Thursday, 8 December 2011

RamzPaul - My Tram Experience - Emma West and Somalia


Anonymous said...

This is powerful stuff and very well explained.

Anonymous said...

Operant Conditioning -

Anonymous said...

Brilliant video, thanks Sarah.

The Marxists know this, they've known it for a very long time. Erich Fromm of the Frankfurt School, a psychologist, wrote in "The Fear of Freedom" that the masses do not form opinions or beliefs from their own free thought. Their opinions and beliefs have been brainwashed into them by those who control the means of production.

The trick to controlling the masses is to make them believe that they have formed beliefs and opinions independently when the reality is completely different. When the elites achieve that, they have the power to control them.

When it comes to multiculturalism, most British people have been brainwashed so completely that they make Pavlovian dogs appear independent thinkers by comparison.


andy said...

But now the cat`s out of the bag,people are rapidly waking up to the reality.
Manipulation can be resisted once you can recognize its happening.
As for Emma West she has far more supporters than the liberal left realize,get them in private and the amount of (white)people who agree with her is amazing.they just dont dare admit to it in public.

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Rusty Mason said...

I'd bet that the vast majority of whites who complain about the results of multiculturalism support it by their purchases and their dependence on big gov and big biz. They are hypocrites of the highest order. Real change will only come from real sacrifice and commitment, of which whites have little to none at all.

Anonymous said...

What provoked Emma West?

This comment is from The Telegraph.
Donna Txx said:

"I was at the court case today and found out that SOMEONE HAD SPAT IN THE TRAM IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO HER KID."

"And what about the lady Nigerian who said the British people were all lazy? And what about the Muslim Somalis that beat up a white girl calling her a "white bitch" and a "white slag"? They got off because anti white racism is ok!
"There was a black male on a tram in Croydon earlier this year who assaulted an elderly white man, he walked FREE.
"Did you know that the SAME Magistrate that took Emma West back into custody hours earlier let a paedophile out on bail?
"The public gallery erupted in FURY when the decision to detain her was read out, the controlled media won't tell you that. "British justice is a travesty,"

Anonymous said...

Send Emma West a Christmas Card since she will be in prison awaiting her fate.

Emma West
C/O HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
TW15 3JZ

Seeing as she will be in prison on Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah!
The cowardice of the justice system, and all their employees, EMPLOYED BY THE BRITISH TAXPAYER!
1. Release Emma West immediately with compensation, and give her back her children. Who gave the employee state the right to kidnap them????
2. Deport the Muslim Ethiopian 'girls' who thought it fine to kick a defenceless girl and utter racial hate speech! If they were drunk, Sharia law shoudl deal with them back home!

Galafrin said...

Brillant and the essence of this new myth that unlimited immigration is in the interest of the natives.

Never lose the fact that the media are the sole transmitter between the elected ones and the voters. The purpose of conditioning is only to direct votes toward a specified direction, look no further.

Anonymous said...

No let up

Dave said...

What I liked about it was that it's very simple and very quick to understand. Which is the best way when trying to get an important message across (esp to the lost and brainwashed masses). Seriously, how can fear of one word cause so much mayhem in the world. And one public outburst be deserving of so much hate and such draconian measures while the real criminals -often the 'offended ethnics' -are seemingly given carte blanche to do exactly what they like to whom they like just as long as their chosen victims are white and British. And funnily enough, lately, our women.

Neighbours at war over golliwog: Gran on race hate charge in ...

Our leaders are truly sick.

Celtic Warrior said...

Dave said...
"Our leaders are truly sick."

It's not the leaders who are truly sick, it's the people who vote them in.

Anonymous said...

'When it comes to multiculturalism, most British people have been brainwashed so completely that they make Pavlovian dogs appear independent thinkers by comparison.'

I spoke to woman on the train who worked as a diversity officer. I asked what the benefits of diversity were, She couldn't give me an answer but still insisted that diversity was 'good'.

Peter Jennings said...

Welcome to Africa. It will happen sooner than you think. Are you sure Peter Hain isn't still active & strutting his stuff, after all he was the main instigator in South Africa and then left us with something you can look forward to. Best of luck Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

The Thomas Bruso story as it certainly did not happen.

Anonymous said...

Very true,in Britain they start brain washing children-the BBC is one brain washing tool.All children`s programs are mostly hosted by non Whites.I saw a kiddies show about Henry VIII with Black actors in it.

The day after the race riots in London,they put a Black dressed as a policeman in front of no.10.

The way they push this multi racism/culturism down peoples throat,makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Who or what is behind this brain washing.most crimes have a motivation greed envy revenge retaliation who could posibley have these motives and the power and brains to carry out such an atack on white nations. Who would gain from the genocide of the white race.let me think who has a reason to hate white nations maybe someone that's been thrown out of every white nation threw out history. Someone protrayed as a greedy souless weasle in plays and storys someone that knows the power of guilt.nope not a clue.