Saturday, 17 December 2011

Michael Coren with Peter Brimelow (VDare): immigration

Hat tip: Mister Fox


Anonymous said...

Its so true and we just stand and let it happen , what a disgrace we are to our forefathers and all they fought for . And if we react in any way contrary to the politicians we are jailed here in Europe , if not in Australia and New Zealand et al . South Africa has about 8 million immigrants in 5 years and even our local racist tribes want to kill them for upsetting the social and economic balance.

Andy Cooper said...

For years we anti immigrationists have been shouted down as racists and nazis.
But slowly as immigration is seen to be destroying our economy, our culture and our identity then people are becoming more in tune with us.
Politicians can sweep it under the carpet and crimminalise us but eventually the bubble will burst and the backlash will be all the more worse for the immigrants.

Athling said...

For the first time in recorded history a major indigenous population, those of European descent, are voluntarily becoming a minority in their own homelands, rather than through war, famine, or disease.

No other people on earth have done this. The enormity of the tragedy is beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

This is what our 'establishment' allows/facilitates into the country to live with us.

When our people lived out there in Rhodesia we were vilified not just by the post independence local press as "settlers" oppressing the indigenous we were called the same by the MSM here?!?

The root cause of our people's ills lies solely at number 10 and its associated infestation of parasites and maggots within the walls of Westminster and Brussels.

Border_Reiver said...

An interesting point was raised as to the fact that immigration is happening only to the "west". reciprocity is not a word that is known outside the "western" nations. As Mark Steyn memorably quoted "multiculturalism is a monocultural phenonomen"