Monday, 9 January 2012

The Double Standards of Hate

The Following letter appeared at this morning 

Sir, — In 1993-94, the black teenager Stephen Lawrence and white teenager Richard Everitt were murdered by young 'racist gangs' in London but there the resemblance ends.

Vast media publicity followed Stephen's case, the Home Secretary visited, a monument was erected and a judicial inquiry denounced the police as ''institutionally racist''.

Two men have now been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment while the judge demands the other attackers be punished because they engaged in a ''joint exercise''.

Eleven Bengali youths — one aged 20 — were arrested over Richard's killing but only two came to trial with no calls for the rest to be prosecuted on a ''joint enterprise'' basis.

One was found guilty of violent disorder and served 18 months while the other served 11 years for what the trial judge described it as a ''wholly unprovoked racist murder''.

There was no visit by the Home Secretary, no monument, no judicial inquiry, no interest shown by his local MP and a code of omerta from the metropolitan leftist media.

(Dr) John Cameron.
10 Howard Place,
St Andrews.
Here is the Link:

For the sake or racial equality, readers may consider that Dr. Cameron's letter deserves a wider circulation.


Further information on the murder of Richard Everett can be found at the I am an Englishman blog (one of the valuable resources in Britain today) by clicking here.


TBM-1 said...

Sarah, thank you for sharing the erudite Dr. Cameron's letter with us. The metropolitan elite and the mainstream media will not succeed in stifling the truth every case, no matter how hard they try. And, because there is no vent, white anger is welling up and sooner or later there will be a backlash. Of course the media will then manipulate the events to suit their agenda. "Something wicked this way comes."

Anonymous said...

Effing "judges" WHO selects this scum to judge on OUR behalf?????

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information, the more people know the truth the better.

misterfox said...

This case could be a watershed. Here are the Crown Prosecution Services reasons for not charging the four Somali attackers of Rhea Page with a race crime:

A very brave article from Peter Hitchins puts things in perspective. I wonder at the members of the public who rejoice at "Justice is done at last" realise the possible effect this could have on their own lives? If they are ever prosecuted they could be repeatedly brought back to court until the prosecutors or police get the right verdict.

misterfox said...

The doubts are spreading.

Michael Mansfield, radical lawyer and QC, speaking in 1997 about forensic evidence (apropos the Lockerbie case):-

"Forensic science is not immutable. They're not written in tablets of stone, and the biggest mistake that anyone can make—public, expert or anyone else alike—is to believe that forensic science is somehow beyond reproach: it is not! The biggest miscarriages of justice in the United Kingdom, many of them emanate from cases in which forensic science has been shown to be wrong. And the moment a forensic scientist or anyone else says: 'I am sure this marries up with that' I get worried."

During all this Mansfield's wife made a TV Film or two and a drama against these men.

The real fight in Britain is not against racism, its against the British, in particular the English.

Anonymous said...

I was unable to access the englishmans site - in case the link was corrupted I went to google and clicked on his several links there and none are working. Does anyone know why?