Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mister Fox to be interviewed over Brevik case

Regular blog contributor Mister Fox is due to be interviewed later this week by police investigating the alleged links between so called "right wing groups" and the left wing Norwegian mass murder Anders Behring Breivik.

The confessed killer apparently made reference to Mister Fox's writings, together with that of various other writers, in his long, odd and rambling 'manifesto'. 

More details can be found in the comments section beneath this recent posting. 

On the assumption that he is permitted to do so, Mister Fox will be posting details of the interview later this week.


misterfox said...

My, Sarah, what a beautiful animal. I could do with a couple of those as pats and sod the Countryside Alliance!
Seriously, does anyone remember how the thugs and yobs of The Metropolitan Police battered those innocent protesters?
Nine hundred convicted criminals in the met! The reason I don't let them in is because I don't want to nick anything!

Brett said...

Brett Stevens:

"Conservative blogger interrogated by police for the crime of being mentioned in another man's manifesto."


Yorkshireminer said...

Fortunately the abject cowering to Muslim aggression seems to have stopped her in Holland and the opposite is taking place Geert Wilders had the effrontery too criticise the Dutch Queen for wearing a scarf over her hat during a recent visit to the Emirates hardly a murmur in the press.

Now to get back too the Oslo affair. It should be obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that Breivik, is a sociopath as well as a Psychopath. When you are like that and with a good dose of Narcissism to boot you do not need a reason too kill, you just need an EXCUSE. If I remember correctly St. Bob Geldolf had a mega hit with a song " I don't like Mondays" which if my memory serves me correctly concerned a real case where a school girl in America murdered some of he classmates her EXCUSE was she didn't like Mondays. Breivik falls into the same category. I hope Mister fox eloquently makes this point during his political interrogation for that is what it is, good luck too him.

misterfox said...

I do hope they bring the very lovely Cressida Dick with them. On the other hand she might tell them to shoot me.


Anonymous said...

Crikey, if Anders had mentioned Obama would they have questioned him? Just because someone reads an article and mentions the author the fuzz come round.Ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Hope he tells them he [Breivik] is a zionist like Wilders and that he was lauded in the Iraeli press for butchering those Norse who dared to criticise Israel.

But then he'll get locked up too

Anonymous said...

Goog luck Mr Fox.
The truth is at least half the white world is behind you , remember that when you speak.

Lantern said...

They are just clutching at straws to find "domestic right-wing extremists" in order balance out the moslem ones. These WHITE peoples minds are in a kind of maths equation syndrome. ie: "What's true of one side, MUST be true of the other". When it isn't, the fabric of their ideological universe is rent asunder lol!

So good luck with the Old Bill Mr Fox. They will be wasting their own precious police time in large chunks.

Here a great music vid. by Ultravox from 30 years ago. The Damien character is the NWO and the politician reminds me so much of Cameron. Cut 'n paste .....


Anonymous said...

Police harassment of British writer:
The police are trying to fit me up. They have said I had links with Brevik which is a lie.I have no links with the "Counter Jihad movement" nor the EDL nor the BFP. They have tried to deceive me and they have told bare-faced lied to my solicitor. One DC rang her and told her I had agreed to be interviewed as a witness. DC Tony Gatter is a dirty liar. They are monitoring my computer activities and recording my telephone calls so they all know he lied.
I agreed to attend a police station voluntarily with my solicitor. If you try and co-operate and help them with their enquiries they lie about you and try to deceive you.
David Hamilton