Wednesday, 11 January 2012

76 year old woman stabbed, beaten locked up and left to die - South Africa 2012

Mrs Pat Joffe, 76, the former treasurer of the South African Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Club was murdered at her smallholding at Mnandi in South Africa's Eastern Cape, last Friday, January 6th .  

At first the police did not bother to report Mrs. Joffe's death to the news media, with the result that friends only became aware of her death following a mention on Facebook.  Initially the murder was recorded as a shooting but the coroner has subsequently reported that the old lady was stabbed, beaten and then locked in a bathroom with the key removed, where she was left to bleed to death.

No arrests have yet been made.


eduard said...

Suddenly, the outcry will be enormous, it will be all over the frontpages of the MSM locally, and the pathetic third world poohlice force will act immediately. Why? It is so obvious!

Anonymous said...

This was not even reported in the local MSM, I first saw this on the Censorbugbear Blog!
Its bloody disgusting what is going on in this stuffed up anc run hellhole called South Africa.
Thanks for putting it on your blog Sarah

Anonymous said...

Eduard, actually the sad truth is that there will be no outcry here in SA. People will moan and bitch and then go on with their daily lives.

Sadly, it appears as if people have become immune to these reports.

yorkshirebob said...


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It was also reported by Farmtracker but I couldn't find it anywhere else. Could it be that when things become so common they eventually cease to be considered news.

I am told there was a time when muggings would be reported in local newspapers in Britain, now you only read about them if someone is stabbed or shot, or if it happens to a rich or famous person (as with the so called Rolex muggings)

Anonymous said...

have you seen the original "Time Machine" where the time traveller gets to the year 3,000 or something? He comes to a stream where he sees a group of young perfect white people watching in complete apathy one of their flock drowning in the stream.

That's the white race as a whole today.

"Books! what are books"? one of them says calmly

Our politicians are the goat herders for the morlocks

Laager said...

And on 12th of January 2012

Black Robbers Brutally Assault 81 Year Old White Woman

You have got to hand it to these cowardly blacks in South Africa. They really know how to choose their victims.

Two black robbers have brutally beaten up Mrs Ria van Niekerk, a frail defenceless Afrikaans woman of 81 years old, in her retirement home in Bronkhorstspruit.

They first tied her hands and feet up, then put a scarf over her mouth to dampen her screams, then beat her in the face to within an inch of her life. Why?

How can a tied up fragile old woman be any threat to them? She could not even fight back! She could hardly scream for help. She is currently fighting for her life in the Wilgers hospital in Pretoria.

Imagine if two white men did this to an elderly black woman…???

Nevertheless. Sometimes I wonder who are the biggest cowards…The black bastards who do this to defenceless white people or the white men who do nothing against them.

What would you do if this was your mother or grandmother? Would you keep quiet and do nothing? Would you love, admire and respect blacks for the wonderful people they are?

By Mike Smith


Personal theory:
Why are whites not reacting to this violence?

They are so brow beaten by international condemnation of them during the apartheid era that they have come to believe they are bad people.

Since 1994 they have made the effort to love their neighbour and live in peace with them.
The state of Khumbaya with full democracy and majority rule promised by the western liberals (who really know nothing about Africa) has simply not come to pass.

They really do not know what to do and are praying for divine intervention.

Interestingly I doubt if whites in Europe, Canada, the USA, Scandinavia and certainly Australia would tolerate this level of aggression. They would fight back. However they have one fundamental advantage in their favour. They are still the majorities in their countries and control the police, civil defence and armed forces. In South Africa whites are the minority and have given away this control due to foreign intervention.

Unless the black authorities start behaving in a responsible manner and do something about this violence, the only way to end it will be for whites to take up arms and resort to civil war to ensure their safety and security

Anonymous said...

Saw your comment on Rolex muggings: Apart from the prolific household and business theft in beleagured South Africa, we have the 'Rolex gang' (or several of them) watch theft in South Africa.
Here's a link detailing 'at least a sixth' Rolex robbery within a 3 week period.
South African women generally no longer wear their valuable jewellery. It's locked inside bank safes (if you can obtain a bank safe - there are very long waiting lists at all the major banks). Having a safe in your home is too dangerous. During a robbery, one is likely to be dragged to the safe and forced to open it at gunpoint, possibly even shot once you've given access to the thieves.
The reporting of savage torture/murders in South Africa, specifically in farm areas, has been kept very quiet or avoided altogether by the leftist/liberal world media.

cjk said...

South Africa is a template for the way the entire world is heading.
The only difference is that in the world scenario the new enlightened overlords are those just followers of the pedophile profit Moe.
A new dark age is dawning

Laager said...

Cut and paste from comment's on Mike Smith's blog

Jan 13, 2012 11:54 PM

The Burger Newspaper reported this morning that Mrs Van Niekerk has died. 81 year old woman dies one week after brutal assault at retirement resort

First, my deepest condolences to the family.

Secondly, I wonder why the newspaper still refers to these two cowardly criminals as “robbers”. They are killers.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Laager

Here is a link to Mike's original article about this brutal attack. together with a picture of the victim in happier times