Thursday, 29 December 2011

Police : Salford killing "was a Hate Crime"

Manchester police have just announced that they are treating the murder of Indian Student Anuj Bidve who was shot dead in Salford on Boxing Day as a Hate Crime.

How odd, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it current police procedure to fall over each other in theiur rush to dismiss all possibility that any murder is a "hate crime" within moments of arriving at a police scene, and before they have had a chance to determine anything?

Oh no, silly me that is only current police procedure when the victim is white and the suspects aren't!!


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I think its only fair for the police to open this line of investigation , because there is not much evident reasoning available on this killing. Plus there is quite a history of salford having hate crime related issues. Check the local councillors blog.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


Firstly you are ignoring both the fact that 90% of all alleged white on non-white hate crime allegations turn out to be hoaxes and also the fact that that the blog you linked to is hosted by a blogger who is a biased anti-while bigot.

You are also ignoring the fact that white people are statistically around 10 times more likely to be the victims of inter-racial violence than any other race, yet the state police persist in refusing to even consider a racial motive when the victim is white.

I have no animosity towards this victim, however, his family are being granted a form of justice denied to the families of white victims.

The Dragon said...

Anonymous, with all due respect, Sarah is absolutely spot on. This crime was immediately classified as a hate crime by the police and media when we all know the reluctance of the authorities to declare as much when the victim is white. Furthermore, when the victim is black, coloured or whatever the term is these days, the event is shown on all networks and features prominently on the news. When a white person is killed or abused by a member of our "ethnic minorities" it is largely hidden from sight. These are facts not opinions.

Anonymous said...

How come other white people don't see this, are they that blind?

What gets me is indians in aus protesting australians racism, but they dare not protest the caste system in the shithole the sub continent is.

Why is that?

I am sick to death of the athiest internationalist jew multiculti agenda.

I love your photos, very celtic, they evoke genetic memories within

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, i appreciate your stats. But do you have stats of white on non-white crimes ? While you keep stats of non white on white crimes, it would be good to keep some stats the other way around as well. This will give you more transparancy in your ideology.

We have someone killed here, there is no place for hoax. Do you have any other justifiable line of approach to defend this is not a hate crime ?

Dragon - the police classified the possibility of hate crime after 3 days of the murder. There was evidently some investigation.

This guy was a engineer from india, i know these guys, they are often scared, plus the pressure of being a student in foreign land, they are often told at home to steer away from trouble and thats what he mostly tried to do.

Even if your stats are correct, lets not deny the soul searching for justice that on this one the possibility that this was a hate crime. Someone lost his life, irrespective of black or white or asian, a life is worth living for.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

There are plenty of statistics on white on non-white crime. Unfortunately for the authorities the numbers are so low that they have to keep wheeling out the same tiny number of cases such as Anthony Walker and the one currently going on at the Old Baily.

I did a report comparing the figures a couple of years ago, here is the link

In reality the famous white racist skin head thug who beats up Asian for fun most probably lives in a Unicorn sanctuary near Loch Ness where he takes swimming lessons from Nessy

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I meant to add that all murders are terrible tragedies, and we all feel sympathy for the victim.

However, we can not allow sympathy or the tragic nature of this crime to hide the truth that the authorities treat different victims differently based on the colour of their skin

Anonymous said...

The recent murder of Danny O'Shea by a group of b***k males has been buried by the police and the media and it was immediately reported as a non-hate crime this is proof the police and the media are biased and corrupt.
The recent attack by 4 B***k somali muslim women who shouted anti-white abuse at their victim were not charged with a hate crime the bias of the corrupt media and police is all to evident.

Anonymous said...

Hate crime - what, as opposed to a love crime? You really just have to laugh at this term. As you should laugh at the term "racism". These are Orwellian Marxist thought control weapons whose purpose is to brainwash the indigenous people of the west into meekly accepting their own colonization.

And don't forget, four black Muslims screaming "kill the white slag" whilst kicking her head in is not a hate crime. And I wonder if the black gangsta who stabbed a rival black gangsta to death on Oxford Street this week will also be considered to have committed a "hate crime".

Great Britain = Marxist lunatic asylum.


alanorei said...

The most rigorous set of figures that I know of for interracial homicide is found on the This is Our Land site.

Go to the right hand column and link to document in [8] Ethnicity and The Experience of Crime in England and Wales', Tony Shell, November 2006.

One of Tony Shell's main conclusions, based on a 10-year survey of crime figures, is:

"The white community experiences approximately 30 times more victims of interracial murder than should be expected, when compared to that experienced by the BME*

*Black Minority Ethnic

Looking at MSM data and cases formerly published, with MSM links, by the Green Arrow blogger, from January 2005 to the present (reports seem to have greatly diminished in the last couple of years) and taking the population of the UK as 86%/14% white Briton/non-white resident, including and excluding the 7/7 massacre, my roughly equivalent figures are 41 and 35 respectively.

Though less rigorous than Tony Shell's figures (my figures include accidental deaths e.g. the results of reckless driving), they compare reasonably well with his, I think. They are also independent of Tony Shell's figures in that they apply to a later time period than his study addresses.

It should be added that intraracial killings considerably outnumber the interracial equivalent, so far as I can tell from published Home Office figures.

That said, it's apparent that foreign immigration and multi-culti-ism have served only to make a bad situation disproportionately worse.

Given the current government mindset, the current situation can only get worse.

As King Solomon rightly observed in Proverbs 28:15 "As a roaring lion, and a ranging bear; so is a wicked ruler over the poor people."

Anonymous said...

Hers a good one here folks this will make laugh or choke,
Now you can look at someone in a racist manner well we've already had a white bloke revving his engine in a racist manner.
marxist lunatic asylum is right!!

archiver said...

"Check the local councillors blog"
- Anonymous

F*** the councillors blog!

Try this blog -

... and while you're about it -

You might also want to check here -

Then come back and tell us why we should sit back and ignore it all while you liblabcon creeps spout your perverted poisonous shite at us.

Anonymous said...

Your right though "hate crime" you don't beat the crap out of a passer by because you love them, you don't stab someone in the neck or shoot someone in the head you've never seen before because you love them.
Surely all crimes involving violence are hate crimes, this is just a way for the police to opt out using the term race-hate crime.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I'd bet good money they Daily Mail story about the alleged attack in Exeter, is one of those stories which will suddenly go quiet and then disappear.

archiver said...

"Heres a good one here folks this will make laugh or choke"
- weeping anonymous

So, he swaggers around our country and barges into a group of white men with his kid as a human shield and expects them to cringe and apologise because he's black.

anders23 said...

You're probably right, Sarah, and like the cocky black with his kid, the Salford "victim" was probably swaggering around gobbing off with his limp whitey poodles and thinking he could get away with it.

Anonymous said...

By simply using the term "hate crime" in speech implies one may have already capitulated to their "thought" control mechanism.

"Hate crime" is liberal/leftist/Marxist terminology designed to work one way, and one way ONLY. To wit: Against WHITE people.

That is THEIR language tool cleverly embedded in the English lexicon of ordinary citizens, and only in the most recent of times.

"Hate" is a a preconceived thought, therefore a "thought crime" that should have no bearing in whatever the outcome that follows it.

In the whole of eternity, have you heard of anyone using "love" as an emotive outburst when committing ANY crime against another person?

So, let's stop empowering the "thought police" by not using their ammunition against the free thinkers of this world. Much like the term "political correctness", "hate crime" should be banished to the outer fringes of the English language never to be heard of again.

Anonymous said...

I knew a girl who went to school with Steven Lawrence. She said he was a small time drug dealer. One of the people accused of his murder was later reported to have been the son?/nephew? of a local major drug importer, closely linked to the police. My guess is that a) Stephen Lawrence may have been killed as part of drug turf dispute, and b)the police didn't want to investigate a relative of one of their major drug importers,for obvious reasons, and when the case got out of control took all the stick about 'institutional racism' at the time because they didn't want any light shone on the police's role in the UK's drug supply chain. Aren't our police wonderful? Not a single journalist has ever touched on this story either, so our hacks are world class too. Happy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Looks like BNI has been taken down folks.

Anonymous said...

Its terrible that blacks like that guy in Exeter should suffer racism in the UK. Whoever allowed him to live here bears full responsibility for whatever happens to him and his daughter.

They should be repatriated to a black country asap, we all know evil violent racists white people are are. Anyone who wants black people to live amongst us must be sick in the head.

SalfordRex said...

Been in the Wallness Tavern lately, liberal wibberal councillor Steve Cooke? Or is it the Crescent, where you hang out with McFadden and the gay mafia with their black lover-boys?
I could say more and name more, but enough for now, Stevie dearie and your Anonymous invisible friend.

Anonymous said...

Anuj Bidve on BBC website: 13 stories.

Danny O'Shea on BBC website:3 stories.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

This is the amazing police quote:

However, we are treating this as a hate crime based on the growing perceptions within the community it was motivated by hate.

Perceptions in the community? Wtf is that supposed to mean?

I suspect the perception in the community is that Danny O'Shea's killing was a hate crime - but it isnt because his family have said it isnt.

Laager said...

The phrase "hate-crime" leads to a larger issue; that of going to extraordinary lengths to find politically correct euphemisms to describe the blindingly obvious.

The blog American Rennaisance publishes a broad spectrum of articles from around the world on similar themes that Sarah's does.

Post Xmas there has been considerable mayhem in the USA as the black community has descended on shops and malls to buy retro editions of Michael Jordan's basketball shoes at $180/pair

I compiled this list to confirm how far the journalists go to avoid using the word black when describing a (black) criminal in the incidents that have arisen:

a group
teen men
young males
young adults
ethnic minority
19 year old suspect
men of foreign origin (rapists in Norway)
veteran english teacher (black who stabbed white colleague)
non western appearance (rapists in Norway)
non western background (rapists in Norway)
group of kids who looked out of place

When are whites going to have the backbone to tell it exactly the way it is?

Blacks have no reservations about using their epithets or calling whites white.
So what?
If we are confident in being what we are there is nothing to be concerned about. It appears that it is only the black members of the human race that have this problem.

Sarah, could you create a box on the side of your front page where we can maintain a live list of these on-going absurdities?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

To the commentator whose friend was at school with Stephen Lawrence.

I regret that I am not accepting any comments about that subject whilst the trial of those accused of murdering him is still going on at the Old Bailey.

So I am going to hold back your message for the time being.

I hope you understand.


alanorei said...

The BNP site had reported some very non-pc stuff recently, including an Afghan attacker of vulnerable young women.

That may be related to the current site access problems.

Anonymous said...

Of course. Sorry, I hadn't thought of that.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

No need to apologise, it is a very relevant subject, and there will be a lot to say about it.

alanorei said...

Looks like the BNP site is back up again, seems to have been only a temporary glitch.

There's another informative article there about halal 'enrichment.'

It seems like the foreign invaders can get away with hate crimes against animals.

misterfix said...

Wasn't there a stabbing or something at the January sales last year?
This time the Daily Mail described the victim as a notorious gangster who was in Oxford Street for a shoplifting spree, whereas the Guardian describes him as a big personality who always had a smile on his face.
It seems that the two gangs: the 031 Bloods and the ABM, met in the same shoe shop trying to steal the same trainers. It just goes to show that if you go up to the Boxing Day sales you could find yourself standing by a dangerous armed gangster, which is enough to put me off. The Daily Mail also states that he was on bail for robbery with assault and yet we are told he is a college student. Is he still allowed to attend whilst on bail? I wouldn't be surprised.
When I was a kid my mother used to take me and my brothers to London to see Father Christmas and my impressions at that time was of a sophisticated City. Today it seems more like a scene from the third world. When I look at the pictures of the sales it is hard to spot a white person and you could be anywhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

An insight into the mentality of the new ruling class.

Neha said...

my mind is disturbed, as one of my brother and his family are affected by this kind of brutal acts by uk and western people. and still they are telling we are terrorists.actually they are terrorists and doing terrorist activities

The Dragon said...

Neah, i think your mind is so disturbed that I suggest you go back to bed at once.

Laager said...

@ Neha

I presume that the phrase "western people" actually means: white caucasian celtic britons?

Could you refer us to sources and examples of the "brutal acts" and "terrorists activities" by "western people" that you speak of.

Once we have this information we will be able to track them down, wave our fingers at them and tell them to stop their evil ways.

You will then be able to sleep safely at night

Anonymous said...

Neha altho I sympathise with your situation, why did you come to the UK, could you not get the life you wanted from the country you came from, if not why not.

Could it be that the rights you have in the UK far outstrip the rights in your country of origin.

The more we allow dysfunctional individuals from dysfunctional countries come into the UK, the more the UK will resemble those dysfunctional countries.

The poor of the host nation are the first to experience the dysfunction of the countries the dysfunctional people come from, in turn those poor people of the host nation start adopting the dysfunction of the dysfuntional immigrants.

You cannot build a nation on the dregs that are leaving the other countries.

Its true that the USA was built on immigrants, but the immigrants were of a higher quality and didn't feel entitled.

Andy Cooper said...

Ch Supt Kevin Mulligan, divisional commander for Salford, said:

"We have not established a clear motive for the senseless murder of Anuj and there is no definitive evidence pointing to it being racially-motivated.
"However, we are treating this as a hate crime based on the growing perceptions within the community it was motivated by hate.

So in todays Britain there doesnt need to be any evidance that a racially motivated crime has been committed against a black/Asian all that is needed is for the immigrant community to THINK its race motivated!

Yet a bunch of black scum can attack a white girl shouthing 'white slag' and that isnt a race motivated crime.

The police, the media and the government of this country are scum.

Andy Cooper said...

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I think its only fair for the police to open this line of investigation , because there is not much evident reasoning available on this killing. Plus there is quite a history of salford having hate crime related issues............

But it isnt a 'line of investigation' is it!

The police ARE treating it as a race crime based on the COMMUNITIES PERCEPTION!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Andy Cooper said: - "The police ARE treating it as a race crime based on the COMMUNITIES PERCEPTION!"

This is due to the Stalinist Macpherson report, which dictates that a crime is racially motivated if someone somewhere thinks it might be.

By the same logic, I guess if some nut in the local community suspected that it might have been committed by aliens from outer space Manchester police would have to call in Mulder and Scully! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is due to the Stalinist Macpherson report, which dictates that a crime is racially motivated if someone somewhere thinks it might be.

Owing to Kill the white slag being shouted in the Leicester incident with the four Somalis I perceive it to be racist but the more experienced police do not.

The viewing of racially motivated cases is itself racially motivated.

Anonymous said...

@Andy Cooper:
Do you have a manual of "legal lines of investigation" or a "101 lines of investigation for Dummies". Lines of investigation are simply an approach, it may not be your approach, but it may be an approach for someone else.

@Anon who said "The more we allow dysfunctional individuals from dysfunctional countries come into the UK, the more the UK will resemble those dysfunctional countries"
-- Read some History and learn why these countries are now dysfunctional. Centuries of looting and greed for gold, oil, capitalist greed from the west have left nothing with these countries. Why does the UK accept so many refugees ? Is it the guilt that they owe them something after looting them for so many previous centuries ? Why do they go to india and china and sell your jobs for cheap labour. Why do they stamp fairtrade, when the product is actually manufactured in some shop employing underage kids.
Our forefathers did wrong and left so many dysfunctional states around the world, now its time for us to rectify it and not deny it.

archiver said...

Re: The Saint Stephen verdict:

The Duwayne Brooks file:

All of the following can be verified via google web search.

October 1993 Surrendered voluntarily to Bexleyheath police station, where he was charged under section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act, relating to an
allegation of violent disorder at a British National party march. Eventually the proceedings were stayed on December 13 1994 after the judge ruled an abuse of process. The judge had invited the CPS to discontinue the case
earlier, but it refused to do so.

May 27 1998 Police requested an interview about an allegation of kidnapping at Catford station. He was bailed until July 23 when police announced that they were taking no further action.

July 8 1998 Stopped under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in the City of London. Searched and arrested for possession of a knife and theft of a credit card. Bailed from the police station and when he returned on August 4 was charged with possession of an offensive weapon. The action was
discontinued in September.

July 4 1999 Stopped by police in in his car, which was searched. A
photocopying tool was found (he works as a photocopying engineer). Police alleged it was an offensive weapon and charged him with possession of a bladed article. They also found credit cards and chequebooks in the car and
he was arrested for handling stolen goods. He was bailed to appear before Tower Bridge magistrates. The case was discontinued on August 3.

August 17 1999 Arrested in Peckham, south London, for taking and driving away a car and threatening behaviour. Taken to Peckham police station and bailed until August 6, when police notified him that they were taking no further action.

September 16 1999 Arrested and charged with attempted rape and indecent assault. Originally refused bail by police and court. Finally bailed on September 29 on condition he resided in Birmingham. At his committal hearing on November 5 police announced they had dropped the charge of attempted rape. Yesterday an Old Bailey judge threw out the case as an abuse of

The guilty walk free.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3 January 2012 07:52
said read some history and blah blah blah blah blah..

Your either a troll or a complete moron ..or probably both. You read some history. These countries were left in a better state than the were found. I know it doesn't fit your world view , which was carefully crafted then handed out top unthinking little drones like yourself. But hey keep 'fighting the power' with your shiny little anti-racist badge. You really are special.

What screwed these countries, before we got there and since we left, is the people who lived/live there. The third world is the third world because its full of.... third worlders.

We have no reason to feel guilty. They should be thanking us ( and if your a Caucasian that includes you ) Grow a pair and stop banging the drum for the destruction of the most successful and amazing people in history, the White Race.