Friday, 6 January 2012

Racist Attacks and Crime: The True Story

Click here for a report on the true nature of race crime in Britain at The British Resistance site


Liberal Heresy said...

Dan Dare has recently touched upon the same topic with some analysis of the figures over at Majority Rights:

"(Are) non-whites are still disproportionately victimised by serious racial violence even now, almost twenty years after Stephen’s Lawrence’s death..."

Laager said...

Welcome to Africa, Britain.

Does Apartheid really seem so insane now?

Anonymous said...

Massive conspiracy!

Andy Cooper said...

The Government cannot hide these figures forever, they will get out and people will look back on these decades of white genocide as being the lowpoint of white history.

Our politicians will be named and shamed, joined by the media and police forces.

The people are already sick to the back teeth of positive discrimination and are beginning to rebel against this foreign invasion.

Diane Abbott can constantly criticise whites and her excuses (not apologies) accepted however weak they are. Yet anyone who says black or coloured is branded a racist.

Liberal Heresy said...

I'm sure that BF's analysis of the figures is correct but it would be good to see the original reply to their FOI request and the figures themselves rather than the outline and their conclusions.

Is there an intention to release this?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I would certainly hope they will release the source documentation at some point. There are a number of Britain First members who post at the British Resistance site, you might get a better answer there here is a link:

Liberal Heresy said...

Thank you Sarah. I just noticed that someone else over there has asked the same question.

I also see that Mr Dowson says in the same thread on this subject there that "this only the start of a major campaign so watch this space." I assume this is perhaps a sneak preview and why it is not currently outlined on their website.

Ryu said...

Doesn't surprise me a bit. The "hate speech" laws there in GB seem to be rather extraordinary. I would be shocked if the results could even be published.