Saturday, 14 January 2012

Time Magazine: How the ANC lost its way

Thanks to Laager for drawing the latest article on Mike Smith's Political Commentary, which can be read by clicking on this link: Time Magazine: How the ANC lost its way
As Laager says: 

Would you believe it?
TIME magazine has published an article critical of the ANC.What white Saffas have been telling the world for the last 17 years is finally making it into the mainstream media.
I suppose they could not live with blinkers on forever. We must be grateful for small victories


Anonymous said...

when you start messing with Oppenheimer wealth you will get a mention , thats all .

andy said...

Its just a shame its taken,what is it?30000? white deaths to get the attention of the western media.

Anonymous said...

Just for interest.

Anglo American is owned by JP Morgan.

revenge said...

So the truth is finally squeezing through, a little to late.

I even read an article that nadine witch gordimer was disapointed with what south africa turned out to be. I just don't understand the disappointment of the liberals, they have countless examples in sub saharan africa as to what happens to countries when blacks take over, so how liberals couldn't see the out come seems a bit ridiculous.

Now we that are left behind have to live in this disease ridden, corruption riddled criminal black shithole.

All because the likes of nadine gordimer and alan paton, the do gooders, if - was god I would continuously resurrect them so that the can live and experience the shithole in all its fetid glory.

And as for alan patons wife, I think she has to come back and live in the prison that she ensured her fellow whites have to endure every day, the ones who don't have the option of hauling ass back to the UK like she did.4he must come back to her unified south africa and live out the remainder of her days, in the dream her and her husband so tiresly fought created this mess, now assume responsibility for it and face it everyday, as the millions of whites whose future you decided.

I curse these people to eternal damnation, and their offspring for 7 generations hence, may they all pay dearly as have the farmers who have been slaughtered like animals.

Come back Mrs Paton, come back to what you fought for.the dream you dreamt.

ANC has always been corrupt, thieving, lieing look at their friends, the likes of robert mugabe, che guevara, fidel castro, charles taylor, the thug ape from uganda, and the bastard may he rot in peace gadafi.

The liberals and the west just bought the lies of the ANC trash, and look what they did.

Anonymous said...

@ revenge

very very true .