Monday, 30 January 2012

Elderly farmer murdered

Mr. Cilliers with three of his grandchildren, Johan Cilliers (19),  Gideon Nieuwoudt (10) 
and Annemie Nieuwoudt (13)

An elderly farmer, Hendrik Cilliers has been shot dead at his home in Stella, near Vryburg, in South Africas' North West province.

The 77 year old's body was found half naked on the ground near his home on Sunday evening. He was bound and gagged, and his face was badly bruised, suggesting he had been beaten before being killed. 

He had died from a bullet wound to his head,

According to police "The motive for his murder is unknown" and they are searching for his killers

News report

UPDATE: Thanks to Badballie for this additional news report, it appears that Mr. Cilliers killers beat him and tied him to a tree before they shot him 
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Anonymous said...

Most of thesel farm murders are "motive unknown"
South Africa must have the most clueless police force on the planet.
Or they are just lying.

May God be with the family .

Anonymous said...

Another country where being born white is a sin. Has it reached 4,000 yet, I refer to the numbers of White farmers murdered in SA since the terrorist Mandela gained power? If you read the details of some of these cases you find that no robbery took place, just a vicious murder where torture and sexual assault took place. And Whites have been deprived of guns to defend themselves, so are more vulnerable to attack by prehistoric bantu retards. The Police ignore these cases. This is GENOCIDE.

alanorei said...

These black atrocities have received some wider publicity.

I think Mr Griffin is the only British politician of any stature to have publicly addressed the South African genocide of whites, conducted by black racists.

alanorei said...

More publicity. Your blog gets a mention in the comments, Sarah.

This site gives a detailed overview of the planned destruction of South Africa. Britain doesn't come out of it well but Britain is not the main villain.

The article is from December 2010. Note that the second link listed appears to be no longer functional.

Anonymous said...

When they are starving in the future send no aid as they will have made the rod that broke their own backs.

Rise of the Green Planet said...

God bless the family members left behind.

Rusty Mason said...


Thank you for your faith and courage. I hope you are taking care of yourself spiritually. These stories are so horrible and depressing that I cannot visit here often. To be reading, posting, and editing them all the time must be wearing.

arizona maids said...

God bless his soul.

Durotrigan said...

Sorry to be off-topic, but readers may be interested in this report on the inaugural meeting of Andrew Brons's Centre for Democratic Nationalism:

Max said...

At last "Gates of Vienna" have an article on the situation in South Africa. Wondered when they would say something, hope many read it.

Arnold said...

A very sad situation indeed, it has been going on for quite a long time now.
I found this video on Youtube recently the words of this chap ring so true, he was a real genius and a child of God.

Our white Christian people have faced decades of brain washing by the large media corporations owned by a select ethno-relgio group whose name we dare not mention,or we will be called all kinds of nasty names.
This video explains it all very nicely.

Laager said...

This problem is now going beyond Africa

Starting in Ghana in 1957 and ending in South Africa in 1994 blacks have systematically been expelling whites from the administration of all former colonies and territories in Africa - French, Belgian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and British alike.

Leave us alone to manage our own affairs they say.

I do not have any figures but I am certain that if all the aid that has been sent to Africa was added up we would find that it is now costing the west more to support these countries than when under white management they were heading for self sufficiency.

The reality is that they are incapable of governing themselves efficiently and profitably.

That is why we see an annual escalation in illegal immigration to Europe, Scandinavia and the UK. The shores of Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Malta are now the front line as are their island possessions in the Mediterranean and in he Atlantic offshore from mainland Africa.

This is over and above the legal immigration tsunami encouraged by successive governments in the UK that no one voted for that pours into the country each year.

Fellow citizens: the political elite in this country are giving the land of your birth away. Resist it at all costs for what is happening is the importation of 3rd world thinking and behaviour.

I urge you to support whatever nationalist party stands in your constituency in the next election. If they say Britain for the British ; Halt all 3rd World Immigration - then support them and ignore the 3 mainstream parties.

The Nationalist Parties have identified the most crucial political issue of our time and they need your support to do something about it and end this insanity now.