Thursday, 5 January 2012

Frank Ellis's reply to Norman Tebbitt

Anyone who read ex-Tory minister's article in yesterday's Telegraph "The Euro is nothing but a sacred cow its time to take it to the abattoir" may have seen The comment from Dr. Frank Ellis, who as you all know is a regular contributor to this blog.

If you missed it, Frank Ellis's excellent contribution was as follows:

Dear Lord Tebbit
You are quite correct to point out that the EU and its all vile works constitute an article of faith for the BBC and the Guardian-reading classes. But there is another sacred cow that requires to be put to death in the slaughterhouse (not abattoir!) or rather sent for scrap and that is the anti-racist industrial complex. The campaign to eradicate what the left and members of your party call racism has poisoned and blighted England. Today, with the conviction of two defendants in the Lawrence case we were given another reminder of the damage done. Murder is not made more heinous because of a racial motive: murder is murder.
Your party when in opposition in 1999 and led by Hague the room sharer accepted the Macpherson Report and its vicious recommendations in their entirety. When is some politician in your party going to stand up and attack the Nazi-anti-Nazis in the BBC, the universities and especially in the hideous EHRC which hates whites?  You mention Enoch Powell. No Tory MP today would be fit to run errands for such an outstanding English patriot. Your party has betrayed England: and all your tough talk about the euro cannot hide the cowardice or the damage being done, already done and with more to come. With luck the euro will collapse and we can start to rebuild.
But the deadly threat to England is not the euro it is multiracialism, mass non-white immigration and a political caste (“Conservative” & Labour) that have conspired to permit England to be overrun with aliens. This is the dagger that will tear England’s heart out and you by repeatedly pulling your punches on mass, non-white immigration and attacking the BNP so as to provide yourself with an insurance policy and to deflect accusations of racism, have made your contribution to this state of affairs. I hope you can live with yourself. I used to admire you Tebbit: now you disgust me.
Frank Ellis (aka Frankly Hellish)


Anonymous said...

May England and every white country pull their heads out. Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White.

Anonymous said...

He's lucky to get that comment posted.

Anonymous said...

Excellent letter Mr Ellis.
Very well written indeed.

Note Tebbit isn't as English as he claims. He's got Belgian Flemish in him too.

Anonymous said...

"Murder is not made more heinous because of a racial motive: murder is murder" while this is agreed, when people are killed for really stupid or pointless reasons it seems more tragic.

if you're killed trying to rob a bank, thats fair enough, if you are killed just because you're black (or white) you really don't deserve that end, and the feral beasts that kill you are pretty much subhuman scumbags for holding such retarded views.

this goes for honour kilings as well, its the belief that is the problem and needs to be stamped out, weather its racism or for religious views, each case its just one case, but if we dont really stamp down on people who believe in nonsence, other people might feel a need to act on the same belief they hold

Anonymous said...

They are covering up the seven on one Black on White crime figures.

Some interesting facts on race crime in Britain after the show trial of those 2 White lads over the Stephen Lawrence murder. Seven in one is Black on White.

Liberal Heresy said...

I asked him over in the other place, but I shall also ask him here, assuming that he does look in from time to time, whether he is considering (or maybe even engaged upon) writing a book on our general plight?

We need a clarion call of serious analysis and from a reputable source. Something perhaps, not dissimilar to Thilo Sarrazin's book and imaginatively titled along the lines of 'Britain Does Away With Herself'. How about it Dr Ellis?

Anonymous said...

I agree Liberal Heresy. Our cause needs all the help it can get. Clearly, Mr Ellis is a very intelligent and articulate individual and such a book could prompt a real national debate about the dire predicament our nation finds itself in.

AnalogMan said...

Anon 3:19 -

So, what's you view on people who are killed while robbing a bank by people who hold offensive views? Is a subhuman scumbag who holds retarded views permitted to kill someone in self-defence? Can we dispense with the killing altogether and simply stamp down on everybody who believes in "nonsence"?

Like, for example, you?

Anonymous said...

Britain is suffering from race hysteria. It's dificult to have a serious discussion on race without some "anti-racist" getting hysterical. The media is crawling with race hysterics.

We need an ideological leader who is not involved with any political party. The problem with those involved with political parties is that they get dragged down into party politics and all the petty squabbling.

We need an ideological leader who is above party politics and not involved with any political party and thus immune from the petty squabbling that hinders the nationalist community so much.

thereIsaidit said...

I came across this today on the web - an excerpt of a letter from Alcuin to the people of Kent, urging unity against foreign invasion. It seems very relevant today:

" . . . A very great danger threatens this island and the people dwelling in it. Behold a thing never before heard of, a pagan people is becoming accustomed to laying waste our shores with piratical robbery; and our own people, the Angles, are disagreeing among themselves as to kingdoms and kings."