Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Two further South African Farm Killings

 Francois du Toit

The following two reports from the Afrikaner media have been kindly translated by HC

FARMER MURDERED AT HOME WITH FAMILY ____________________________________________________________

A farmer, well known in agricultural circles, was shot and killed on his game farm in Roossenekal, Limpopo, yesterday morning.

The wife and two young children of Mr. Francois du Toit (38) were then tied up by the attackers. 

Mr. du Toit and his family lived on a game farm which is approximately 30 km outside Roossenekal.  His parents live in another house on the farm.

Police spokesperson Lt. Col Ronel Otto, said Mr. du Toit apparently heard something outside the house after 1:00 and went to get a pistol out a safe, by which time three attackers had entered the house.  He was shot in the stomach and although he returned shots none of the three were wounded.  He was then shot again behind an ear.  After this Mrs. du Toit, the couple's son Francois (12) and daughter Stephanie (9) were taken to lapa outside where their hands and feet were bound with cable ties.  The attackers stole guns, two pistols, money and cellphones from the house and then fled in two of Mr.du Toit's Nissan Navaras.

At this stage the heavily wounded Mr. du Toit was still alive.  Mrs. du Toit, whilst bound, managed to shuffle on the ground to where she could find something to cut herself free and contacted neighbours on the two-way radio.   Neighbours attempted to get Mr.du Toit into a vehicle but he died in their arms, a friend said.

The du Toit family were too shocked to talk about the incident.  At the time of going to press no arrests had been made.

News report


A Pretoria farmer was shot in front of his wife and grandchild whilst he and a friend were changing a flat tyre by the roadside.

Ten days after the murder of Hans Huyser (50) police have not yet taken statements from his wife, friends, granddaughter or nephew who were present when he was attacked.

He and his wife, Cindy (48), granddaughter, Jessica (10) and nephew, Deon Graaff (15) were at Sun City on the 2nd of January, together with friends, Danie (53) and Charmaine Niemand (49).

That evening they returned to Pretoria.  The Huysers farm at Onderstepoort and the Niemands live in Petronella.

On the way they hit a pothole and both tyres on the driver's side of the Niemands' Mercedes-Benz were flattened.  Messrs. Niemand and Huyser decided to first replace one tyre with the spare wheel, to ride on slowly as long as they could with the flattened tyre, then to change the spare wheel and flat tyre and to ride further with the other flat tyre.

About midnight they had to stop a second time, on the N4 Highway near Brits, to change the spare wheel and one flat tyre.

"We stopped under a light.  There was no person nor car there" Mrs. Huyser said.  "In the meantime Mr. Huyser's murderers were hiding away like hyenas in the grass and waiting.  We would never have got out had I thought it wasn't safe.  We stopped in a lightened area."

Mr. Niemand loosened the front wheel's bolts whilst Mr. Huyser jacked the car up.  Their wives and Jessica poured cold drinks at the boot (trunk?).  Three men jumped over the barricade alongside the road.  "When they reached us Hans stood up.  One man removed a firearm from his trousers" Mr. Niemand told.  "He pointed the firearm at me and pulled the trigger.  I ran away.  He fired another two shots.  I fell in the road and was unconscious a brief while.  When I came to, I jumped up and stopped three cars."

In the meantime the man who shot at Mr. Niemand returned to Mr. Huyser who hit him with the jack.  He shot Mr. Huyser three times in the upper body.

One man loosened his trouser and told Mrs. Huyser to go and lie in the bushes.  She swore at him and ran to her husband.

The men took Mr. Huyser's cellphone and Mrs.Niemand's handbag and walked away.

"Hans looked at me with those blue eyes of his", Mrs. Huyser said.  "I helped him to lie down and tried to breathe into his mouth.  When the paramedic arrived on the scene she felt his pulse and said he was dead".

Capt Adele Myburgh, police spokesperson in North West, said the police would investigate the allegations concerning statements not taken.

News report
Hat Tip: HC and Mulder


irony said...

These black thugs are trying a different technique to the savages in mozambique, angola, congo, etc, that chased out whites from one day to the next.

These thugs savages are doing it more slowly, but the whites are also leaving more slowly, and taking their money with them, the people in mozambique and those old colonies, left their wealth behind, so that means south africa will be worse off one day when it wakes up and all the wealth and the whites are gone.

Then they can starve in their freedom

mary sullivan said...

you won't save one White person by copying off Jew articles and printing them on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah. Do you know anything about this? Do you know anything about the two suspected men?


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Anon

Two brothers by the names of Joseph and Anthony Jenkins have been charged John Grainger's murder.

At this stage it does not appear to be an inter-racial killing

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sarah.


Anonymous said...

South Africa is one sick country.
it is a shining beacon of liberal achievement.

Laager said...

@ Anon 28 January 2012 11:18

The liberals you refer to are those in the developed countries of Europe and Scandinavia supported by the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia

Working in collaboration with the African block in the UN they created the sanctions, boycotts and disinvestment which persuaded the majority of whites in SA to vote "Yes" for integration in the 1992 referendum.

Foolishly the white South Africans believed the liberals - who had zero experience of Africa - that utopia was possible with universal franchise and black majority rule.

The last 17 years have proved how flawed this thinking was.

The question now is:
"What are the same liberals going to do to repair the damage that they have caused?"

Anonymous said...

"What are the same liberals going to do to repair the damage that they have caused?"

They are going to inflict the same damage on their own countries.