (black) people.

No one prosecutes them.

Australia should be applauded for recently reusing entry to their country by one of these foul mouthed "performers" and preventing him from spreading his bile there.

I hope other white administrations around the world will take note and have the courage to do likewise.

EPWR said...

How sad that an ordinary English woman, driven to distraction by the wretched state into which her nation has descended, largely as a result of the massive influx of Africans and Muslims, pops off in public (on what is probably one of her bad days) and is therefore locked up as criminally insane. Had she gone to any of the nations from which the black people around her come she would very likely be raped and murdered so her "crime" seems pretty paltry by comparison. The policy of importing huge numbers of people from hostile and alien cultures into the UK seems to be the one non-negotiable of the British ruling class and everyone else had better learn to just suck it up. It goes to show you that if there is anything for which the the sodomite British "elites" have greater contempt than for their own nation and heritage it is for the British working class who are forced to deal with the societal collapse they had no say in bringing about. And let's not hear any more about "Britishness is a character..." Britishness is the character of the people who made Britain what it is. Or what it was until the insane policies of unrestricted immigration and over-generous public subsidies turned it into what it is: A pathetic husk of its former glory. It is the authorities in Britain (and much of the rest of the west) today who are criminally insane.

alanorei said...

Thank you for this article, Sarah

Though I would not condone Emma West's language, I note that the pro-race-mixers e.g. the Westminster traitors, have not published a refutation of anything that she has said.

(Many more pro-race-mixers have of course condemned her on various sites since my comment on the DM article some days ago. I guess that was to be expected. I still wonder how many comments that are supportive of what she said have been suppressed.)

She is being victimised by the State. I don't care for Lee Barnes's language a lot of the time either but I believe that as Lee speaks from a legal background, he is right in saying that she hasn't actually committed an offence, certainly not a hate-crime, in that Emma West did not specifically racially abuse anyone, regardless of the vehemence of what she said.

It's interesting that the MSM seems to have dropped this issue, although it continues unabated on FB, Twitter and blogs, evidently, hopefully as with yours, eventually to the victim's benefit*. It may be that the MSM knows full well that folk will recognise the truth however crudely it might be packaged.

*Some early comments on the BR site suggested that this was a set-up to discredit British nationalism. However, if Emma West has been separated from her son, as I understand that she has, the set-up theory cannot possibly hold.

The condemnation heaped on Emma West should be contrasted with the BBC's matter-of-fact report on the murder of white Englishman Chris Yates in 2005.

The judge said that the murder wasn't "racist" because the killers had attacked/abused members of other races. He seems to have overlooked the fact that it was the member of the white race that was murdered.

The murder of Chris Yates and the violent deaths of all the other disproportionate victims of non-white/foreign white on white Britons killings are an indicator of what will increasingly happen in this country, Sarah, according to your reports of the on-going South African genocide of vulnerable whites.

Especially if what Emma West actually said is not taken seriously i.e. the right way by "the powers that be" Romans 13:1.

All of which underlines the folly of multi-culti multi-racialism, so-called.

"Let favour be shewed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness: in the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the LORD" Isaiah 26:10.

Britain is not "the land of uprightness" any more, making a bad situation worse.

In India, cobra snakes will, I understand, attack a human being. This is unusual for reptiles. However, this is the cobras' natural response to having been 'tolerated' for generations. I believe that the Indian situation w.r.t. cobras has application to Britain today, especially if the police response to the August riots is anything to go by concerning those who "will not behold the majesty of the LORD."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Political correctness, reverse racism (positive discrimination) and wealth redistribution destroys countries with far more potency than any standing army on Earth.

Anonymous said...

How sad that an ordinary English woman, driven to distraction by the wretched state into which her nation has descended, largely as a result of the massive influx of Africans and Muslims, pops off in public (on what is probably one of her bad days) and is therefore locked up as criminally insane. Had she gone to any of the nations from which the black people around her come she would very likely be raped and murdered so her "crime" seems pretty paltry by comparison. The policy of importing huge numbers of people from hostile and alien cultures into the UK seems to be the one non-negotiable of the British ruling class and everyone else had better learn to just suck it up. It goes to show you that if there is anything for which the the sodomite British "elites" have greater contempt than for their own nation and heritage it is for the British working class who are forced to deal with the societal collapse they had no say in bringing about. And let's not hear any more about "Britishness is a character..." Britishness is the character of the people who made Britain what it is. Or what it was until the insane policies of unrestricted immigration and over-generous public subsidies turned it into what it is: A pathetic husk of its former glory. It is the authorities in Britain (and much of the rest of the west) today who are criminally insane.

BNP Debate Management said...

I think this woman was driven to this, she may have a drug problem too. I did feel for the young child she had with her.

James Mathurin said...

I just want to say that I agree that she should not be arrested for the racist content of her speech, and that is wrong. If she was talking privately to a friend, these would simply be her own opinions, no matter how ignorant, flat-out wrong or ridiculous they are.

That said,

she did not keep them to herself. She shouted them, loudly, to a confined space filled with people who she knew would take offence to them. She was not just expressing herself, as you are here, she was attempting to harrass people. This does bring it under the auspices of the Public Order Act(specifically Section 4A - Intentional harassment, alarm or distress), which is also the section I assume was used to charge people over the poppy-burning outrages. I think the fact that she is using abusive language loudly and in the presence of minors after their parents have asked her to stop might also contribute.

I am also slightly surprised that no one has commented on the fact that she appears to be very much under the influence of something (alcohol, most likely), from her slurred speech and general attitude, while caring for her child.

Still, I reiterate, if she has been arrested purely for the words she was saying, rather than the way she was saying them, I will be voicing my opposition to that.

alanorei said...

The incident has created interest in the US.

The site has received over 800 comments.

Anonymous said...

Lady on the tram
Lady on Manchester train
Lady on the Underground

are the only three videos on a youtube account and all three have been used one day after another in the Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

courageous woman.

You need more like her, and everyone all over says despite her language they agree with her.
Stop being so polite, hope you are all still so polite when Urdu is the national language.

She said what needed to be said.

@James ...........go back to africa !!!!

Anonymous said...

"A taxi driver ranted racial abuse outside a Jewish school after getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Taha Osman shrieked ‘All Jewish children must die!’ after his car was hemmed in by parents picking up pupils outside King David School in Crumpsall.

Two mums on the school run and a teaching assistant were singled out in a foul-mouthed and ‘frightening’ tirade witnessed by kids, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Osman – an Iraqi Kurd who has settled in Britain – also shouted that Jewish people were ‘animals’ who ‘should not be allowed in this country’.

What penalty did Osman receive?

Sentencing him to a community order, Judge David Stockdale QC said it was a ‘particularly nasty offence’ – but did not warrant a jail sentence.

Of course it didn't."

We cannot have one law for the Osmans and another for the Wests now can we?

alanorei said...

Sean Gabb of The Libertarian Alliance has an interesting analyses of the Emma West case.

He said yesterday, his emphasis, "I hear that her children have now been kidnapped by agents of the Regime. Only to be expected, of course, for English dissidents. If she’d been wearing a headscarf and screeching about the “kuffar” who were killing her brothers and sisters in Iraq/Afghanistan, the authorities would have looked the other way."

A lot of truth in that, I think.

alanorei said...

P.S. I don't condone SG's statement on drink-driving, even if Emma West's statement was alcohol fuelled.

alanorei said...

Simon Darby has posted a well-articulated response to the case of Emma West.

Gottfried Feder said...

The Nazis brought free speech to their country. Their party was elected by the people. We, the Germans, wanted them to govern us. So why do you foreigners have to disturb us? How can you dare? And you still think you are doing good by starving, raping and bombing us. You didn't free us! We are still occupied.

In war times the is no free speech. During 6 of the 12 years of the National-Socialist rule there was war. Ask your parents and grandparents if they had free speech during the wars. Now you get what you deserve after attacking Germany.

James Mathurin said...

@ Anonymous (2nd Dec)
She's not particularly courageous, she's just rude. What risk did she face? It takes no courage to abuse people.

As for going back to Africa,
a) She actually said "Go back to Nicaragua". I have no idea why. Maybe she thinks it's in Africa. Maybe she thought the Wimbledon - Croydon tram was full of Nicaraguans. I've travelled it many times, without noticing any.

b) I've only been to Africa once - a week's holiday in Egypt. If I'm meant to return to somewhere I've had a holiday, would France, Italy, Crete or Australia also be options, as I had better times there?

@ the other Anonymous:
I would be disappointed if West received a harsher sentence than Osman (community order). They seem to have committed the same offence, so should receive similar sentences.

yorkshirebob said...

Watched the Emma West video on Friday. I just HAD to get my feelings expressed so i'll use you as a sounding board if you don't mind. From purely a visual perspective,she came across to me as a good mother, clean and neat in her appearance (her hair was not overindulged but clean). The child in her lap spoke volumes. Obviously well looked after,well groomed, well fed,well behaved and not of a nervous disposition as the 'pseudo' journalist Peter Marshall implied, but rather attentive with a childs uncluttered knowingness ,if you know what I mean. That her outbursts were a tad inarticulate, to me, can be discounted. She most likely had been afforded limited educational opportunities in her life so she expressed her thoughts as best she could. Travelling through East London day after day, week after week with a bus load of that lot, something had to break and if she'd had a 'tot' to loosen her tongue, so what. Now she is in prison for her outbursts which could never, never have happened in England when we lived there. I feel so desperately sorry for her plus her children have been taken from her by the social services. It makes me so f------ angry.

Anonymous said...

From Germany

People all over Europe are facing the same problems. Within a few decades we are bound to be turned into a minority in our own countries, and a look at South Africa can tell us what's going to happen then. The Germans and the English want basically the same things, just as the French and the Greeks do. Everybody who's trying to turn us against each other, is our enemy. We are in this together. We should never forget that.

The whole concept of "hate speech" is fundamentally wrong, designed to turn us into hypocritical underlings. No real democrat should condone the existence of such totalitarian laws. I've heard my share of rants, can't remember a single one with too much love in it. It never crossed my mind that the ranting guy should be taken care of by the police. "Mummy! Mr Policeman! This guy is angry! That's against the law! And I feel a tiny little bit offended! Please put him away!" - How childish is that? Human beings will always dislike other persons and groups, they will always feel the urge to express negative emotions with inappropriate language, making fools of themselves. No big deal, that's life. Too think that there are actually people who advocate that even the quite harmless Mrs West should be punished for the things she said makes me realize that there's a reason for the uncanny popularity of zombies. Quite obviously they are really out there and they are after our brains and hearts.

Anonymous said...

It is not as if she racially abused them and then got involved in a crime that sees a five year maximum sentence.

James Mathurin said...

Interesting take from overseas...

Anonymous said...

Police are wasting time answering 'bonkers' questions about how many investigations have been opened into werewolves, vampires and zombies, a chief officer has revealed.

Chief Constable Ian Arundale of Dyfed Powys police is annoyed at how many hours officers must spend answering 'bizarre' queries instead of being on the beat.

So far this year his officers have also logged queries about witches, ghosts, demons, wizards, Big Foot and UFOs.

Read more:

You would think that if they did not want their time wasted they could tell the public that they could not charge Emma West for the youtube posting because they could not charge a muslim man who was shown atttacking someone and then they would have gone to youtube and asked them to take down the offending posting just like they did for the muslim man.

So why did the police act differently in this case?

Anonymous said...

Hear author of a blog. I am not sure if you didn't noticed that she behaved like a Nazi in a first place, racially sorting casual people who were just travelling with her in the same bus, so she deserves to be judged with their favourite system as an author claimed how much Nazi she was judged... Imagine she would have a gun, then with such thinking she had in her head, as she proudly expressed, there's only one small step to seek justice on her own...

For me her behaviour is disgusting, and I don't find her too much intelligent... There are 217 nationalities living in London, and she wants to have a fight with them all? And how British is that to yell straight into poor ears of her own little boy all those unintelligent f-words? What kind of person would do that? Why can't she rant at home to her husband about that, not to strangers who just happened to be at the same place, and didn't expected to met such a stuck-up racist on their way home... oh wait, I don't think her husband refer to her in a different way than f-words either - such a British manners, they should be so proud of them, right?

I doubt if the author of the blog would allow this post to be read by others, but I am from the country regularly attacked by Nazis and Soviets, and I am absolutely against about such a freedom of speech in which people don't think what they are talking about, and if they maybe hurt someone for picking on their skin colour or nationality, or will of work and earn enough money to cover their basic needs which is often impossible in their own countries. (1)

Anonymous said...

And @Kinderling... The truth is that if someone doesn't know the second language, it's only the fault of that person - not a fault of foreigners who spend their time and effort to learn other languages. I personally know English (advanced level), I can lead basic conversations in German and French, I know few expressions in Dutch, Turkish and Chinese, I can translate Latin to my own language and I am going to start Spanish classes in near future - because I am aware that if I want to experience rich cultural diversity around me, I need to work hard on my personal development, education, and foreign languages literacy and just blend in when I'm visiting other countries. I was also living and working in London and never ever took anything more from England than my wages which were taxed and one visit in a walk-in when someone gave me a tough flu hard to fight myself... I was helping British economy by buying British products, I was serving meals to British people with a smile, because I believe politness doesn't cost me anything and I just like people and that every honest job deserves respect - and I never heard any racial remark from anyone, except from one man from Pakistan who very intelligently asked me "don't you think there is too much Poles in here?" ;) Although thanks to that comment I felt like a livestock for a while, who someone else needs to count and transfer somewhere else if there's too much of it, I couldn't help to just smile, because I "hardly ever" saw people from Pakistan in London LOL :) It was as British as British anti-hero's racist speech is;) I really respect English people who have their dignity, perfect manners, who can say to you "lovely day, isn't it?" instead of "a lot of f* Black people, a lot of f* Polish [...]" like tram(p) "lady" expressed her "point of view" in "royal" manners... I don't care what is her nationality - she behaved just like a simple, narrow-minded chav in my opinion...

And now a little surprise for British people who don't travel. Now I live in Poland again, and year after year I'm meeting more and more British people working here as English teacher. People like to hire them, because of their accent, even if they were plumbers back home;)And most pupils even don't notice a difference on classes with native teacher, that he doesn't care about actually teaching anything, but just talk about weather 90 minutes and next please;) And even they are earning less than in England here, they are choosing to stay here for unexplainable reasons to me:) Because I left my country only to earn some more money and support my family budget. And I am nice to them too when I meet someone who wants help from me how to get somewhere etc. Just as I was nice to them in England, but I know that many Poles treat them with a cold shoulder after Tram Lady Show which was famous worldwide whenever Internet connection is available... (2)

Anonymous said...

So think of that fighters for freedom of speech, think of your expats all around the world who may have problems because of such liberated "ladies"... You can get only what you give... I also met in Poland my British boyfriend, who now is thinking of moving here, because I want to finish University here and he can easily live here for few months without working thanks to a difference between Pounds and zlotys:) He also learns Polish on his own through the internet, and understands a lot of Polish expressions by now. He can speak French fluently and know few German expressions, he thinks of learning one of far east languages. He is very intelligent and open minded, and I totally don't care about stereotypes about British-Polish relationships, because we are with each others for our personalities, not for our nationalities...

And if Britishness is a character, I learnt in London few things - to be though and don't complain no matter what just happened to me; that being open to others is a mutual benefit and sometimes a stranger in Tube from Manchuria can understands you better than another Polish person in your flat and bring you a great relief with a wise words: "people are the same in hearts everywhere, they weep when they feel like this, dance, smile, want to be safe and loved. the only difference is atmosphere...some people just choose to be hostile, some to be open", or a Turkish guy from a shop next to my flat, said to me in perfect Polish "life's a bitch" when he saw I was struggling with choice what to buy and asked me what happened, when there was a mistake in a pay roll and everyone in my job got in one week a wage of 12 pounds and I had to buy food for two people for that:D He basically give me milk and eggs for free and I came back next week with money back. You may not understand how is it when everyone is a stranger to you around, and you can count only on yourself, and your library is your best friend and rest for your mind from everyday troubles, and such small acts of kindness keep you on the surface - that someone cares as a human being... on the contrary people such as a tram lady must be unaware that such remarks are even worse, than hunger, or bad flat conditions, because it aims in dignity, on basic human rights to work, to live among others, to be different...; (3)

Anonymous said...

I also learnt to divide personal life from work and smile a lot even if your flat mate just stole your money, your boyfriend thinks you should treat him as a kept man, because menial jobs are not for him, your landlord thinks it's ok to search your personal belongings while you are at work and he thinks that's ok if the fridge and washing machine doesn't work properly for weeks, or you miss your family and friends painfully and you have to cope with a feeling that you are now in the lowest working class, and some people might still hate you for that or you got short nervous breakdown, because on a first day of your job, on the way, they slow a train and tell you that there's a bomb in train and you see a vision of your death in a first week in London, and ten minutes later you are meant to smile and serve meals with a stable hand;) So if I went there as a weak little girl, a bit uncertain what she is worth - I proved there myself a sterling character, and really while hearing on youtube her comment "You are not British!" with pointing finger and "f*Poles" as an insult, I think she should wash her mouth with a soap and educate herself a bit, before she speaks aloud what's on her mind...

Maybe it's a bit bitter and emotional - but really guys do you think emmigrants, are in London against British people? No, they are there totally accidentally, because they can speak English, they can earn there better money, and they are brave enough to leave their comfort zone... So be kind to them, because you have no idea what they are walking through being abroad, far away from home and close ones and you certainly don't know if one day you want have to leave your country too to seek better opportunities... Maybe I am not British enough to leave a comment here, but I will always think of London as of my second home, a place which taught me to overcome any difficulties in a most creative ways. So finishing I wish you all to have always full pockets, be contented with life and yourselves and see human beings in other people, not their colours, sizes, accents and nationalities... Cheers mates! (4)