Monday, 30 January 2012

Under the Microscope - an interview with Mister Fox

Brett Stevens of the Amerika site has conducted a brief interview with our own Mister Fox (David Hamilton) regarding his recent contact with the police who are investigating alleged links between "right wing groups" and the confessed Norwegian mass killer Anders Bering Breivik.  That interview can read by clicking here, with one correction, Mister Fox assures me he is not actually "on the run" as the interview suggests.

We hope that Mister Fox will be able to provide us with more information on this matter soon.   


The Crow said...

Foxes are innocent!
See how innocent:

mister fox said...

I originally wrote that the tactic is to make up political affiliations as well as criminal convixctions but that fell out somehow. They should know about that.

Anonymous said...

The attack on mister fox is a good sign. The state is on the offensive becuse they are aware of a potential rebellion and trying to quell it before it gets going. This is wrong because they are provoking people. What does lawful rebellion say about the police refusing to tell his solicitor what its about, which police station they are based at and what their numbers are?

Ken said...

Some things happening in Malmö that might interest you:
Bomb attack rocks Malmö police station - The Local

A police station in central Malmö was hit by a powerful explosion early Wednesday morning, leaving a hole in the building.

Mister Fox said...

Its not just the humble like Emma West who are being persecuted and oppressed. They have just got the Wests major patriot figure Patrick J.Buchanan. Incidentally, I am to be interviewed as a "witness" under the Terrorism Act. I have never met anyone in the counter Jihad movement like the EDL leaders or Gates of Vienna blog, so this must be fabricated evidence to incriminate me.