Wednesday, 30 November 2011

South African farmer killed for a cellphone

Thomas Ferreira

A Free State family is shattered after their husband and father was shot through the kitchen door of the farm where he grew up.

Mr. Thomas Ferreira (54) owner of the Shell Filling station at Tom's Place outside Bloemfontein and a Bonsmara farmer on the farm Riversford, managed, in his wounded condition to repel his attackers.  However he sadly succumbed whilst making a a desperate attempt to get help.

Apparently Mr. Ferreira was killed for the sake of a cellphone, which was the only property stolen.

Miss Michelle Ferreira, the deceased's sister, she came across her brother's body, covered in blood and lying on a pathway, where he had collapsed about 10 metres from his farm workers' dwellings.  Despite having been shot three times in his upper body resulting in the loss of a lot of blood, he had managed to negotiate the approximate 500 metres to these dwellings.

His wife, Dr. Marita Ferreira, a lecturer and his daughter Roux-Cil were not on the farm as they spend the week in Bloemfontein.  As Mr. Ferreira regularly phoned his wife each night at 8.30 she became worried when he didn't phone and she discovered his phone was off.  That was when asked Michelle to go and check up.

Michelle Ferreira said that you could gauge, from the blood-spattered section outside the kitchen door, that her brother had wrestled with the attackers.

Mr. Colin Vorster, a neighbour of Mr. Ferreira's for the past 16 years, saw two unknown men running across his farm and contacted the police, little knowing his neighbour had been murdered.  He later praised the quick reaction and help from the Tierpoort police.

So far no arrests have been made.
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Screwdriver attack

 In a separate farm attack Near Cape Town an elderly farmer and his wife survived an attack by a group of men with knives and screwdrivers who broke into their home in the early hours of last Friday morning.

After tying up the 84 year old woman and injuring the 86 year old man with a screwdriver, the attackers stole a firearm and an amount of cash before fleeing the scene.

The couple received medical attention at the scene.

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laager said...

Stealing cell phones is standard modus operandi.
It prevents survivors from contacting help
Many South Africans - especially on farms - do not rely on land line phones.

If a hit is being planned the phone lines are normally cut to isolate the victim.
Also stealing copper wire - whether it be cables or phone lines - is a growth industry in SA

At this stage one can only speculate at the reasons and details for the assassination.
Perhaps they were disgruntled employees bent on revenge
Perhaps the attackers were apprehended in the process of a break-in
Whatever the case they decided to eliminate another farmer and contribute to the loss of self-sufficient food production in the nation

Anonymous said...

In Dallas a 12 year old and a 14 year old pushed a 19 year old under a train at MLK station to get his phone.

Does the world know why Rosa Parks and her kind were expected to sit at the back of the bus?

PreatorianXVI said...

And sometimes a white person gets killed for less than a mobile...

Justice anyone?

Anonymous said...

"Does the world know why Rosa Parks and her kind were expected to sit at the back of the bus?"


I believe this was a folly on behalf of our wonderful White ancestors, brilliant as they were I personally would never want a black, any black, male or female (distinguishable only by fake add on hair) to be located anywhere I couldn't see exactly what they were doing at all times, especially on a vessel from which I could not easily escape from quickly.
Greetings from Savannah, Georgia North America
The plight of South African Whites and the Boer does not elude us here as some would think, rather it is the media blackout on all things pertaining to black viciousness around the world and especially here where they are painted as saints, geniuses, wisemen and superheroes.
Your situation stays on the mind of all White Preservationists here, the problem is we are still trying to figure out how to save ourselves from the genocide machine here in the states.
God bless you and prayers for a new day of change for us all.