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"The Prisoner" Freed on bail?

There are reports that Emma West "the suspected tram racist"  has been freed on bail following a closed door hearing at Croydon Crown court.  Whether or not this is true, it was not before the poor woman had spent over a week in prison and been subjected to a frenzy of internet hatred all because she said stuff which the state and a bunch of obedient twitter-stasi disapproved of.

Irrespective of this latest development, which may well have been a result of the level of outrage on the internet regarding Ms.West's treatment, the reaction of the state and a section of the public to the secretly filmed video which was posted to YouTube reveals some very disturbing truths about Britain in 2011.

However, will Emma's children be returned to her?

The following article by Daniel Greenfield was published on the Canada Free Press site on Sunday, whilst Emma West still languished in prison, and examines those truths in a very clear and illuminating manner, its impact is not diminished at all by today's events coming as they did a week too late. I recommend it to you.

The Prisoner

By Daniel Greenfield

Few other places turn out dystopian fantasies quite like the United Kingdom and if the United States has never quite become the chrome skyscraper and flying car utopian wonderland of its utopian fantasies, with its ubiquitous cameras and DNA banks, the United Kingdom seems well on the way to its dystopian destination.

1984, The Prisoner and V for Vendetta are all a train ride away nowadays. Say the wrong thing and you can expect to be wearing a prison suit and nominated for a national run on Two Minute Hate.

Towards the end of last month, the UK launched a nationwide manhunt or womanhunt, in coordination with online activists, Labour politicians and the police to bring the most feared criminal in the islands to justice. The lady, whose last name is appropriately enough West, will be spending Christmas in prison away from her three children. Her crime was to engage in some abrasive taunts with the denizens of the New Britain complete with obscenities and be videotaped doing it.

West was hunted down, tips were solicited from the public, Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour opposition, who always manages to wear the face of a well-meaning idiot, retweeted the “important appeal” to track down a woman who was threatening the nation by shouting on a tram that the Poles, Nicaraguans and Blacks should go back where they came from.

Needless to say the charming fellows from Hizb-Ut-Tahir, Islam4UK, Muslims Against Crusades or their associated groups rarely have to spend Christmas or Eid in prison no matter how many poppies they burn or how many slurs they shout. Anjem Choudary is not likely to touch off any morality mobs on Twitter. The same people who desperately sought Emma would sneer at the Daily Mail mentality for even acknowledging good old Anjem.

And around a week or so later the very generous Judge Robert Brown freed four Muslim women who beat a native British woman senseless while shouting racial slurs at her, judging that it was only their inexperience with alcohol that led them to misbehave. The Romans used to say In Vino Veritas, but in New Britain if you’re Muslim and drunk you get a free pass on assault.

Emma West shouting, “What has this country come to? A load of black people and a load of ****ing Polish,” merits a nationwide manhunt, but beat a native woman senseless while shouting, “Kill the white slag” and the kindly English judge will be sure to see your side of it. Similarly smash the windows of Jewish stores and you get more judicial kindness, but say the wrong thing about Nicaraguans on a tram and you can expect to be sent to jail for “your own protection”.

For all the shouty “vile racist tram rant” headlines, Emma West cutting loose is a familiar enough experience to anyone who rides the New York City subways. I can’t begin to count how many times a lady or gentleman have gotten up in the car to express their feelings about white people or the devil or the government. And being experienced dwellers in a multicultural city, we know enough to read our books and switch cars at the next station if they become too agitated without anyone being sent off to prison.

There was once a notion that a liberal society would be an open society, but that door has shut some time back as its activists have discovered that the only way to have an open society is to close the door on any populist dissent. Their kind of liberalism is notoriously unpopular and cannot be sustained without control of the media, regular editions of Two Minute Hate and the baton and the prison cell.
The “I disagree with you but will die to defend your right to speak” society is all but dead, and it has been replaced by the “I disagree with you and will sentence you to prison” society.

The “I disagree with you but will die to defend your right to speak” society is all but dead, and it has been replaced by the “I disagree with you and will sentence you to prison” society. Disagreeing with an Emma West is no longer an option. Dismissing her views as garden variety bigotry that is an unfortunate reality no longer passes either. No she must be tracked down and sent to prison.

This really isn’t about bigotry, if it were, then beating a woman senseless while shouting racial slurs at her would not result in a suspended sentence. It isn’t even about race, it’s about a power structure that uses race to cover its own multitude of sins. Multiculturalism has become the metaphor for a changing nation, and while it is as of yet not illegal to oppose change, it can be made illegal to oppose the Broken Britain that it leads to.

The morality mob that went after Emma West showed off the same insecurity that is behind Muslim hysteria over a cartoon of Mohammed. This is not the behaviour of confident people who are secure in their views, it is an outburst of state violence from the 1 percent who are terrified of losing their grip on power.

The dystopian fantasies which imagined that a police state would be the product of some right wing takeover never seemed to anticipate that just as in the east, it would be the left that would resort to it. That is where George Orwell, who came out of the left, proved far wiser than many other writers. The police state is a consequence of the left’s failures, its economic failures and its demographic failures. That is as true in the United States as it is in the UK as it is in Israel and throughout what was once known as the free world.
Multiculturalism and prosperity can uncomfortably exist side by side, but multiculturalism and poverty cannot

Multiculturalism and prosperity can uncomfortably exist side by side, but multiculturalism and poverty cannot. Worse yet when you invite in half the world while destroying your own economy and segmenting what is left into government work, private sector jobs requiring a higher education and the dole, then you create your own nightmares and they will walk the streets and beat you senseless.

Systems like that are inherently unstable, the deeper they go into debt, the more unstable they become and the more the people at the top begin behaving like the crooked heads of bankrupt companies, cooking the books and lashing out violently at anyone who might notice.

Emma West is dangerous in a way that Anjem Choudary isn’t. The day may come when someone like Anjem is the Emir of a truly New Britain, but that day won’t come for a while. The Religion of Peace is not yet a majority in the country. But the people at the top and their cronies do fear that there may be a majority of Emma Wests, if not a majority, then enough to cause them trouble.

West is apolitical, there was no agenda or philosophy on display here, she was saying what so many think. And that is dangerous. The Western left is well aware that beyond its bubble are struggling people dealing with the everyday frustrations that their power and privilege shields them from. These are the people who have not been programmed, but they have been distracted. They are the proles of 1984, the lower classes that no one bothers to closely monitor because they are thought to be incapable of revolution on their own. It goes the extra mile to destroy or suppress their potential leaders and sometimes it sets out to make examples out of people from among their ranks so the proles remember that dissent is punishable.

Gavin Barwell, the allegedly conservative MP for Croydon, praised the power of the social media outsourced police state, and called for a dialogue on “how the evil of racism in our society can finally be eradicated.”

But there really is no need to have a dialogue on the question. Several nuclear wars would do it. Like most human attitudes and feelings, racism cannot be eradicated without also eradicating human beings. And that might be a matter of throwing out the baby with the racist bathwater.

Racism is an aspect of racial identity, just as sexism is an aspect of gender identity, and class resentments are an aspect of class. The attempt to eradicate class by the left has created more inequity, the attempt to eradicate gender identity has been a boom for sexism and homophobia and the attempt to eradicate racism has embedded it even deeper. But the same left which sneers at wars on terror, keeps declaring wars on aspects of human nature and then fails to realize why they may be counterproductive.

Human beings pack along a constellation of identities, and those identities have positive and negative sides to them. A journalist may have a positive identity consisting of his pride in informing the public of important issues and a negative idea which allows him to disdain the public for being so ignorant. The negative side is not particularly attractive and yet it is the natural shadow aspect of his positive side. The two are indivisible.

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Hat Tip: Mister Fox, Runic, Peter, Bertie Bert at the British Resistance


Anonymous said...

Damn, just sent her a Christmas present today. Hope that she got my cards.

yorkshirebob said...

So what is he saying, certainly nothing constructive which could act as a spur to change things. Just second hand news reports and jargon.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I am sorry you don't like the article Yorkshire Bob, personally I thought it was very good

yorkshirebob said...

Sorry Sarah, Maybe I was a bit harsh but I get so sick and tired with people trying to intellectualize the predicament which Britain is in, when the solution is so simple.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

That's not a problem Bob, you are entitled to your view! :)

Bertrand said...

Keep on your good work, Sarah,
you're far more important than you may think...

Dave said...

Look at this ignorant piece of crap. Bet they doesn't get their Facebook page closed down.

Emma West 34 from Croydon is an evil bigot | Facebook
Emma West 34 from Croydon is an evil bigot | Facebook.

If she has been released I cant find anything in the news about it.
There's lots of stuff about 'white supremacists sending donations'.
They cant help themselves can they. Our scummy self hating media.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is on facebook you can complain.

Anonymous said...

As Nicaragua means "Blackwater" can we claim that she is a leftie and giving out about the PMC rather than the country and therefore she should be the darling of the guardian?