Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Justice Blind, Brainwashed and Bigoted

So the first of the current batch of show trials has achieved the outcome which our totalitarian rulers desired and for which they abandoned centuries old protections in order to achieve.  There are at least two more show trials to come, we can expect similar outcomes. 

There was, of course, never a chance that the men convicted at the Old Bailey today of the most exploited murder in recent British history, could ever get a fair trial and that was what the state depended on when they brought this case.

It is clear that enough people in this country are sufficiently brainwashed that juries can no longer be trusted to care about evidence, or, as in this case the a total lack of any reliable evidence, but will now convict on the basis of political correctness alone.

Where are the so called human rights lawyers, who would have been crawling all over such a patently unfair trial had the demographics been otherwise?  Clearly it is not human right which interest them it is selective rights

If you support this verdict, and many will, you are a supporter of a vicious dictatorship, which may one day come looking for you, and don't forget it has changed the law to ensure that it can do so again and again and again.  

Note: As the trial has reached its inevitable conclusion I will now accept comments on this subject


F***W*T TW****R said...

Check out orphans 4 liberty blog re disposable double jeopardy.

Urban Commando said...

Abolition of the double jeopardy rule opened the way for a showtrial. The brainwashing of our indigenous peoples ensured their ringing endorsements of the guilty verdicts.

The media coverage of the trial is an object lesson in the use of 'psychopolitics'. Lavrenti Beria coined the phrase, and his methodology has subverted this country without firing a shot.


Anonymous said...

The nark file -

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks F****

Here is a direct link to the article you mention:


alanorei said...

US commentators may be able to elaborate but I believe that Bernard Goetz was tried 5 times for the same offence, of defending himself with a firearm against 5 blacks who attacked him on the NY subway.

They were carrying sharpened screwdrivers because carrying a knife was illegal, apparently. This I seem to recall helped their defence.

andy said...

So,given the relentless pursuit of justice shown by the police in the stephen lawrence case we can expect the police to show such dogged determination in getting justice for Charlene Downs? or Gavin Hopley? or any of the white victims of race hate crimes?

No? no,didnt think so.

Dobson and Norris may well have been guilty of this crime but they were convicted before they even set foot in that courtroom.

john darcy said...

There really is no racism shown towards us whites, as blacks have no real political or economic power they cannot be racist. If anyone believes this, then they are certifiable.

Anonymous said...

Another outrage was the wife of prosecuting barrister Michael Mansfield made a television programme about the murder. There was no pretence of even-handedness. I'll repeat that: the wife of the prosecuting barrister made a TV programme about the case!


alanorei said...

This is OT but some indication of innate racism (aka good sense, as will be shown) is found w.r.t. none other than Cheryl Tweedy-Cole.

I saw recently that she has acquired a new male, her agent, who is non-white.

This suggests to me that she's been on the relationship 'dark side' for so long that even in the liberal world of the entertainment establishment, no white male wants to touch her.

If so, it gives the old industrial action expression 'black the job' a whole new meaning.

If so, it also suggests that some hope for good relational sense persists, which is encouraging.

No sensible Caucasian, male or female, should ever opt for a part-share in Canaan's curse, Genesis 9:25.

P.S. a bit more on-topic, as I haven't been following the case too closely, I'm unaware of how the forensic evidence that I understand was germane to the convictions was deemed to be non-contaminated. Has this been established beyond all reasonable doubt and if so, how?

Anonymous said...

Some years ago a Barrister looked at me quizzically and said " You didn't think that British justice was fair did you?"

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I think most of us now realise how right that barrister was!

Anonymous said...

There really is no racism shown towards us whites, as blacks have no real political or economic power they cannot be racist. If anyone believes this, then they are certifiable.

Wasn't 20 stone of luvable lard Jo Brand a mental health nurse?

Ian said...

What is wrong with that site 4liberty.org ? All I can see when I click on the link is a page listing terms and conditions. The same happens when I visit the main page and click on any headline

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Ian

Are you trying to look for http://4liberty.org.uk/ ? it requires .uk after .org

Ian said...

Thank you Sarah but the problem seems to be that I'm now in the Philippines. Using anonymouse.org allowed me to view the site normally.