Saturday, 17 December 2011

New Year Resolution by Mike Wilson

New Year Resolution 

The year is coming to an end and now it’s time to make and mend
And make good all that’s gone before and never mind the open door.
It’s time to set our house in order and close the book on rank disorder.
Time to think and time to plan and time to resurrect each man.

We ask ourselves, “What have we done”, and wonder where the year has gone.
And then we find that whilst we mused so many of us were abused
By state and council and by church and end up feeling in the lurch.
So stop your musing, get in line and start to make this life divine.

Defend the rights of common man, stand up, speak out, you know you can.
Demand they change these stupid laws that make a mockery, full of flaws
Of social justice, law and order and whatever else they call disorder.
It’s nothing but a thin disguise to simply qualify all their lies.

We ask for nothing but the truth so we can help our rampant youth
So they may understand the plan which makes a slave of common man.
Self- serving people in the know control our world and make it so
That others who are less observing give in to those who are self serving.

It’s time we voted with our feet and showed the “pollies” that defeat
Will come if they persist in trying to keep the flag of Brussels flying.
Now it’s time for nationhood, a quality that’s misunderstood
By MP’s filling up the ranks and building credit in their banks.

We need to vote for people here who have the nation’s interests clear
And won’t resile from hard reforms that go against the EU’s norms.
So greet the New Year with good grace and have a smile upon your face.
Remember that you have the power to change your world – seize the hour!

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Durotrigan said...

Might there be something 'new' to vote for shortly? Is Andrew Brons planning on making a move?