Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A call for balance, a call for truth

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Hat Tip Mister Fox


Lantern said...

A hard-hitting and powerful video. The WHITE, mainstream media is a colossus with feet of clay. These obscene political double-standards are its achilles heel and will bring it crashing down. Likewise, the ideological hypocrisy of the WHITE Left with its contradictory messages to ethnic minorities and the ethnic majority, will ultimately be its downfall also. As time passes the PC multi-culti double-standards will be ratcheted up, not moderated. They will push it as far as they can get away with, then SNAP! As in rubber band. I suppose they are too brainwashed themselves to even see this coming.
Kelvin McKenzie has gone up in my estimation over this TV appearance. Honest talk from an unlikely quarter. Kudos to him!!


misterfox said...

On the 6th February, there are 47 Muslims, all alleged paedophiles, appearing in Liverpool Crown Court for abusing young White girls.
The hearing on November 3rd was covered up by the media after a request from the corrupt and worthless police.

Anonymous said...

Was it in February last year it was pointed out the the vast majority of paedophiles are of Muslim origin?

alanorei said...

Excellent video, Sarah, thank you.

Re: Moslems, here is one Moslem prepared to speak the truth about Islam, Allah and the (un)holy Qur'an.

Anonymous said...

Over the last 20 years as a member of the indigenous majority I have developed a pathological hatred of mud people in this country - but even more so for the white "other" forms of life that continually facilitate their presence here. What will it take to snap the rubber band of the majority's conscience?

In Rhodesia and South Africa white do-gooders or more appropriately self loathing white liberal shite accused there fellow brethren (even those born there) of "INVADING" that region that they were all "SETTLERS" there!

Well I got news for you self loathing treacherous white bastards, your ethnic 'friends' are SETTLERS here!!!!!!

What's the saying?? One settler one .... one traitor ..... ;)

Longer and longer the rope is yet to get


Lantern said...

Yes, it is beyond belief that this obscenity was allowed to continue without being taken apart root and branch long ago by the law enforcement agencies. Still, whenever the WHITE establishment/media has to make a choice between supporting the law-abiding majority, or bending the rules for a gang of ethnic criminals, we know which which side they'll take. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Like for example in Leicester at the moment over the Rhea Paige joke justice.

Anonymous said...

'"there" fellow brethren' should be 'their' sorry

Nothing riles me more than self loathing white trash and the so called 'white other' element you know who I mean. Straw is one of them - they're Asians.

As much as I hate a thing like Mugabe or asiatic peados, given the choice of eliminating either OR an anti- racist - anti white sick bag like Harman or Hain, H and H would get it simply for abusing their positions of 'authority' and facilitating the presence of this scum.

Treacherous BASTARDS!!!!!!!! as is any white individual with similar views to them.

Hang the lot of them - they're our WORST ENEMY!!!!

Lantern said...

My previous post was to follow on from misterfoxes one about the 47 alleged Muslim paedophiles. Sorry, I should have made that clear.