Thursday, 1 December 2011

Authorities take Emma West's children

......We have since learned that since the infamous ‘incident’ on the tram in Croydon, and subsequent to her arrest by the race relations Gestapo, Miss West has had her two young children taken off her by the intrusive and all-powerful social services!

Put this in context: a women mouths off on a tram and she has her kids ripped away from her and she is flung in prison, but a feral hooligan loots and destroys Croydon and gets a slap on the wrist and let off...the injustice is outrageous, don’t you think?"

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misterfox said...

I want to see if the defenders of our rights and Common Law Brian Gerrish and Roger Hayes will step in to defend her or will they regard her outburst as "fighting among ourselves?



Anonymous said...

Something we must do if in our powerlessness we can do nothing else, we must take accurate records and photographs where possible of all these scenarios. When did they occur, who was involved, which laws were broken etc, so that later on we can deal with these disgusting anti-white, anti-British traitors.Some of these will be Police officers, they must be made to understand that ' I was only taking orders...' is no defence. NO SURRENDER.

S Ducain

This poster is correct.

On one of the youtube comments the poster boasted of provoking her and that what was filmed was a reaction to that provocation just as Epic Beard Man was reacting to the unfilmed conversation that took place between him, Michael and the poster who took the recording of his reaction and posted it on youtube. And his shopping.

Gottfried Feder said...

Could you hypocrites please stop to portray the Nazis (Germans) as the evil! We Germans always wanted to live in peace -- with our neighbours and with the world. But still our enemies raided us several times in the last thousands of years. Germany was destroyed twice in the 20th century, we are expelled from even more of our land, and we are still occupied. The genocide against the German people is being carried out. But still you think of us as the bad guys and you think of you as the good people. Hypocrites!

bupkiss o'toole said...

I guess you know for sure now what you are up against.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Gottfried Feder

I do not consider the Germans to be evil, or to be our enemies. I posted that image to make a political point about the behaviour of the totalitarian BRITISH government.

When I searched for a suitable image I also tried "Stasi" and "KGB" before I tried "Gestapo" but couldn't find any other image which so aptly illustrated the point I was attempting to make.

I am sorry if I offended you, I certainly bear no animosity to the German people.


Anonymous said...

inkog for tonite
My wife and I had an unlpleasant experience a couple of new years ago
on the Manchester Metro.
A a large number of indiginous replacers piled into the carriage over a couple of stations and subjected, me especialy , to blatent intimidation.
facing me from the seat in front and dangled a ingot on a chain inches from my nose whilst he shouted to a primitive seated in front of me.
I suspect the incident may be registered as ..........
...a number of police boarded the tram farther along... and they left the carriage.
Ernie inkogfor tonitr please

PS I no longer use the metro at night

yorkshirebob said...

@ Gottfried Feder

I also do not consider Germans to be evil or my enemies. My wife and I spent a wonderful year in Lobrugge in 1975 whilst I was on contract. I have nothing but admiration for Germany and the German people.Even in those days, your people were desperately worried about the immigrant Turks flooding into the country and the problems young people were experiencing in house purchase. My father spent six years in WW2 in France and Germany fighting your people and yet he was always full of praise for the German people and soldiers. My fourth child,Clare, was born in Germany but that is a story in itself.

Anonymous said...

@ Gottfried Feder
Good for you my friend , Germany will rise again and the truth will come out.
Britain is finished because the nationalists refuse to see whats in front of them.

Rusty Mason said...

Grüß Gott, Freunde,
I am also sick of the 24/7/365, in-your-face Nazi/Holocaust(TM) propaganda. It is just one more attack on all white people, the Nazis being stand-ins for nationalists or right wingers of every kind (but not for big leftist schemes, of course; notice how Stalin and his henchmen almost never get the "Hitler" treatment).
I don't think Sarah did it intentionally, having viewed this site for quite awhile now. She seems quite nice to everyone.

yasmin said...

cant say i feel sorry for her as a mother of mixed race children one of which is in care, 2 of which are being watched by sw, and i have never done anything let alone as bad as this. . . i don't want my children growing up in a world where this goes unpunished and they are treated as different due to the colour of their skin . . . its pathetic . . i am glad her children do not have to be with that vile woman who will teach them ,the next generation, her twisted views which could affect my children who have done nothing other than to be born non white, also speaking like that provokes people, and she was obviously drunk or on some sort of drugs, with her kid, in no state to look after him, putting them both in danger acting like that, as a mother with ss involvement. . . i think they made the right decision for once, dont always get it wrong glad those kids have a chance now

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

So Yasmin, you actually want your children to live in a society where speech is punished?

Frankly I think that is more damaging to them than anything Emma West said.