Saturday, 14 January 2012

Forbes names world's murder and rape capital its "3rd Most Friendly"

Friendly locals welcome a visitor to South Africa 

A woman is raped in South Africa every 17 seconds, as a nation South Africa has the highest rate of homicide per head of population of any country in the world. 200,000 children a year are the victims of child rape. Genocide Watch has upgraded South Africa to Stage Six out of the eight stages of genocide, after some 40,000 whites, including between 3,000 and 4,000 white farmers have been murdered, many following hours of torture, in the last 17 years. 

As is graphically depicted above, in recent years outbreaks of so called "Xenophobia" have seen foreigners slaughtered in increasingly horrible ways, (renewed attacks have occurred as recently as last October when Zimbabweans were driven out of their homes by local gangs and foreign shops were ransacked)  

Yet despite all this the prestigious Forbes Magazine have just ranked South Africa as the third most friendly country in the world, ahead of Canada, the USA and The UK. One has to wonder exactly how they are defining the word "friendly" in coming to this decision.

France languishes at Number 15 on the list, despite the fact that, as in Britain, when people are tortured to death in French hate crimes it tends to be immigrants who do it, not the locals. (Germany, Ireland and many other European Countries do not even make it onto the list, although an increasingly Islamic Turkey and crime ridden Mexico do)

Forbes appear to have disregarded a significant amount of data when compiling their list, and swept a lot more under the carpet. But Hey this the brave new world of 2012, little matters like the truth, or indeed public safety, can no loger be allowed to interfere with the promotion of yet another politically correct fantasy.


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TBM-1 said...

It is time to investigate these so called journalists who are propagating lies and distortions of facts regarding the concept of a multicultural utopia. Their motivation and intentions are questionable to say the least. They truly are the enemies of freedom and are to a certain extent complicit in the dreadful situation in Africa by covering up the reality. They should be brought to book and made to answer for their duplicity.

Laager said...

Follow the money.
Who owns Forbes?
What is the hidden agenda behind the spin?

Possibly the journalist(s) who prepared this article only had contact with white South Africans in the white man's (first) world - which is not quite the same as the squatter camp shacks, the townships and the wild west black taxi ranks.

Anonymous said...

Forbes had a ridiculuous story on the NFL which had internet commentators pointing out how stupid it was. The story disappeared.

AnalogMan said...

Thank you, Sarah, for the work that you do. Nobody else seems to give a dam (small Indian coin) about the fate of the Rainbow Nation.

I just now found this site:!

according to which your quoted figures are somewhat low. Please give this as much publicity as you can. (Warning: though not the worst I have seen, the pictures are not suitable for children or the faint-hearted).

The pictures make it plain that these murders are not about robbery; they are pure savagery.

On the upside, it includes a nice audio track of Amazing Grace. Listen to the whole track.

AnalogMan said...

Sorry, I just saw your link to that site - my apologies. And thanks.

alanorei said...

From pp 522-524 of The Dispossessed Majority by the late Wilmot Robertson, Howard Allen, Fourth Revised Edition, Ninth Printing, 1996.

Robertson gives helpful insights into the big picture.

In the light of recent events and present trends, it must be said that Darkest Africa is becoming darker than ever, and American foreign policy is hastening the process. The plantations, industrial installations, public utilities, mining companies, and large commercial establishments only remain in operation as long as there is white supervision and white money. The blacks who are trying — with scant success — to replace the white technocrats are Western-trained intellectuals, a species of imitation white men scorned by their own people and ridiculed by their former European masters.

The real Africa and authentic black culture are not to be found within the city limits but out in the bush in the tribal compounds. If white liberals, white clerics, white capitalists and Communists of every color, and the black intelligentsia would leave the black tribesman to his own devices, he would be free to pursue and develop the way of life which best suits him and makes the best use of his uniquely different cultural and genetic endowment.

But they will not leave him alone. Western nations continue to receive, indoctrinate, and return to their native hearths black elites which, wittingly or unwittingly, carry back home a colonialism of white thought, white attitudes, and white institutions that weighs more heavily on the black soul than did the economic colonialism of the white imperialists. Even the Arab and Moslem states of North Africa attempt to meddle with black destinies by proposing a continental pan-Africanism, apparently forgetting that many blacks have more animosity towards Arabs than towards European whites. It was the Arabs who managed the African slave trade long before the arrival of the Europeans, and it was the Arabs who kept it alive long after Europeans had outlawed it...

Instead of normalizing relations with South Africa, whose resources, military capability, and political stability made it the only nation on the continent worthy of the name, the United States adopted a policy that ranged from moral indignation to econcomic sanctions to an all-out arms embargo. As a result, South Africa is now on the way to becoming a typical Negro "republic." The country has a black president; the arms embargo and economic sanctions have been lifted; millions of dollars, pounds, and deutschemarks are pouring in. Most important, the Western media have switched from hostility to praise. But the big if remains. Will the whites there see their country go down the drain without a fight? Will the Rhodesian scenario be repeated? Many Afrikaners are thinking seriously about setting up a white homeland. Many other whites hope — and pray — that the present-day multiracial state will be successful enough to prevent the formation of a black supremacist tribal state.

South Africa was the last oasis of Western civilization in a continent that was almost completely dominated by Westerners a century ago. Because it was governed by whites, because almost half of these whites were English-speaking, the White Tip, as it has been called, might have expected some sympathy and aid from the United States. Instead, America helped plant the dagger in South Africa's back. Whether the white population will survive, be forced to flee or even face a racial massacre, are questions that will be answered in the 21st century.

The answers don't appear to be looking good.

As King Solomon rightly said in Proverbs 30:21-22, my emphases "For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear: For a servant when he reigneth..."

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks AnalogMan

Don't apologise the link to site wasn't very prominent in the posting. Assuming it is correct that site deserves wide publication.

The figures they quote are the highest I have seen and it is important to ensure they have got them right. We must never overstate the figures as our enemies will use that to undermine what we say.

30,000 - 40,000 murders are bad enough without inflating them.

However, if they are right then we must get the truth out.


PreatorianXVI said...

That is 110 % correct, very Friendly Savages who will kill you for fun and with a smile to boot

Dave said...

Possibly the journalist(s) who prepared this article only had contact with white South Africans in the white man's (first) world -

No, the journo's who write this stuff are lying. Simple as that really. And though I've no firm religion I do happen to believe the old adage that cheats don't prosper and liars are cheats and the truth will out and all that. But what these scummy people are really guilty of is helping to facilitate the worse kinds of evil in the name of being politically correct.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the journalist that came up with this "Investigation" went as far as the front door of the anc "palace" where the interview was conducted. He was probably driven around in one of the famous "Blue Light Convoys" that scream around our Cities, Towns and Villages in total disregard of all Traffic Laws!

Anonymous said...

It goes to show what utter rubbish people will believe if it is in the msm.

Anonymous said...

It's simple - all you have to do is own the press. The MSM is the fulcrum on which a small number of dedicated manipulators can lever an enormous number of people in almost any direction, even into obviously ludicrous and self-destructive positions.