Saturday, 7 January 2012

Recognition for the British victims of Racial Violence

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Nicawawa said...

Great video!

It seems black race hatred of whites is world wide.

Yall have the same problem with a Corrupt Liberal Media reporting this scandal as we do here in the USA.

It is good that you show the faces of these white victims.That brings home to the reader the bloody cost of black race hatred in British society.

Here is a good new link that documents black on white race hatred in the USA:

Shaunantijihad said...

The Commissars of the LibCon now plan to implement yet more of the Lisbon Treaty's demolition of our rights - the right to see evidence against you in a court of law is now being removed, exactly as Lisbon planned by the replacement of Habeas Corpus with Corpus Juris.

Anonymous said...

Whilst the video is good, this is entirely the wrong approach. It is exactly what the Marxists want - an amplification of racial tensions with race being the focus.

I believe the better approach wouldn't be to focus on a "black or white racism", but to focus on the traitors responsible for the despicable crime of cultural Marxism:

The politicians and entire print and broadcast media. They are the looters, hypocrites, fraudsters, parasites and liars that have smashed Great Britain to pieces over the last six decades.

We need to bring them and their masters and assorted cronies down. And I don't think we're fighting hard enough to hurt them. We're not exploiting the opportunities the enemy present us.

Happy New Year to Sarah and all British patriots.


Anonymous said...

We have a dark future if things are not turned around.

Anonymous said...

Is this the beginning of civil war in America?

Anonymous said...

Well said Reconquista!

It is the WHITE liberal elite who are responsible for our plight. In the papers it is WHITE "journalists" who are propagandising against the indigenous British while promoting ethnic friendly brainwash. It is WHITE politicians who make the laws and spit venom at nationalists. It is WHITE people who run TV companies and ram multiculturalism down our throats. It is WHITE people who dominate the far-left, UAF et al.

A pox on WHITE liberal elite - especially the filthy principality which is the Mainstream Media!
Traitors all.


PreatorianXVI said...

Although it appears that we have a "Coloured" people problem, the real problem is our leftist Liberal Elite's, thus we have a white problem, once this is remedied the others will solve themselves

misterfox said...

Req, and Lantern,

I always tried to attack the elites especially those who turned British Law into an anti-White totalitarian force like Scottish landowner Judge Macpherson and the privileged head of the CPS(now a judge) who made the Police institutionally anti-White Sir David Calvert-Smith. However, when you come to whole communities of Muslims gang-raping young White girls it is impossible not to go OTT.
However, it is the British police who refuse to warn parents in Blackpool who the 60 Muslim child molesters in Blackpool's take aways are and who told the media not to report the 21 Muslim paedophile ring in Liverpool Crown Court on November the 3rd.

Anonymous said...