Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Richard Barnbrook’s Christmas and New Year Message

Dear Fellow Nationalists

The end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 is a good opportunity to take stock.

It is now more than 18 months since the General Election. And some 15 months since I was expelled from the British National Party. We need to ask ourselves, what has been achieved for the nationalist cause in this country in that time?

The last year has not just been a time of stagnation but regression. Yet the dire political situation that the nation finds itself in is worse than ever. And what’s more, as the recession bites, job prospects recede and the pressure on public resources becomes ever more greater, exacerbated by the influx of some 250 000 NET incomers in the last 12 months alone, the smouldering discontent and impatience for change rumbles ever louder. What is needed is a cogent political force to represent this discontent, and it’s needed more so now than ever before.

Looking round at the various nationalist blog sites, written by leading lights in the nationalist cause, it’s patently obvious that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet. What can’t be agreed upon is which church we should all be singing in! Broadly speaking, there is a general agreement on the problems which beset our country: a loud lament about our loss of national identity and cultural heritage, the surrender of sovereignty, deprivation of free speech, social injustice, appalling remoteness of the parasitic politicians, increasing islamification… we all know what we think. What we lack however, is a cohesive political mechanism that enables us to present these views to the electorate, packaged as a viable realistic, electable alternative to vote for at the ballot box. All in all, the public are sympathetic to the policies that we roundly subscribe to. What we need to present to them is ONE united and positive front that can demonstrate a plausible and responsible organisation to implement them.

At the beginning of the year, I personally wrote to Nigel Farage of UKIP, Nick Griffin of the BNP, and Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats, as well as Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League, inviting them to a meeting to discuss a way forward in which the nationalist parties can co-operate in order to become this united political force, a force that the media can no longer ignore. Now a year has gone by and there’s been no movement in this respect. It’s been another year wasted, for what have we achieved?

How many more years are we going to let pass until we get our act together? 2012 will see the GLA elections in London. I don’t wish to sound like a prophet of doom, but I tell you here and now that on present showings there will be NO nationalist representation on the Greater London Assembly next summer. No nationalist from any of the parties! By each going it alone, instead of co-operating, we are allowing ourselves to be pushed out of the political picture- for good. And meanwhile, our historic. cultural and national heritage is slowly but steadily being annihilated.

Many of you have left one party and joined another; some have come together and started new ones, but this is not the answer. You can have as many new parties as there are stars in the sky and it won’t change the situation in this country one jot. The only answer open to us now is to co-operate and ultimately to unite, painful as this may be to some. There is bound to be resistance by those in the parties’ leadership. So it’s up to the grass roots to force through change.

The greatest victories have always been attained by great sacrifice and so it is today. We have to look at how we can make the best with what we have and struggle to build solutions instead of criticising those who have made mistakes. What’s been said and done has been said and done. We will never move forward with negativity. Now we have to look forward and see what can be rescued from the debris.

The Romans were able to subdue Britain because the Celtic tribes were unable to put their own petty interests before those of the country as a whole and present a united front. We simply cannot afford to make the same mistake again! Because if we do, there will be no future for our children. Britain will soon be changed irrevocably forever unless we work together now to resist it!

With grand hopes for the unity of all nationalist entities and right thinking Britons in the coming year, and wishing you each and all, a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous and successful 2012,

Yours sincerely

Richard Barnbrook


Laager said...

Richard clearly articulates my own thinking on this issue.

What are the impediments preventing the Nationalist groups uniting into a cohesive force?

Collectively they can win seats, but with the current divisions they will remain spectators on the sidelines.

Fred Bishop said...

Disunited we fall.
The leadership of these nationalist parties all claim that politicians should carry out the will of the people. Then why should THEY not carry out the will of their members,
We need solutions and it is not overly important how they are achieved.

Anonymous said...

unite or loose your country , easy as that .
When the average person sees it the leaders will have to give effect to that resolve or be cast aside .

Anonymous said...

unite or loose your country , easy as that .
When the average person sees it the leaders will have to give effect to that resolve or be cast aside .

Anonymous said...

Whilst I fully agree with Richard, he's a little late to the party. Two years ago in an essay published on the now disgraced Green Arrow website, I called for all British Nationalist movements to put their differences on the back burner and unite to fight against our 2 main enemies:

Islam and the Marxist EU.

Unfortunately, British Nationalists prefer to focus on their particular cause and desire to be right than to unite and fight the real enemies.

This failure to unite is an indicator of incompetent leadership in all Nationalist groups. Indeed, the unpleasant treatment dished out to Richard was absolutely appalling.

FWIW, I now give my support to the British Freedom Party and the magnificent EDL who have picked up the gauntlet and have the courage to stand and fight for our cities that are being colonised by unwelcome and hostile invaders. I urge all patriots to support the EDL.

Sarah, I love the look of your blog at Christmas, it's lovely and I wish you and your family - and all true patriots - a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Ryu said...

Actually, things are great!

WN becomes stronger in the shadows. Your English tram lady was thrown into jail for hate speech. Her child taken - for words!

Worse is better. Racially aware whites are the only hope for Great Britain. WNs are the only game in town for the future. Don't give up hope. This is a mindwar, and it's important to focus on why we can win.

Jeremy said...

Agreed, and something I've thought for a long time. The trouble is, Leftists tend to be herd animals and hunt in packs (like most cowards), and therefore easily form alliances. Righists are generally too intelligent and independent-minded to pull together: getting them to agree is like herding cats! With over 70% of the British population broadly agreeing with the BNP's main policy (too much immigration), it's an indication of how poorly the party has been run that it is still a minor fringe party. The BNP (or a party like it) should be in power by now, had it not been so (apparently; I'm not a member) riven with internal infighting.

Beverley said...

2012 will see the GLA elections in London. I don’t wish to sound like a prophet of doom, but I tell you here and now that on present showings there will be a dominating Immigrant / Muslim representation on the Greater London Assembly next summer.

Anonymous said...

I too have been saying this for sometime. Our opposition must be laughing at us. I can imagine them, when reffering to Nationalist, using such phrases as 'in a brewery' 'couldn't' and organise'. Lets face it we don't make their job hard when fighting us. However, Mr. Barnbrook, you say that you have invited other parties to get together, sort out the problems and create one platform. Nobody turned up for the party. We are reaping the rewards for such intansigence. As Mr. Powell said, 'the blackman will hold the whip hand over the white'. Yesterday saw Suarez of Liverpool F.C. banned for eight games for racial abuse. The evidence was a black mans word. Nothing else. The black mans word was worth more than the whites. What's the next step in our degregdation? The Nationalist parties are content to follow their messianic leaders to destruction. The only suggestion the I can make is that we start a new party! Why don't you, Mr. Barnbrook, approach Gert Wilders and see if we could start a British version of his Dutch party? Maybe it's not ideal but it gives us a start as he is an 'accepted' part of European politics?

Anonymous said...

He reads better than he speaks

yorkshirebob said...

What I would like to know. Is that Sarah on the blog heading.

yorkshirebob said...

What I would like to know. Is that Sarah on the blog heading.