Saturday, 5 November 2011

The War of the Flea


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Note: I have not seen this movie, so I can't comment on its quality,  and am a little concerned by the statement that it "links what is happening with events in the past", a common ploy for blaming the victim for their own slaughter.  However, any movie which addresses the ongoing genocide of white South Africans is important.  


Anonymous said...

The History of the Boer Republics is the future of the west.
False propoganda , flooding with immigrants , denial of rights to the original inhabitants and slow eradicaton of culture and history, creation of new zones to leave the original inhabitants powerless, control of the land by corporates with no loyalty and using immgrants and immgrant blacks as cannon fodder against the Boer etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

"The War of the Flea" is a very minute discription of the so-called new South Africa. The A.N.C is becoming a Nazi like State. An increased and further Government clamp down on the freedom of the press is on the table. Violent crimes of every kind are an every day occurrence as well as fraud perpetrated by A.N.C. politicians and their subordinates. Every form of crime imaginable and unimaginable is being encouraged by a total lack of proper law enforcement and a lack of interest by the A.N.C. government. Evil loud mouthed black racists like the A.N.C Youth leader Julius Malema is using every dirty political trick in the book to drive a wedge of hate between the different nationalities. He says what he likes and does what he likes and to hell with what anybody else thinks, says, or does about it. This misfit of corruptibility is completely out of control and even defies and challenges the government and the legal justice system. He is aiming to become the next South African president and nationalize the economy. This will only be a financial benefit to him personally and not to the poorest of the poor in the country. He is also openly visiting Mugabe in Zimbabwe and is continually enncouraging a lawless land grab along the same lines as that which was carried out in Zimbabwe. He sings "kill the farmer kill the boer" at his youth league gatherings and just recently his crony altered the words to "kill the whites". Hitler never died because Satan painted him black changed his name to Malema and then sent him back.

Anonymous said...

The white genocide now perpetrated by the black ANC Goverment and its supporters in South Africa was inevitable and was the direct result of the stupidity and gullibility of the western world at large. I can understand why the communist countries supported the ANC cause (greed/gain) but what has the western world gained or achieved from the betrayal of their own people? My four grand parents hailed from the U.K. and the same applies to my wife and the same also applies to so many others of the majority of the English speaking citizens of S.A. We are third and fourth generation descendants and our forefathers stood by the western world through thick and thin. Many of them gave up their lives fighting in the first and second world wars so that the U.K. and the western world could remain free from Nazi occupation. Not even the genocide that we now face will ever hurt us as much as the "Judas Kiss" that we received from our own so-called kith and kin and that was even after they were warned of the consequences of their betrayal. Since 1994 I have spoken to many mature black people and they openly confess that they were better off under the previous government. The crime and corruption is targeted at all race groups and the killing of whites has affected every white household in the country. My wife and I have lost two relatives to date and nothing was ever done about it. All the queries about the case came to nought as the investigating officer was always unavailable for discussion. On the surface everything looks fine and dandy but we whites who live here know what the ANC undercurrent is all about and we have all seen and felt the destructive results of the western worlds betrayal. When our good white brothers and sisters have wiped the egg off their faces and they are able to see clearly again we invite you to come and live here with us for a few months. Not just for a few days but a month or two would be ideal. Oh and by the way have no fear for we won't need to lie to you and be rest assured we will never ever betray you. So when the next world war comes around and if there are any of us left we will not be behind you but will be standing right beside you.

Anonymous said...

What only three comments? Dash it all man I could write a thick book on the rampant uncontrolled chaos going on in S. Africa under the glorious lopsided political shenanigans of the brilliant ANC government. Let's see much more positive action on the blog especially from the victims of the present governing ANC circus. Let the gullible world know the truth of what is really happening in S. Africa today so that they can see and hear of what they unashamedly and foolishly supported. Put on the armour of righteousness and use the pen as a sword for the unrighteous have no just defence for their evil and deceitful actions when the truth is openly revealed.