Friday, 2 December 2011

Letter to the Home Secretary regarding Emma West

From: Dr Frank Ellis
To: Theresa May, Home Secretary
Re: The Arrest of Miss Emma West
Date: 2nd December 2011

Dear Home Secretary

I am writing to you to protest the outrageous arrest of Miss Emma West on a charge of allegedly racially abusing Poles and various non-white immigrants. I have to say that I found the video very distressing. It was yet another reminder of the kind of changes that immigrants have inflicted on England. To live in the south-east of England, to have to endure day in and day out the unwelcome presence of millions of non-white immigrants must eventually exact its toll on a member of the white indigenous population. Close and unavoidable contact with blacks is psychologically stressful, culturally repellent, disorientating and often very dangerous. There are no advantages whatsoever, just problems.

There comes a time when a person just cannot take any more. Every day on the BBC and the other monopoly stream media people are told that diversity is a wonderful gift; that immigrants enrich us and so on, ad nauseam. The reality is somewhat different. Immigration is destroying our country and in the process people like Emma West and millions of other white people are being racially, culturally and physically dispossessed and turned into a cowed minority in their own country. Emma West had enough: she speaks for millions of white people.

I cannot see anything in the video that would justify her being arrested. I conclude therefore that the arrest of Emma West was motivated by political expediency and maliciousness. The aim of her arrest was to cow other whites into silence so that they will not speak out against what is happening to England.

Jeremy Hardy (BBC) demands that people who voted for the BNP be executed; Cameron incites hatred and violence towards Nick Griffin MEP by publicly referring to him as ‘a ghastly piece of filth’ and Clarkson says that public sector workers should be executed in front of their families. Clarkson was only being ‘silly’. Is that what Cameron said? And what happens when a young mother speaks for England? You send the useless police, the same cowards who were too frightened to deal with black immigrant rioters in August, to arrest her. Meanwhile the immigrants keep swarming into England, pushing us aside, mocking us and living off the wealth of another nation. And if an Englishwoman protests in language that might be inappropriate in a university seminar (unless you are black and from the hood of course) but summarises the problem in brutally plain English, she is treated as if she is a monster.

Emma West has a son. Her son has been stolen from her. If he suffers any harm from paedophiles, perverts, blacks who hate whites, immigrant doctors who can just about walk and talk - not necessarily decent English - at the same time, you will be responsible. Emma West must be released immediately, reunited with her family and left in peace. Then you can give the order to expel the immigrants. I want my England, my Motherland back. Get on with it.

Frank Ellis


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

If I was allowed to vote in ol Pomme England; Id say:


Well said Mr. Ellis!! Well Said.

I think the arrest actually demonstrates how petrified the establishment are of views like those of Ms. West. If they were not afraid of her views, they would simply laugh it off; but as you say they need to make an example of her. In the short term it may succeed by scaring the cowards, but in the long term those cowards are prey for the darkies, and they too shall reach the point of no return; where they simply -- like Ms. West -- have fuck all left to loose. Then there shall be nothing that can scare them anymore!

misterfox said...

There are 3 tram rants doing the rounds. The last 2 are old ones but only just released. The second on a London to Manchester train is 2 years old and the 3rd was recorded last June. I'm beginning to wonder if we are being set up for political oppression of "racism" or "far-right" movements.

misterfox said...

I see This is London is attacking Paul Golding for defending Emmma. The same out of date terms "hate" etc. They really have nothing to say just quaint, old cliches.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Dr Ellis and thank you, Sarah

Interesting comment from Simon Darby that supports Dr Ellis' letter:

"Going back to the original Tram Experience video, the thing that really strikes me is the number of white people who feel compelled to apologise. Funny how actual physical and brutal attacks by non-whites on whites are never accompanied by apologies from the offending community isn't it."

The contrast of the Emma West case with that of Charlene Downes should not be forgotten.

If Emma West is acquitted of the changes against her, which it is hoped will be the case, it is doubtful that she will receive any compensation at all, let alone £250,000.

"A false balance is abomination to the LORD" Proverbs 11:1a.

Anyone responsible for law enforcement in this country should take careful note.

misterfox said...

I hear that Emma West was stitched up.

The person who loaded that video, MANSMINDvsWOMEN is also the character who made the earlier version, My Experience on the Tube.

She looks straight at the one holding the Cam-Phone and says "Don't wind me up".

He is also the one who produced Racist woman on a train, My experience on the street... all women provoked to make racist comments.

He has targetted vulnerable single women, and baited them.

"I talked to him on his Youtube site, and he said: "If you don't play nicely, someone will hack into your computer and find out where you live".

Anonymous said...

I had to to be said Frank - thank goodness it was you, sir.

There was a nationalist presence at HMP Bronzefield today, my hope is Emma got to hear about it.

The uniformed plod were repugnant - you can imagine if they were armed how they would enjoy shooting a few English folk. By all accounts he undercover plod looked thoroughly nasty as well.


alanorei said...

I've no doubt we are, Mr Fox

Our elected oppressors may however have shot themselves in the foot in that they may have miscalculated what could happen once the genie is out of the bottle, to use a secular illustration.

Anonymous said...

Death to the Liblabcon government of occupation.

They are fucking traitors one and all and they have it coming to them.

If anything happens to that kid or her son they will be avenged thousandfold.

Anonymous said...

As I just posted to MajorityRights:

"We compared how evaluations by out-group members and evaluations by in-group members affected participants’ stress responses—their neuroendocrine reactivity, cognitive appraisals, and observed anxiety—and how participants’ implicit racial bias moderated these responses. Specifically, White participants completed measures of racial bias prior to the experiment. During the experiment, participants performed speech and serial subtraction tasks in front of White or Black interviewers. Several saliva samples were obtained, and they were assayed for catabolic (“breaking down”) and anabolic (“building up”) hormones. Interviewers’ race and participants’ racial bias interacted in predicting stress responses. When interviewers were Black, lower racial bias was linked with more salutary stress responses: lower threat appraisals, less anxiety, and increased levels of anabolic hormones. When interviewers were White, no effect was found for threat appraisals or anabolic hormones, and the reverse effect was observed for anxiety. Egalitarianism may have physical and psychological benefits for people living in a diverse society."

It does seem to show that those individuals of non-egalitarian instincts (80% of the population?) find interaction with other races stressful. Multiply that by the extremes that a Croydon tram and Croydon life now involves and one can make a strong defensive case to average members of the public regarding Emma West’s outspoken outburst as well as the psychological costs of living in a multi racial society.


Sue said...

I'm furious at her arrest quite honestly. Many of us who have been literally driven from our homes to make way for immigrants feel exactly the same way!

My family are East Londoners and my home is gone. It's been invaded and I'm so bitter about it, Emma West could quite easily have been me!

Anonymous said...

Bravo. As an American of English descent, it saddens me to see Great Britain laid low by despots who think themselves above the people. While in America politicians are finally being forced to realize any calls for amnesty of illegals on their part will lead to their constituencies swiftly voting them from office come next election, British politicians seem able to act with total freedom in regards to what irresponsible policies and actions they may embrace. Just the other day I was at the National Geographic in Washington where I saw the Staffordshire horde. It has made me wonder since- will the 1500 years of English history ultimately be consigned to the dustbin, or will the British be an eternal nation like the Chinese? Only the actions of brave Englishmen, Scotsmen, Welshmen and Northern Irishmen will tell whether Britain has a future. Take back your country. Take back the land of our ancestors.

Anonymous said...

My Tram Experience in France

Anonymous said...

Ignorant insensitive morons one and all. Nationalists equal nazis.

Anonymous said...

Excellent letter! The traitorous political "elite" must be brought to a cleansing justice that will align their actions with the right and meet reactions of the racially conscious Briton. It's too bad your no longer armed....

dave said...

Lol, you're a brave man. But like you say, this is the hidden objective: to cow people into policing their minds and tongues. Well, we wont. I've long ago said on other forums we must be prepared for anything in our struggle even prison. And when we get there do not participate or cooperate. I think we might even need to have a little Ghandi moment or two. That is passive resistance. They cant lock us all up. And to think at one time I would correct young people who would refer to the police as The Filth. But that is what they are. Filth.

Anonymous said...

You went into our countries, reaped us off our minerals, enslaved our ancestors and now that we've come back demanding for our stolen treasures - through odd jobs and benefits - some of you stupid nutheaded racist, dressed in puke odour - are discriminating and humiliating us on a adaily basis. Asking us to go home. Don't think your humiliations will let us faulter neither scrumble, because wide into the labyrinth of our past
your forefathers unleashed pain on us and after years of tormoil and stoicism you can no longer stand our pride.
So you just cant stand your conscience but condemn me. Long live the BLACK MAN

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Dear Mr. Black Man,

If you really are a black man; may I suggest you use the mind God gave you to research some history; before you continue to embarrass yourself, only proving to everyone you meet how moronically stupid you are, and hence justifying their sense of superiority towards yourself.

I say so, on behalf of the black men who have pulled themselves up by their boot straps and are proud honourable black men, of whom there are very very few, but I am lucky to have met one, and so I know it is possible for you to stop being a moron imbecile, if you really want to.

Give up your sorry poor me victim story about how Europeans are the source of your problems. Long before any white man set sight on africa, your forefathers were breeding you and selling you as cattle to the Muslims for slaves. The Muslim slave trade occurred for over 1,000 years, before any whitey cracker ever saw any of your ancestors.

According to, Dr. John Alebeleah Azumah, in his book The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa

Slavery was not created by the white races, because it has existed throughout human history and has been practiced by every tribe, civilisation and culture, racial group and religion.

A comparison of the Islamic Slave Trade to the American Slave Trade reveals some extremely interesting contrasts. While two out of every three slaves shipped across the Atlantic were men; the proportions were reversed in the Islamic Slave Trade. Two women for every man were enslaved by the Muslims. While the mortality rate of slaves being transported across the Atlantic was as high as 10%, the percentage of slaves dying in transit in the Trans Sahara and East African Slave Trade Market was a staggering 80 to 90%. While almost all the slaves shipped across the Atlantic were for agricultural work; most of the slaves destined for the Muslim Middle East were for sexual exploitation, as concubines, in harreems and for military service. While many children were born to the slaves in the Americas, the millions of their descendants are citizens in Brazil and the United States today; very few of the slaves that ended up in the Muslim Middle East survived. While most slaves who went to the Americas could marry and have families; most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women, were killed at birth.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Dear Mr. Black Man (pt.2)

I don't disagree that evil whitey (mostly Ashkenazi Jews, not even whites -- god knows you probably ain't got the faintest clue what an Ashkenazi jew is, cause they have brainwashed your few braincells) have taken some of the third worlds resources, and yet, they also brought much to the third world. Prior to their arrival the natives were slaughtering and ensavling each other to great glee; whiteys attempted to introduce them to the rule of law.

The truth about the matter is that Peak Oil is a reality: in the next 50 years there is going to be a planetary decrease of population by at least 4 billion.

It is better for all races to be amongst their own in times of great strife and scarcity, which is what the future is going to be like with 10% oil depletion per year. The worst places for violence are going to be multiculti cities; where the violence will be horrific.

If you want to stay in Europe, by all means do; but don't say that you were not warned, about what the future holds. White Europeans are a tolerant bunch, but you Africans and Muslims are pushing their buttons, and unfortunately when the reaction comes, it shall probably be in the form of another Weihmar: then you will be stuck on a trainwagon headed for an oven; where your bodyfat will be used to make electricty. Whitey's will have had enough of crackers like you; and they shall have warned you, with polite requests to PLEASE GO HOME.


Please don't give me any shit about 'racist'. I was married to a black man, an honourable black man, and I have been to prison on behalf ofthe rights of black folks. So once you tell me your efforts on behalf of justice for white folks, we shall be on the same credibility level. Till then I suggest you open your ears and listen to some good advice, I have given you.

andy said...

Hey Blackman,fuck you,I`ve never been to africa in my life and you`ve never been a slave so stop the whole slavery bullshit,And no way will you ever convince me that I need to somehow "pay" for something I had no hand in.
The simple truth is that africa,if properly managed could and would be the richest and most abundant continent on earth but for the fact that blacks are just too fucking stupid to sort their shit out.

The Uhuru Guru said...

@ Sarah and Dr Ellis: Thanks for posting and writing this excellent response.

@ Angela Murrrteyn:

Being a bit liberal with the truth are we? I thought you were a "Radical Honesty proponent?

Perhaps you should come clean and tell these good folks you were an activist and writer for "Race Traitor" organisation under your real name Lara Johnstone.

And that the "honourable" black man you married was actually a convicted negro criminal who cold-bloodedly executed a White taxi driver and father of three kids, and that the only reason you married him was because you're a jailbird groupie who gets a rise from murderers, just like your obsession with Timothy McVeigh.

Oh, and the only reason you were locked up in psych ward was because you called a SA politician a "f*cking kaffir bitch" because she wasn't rolling out AIDS drugs to your beloved noble savages quick enough.

Go away Lala, this excellent blog should not be defiled with comments from paid ANC regime bloggers sent to infiltrate the White Right in SA, or here in the UK for that matter.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

@Uhuru Guru

I am a member of Radical Honesty.

Re: Race Traitor Magazine

That is very very public knowledge, made public by me. Nothing I am ashamed of. It is stated as follows in various legal documents:

"First Amicus supports the maxim of the non-violent anti-slavery publication the North Starh, whose Republican editor, Frederick Douglass was fond of saying: “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.” As a rule-of-law political activist, she endorses the rule-of-law for all, rich, poor, white, black, left and right, religious or atheist. She filed her submission to the TRC on 18 January 1999, wherein she detailed her willingness to donate her entire inheritance to facilitate sincere Truth and Forgiveness. She is separated (filed for divorce) from Demian Emile Johnson, who is, and has been, incarcerated in California Dept. of Corrections, for the entire duration of their marriage . In addition to Radical Honesty she has been involved in non-violent civil disobedience actions on behalf of her former husband, Greenpeace, Amnesty Int’l, Pacific Inst. for Criminal Justice, Jericho 98, Crack the CIA, The Disclosure Project, New Abolitionist[22], Justice for Timothy McVeigh[23], Alliance for Democracy, Boycott 2010 World Cup, Right of Return for African White Refugees, et al."

[22] New Abolitionist: Race Traitor: Zero Tolerance
[23] April 2001: New Abolitionist: Race Traitor: Tim McVeigh and Me

It can be found in the following legal documents online:

[1] Concourt: CCT 23-10: Citizen v. McBride: Amicus Curiae on behalf of Radical Honesty Population Policy Common Sense Interpretation of the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act, 34 of 1995 (PDF)(WR)

[2] Bloemfontein Magistrates Court: Amicus Curiae on behalf of Reits Four for Order to inform accused and plaintiffs of their constitutional rights to invoking cultural law in S. 15 (3), 30, 31, and 185, and if not their Criminal Procedure Act, 51 of 1977: S. 105A. Plea and sentence agreements: (9)(d). rights (WR)

[3] Concourt: CCT 06-11: Radical Honesty v. SANEF & 87 Others: Application for a [I] writ of Habeus Mentem and [II] writ of Certiorari/Review. (PDF) (WR)

[4] UK: City of Westminsters Magistrates Court: RSA v. Dewani: Application in Support of Dewani being prosecuted in UK. (PDF)(WR)

[5] S. Gauteng High Court: Case: 07-2010 EQ JHB: Afriforum v. Malema: Amicus Curiae: Heads of Argument of Lara Johnstone, Radical Honesty Culture; ‘Boer/Settler’ descendant of Dutch, French Huguenot and British ‘Settlers’: Hermanus Bosman, Andreus Lutgerus Kolver; Jacques de Villiers and James Augustus Johnstone; In Support of ‘Political Necessity French Riddle of the Kaffir Lily Pond’ Application of the Radical Honesty Population Policy Common Sense Interpretation of ANC’s ‘TRC Social Contract Fraud’; Recommendation to Constitutional Court to Resolve ‘Kill Boer/Settler Hate Speech’ Descartian v. Ubuntu Conformist Cultural Friction by Implementing: (A) 23 April 1994 Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination to provide Boers with a ‘Kaffir’ Free Speech Volkstaat; and/or (B) Jus Sanguinis Repatriation of ‘Settlers’ to European Progenitor Nations. (PDF) (WR)

[6] Int Criminal Court, the Hague (ICC): Communication and Complaint under Art.15 of the Rome Statute: Charges of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, in terms of Art 5(1)(a) & (b), 6(c) and 7(1)(h) of the Rome Statute. (PDF) (WR)

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

And that the "honourable" black man you married was actually a convicted negro criminal who cold-bloodedly executed a White taxi driver and father of three kids, and that the only reason you married him was because you're a jailbird groupie who gets a rise from murderers, just like your obsession with Timothy McVeigh.

It has never been any secret that the man I was married to was convicted of felony murder for a crime he did not commit, but was present at when it occurred. Demian attempted to take personal responsibility for the crime, because he had been the oldest and he felt responsible. The white policeman who arrested him, however testified that Demian was not responsible, but was attempting to take responsibility for a crime he did not personally commit, because he was not the person with the gun, who got into a scuffle with the cab-driver. I married Demian because I admired his immense courage. I did not admire him for his criminal act, and that was made very clear by me in actions which I was involved in between Demian and the murdered gentleman's family. For him to contact them and provide them with the opportunity to resolve their anger towards him, should the wish to do so.

I did admire Timothy McVeigh for his courage: I think a man who has the courage to declare war on the largest goverment on the planet; is one hell of a brave man! To then take responsibility for his crime, and to stand tall while being crucified by a goverment taht did not have the balls to give him a free and fair trial, is one fucking brave man. If there is something that inspires the hell out of me: it is a brave and honourable man: who stands his ground, and refuses to be some gossipping backstabbing gutless coward paying taxes, while whining on the internet about the niggers this, or jews that, or the spics that, and on and on; but saying 'enough is enough' and its time for him to follow the Declaration of Independence and declare war on a goverment that is guilty of a long train of abuses, as it is every Constitutional American's duty to do, when their goverment becomes a tyranny. He said: says THIS IS WHO THE FUCK I AM, I WON'T PRETEND TO BE ANYONE ELSE. Every time I think of it: I THINK, HOLY FUCK: NOW THAT IS A MAN WORTH FIGHTING FOR AS A WOMAN. Since I ain't no gutless coward woman; I do whatever I can to support the men on this planet whom I consider to be honourable and courageous standing up to tyrannical goverments. I have no problem with you not having the same obsession for Timothy McVeigh's bravery and courage.

You are welcome to your obsessions.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Oh, and the only reason you were locked up in psych ward was because you called a SA politician a "f*cking kaffir bitch" because she wasn't rolling out AIDS drugs to your beloved noble savages quick enough.

I was locked up in a psych ward in 2002; because the Prosecutor and Magistrate did not want the 20,000 US goverment documents documenting how AIDS had been manmade as a biological depopulation virus for predominantly blacks and promiscuous whites to be submitted into the court record in my George Airport Political Necessity Bomb Threat Trial. The Magistrate and Prosecutor were terrified of the trial proceeding and attempted to have me certified as insane; because the psychologist said that white farmers daughters should not be activists, but should be barefoot and pregnant on a farm in the Cape. A USMC Official from the US Embassy -- Sgt. Hubbard -- contacted the Psych Ward to enquire why they were attempting to have me certified, and the SA goverment dropped their attempts to have me certified.

In 2007 Mrs Patricia de Lille attempted to have me certified, because she was petrified of Africans finding out about how she endorsed and supported the cover-up of the Manmade Origins of AIDS documentation. The court did attempt to have me certiified, but I was never sent for psychological observation, because the Forensic Psychologist could not provide me with evidence that I had been legally arrested; and so refused to sign the papers for me to be sent to observation.

It had noting to do with Mrs. de Lille rolling out AIDS drugs, but with her refusing to support the disclosure of the information that AIDS had been created as a laboratory black depopualtion virus. Mrs. de Lille and the various AIDS non-profits do not want the information disclosed for fear of losing their AIDS funding, if the root causes of the AIDS issue are disclosed and addressed.

As a matter of honour I consider it honourable, that if you believe any group of people, blacks, Muslims, whites or whomever are breeding too prolificially, then you honourably notify them, that should they refuse to control their population, measures shall be taken to correct the overpopulation.

I believe that problems can only be solved by addressing the root causes. Other people hate niggers and blacks or muslims or whites or jews or goyim so much, that they just see red and want them annihilated and could not care about things like honour, or just war doctrine. If that works for them, thats fine. I prefer to solve problems by addressing the root causes. If my bath is overflowing, I first turn off the tap, and then mop up the floor. If all I did was focus on mopping up the floor and left the tap to run endlessly (the root of the problem), I'd never stop with mopping.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Go away Lala, this excellent blog should not be defiled with comments from paid ANC regime bloggers sent to infiltrate the White Right in SA, or here in the UK for that matter.

If Sarah does not want me to comment on her blog; she is welcome to say so. I shall not be offended and shall honour and respect her request.

So on the one hand I am being imprisoned by the ANC regime in order to shut me up! Twice goverment officials have attempted to have me certified as insane; and twice I have been sent to prison (once for a month and the other time for a year). Yet you insist I am a paid ANC blogger. Thats news. I have never received any payment from any ANC official, but if you know of such payment let me know so I can claim it. Where can I find this evidence? Whom should I contact at the ANC to find out where my money is? I know nothing of this: who are your sources? Please divulge the evidence for this very interesting allegation.

I have never claimed to be a member of the White Right, nor attempted to join any White Right organisations. I have always informed any right wing organisation that I may have discussed any issue with, that I am a member of Radical Honesty, and that my support for the rule of law, includes everyone. I stand up for the rule of law for everyone, and that includes right wing. My support for the rule of law is not only for those I agree with or those I like.

The only right wing organisation I am associated with is the VVK, as a registered voter. I am not a member of the VVK or any other right wing organisation. I have no idea how I am supposed to infiltrate right wing organisations if I intentionally and deliberately avoid joining them, even if they have invited me to do so. I have made it clear I am not a member of the right wing. I am a member of Radical Honesty.

Excerpt from: 2010-07-30: Complaint to Press Ombudsman: City Press: Khadija Bradlow: Rightwing group tries to scupper Reitz trial:

Radical Honesty is NOT a ‘right wing’ group. A Jew who speaks up and requests justice for a Christian, is not a Christian. A member of the DA who speaks up on behalf of justice for an IFP member is not a member of the IFP. In a country that practice mobjustice people only speak up for their own group. When any group speaks up for justice for members of another group – they are speaking up for CONSTITUTIONAL JUSTICE; I.E. THE RULE OF LAW. Radical Honesty supports the RULE OF LAW for EVERYONE, irrespective of whether we agree with them or not, they deserve to be found guilty by the rule of law, not the media. (para 12)

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Andrea Muhrrteyn

After much thought I will allow your messages through on account of the fact I should not have allowed Uhuru Guru's message to you through in the first place.

In view of the number of messages you have submitted, I will allow Uhuru Guru one reply. After which I would be grateful if both of you would take this argument elsewhere.

I would like to apologise to Frank Ellis for allowing this squabble to appear below his excellent letter


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

No problem Sarah. UG is welcome to submit any allegations he has against me to me in an email or a comment on my blog, and I shall happily answer each allegation point by point, so as to resolve the matter.

I have no problem if you wish to delete the stuff from this post of Dr. Ellis, and to address UG's complaints in an alternative public forum, either as offered or as per any suggestion by him.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

The Uhuru Guru said...

Sarah thank you for your even-handedness. I had no inkling my off-topic comment would unleash a tsunami of mindlessly obfuscating spam.

Be assured, the last thing I'd want to do is defile your fine blog, or Dr Ellis' brilliant response by engaging this vile Mata Hari so forgive my indulgence.

As the final response you've graciously acquiesced to, let me say that I detest phonies and infiltrators, especially those who call cold-blooded murderers "honourable men" without even blushing.

Lara Johnstone, AKA Lara Johnson, AKA Angela Muhrrtyn, AKA JMC Swan, AKA Lara Braveheart etc. etc. is a member of and correspondent to a viciously racist, anti-White organisation shamelessly called "Race Traitor" - which dovetails with another outfit called the "New Abolitionist" (a revived anti-slavery mob who persists in defaming Whites as slave owners).

Their mission statement says inter alia:

1) The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race (snip) 2) RACE TRAITOR aims to serve as an intellectual center for those seeking to abolish the white race.

Don't take my word for it, read for yourself at

As for the rest of these bizarre, outrageous contradictions, please see (Marriage to lifer convict) and which is a sample of one of Ms Johnson's White-hating 'Race Traitor' rants.

The rather versatile and multi-faceted Ms Johnson (a White South African national like me) is a paid police informant AND full time worm farmer (you can't make this stuff up!). Now in her late 40's or early 50's she lives with her parents in George, Western Cape.

As part of a plea bargain with the white-hating ANC regime during 2007/8 (she ws sentenced to a year imprisonment but served two months, most of it in psychiatric observation wards) she agreed to infiltrate the increasingly vocal SA blogosphere and initiate several false flag blogs, all designed to 1) detract from legitimate pro-White blogs and 2) to befriend and gain the real identities of various anti SA govt bloggers.

If her fascinating Race Traitor pedigree doesn't already set off alarm bells, this might: Immediately subsequent to my illegal arrest, detention and confiscation of computer equipment in 2009 (aimed at shutting down SA Sucks) Ms Johnson hastily set about creating several defamatory blogs designed to impugn the integrity of SAS bloggers.

As seen from Ms Johnson's voliminous postings, she obsessively attempts to ingratiate herself with a wide spectrum of characters, ranging from Oklahoma bomber Tim McVeigh, murder accused Shrien Dewani, all the way to mass murderer Anders Breyvik. The common denominator seems almost without fail to be murder or mass murder.

This sick, twisted phenomenon is known as hybristophilia - for more info, click this link

Johnson is a free agent and an asset not only to SA intelligence agencies, but also to other Western NGO's like UAF, whose kow-towing to people like the UK's Trevor Philips make her an invaluable ally in their ultimate goal of enforcing multi-cultural hell and white genocide.

Her regular trolling on blogs like this compels me to cry "caveat lector". Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to get this warning out.

Anonymous said...

Listen up WHITE Brits. Every person on this planet knows you are the MASTER race. Stuff the PC/operant cliches...GET UNSPELLBOUND: Repeat after me. 'THE BRITISH ARE THE MASTER RACE. THE MOST BENIGN AND BENEVOLENT, THE MORAL LEADERS OF THE WORLD.'THEY have awesome accents, beautiful villages and towns and show courage in the face of adversity. Now recently you got waylaid by ugly, Marxist Demons who pushed, drugs, alcohol and processed toxic foods onto your gorgeous English roses and gentlemen. Your children have been brainwashed by evil movie, pornography and music industries. From infancy they have been dumped into the filthy puddles of sexual degradation..cunningly disguised as 'sexual experimentation'..weasel words for perversion, dragged into offensive wars, brainwashed into not respecting Patriarchy and male providence and protection, marginalised in housing, education, employment and health care that YOU and your ancestors paid for. But which is now handed over to mainly ungrateful, resentful, jealous, often illiterate, Third World immigrants as Marxist communists in the government pursue unfettered immigration regardless of your begging them to stop. They DO NOT represent you. They want White genocide. They do not want you to be a MASTER RACE. THEY want you to be a SLAVE Caste...or dead! Stand up to these Devils. Release your chains. Ally yourself to a FREEDOM FIGHTER Party.Get pompous. Get arrogant. Get irritable. Get REAL. Your heart and EMOTIONS should guide you..NOT spellbinding mantras like 'waycyst..paycyst..laysist faaasist.fasiisst..NARRSee heyt crym..homofoebick..islamophobick DIEverse-titty, mouldykoaltralism!'