Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas


Mike Smith said...

Merry Christmas Sarah.

yorkshirebob said...

Merry xmas,sarah.

yorkshirebob said...

My wife has been hearing a male voice choir singing Silent Night in her head for the last two days.It went away yesterday and now it's come back again as she cooks the turkey. It's a weird one that i've never heard of. She was overcome with your 'christmas carol' which she says was beautiful. Makes it all that more weird.

Edda said...

So beautiful, Sarah.



Sarah, that was beautiful, thank you.

And I always look forward to your Christmas picture, I assume it's you in the decorated hall and the gold dress. Very classy and appropriate.


alanorei said...

A bit belated but I trust that you and your family have an enjoyable Christmas, Sarah.

Thank you for all your posting efforts this year. No doubt like you and other commentators, I trust that 2012 will be a good year for all who genuinely love this country and aspire to see it delivered from the multi-mix morass it is mired in at present.

Genuine Britons and their allies and supporters have for too long experienced the truth of Psalm 123:4:

"Our soul is exceedingly filled with the scorning of those that are at ease, and with the contempt of the proud."

Augustinian said...

And a Happy CHRISTmas to you and yours, Sarah, from a 'friend' over here in the once and future CSA.

VA said...

Merry Christmas, Sarah.
And I wish your readers the same.

Anonymous said...

I wish all a white Christmas, a very white Christmas to all.

yorkshirebob said...

The miners dream of home.

1.It is ten weary years since I left Englands shore
In a far distant country to roam
How I long to return to my own native land
To my friends and the old folks at home
Last night as I slumbered I had a strange dream
One that seemed to bring distant friends near
I dreamt of old England the land of my birth
To the heart of her sons ever dear

CHORUS.I saw the old homestead and faces I love
I saw Englands valleys and dells
I listened with joy as i did when a boy
To the sound of the old village bells
The log was burning brightly
Twas a night that should banish all sin
For the bells were ringing the old year out
And the new year in.

2.While the joyous bells rang swift I wended my way
To the cot where i'd lived when a boy
And I looked in the window--Yes! there by the fire
Sat my parents!- my heart filled with joy
The tears trickled fast down my bronze furrowed cheek
As I gazed on my mother so dear
I knew in my heart she was raising a prayer
For the boy whom she dreamt not was near.

3.At the door of the cottage we met face to face
Twas the first time for ten weary years
Soon the past was forgotten we stood hand in hand
Father, mother and wand'rer in tears
Once more in the fireplace the oak log burns bright
As I promised no more would I roam
As I sat in the old vacant chair by the hearth
And I sang the dear song 'Home sweet home'

Anonymous said...

Under 48 hours until the show trial.

Will the press go ballistic if the "right and correct in all lunacy" result is delivered?