Sunday, 29 January 2012

Are Our Children Safe? An Investigation Of Politics & Suicide Risks

Brian Gerrish speaking at Samlet Social Club in Swansea about the attack on our children, while a rent-a-mob demonstrates outside.

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NOTE:  This is very long (over an hour and a half) and you need to approach it with an open mind.  At first some of what Mr. Gerrish says sounds crazy, but then it, troublingly, starts to make sense. I don't claim that what he says is all true, but if it is, then we are facing something very frightening.


Dave said...

No chance of a transcript?

sovereigntea said...

Sadly all BG speaks of is backed with evidence and other sources confirm much of the detail. We have some very serious problems.

Politically motivated agitators appear to have conspired to defame BG and intimidate those attending the meeting.

Part of that story is here. The student agitators and their leader. More will follow.