Sunday, 29 January 2012

Complaint accusing Asian academy of racism dismissed

 Trevor Phillips Chairman of Equality and Human Rights Commission

The following article comes from the latest Edition of "The Stage", any additional comment from me would  be entirely superfluous.

"A complaint that a drama school set up for ethnic minority performers is racist has been dismissed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The Academy of Asian and Ethnic Dramatic Arts, which opened in October last year, was approached by the commission earlier this month and asked to explain if the classes it offers “are exclusively for applicants of Asian and ethnic [minority] background”.

It said it had received a complaint from a member of the public that an advert placed by the school - which offered free acting classes to “British Asian and ethnic backgrounds” - was discriminatory.

In a letter to the school, the commission stated it is “unlawful for a service provider to treat a person less favourably than others because of their race”, unless the school can show it is “taking some form of lawful positive action” or where other statutory exceptions applies. It then asked the school to respond to its queries within two weeks.

However, following a conversation with the academy, the commission has admitted there was a “misunderstanding” and that it will not be investigating it. But Hajaz Akram, the school’s principal, has hit out at the commission’s handling of the situation. Although he welcomed the decision to dismiss the complaint, he said he was “frustrated and annoyed” by the commission’s letter.

“I have never heard of anything more ridiculous. Everyone I have spoken to about it was pretty angry. I am angry too, and will give them a call and ask them why they felt they needed to take such a course of action,” he said. “It’s pretty obvious what we are doing as a school. We are a brand new drama school working incredibly hard with limited resources and all our energies should be focused on one thing - getting Asian and ethnic communities involved in drama. I was pretty shook up by the letter. It’s like having a police car come and park outside your door.”

A spokeswoman for the commission said: “We needed to ask it some questions to inform our response to a member of the public who complained that the school was racist. We do not agree that is the case, and will be writing to the complainant to explain why. We contacted the drama school last week to apologise for any confusion about the purpose of our letter and got the information we needed to dismiss the complaint.”


Lantern said...

So no surprise here then! The idea that the same rules/laws apply equally to both minorities and majorities is entirely notional.
I see the media are wittering on about some moron (probably one of their own) making rude gestures at a football match. But their silence over the upcoming muslim paedophile ring case is deafening. PC COWARDS!

Anonymous said...

The media silence is deliberate and has nothing to do with cowardice , was it Rockefeller that praised them for keeping their plans silent ?

The complicity of media in this atrocity should be patently clear whoever is behind it.

The minorities playing along and filling their pockets are not aware that they are just the next in line.
For now they are smiling !

When the next level of the game plan is reached they wiil soon understand that they too were usefull idiots.

Anonymous said...

Although they're not necessarily working together, there's an unwritten and agreed-upon rule in racial politics... and that is to bring down Whitey at all costs.

And that rule applies, even if different minority groups have to momentarily join forces and support each other in their quest to grab power away from the rightful owners of Britain.

Alas, if only "Whitey" would awaken from his slumber to see the enemy within his gates... but, he's still asleep in front of his television while robbers are cleaning out his house.

Anonymous said...

So the poor indignant principal is angry because 'the Commission' acted on behalf of a member of the public asking why Asians can have their own drama group.But what really scares me is the last bit about investigating the complainant.

Lol, no surprises here either.We're all just 'thick'. Seriously though, I thought it might be worthy of a future article if anyone can be bothered writing something up.

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TBM-1 said...

The double standards are glaringly obvious to anyone who takes the time to think about it. As an analogy, we could imagine a situation in India or Africa where a sustained level of white immigration is underway, fully supported by the politicians of those countries. As this immigration develops, the indigenous population's natural protests are controlled and suppressed. An organisation is formed to protect the white incomers from any direct action and they eventually feel emboldened to form their own enclaves, excluding the natives, creating a nation within a nation. Under any other circumstances this colonisation would, of course, be totally unacceptable and would be, rightly, impossible to achieve in today's world. However, that is exactly what is happening to us and we are succumbing with barely a whimper because many of us are being conditioned to accept it. The perceived injustices of the British Empire pale into insignificance beside this sustained assault on our birthright. There has to be a reaction, for the sake of our children.

Beverley said...

It can only be hoped that the law sobers sufficiently to allow these immigrant "clubs" to set a legal precedent. That would allow exclusively white groups to establish their own white "exclusive interest groups". Perhaps (I think with fervent hope) that will then extend to "exclusive use areas”. This is the only possible way to preserve white culture.

rizla said...

If this Academy was excluding the Asian and ethnic minority they would be demonised by the press and attacked by the EHRC.

If the racism excludes whits to promote Asian and blacks its ok,
double standards and racism of the Trevor Phillips kind. This man is disgusting but not as disgusting as the sycophantic white cowards who support his racist politic.

Anonymous said...

Who can blame Asians for being racist when we have faggots like that despicable slime Alan Duncan in his ivory tower insisting on giving away our money in "aid" to a country like India who does NOT want it!?!

Is there some other agenda?
He ought to be shot!

Anonymous said...