Friday, 30 December 2011

Speech delivered by Aaron Kahland at Orania Burgervergadering ( = Citizens meeting)

By Aaron Kahland, ambassador of Orania in Germany.

I’d like to start by telling you a story from the country where I live, Germany.  It is the story of Max Planck, the great German physicist.  In 1918 Professor Planck won the Nobel Prize for his work on quantum theory.  With this new fame he was asked at universities throughout Germany to give speeches on his discoveries.  One evening he was due to give a speech in Munich.  On the way there, Planck was having a discussion with his driver and his driver asked him if he had prepared the speech he was to give that night.  Planck answered ‘no, I haven’t prepared, I have given this speech so many times that I can tell it by memory.’  His driver responded, ‘I have heard your speech so many times I could probably give it.’  Hearing this, Max Planck thought for a moment and then said to his driver, ‘why don’t we test your theory and you dress nicely and give the speech and I’ll sit in the front of the audience and pretend to be your driver and we’ll see if anyone notices.’
And, according to their plan, when they arrived Planck’s driver got up in front of the audience and gave a speech on very complicated physics in front of an audience of Munich’s scientific community.  He delivered it so well that no-one noticed that it was not Planck himself.  However, after the speech was given, there was time for questions from the audience.  Sure enough someone from the audience stood up and asked a question on Planck’s quantum theory.  For a moment the driver stood still and then he slowly shook his head and said, ‘I was led to believe that Munich was a sophisticated and intellectual city.  So it surprises me that someone from this audience could ask me such a simple question.’  The driver then pointed to Max Planck in the audience and said ‘Indeed it is so simple that I am confident that even my driver could answer it.’
The reason I told you this story is that today I feel a little bit like Max Planck’s driver because I have been asked to speak a little about Afrikaner history.  I am an economist by trade but I shall do my best and hopefully, I can introduce something new to you anyway.
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mary sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

I am an Afrikaner and would please like Mary Sullivan to explain the "Jew problem"


Anonymous said...

The establishment of a Boer homeland can only remain a dream. Besides, if it were to materialise, it wouldn't be long before the native African would appear in great numbers and the whole of history would be repeated.

Anonymous said...

"I am an Afrikaner and would please like Mary Sullivan to explain the 'Jew problem'" Mariaan

"Indeed it is so simple that I am confident that even my driver could answer it."

Anonymous said...

I am also puzzled by Mary Sullivan's comments.

Most of the Jewish immigrants that came to South Africa were escaping oppression and persecution in Europe.

They arrived at a time when South Africa was essentially (minority) English and very much part of the British Empire,

They established themselves in all fields of society - especially in industry and business - and became major employers of black people , particularly in the mines. Their businesses became major contributors of tax income for the Govt which in turn benefitted the entire nation in infrastructural development

An intellectual minority were in the front line of the left wing liberals who agitated for an end to the apartheid system.

When the Afrikaners gained political power in 1948 they did not harass or oppress the Jews in any way. Freedom of religion has always been respected in South Africa.

During the military sanctions era there was major trade and technology collaboration and transfers between South Africa and Israel.

Indeed, South Africa has always been a country where the Jewish community has found sanctuary and could prosper materially.

The biggest Jewish "problem" South Africa had was Henry Kissinger leading the international pressure groups (NWO?) to put and end to apartheid and install the ANC in Government

Anonymous said...

True dat. Also to Anon from January 1st, it isn't hard to control your borders when you're actually trying to control your borders. The reason why illegals are swarming into the USA is because Republicans and Democrats benefit from the cheap workers. The same was true of Apartheid- the Nationals could have deported all the blacks, but the cheap labor was too appealing, too many Nationals were in bed with business and ultimately the failure to deport the black non-citizens to the homelands (both the independent and still dependent) was part of the cancer that killed the real South Africa.

Anonymous said...


The BBC now has 29 stories relating to the murder of Anuj Bidve, which we assured is a hate crime.

How is it known to be a hate crime?

However it now has a whole 4 stories relating to the murder of Danny O'Shea, which we are assured is not a hate a crime.

How is it known not to be a hate crime?

eduard said...

There is a "disease" that does not have a name yet; the main diagnostic being "my mind is made up, don't confuse me with facts" syndrome. It actually borders on the old adage "ignorance is bliss, it's folly to be wise". During the "apartheid" era, most of our enemies were the jews. They sided with the black consciousness groups against the then government. They were in fact Europe's downfall and now they are behind the USA's downfall. Edward I "Longshank" expelled them from England and the rest of Europe followed and it was a dark day in European history when the they were re-admitted.
The Byzantium Empire kept them at bay and that is why it lasted so long. England bloomed in all spheres of culture and other areas during the expulsion period. People, or more aptly the sheeple should study history more often. As it being said: " He who ignores history is destined to relive it".

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Year:

Ben N Indiana said...

What we DON'T see is black flight escaping White racism. There is no underground railroad terminating in Zimbabwe.

January 2, 2012 9:32 PM

Anonymous said...

Oppenheimer financed the ANC terrorist organization , he called himself the engine behind the ANC.
The ANC and SACP crawled with the presence of jews.
During the Boer war the Boers referred to these money power jews as the Hoggenheimers.
How anyone can miss the role of the jews is actually amazing .
The ANC is bringing out a commemarative gold set with the faces of 11 jews that helped them in the struggle against apartheid . Actually all they did was help the jews regain control of Boer land and the minerals , just like the anglo boer war

Anonymous said...

an Afrikaner and a Boer is not the same thing , I am very sure Afrikaners will be confused by many things