Monday, 23 January 2012

A thought for the day

Just over 70 years ago the world went to war, claiming it did so to save the people of Poland. 39 years ago, the US supreme court passed Roe v. Wade,  a single piece of legislation which has already killed more Americans than the total current population of Poland and of the Czech Republic combined.

The death toll from Roe -v- Wade has far exceeded the slaughter which resulted from two and a half centuries of Tatar and Mongol invasions, and may even have caused as great a loss of life as the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.  It is more than double the battlefield casualties of World war I and, by some estimates it is now equal to casualties of World war II.  Indeed if you include in the equation the victims of similar legislation, motivated by similar liberal principles, in the western nations who fought in world war two the death toll from both of those great conflicts, which tore the 20th Century apart, have been well exceeded.

In Britain alone we kill numbers greater than the total population of a city the size of Swindon every year, and have done each year since 1967.

And yet it goes on, industrial level legal genocide, sanctioned and approved by the governments we elect into power

We cannot be forgiven carnage of such magnitude, we will not be forgiven.


Anonymous said...

God help us for what we have done: This is a 21 week old foetus reaching for the hand of the surgeon who saved his life.
All the best
roger in florida

Celtic Warrior said...

I believe that all women should have the right to choose to terminate their pregnancy, although I would prefer if they were to practice efficient birth control rather then resorting to abortion at a later stage.

But this poses another question. What happens in those countries where increasing population is pushing some communities towards starvation and famine? With the population explosion facing mankind in the coming century we could wait and hope for science and technology to solve the food shortages we are likely to experience.

But what if they fail? Then many parts of the world will face increasing malnutrition, starvation and famine. Previous attempts to solve malnutrition and famine in Africa has usually been successful in the short term only before the situation returns, usually worse than before due to increased population. So it becomes an ever increasing vicious circle of famine followed by greater famine. Education also seems not to work.

We can use science and technology to begin actively reducing birth rates in those parts of the world where shortages are most likely to occur, and where such states proves unable to prevent famine because of its inability to produce sufficient food, then food should be made available by the international community on the condition that those who are provided food will have to undergo voluntary sterilization. Thereby reducing the risk for an increased occurrence of famine down the line.

Refugees should only be allowed into countries that produce an excess of food. A condition for refugees to access food would be for them all to volunteer for sterilization.

When abortions or contraception are not available or not made use of due to religious or cultural reasons, then the religious and cultural authorities would have to take the responsibility for them? The same condition could also be adopted to control asylum seekers.

Anonymous said...

Abortion - the "Woman's right to choose" = "The woman's right to murder her own healthy baby" - is another clear sign of the suicidal insanity afflicting the white race.

Make no mistake about abortion: It is another part of the genocide being inflicted on the white race by the Marxists. The Marxists have not only all but destroyed the family and reduced the birth rate, they've even found a way to make mothers believe that murdering their own healthy babies is a perfectly rational and moral choice.

All while the whites pay for aliens to colonize their lands including paying for benefits to support large alien families.

Such lunacy is spitting in the face of mother nature. And there will be only one winner if it continues.

Christ almighty, what a truly wretched race the white race has become. And when you realize the scale of the abortion holocaust that has been deliberately inflicted on us for the last sixty years, a holocaust so willingly accepted by the majority of whites, it makes you wonder if such a wretched self-hating race is worth fighting for.

When they see the success of their evil plan to destroy the West, the Marxists must be on cloud nine. What they have done is as incredible as it is utterly despicable.


alanorei said...

Thank you for drawing attention to this evil, Sarah.

I believe it is in part responsible for multitudes of "the worst of the heathen" Ezekiel 7:24 fetching up on these shores over the last few decades, i.e. no abortion, no immigration.

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder that our generation now faces the spectre of euthanasia in our old age, and why not! as a generation we waged war on our youngest members of our tribe so why shouldn't those who escaped our murderous indiference not reek revenge on us when we are weak and vunerable. AS YE SOW.....
Jim Dowson

James K. said...

We who are in a position to leave a comment can be thankful that our parents didn't choose to murder us. Abortion is a disgrace that will surely in future have consequences to the murderers and instigators thereof.

Lantern said...

What kind of twisted system will decide smoking is bad for us and hide cigs under the counter, while advertising this industrialised murder on TV. An example of "moral capitalism."

alanorei said...

Who Murdered Clarice? is worth reading.

Noting what is being shoved down the throats of our school children today as 'fact' and 'truth' but is really religious dogma and "science falsely so called" 1 Timothy 6:20 (the word "science" having been changed by all the cowardly modern version editors), this article Evolution and the American Abortion Mentality
by Paul G. Humber, M.S.
is also worth reading.

The opening statement is as follows.

Many people today do not seem to realize that the same poisonous philosophy (evolutionism) that justified killing under Hitler has also infected the American abortion mentality.

According to documents released as recently as February 10, 1992, "Joseph Mengele, the Auschwitz death-camp doctor known as the 'Angel of Death' for his experiments on inmates, practiced medicine in Buenos Aires for several years in the 1950s. He 'had a reputation as a specialist in abortions,' which were illegal." It should not be surprising that one who extinguished life at Auschwitz would practice a similar grisly crusade on life in the womb.

As King Solomon rightly observed in Ecclesiastes 8:11:

"Because sentence against an evil work [abortion, evolution] is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil."

Celtic Warrior said...

Why I am pro abortion.

My mother was born into a family of 13 children in priest-ridden Ireland in 1918. Her mother died giving birth to her. My mother was lucky she was the last born and was not alive to see her mother suffer the horrors of having some of her little children die from malnutrition (starvation?). The irony here is that my mother then went on and suffered a similar faith.

In such cases surely one with any spark of humanity would welcome abortion. The priests of course told both my grandmother and mother that it was the “will of god”. Will someone please tell me what type of god would inflect such a trauma on mothers in poor circumstances whilst saving the children of mothers from the families of the wealthy?

Now of course, having been lucky to escape from the clutches of such a backward christian religion, first dreamt up in the deserts of the Middle East not long after we ceased using stone tools, you will understand why I am pro abortion and opposed to those who object to abortion on religious grounds.

I have no objection to anyone being against abortion on moral grounds, as that is their choice. Neither do I object to people professing a faith in any religion, whether it be christianity or witchcraft, as long as they do not try and push me back there again. One spell was more than enough.

It can now be said with little fear of contradiction that the worst thing that ever happened to Ireland (and possibly to the British Isles) was the arrival of St. Patrick.

AnalogMan said...

It's worse than you think.

Extract: "Several years ago. a quarter of the Girl Scout councils nationwide admitted to partnering with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s abortion giant. When questioned about the affiliation on NBC’s “Today Show,” Girl Scout CEO Kathy Cloninger had no compunction in confirming it.

The Girl Scouts have been “pro-choice” for years, but now they’ve been caught supporting promiscuous sex for girls. The Planned Parenthood sex guide offered at that “girls only” U.N. meeting offered this advice on Page 11: 'Some people have sex when they have been drinking alcohol or using drugs. This is your choice. … If you want to have sex and think you might get drunk or high, plan ahead by bringing condoms and lube or putting them close to where you usually have sex.'"

Anonymous said...

Celtic Warrior, you would appear to know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

If the White Race carries on the way it is, we will become extinct in a relatively short space of time as far as the period of existence of the Human Race is concerned. Many white couples are not even replacing themselves by having a mere two children. Many are not even having any!

The primary purpose of life is to procreate and maintain the species, not to enjoy oneself and buy houses we can't afford, flash cars, plasma TV's and watch X Factor. Yet this is what Westerners have now been conditioned to do and how to live.

There is no problem on Earth with the number of White people on it, yet abortion programming, propaganda and brainwashing mostly affects White people as regards the number of abortions as a percentage of the White Race compared to others. Fast and high breeding Blacks and Third World Asians are relatively unaffected as far as any threat to their very existence is concerned.

Virtually the whole of the abortion industry exists for profit and not for any ethical or other reason. The same can be said of the organ donor industry with its total reliance on the rejection and side effects drugs provided by the powerful £Billion if not £Trillion pharmaceutical industry and lobby group, which is second only to the weapons/armaments industry.
Ask yourself why the medical industry is trying to keep elderly people alive by extending those lives artificially with someone else's body parts, yet is also aborting/murdering perfectly healthy children in the womb?

Just follow the money I'm afraid and you will usually find the answer along with the usual suspects who also have a vested interest in ridding the world of the Great White Race to have it all to themselves as sole Masters with the coffee coloured remainder and their dumbed down IQ as their serfs and slaves.

Anonymous said...

@Celtic Warrior

A personal story from almost 100 years ago to justify abortion on demand in modern Britain is irrational.

Where there is a danger to the mother or child then of course a TERMINATION is a perfectly moral option and one for the people involved to consider.

As regards starving, the British welfare state is now paying for colonizers to have all manner of housing and welfare benefits while Britons murder their perfectly healthy babies by the million. This is suicidal insanity.

This is noting to do with Christianity - I am an atheist - but about the survival of the white race. Allowing alien families to flourish in your territory whilst encouraging abortion solely because the child is "inconvenient" is immoral and I believe, a crime against humanity.

Terminations - they only account for 10% of the abortion rate - such as the situation you described are a perfectly moral option and really should not be a part of the abortion debate.


Celtic Warrior said...


Sorry I did not make myself clear but I assumed that you would understand that one may base their beliefs on their own personal experiences in life. Experience is the great teacher.

The experiences I write about may be a long time ago to some, but to me they are as fresh in my mind as if they happened only yesterday. I probably should have given greater emphasis to the fact my own mother went through the same experiences in the 40s and 50s which is only just over 50 years ago and well within the lifetime of many still alive.

I do take your very valid point about the native Britons, who because of the pro-abortion policy in place and the much greater birth of the immigrant populations, will greatly endanger the future of the British peoples. But one could make an equally similar and compelling argument about birth control and I’m sure you would not be against that, would you?

The real solution to the problem is to first get immigration under control, secondly to identify all illegal immigrants and deport them, thirdly ditch the European court of human rights and deport all immigrants who can be reasonably identified as a danger to the state and finally begin looking at realistic policies to reduce the immigrant population before they become a large minority and a threat to British culture and society.

But I see that nothing is happening in Britain that even approaches the beginning of a final solution. The only reason I can see for this not happening right now is that there are too few men with balls left in Britain. I will say that I have a great admiration for your grandfathers who stood alone against a triumphant and victorious Germany in 1940. Oh where are the sons of these men, who must now be turning in their graves?

Whilst I agree with your right to hold your view on abortion, I would, however, not agree that you should be allowed to impose your morality on others. Maybe you would agree that a possibly solution to inundation of the British Isles with aliens would be to sterilize all immigrants as a condition of entry.

I do believe that the greatest danger facing Europe is the religion of peace. I can easily imagine what the islamic mullahs will do, which will be little different (may even be worse) than what christianity’s clerics did. Would I be right in thinking that the mullahs are also opposed to abortion?

Anonymous said...

@Celtci Warrior

Experience is one of the very worst teachers in life, it can betray you like no other. Experiences from 50 - 100 years ago have no relevance whatsoever, especially such personal ones.

You seem not to comprehend the difference between terminations and abortions and thus continue repeating yourself.

Birth control is not the issue, it is a drastically different issue and wholly irrelevant here.

The problem is not immigration or even abortion. It is I stated and have stated many times, the continual attack by Marxists to destroy the west. Tackling the symptoms such as Islam, immigration etc. will achieve nothing and indeed, hasn't done.

As for "imposing morality on others", what on earth do you think the Marxists are doing, not just with abortion but with the entire multicultural narrative?

What shall we do, just sit back and meekly submit because "we don't want to force our morality on others"? Mind you, that's what the white race seems to be doing so let's join them eh?

I have to ask: What is the point of being a patriot and wanting to fight for your nation and the survival of your people if you have that attitude?

And sterilizing immigrants is equally as repulsive. They shouldn't be here in the first place, let them breed to their hearts content in their own lands and without our support or interference. As is their right AND OURS.

Abortion is one Marxist weapon designed to destroy us. Murdering healthy babies just because they are labelled "inconvenient" is abhorrent but when the same race pays to raise the children of immigrants it is suicidal.


Celtic Warrior said...


Why is experience the worst teacher? Having been a flying instructor I can assure you that newly qualified pilots with a little experience are more prone to accidents and therefore kill themselves than students and more experienced flyers. We have a saying in aviation that goes “there are bold pilots and there are old pilots but there are no old and bold pilots”. Experiences that one survives makes one a better and safer pilot. You may also have heard of the term “once bitten twice shy”.

Your statement “You seem not to comprehend the difference between terminations and abortions and thus continue repeating yourself”
is more an argument on semantics. I am aware that the term “termination” is used in the medical profession as a synonym for “abortion” but not usually by others, whereas the term “abortion is in common use in other industries such as aviation, as when one is required to “abort the mission” and return to base.

You also stated, “I asked the obvious question It is your contention that to save the British race from being swamped by the greater birth rates of immigrant communities so I asked the question Birth control is not the issue, it is a drastically different issue and wholly irrelevant here”.
I refute all that you state as none of it was stated or even alluded to by me. I thought I had given a fairly thorough and fairly comprehensive thesis on my views on immigration and my suggested solutions in paragraph 4 of my post. Whilst you may not agree with them, I suggest you read it more thoroughly this time.

Your question, “What shall we do, just sit back and meekly submit because "we don't want to force our morality on others"? Mind you, that's what the white race seems to be doing so let's join them eh?”.

This is somewhat unclear to me as I believe I covered that thoroughly in paragraph 5. I understand why such an accusations as I made would upset many Britons, which it was intended to do as I think it’s true. I served in Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force for 15 years and I’m sorry to say that the sons of the men I served with are not made of the same mettle as their fathers and grandfathers. These men would have been spilling their blood to protect their own.

Is the following question aimed at me? “I have to ask: What is the point of being a patriot and wanting to fight for your nation and the survival of your people if you have that attitude?”

With most of us being in our 70s and 80s I’m sure you would find some willing even if the flesh is weak. Why don’t you visit the Royal British Legion and the Regimental Associations and hear what advice and assistance they might offer.

I read many papers and blogs complaining about the immigration problem in UK but I have yet to see or hear anyone offer to put their life on the line to help solve it.

Whilst I understand and accept that you have a strong aversion to abortion, I really don’t think forbidding it or not will solve the immigration problem. As you have said yourself the world and society have moved on from what it was 100 or even only 50 years ago. We are now in a new age of women’s rights which have been ingrained deeply into our society and I cannot see too many women who feel they need an abortion for any reason, not going ahead and having one.

Celtic Warrior said...

@ Anonymous

You stated, “If the White Race carries on the way it is, we will become extinct in a relatively short space of time as far as the period of existence of the Human Race is concerned. Many white couples are not even replacing themselves by having a mere two children. Many are not even having any!” and then went on to state “The primary purpose of life is to procreate and maintain the species, not to enjoy oneself and buy houses we can't afford, flash cars, plasma TV's and watch X Factor”.

How many children do you think a healthy woman in the modern age of medical science will be able to give birth to? I would hazard an opinion of at least 12. My aunt who is now in her 90s had 13 children. I assume that you will be having a large family then? How many will you be going for? I assume you will be able to afford all these children and not leave it up to your fellow tax payers. How very patriotic of you.

As I said in one of my responses to Reconquista you must solve your immigrant problem. The solution is to first get immigration under control, secondly to identify all illegal immigrants and deport them, thirdly ditch the European court of human rights and deport all immigrants who can be reasonably identified as a danger to the state and finally begin looking at realistic policies to reduce the immigrant population before they become a large minority and a threat to British culture and society. You could make a much better contribution to protecting the British way of life if you were to put your life on the line instead of having all those children. Of course real patriotism brings great risk to life and limb (ask any soldier) and one would not want all those little children running around fatherless.

If you solve the immigration problem then Darwin will solve the rest. His theory of the survival of the fittest will ensure that a great many of those who are unfit to survive will be gone in a few generations. In other words leave it to nature; it’s always worked in the past. Those that are left will be able to fully enjoy the fruits of their labour rather than having to share it out with the unfit. This will, more than likely, result in an increase in the population that nature considers fit to survive. Expansion and contraction of the human population due to a variety of factors such as climate change, reduction in food resources, war and pestilence has been Homo Sapiens lot in life since we first appeared on this earth circa 200 000 years ago.

So, instead of having a houseful of children, get out there and prove that you are one of those which nature considers is fit to survive.

Anonymous said...


Having read your lengthy reply, I will refrain from responding to your various questions as you just aren't getting it at all. To summarise:

1. Immigration is not the problem, Marxism is and is the dominant ideology. It is the Marxists who are responsible for it, not the immigrants.

2. Abortion because a healthy baby is deemed "inconvenient" is a crime against humanity, especially on the scale done in the west.

3. Where there are serious complications in a preganancy, the option to abort/terminate whichever you prefer, is a valid choice.

4. Abortion is a part of the creeping genocide against the white race. There is no justification whatsoever for killing millions of your own babies whilst nurturing the babies of other races in your on territory, This alone demolishes any argument you have put forward to defend the mass murder of healthy white babies.

The question I asked about being a patriot is general but it does also apply to you. You seem quite happy to push a morality on the most fragile of our race who cannot resist their designation as "untermensch" yet resent it when someone dares to oppose it.

The white race is wiping itself out. We have a low birth rate and when we do breed, we murder our own healthy babies. If it continues, we're doomed as simple as that.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Only a tiny proportion of abortions are carried out because the pregnancy has put the mother's life or mental health in danger. Another tiny fraction are because the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest (where the child pays the ultimate price for the sins of the father)

The overwhelming majority are what one might call "killing for convenience" because having a child might interrupt plans, disrupt a lifestyle, or the mother has "changed her mind".

These include a huge number where a pregnancy is planned but the couple have subsequently separated. What one might call the "dump the boyfriend, kill the kid" scenario.

We certainly do not seem to place much value on life particularly at its most vulnerable.

alanorei said...

In the mean time, Here's Barry.

As one of his ideological forebears said (also a good Marxist) "I have a dream!"

Describing both as 'a bloody nightmare' (literally) might be nearer the truth.

It's interesting what Daniel 11:37 says about the Devil incarnate (also of mixed race, Revelation 13:2, 18) in the End Times, my emphases.

"Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."

Commentators have different explanations for the phrase that is emphasised. Biblically (i.e. comparing like with like), "the desire of women" appears to be to become mothers eventually, according to Psalm 113:9, which seems to be pretty well in line with everyday experience (exceptions prove the rule, they don't overthrow the rule).

If the above analysis is essentially correct, then Daniel 11:37 points to where abortion is really coming from.

Still, today's 'Teriminators' have nevertheless got Barry for a supporter.

Although deep down, public profession notwithstanding, even he, to paraphrase the late Groucho Marx (no relation to the other one of that surname, I understand), might be thinking "I'm not sure that I ought to support a cause that would have me as a supporter."

Celtic Warrior said...


If I’m “not getting it”, then maybe it would help if you were to answer the various questions.

I would appreciate it if you would explain what it is “the Marxists are responsible for”.

As a means of combating the possible overtaking of the British population by immigrants in the not too distant future, I don’t think prohibiting abortion is a feasible policy. I assume that you have a large family then?

As I have already said, if such policies were to work then one should also prohibit birth control. The best and I sincerely believe, the only policy that will maintain British culture is to actively and aggressively tackle the immigration problem.

Your statement “The question I asked about being a patriot is general but it does also apply to you.” I take great exception to this statement. I wore the Queen’s uniform for 15 years and helped spill the blood of her. Have you served in the military? No one who has not served should dare question the patriotism of those of us who have. Please withdraw it.

Anyhow, our time is over and more to the point what active part are you playing in redressing the problem of the immigrant population overtaking that of the indigenous British?

There is no feasible political party currently in Britain or on the horizon that looks anything like a saviour, so you know what you have to do. I would suggest that you read up on Irish history and get a few pointers on what to do when politicians and politics fail to provide leadership.

I and many of the older generations have already shed much blood in defense of these Isles and it’s time the younger generations took up the cudgel.

You also state; “You seem quite happy to push a morality on the most fragile of our race who cannot resist their designation as "untermensch" yet resent it when someone dares to oppose it.” What morality do I push, who are the most fragile of our race, who are the "untermensch" and what or who do I resent when it is opposed? Please clarify.

Celtic Warrior said...

Hi Sarah.

I have checked Wikipedia and found the following stats.

In 2004, there were 185,415 abortions in England and Wales. 95% of these were certified under the statutory ground of risk of injury to the mental or physical health of the pregnant woman. This means that 9270 were for other reasons.

75% of Britons believe abortion should be legal.

23% of Britons believe abortion should be illegal.

The age group with the highest number of abortions per 1000 is amongst those aged 20–24.

I was beginning to believe I was in a minority on this matter, which is my usual position.

I also note that some anti abortion groups state that 98% of the abortions are in fact illegal and the doctors who certify and carry out these abortions are acting illegally. These groups are mainly Christian groups. Why does that not surprise me?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

With respect Celtic, I think the figures are bogus and misleading

Doctors who support abortion, will state that the procedure is essential because having an unwanted child will cause the mother mental stress. (i.e it will depress her and muck up her social life)

With modern medicine, the number of occasions where a pregnancy is literally life threatening is miniscule.

The fact that the majority are in favour of abortion does not make it right

The number of healthy children we are killing is horrific, and remember, nature intended most of them to live


Celtic Warrior said...

Hi Sarah,

As I said, some groups claim that the doctors who carry out the abortions are acting illegally. During my brief search on the internet the only opposing groups I came across in Wikipedia (not the most reliable source I know) were Christian or those associated with them and my experience of christianity has not been good. In fact it’s been downright awful. Therefore anything they say is suspect to me, and anything they associate themselves with also becomes suspect. Sorry about that but when you’ve been subjected to christianity in Ireland in the 40s and 50s you would understand my objections.

Please believe that I am not opposed to people belonging to a religion, it’s just that christianity has not covered itself in glory over the past 2000 years and it seems to me that islam is and will be, no different, if not worse. That’s the real problem facing Europe and Britain and I hope that some charismatic leader will rise up and attract enough followers to take positive and effective action before it’s too late. At the moment it doesn’t look as if this leader is going to come from England and we may have to look instead to our Dutch and (heaven forbid) our French neighbours.

It is incumbent on those who oppose abortion to take the action required to stop the claimed criminal actions of the medical profession. I’m afraid just writing about it on the blogosphere will not greatly advance their cause. Direct and aggressive action (which may be unlawful) is usually the only course of action that really works when one wishes to overcome an entrenched system.

Clinical depression is something I hope that you or others will never suffer from. I owe my life to a psychiatrist who didn't hesitate to prescribe the necessary drugs quickly and promptly otherwise I would not be here to annoy everybody.

Your statement “The fact that the majority are in favour of abortion does not make it right” is a very interesting one as it brings up the old problem of democracy. It doesn’t work for all people all the time; in fact it only works for all people some of the time. The Greeks who started it never resolved its problems as neither did the Romans who succeeded them.

Until we find a better system to put in its place we just have to accept it. The trouble then is if we get a system to replace democracy, how to get rid of it and its supporters. Revolution has historically been the answer and that is not something the English people are renowned for. They are very law abiding and that is maybe why they are having the problems you they are beginning to experience of late.

Maybe we should adopt the system that “might is right”.

Anonymous said...


I thought I'd explained it but as you seem unable to get it I'll try again.

The Marxists have since the end of WWII launched an all out attack on destroying the nation state; the family unit; the patriarchal society and of course, the bedrock of our once strong society, the Judeo-Christian religious/moral values and traditions upon which it was built.

This has happened in all Western states.

The Marxists know that the majority of the white race will not go for their international
stateless, classless society. So they decided to do two nasty things:

Stop it from breeding and replacing it with less intelligent alien races under the false construct of Multiculturalism.

Stopping it from breeding includes the promotion of promiscuity, feminism, environmentalism, and of course, abortion, the murder of healthy babies deemed "inconvenient" - untermensch - now accepted as a perfectly moral choice. Whilst this happens, the white race is being forced to tolerate, treat as equal and pay for, aliens to colonize their lands; aliens whose birth-rate exceeds that of the indigenous people by a factor of four or more in some instances. Anyone who dares to speak out against their own genocide is demonized as a "racist/hater/bigot" and the ironic "fascist/nazi" as we all know.

This video will explain the evil that is being done to us:

Demographic Bomb

Do you get it CW?

Your point about birth control is ridiclous in this context. Get rid of Marxism and BC will be

You have stated that you advocate murdering your own innocent babies. I couldn't care less if you were in the SAS and won the VC, that you advocate the tactics of the Marxist enemy means I certainly will not withdraw what I stated. And you do not know a thing about me or generations of my family because unlike you, I stick to the issue without trying to use my personal history to patronize people.

What is going on is not a game, our survival as a race is now at stake it is that serious and your
patronising doesn't wash with me. And you know not what I have done or even suffered in this fight but I have nothing to prove to anyone, least of all you.

As for no politcial party being an option, well, I support the EDL and the BFP. I think these two
will make a real difference. I hope to play an active part with their fight for our people, as I have been active since 2004.

Your last paragraph is rhetorical but I'll spell it out:

The untermensch are the unborn healthy white babies deemed unfit for life by Marxists and the gullible such as you and your ilk who now assume the power of God in determining which human beings have the right to life. Your morality is that it is perfectly moral for a mother to murder her unborn healthy child purely by choice if it is deemed to be an inconvenience.

The untermensch here has no voice, cannot fight back, cannot protest, cannot ask for support, CANNOT EVEN PLEAD FOR MERCY and is terminated as if it were a cockroach. It is nothing more than eugenics, the vile anti-human practice so beloved of the Marxists who believe that they and they alone possess the absolute perfect truth. And you called me on it when I dared to oppose
this widespread, cruel slaughter of our innocent unborn as "pushing my morality on others".

Difference is CW, my morality doesn't need to kill to justify it. Certainly not those unborn innocents of my own race. They can't cry out for mercy to their uncaring executioners who have been infected by the Marxist virus but I will.

Funny how abortion is advocated by those who have already been born and have tasted the sweetness of the breath of life on our beautiful planet.


Celtic Warrior said...


All I can say is WOW.

If your post is the best we others can expect from members of the British right wing, then God help Britain. It also helps to explain the inability of the right to unite as a cohesive force to further its agenda. In no way will appalling rants such as yours attract the many differing shades of opinion which makes up the bulk of middle England. And without these people the right stands little chance of achieving their objectives whether it be political or otherwise.

I watched the video whose link you sent. Nowhere does it mention Marxism which I was expecting, and which you had been blaming for all the sins of the world; on the contrary it deals solely with Islam and the threat it presents to Europe.

If one is to believe the claims made in the video, that no culture has ever recovered from a birthrate lower than 1.9 and that Europe’s birthrate is 1.38, then any attempt to redeem the situation will be fruitless. So I assume that what you wish me to take from this video is that we might as well give up and accept whatever faith awaits us.

There is however a way to reverse the trend, which I keep suggesting to you but which you have kept dodging. See paragraphs 4 and 5 of my first response and paragraphs 3, 4 and 6 of my next and paragraphs 3, 5 and 8 of the next. And finally in paragraphs 4 and 6 of my last response.

I’m withdrawing from further debate with you on this matter as it’s becoming too abusive, insulting and hostile and therefore losing its value as a means of exchanging views. Your video does not help either.

Slán agat

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

With regret I think I will have to end this discussion as it is becoming unnecessarily personal.

Celtic Warrior said...

Hi Sarah,

I apologise for anything I said which was becoming unnecessarily personal.

In my last post I stated that I was withdrawing from the discussion due to Reconquista becoming abusive and insulting towards me. This is the second occasion you have terminated a discussion I was participating in. I therefore can’t help but feel that this blog is not where my contribution is welcome. Should I take the hint and retire?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

No Celtic

Please don't retire, I do valuer your contributions. I terminated a previous exchange because I felt the person you were debating with was manipulating the exchange and that it was getting pointless.

This time both you and Reconquista seemed to be getting a bit personal, and I didn't want it to turn nasty

Please continue to visit and to comment

Anonymous said...


The main issue in the video is not muslim birth rates but our own catastrophically low birth rate.

Out of respect for Sarah I will refrain from responding to your latest ad-hominem. A tactic you have used in every one of your replies to me.

Instead I'd like to leave you with a question because you're still not getting it.

How do you think Islam has become so strong in the West? Hint: It isn't down to the Muslims.


Celtic Warrior said...

If we were to make abortion illegal, would we not risk returning to the days of the back street abortionist?

Of course these days’ women who will still want to abort will resort to the modern abortion drugs that are now available, instead of the knitting needle used by their grandmothers, which subsequently led to infection and death of both the foetus and mother?

Making the drugs illegal will not make them any less accessible than other illegal drugs, just more expensive and create another set of drug dealers to supply the newly created market.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that each year 20 million women have unsafe abortions, mostly in countries where abortion is illegal.

Seven million women survive unsafe abortion each year but sustain long-term damage or disease such as incomplete abortion, infection (sepsis), haemorrhage and injury to the internal organs, such as puncturing or tearing of the uterus.

James Mathurin said...

Credit to Celtic, I agree with the humanity and compassion of your reasons here. I'm not going to argue for the sake of arguing, you're right on this one.

Anonymous said...

Some progress on abortion - a precedent.

Skadhi_the_Raverner said...

Those little children would have grown up to demand a decent wage - have you noticed they kill our unborn whilst importing cheap labour from around the world. From a demographic perspective, its no different than killing anyone else before they can procreate the next generation of citizens.

There's a reason the same people tend to support both.

Besides there'd be no more oak trees without acorns. Pro-choice nationaliss, including those claiming to be pro-life and pro-choice, are not only complicit in a moral crime but in our demographic decline.

We do not however need stupid links to creationist argumnts blaming Darwin for abortion, when a pro-life and pronatalist position makes the most Darwinian sense for us.