Monday, 9 January 2012

MSNBC - the punishment of thought

It appears that the new policy of US Cable News channel MSNBC is to punish, and where possible suppress. free speech.  Regular conservative contributor, ex adviser to three American presidents and two time presidential election candidate, Pat Buchanan has been permanently suspended and may not be allowed back on air.  MSNBC have taken this action because they do not like what he said in his new book “The Suicide of a Superpower” which analyses and explains the reasons behind the decline of the once great nation of America.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin is quoted as saying : “I don’t think the ideas that Buchanan put forth are appropriate for national dialogue on MSNBC. He won’t be coming back during the book tour.” Asked if Buchanan would be be back at all, Griffin replied “I have not made my decision.

The Liberal elite in America is outraged that Buchanan's brilliantly researched book directly links the decline in America's power, the dire state of her economy and near collapse of social cohesion on multiculturalism, mass non-European immigration and shrinking of the white majority. These are views which are an anathema to those who currently have their jackboots on the throats of the Western media, and views which they will go to any length to prevent being expressed, especially by individuals with the profile of Pat Buchanan.

To paraphrase George Orwell, we have reached a point within our society where to speak the truth is an act of revolution, it is an act which puts you and your livelihood at significant risk, because, if you speak the truth the liars and the tyrants will try to crush you. It is no longer just the little man, or woman, who speaks out of turn on a tram or a football terrace who they seek to destroy, they are now going after the titans.

However, we have seen it all before, in the last century and further east, in cultures which were our current leaders spiritual homes, where the truth became a crime, as it is now becoming throughout the west.

It seems easy and trite to say that the Soviet Union did not die, it just moved west, but in fact, in many of the ways that matter, that is the truth.  It is the same beast, it wears a different mask, but the same snarling jaws lurk behind it.


misterfox said...

There are a lot of interesting interviews linked here:

Anonymous said...

What? Detroit is not a sucess?
Now who would ave thunk that?

Anonymous said...

The world does not want to hear the truth. They prefer to be ostritches with their heads burried in the sand. I do so admire white people who are not afraid to tell the truth, regardless of the consequences. Well done Mr Pat Buchanan !!

Mariaan from South Africa

Anonymous said...

Britain does not have an equivalent to Pat Buchanan. It's such a shame.

Why is the British Nationalist community without an ideological leader?

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to Pat's Weekly letter and I don't think he is going to loose any sleep about his removal from the MSNBC. I like the old guy, he has never minced his words about the direction in which the US is going, and his obvious concern about the Country that he obviously loves dearly!

Just Curious said...

Just watched the video below.

It appears that one way to overcome a political position that the mainstream media designate as unfriendly is to have it voiced well by an intelligent and strong minded female to voice it. Marine LePen and of course in our own country (for good and ill) Margaret Thatcher.

Which leads me to suggest, have you ever considered a political role Sarah?

Billy Boreham said...

Six Jewish companies own 96% of the media in the USA.
So Buchanan’s views are obviously blacklisted.

confused said...

The truth is a crime, in south africa, the dumbing down of education is frightening, engineering university student from once top rated institutions, are totally inadequate, lacking logic and critical thinking, yet they have a paper degree, and demand respect.

I can't believe people are so helpless to get the truth out. Why doesn't the moore bloke who did supersize me, make a documentary on the suicide of america.

I can't believe white people voted for obama, after 2 terms with the idiot george bush.

They're just going from bad to worse.

I see multiculti communism taking over,but its good to see shards of truth piecing thru.

But when angela merkel and other leaders speak against multiculti for some reason it doesn't inspire me, and I don't know why.

Its like the pot admitting its black, and we know that never happens.

So why did merkel and cameron say multiculti is a failure, I can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

@ confused

"So why did merkel and cameron say multiculti is a failure, I can't figure it out."

When the peasants start getting restless, the establishment pretends to throw them a bone to make out somethings being done. Remember Thatchers (and Cameron's)"There needs to be an open and honest debate on immigration". The Tory press froth about "how courageous" it all is. The lefty press about "how racist" is all is. Then it is quietly forgotten, nothing happens, and the NWO plan continues to be rolled out as per normal. We had this with Trevor Phillip's "courageous" multiculturalism isn't working b******s. Here is another example

Its just smoke and mirrors obfuscation on behalf of the liberal elite.


Anonymous said...

What If? (US system & Ron Paul)


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I have been following your blog for just under a year now; you have given me hope, when all other lights have gone out.

However, for some reason you seem to put your blindfold back on whenever someone remarks about the Jewish involvement in the degrading of our societies: the mass media; who actively promote the sexualisation of our children (page 3; Katie Price); the promotion of miscegenation (see liz ‘anything non white’ Jones - Daily Mail); the benefits of ‘enrichment’ by immigrants (see Guardian). All the newspapers are controlled by Jews; in fact, all the main TV channels and radio stations are run by them: it wasn’t a pakistani or somali who said the BBC was ‘hideously white’.

You admit that the Marxists/communists/socialists are part of the problem, yet you refuse to connect the dots. Who started these movements? Who runs them?

See the late Dr.William Pierce if you want to know the truth

Wake up Sarah: England needs you!

Anonymous said...


Consider this anon.

You live in a dictatorship. Whoever speaks out against the dictators gets zapped.

If Sarah spoke out against them, it would be like living in China and speaking out against the communist party.

Sarah doesn't want to get zapped and is thus keeping quiet.

WAKE UP said...

a note to "confused", who said: "...after 2 terms with the idiot george bush" and "...why did merkel and cameron say multiculti is a failure, I can't figure it out."

First, Bush was not an idiot; if you're going to begin with that kind of mindset, it's no wonder you don't understand stuff.

Do some proper post-9/11 research for a start and you'll see that one day Bush will be seen as a great President.

njartist said...

"It seems easy and trite to say that the Soviet Union did not die, it just moved west, but in fact, in many of the ways that matter, that is the truth. It is the same beast, it wears a different mask, but the same snarling jaws lurk behind it."

That is so; yet our elites are their useful idiots: we are twice cursed!

Anonymous said...

aLL i can say to the Bush fan - provide saome evidence.

yorkshirebob said...

You'll see the evidence in about 20 years time if your still around.